A Firework Factory Exploded and Injured 2 Person in Colombia

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A fireworks factory exploded in Colombia on Sunday, with the force of the blast knocking a cameraman filming the scene off his feet.

The cameraman, identified by UPI as Noticias Caracol photojournalist Carlos Espinoza, briefly ran for cover after being knocked over, but continued to film as he ducked behind the relative safety of a nearby truck.

The incident happened in Granada, a town about 115 miles from Bogota.

UPI says two people were injured, including a driver passing the factory at the time of the incident who suffered shrapnel wounds. Along with the fireworks factory, five buildings used to store gunpowder were destroyed as well, The Telegraph reports.

AP says 17 homes were damaged in the blast. It also stopped traffic for miles.

New Year’s Fireworks Accidents Kill At Least Five in Europe


Five people were killed in separate fireworks accidents in Germany and Denmark during celebrations to mark the New Year, authorities said on Thursday.

German police said a 19-year-old man died early on Thursday in Striegistal in the eastern state of Saxony when trying to light illegal firecrackers. They said another man was severely injured in the accident.

Another man, 18, died of severe head injuries in the town of Alveslohe in the northern state of Schleswig-Holstein after being hit by a firecracker.

Among the many injured during the night into Thursday was a 23-year-old many in the state of Saxony-Anhalt, who lost four fingers when a firecracker blew up in his hands. A nine-year-old boy in Hesse was also wounded in the neck when a man tried to fire a rocket with a gun.

New Year is Coming, Light Your Own Celebratory Fireworks!


1There’s nothing like a big, colorful explosion to get 2015 off to the right start. But while fireworks are a time-honored New Year’s Eve tradition, they can also be dangerous — and illegal to set off yourself in many local areas, and people should always remember that safety comes first!

– Always read and follow the label directions carefully.

– Always have a garden hose or water bucket nearby for medical emergencies and/or to douse spent or misfired fireworks.

– Adults should always supervise fireworks activity.

– Fireworks should be placed on a hard, smooth surface prior to ignition. NEVER light fireworks in your hand.

– Quickly light one firework at a time, and move away after lighting.

– Never point or throw fireworks at people, pets, cars, or buildings.

– Keep fireworks away from small children.

– Do not alter or make your own fireworks.

– After displays, never pick up fireworks that may be left over.

– Fireworks that have been lit but failed to explode or discharge may still be active and can cause injury.

Buy Your Own Fireworks and Celebrate New Year’s Eve


Since the new year’s eve is around the corner, if you want to end your year with a bang, you can now buy fireworks!

But people should always remember that safety first of course, here are a few hints to keep New Year’s safe:

Make sure it is legal to use fireworks in your city, county and neighborhood! If it is not legal, DON’T!

Do have a safe area where you set them off. Please, look around. Don’t use fireworks near dry grass, brush or building material.

Don’t let young children set off fireworks! Do supervise kids when around others using fireworks.

Keep a bucket of water, a hose and/or a fire extinguisher nearby.

If one doesn’t go off, put it out with water and dispose of it properly. Do not investigate or try to light it again. This is crazy!

Safety Tips for Setting off Fireworks and Sparklers

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As the new year is coming, people seems to be in good cheer and prepare to celebrate the new year by setting off fireworks, flow these tips and you can enjoy a safer and happyer holiday!

Leave fireworks to the professionals. Do not use consumer fireworks.
The safest way to enjoy fireworks is to attend a public display conducted by trained professionals.
After the firework display, children should never pick up fireworks that may be left over, they may still be active.

Blood Fireworks Industry: The Livelihood of Fireworks Workers


We all know that China is the biggest producer and exporter in the world, it
makes the most gorgeous and colourful fireworks, Fireworks are so popular all
around the world, an astonishing data shows that 90 percent of the world come
from China!

The whole production process of fireworks and firecrackers is very complex,
so the main process is basically done by hand, the set up and operation
should be followed carefully for safe production, and the risk is no doubt
big, and what’s more, the whole industry in China, largely, is made up of
small and medium factories, Several cities and small towns of China have
illegal factories making fireworks, some illegal workshops even operate in
homes, so there are terrible security risks!

In recent years, the situation of safety in production of fireworks and
firecrackers is serious. The salary of fireworks workers is very low even the
work is dangerous, most of them are uneducated and unskilled, so they are not
qualified for other works, they live from hand tomouth.

When beautiful fireworks light up the sky of our city in celebrations, we
will be looking up at the same sky that children lost their parents and
people lost their loved ones because of fireworks explosion.

China Declared the Report of the “9.22” Fireworks Explosion Accident

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China State Administration of Work Safety announced a report about the blast
accident that took place in Liling, Hunan province, the officials said that
the main cause of the explosive is operating againstregulations and
unauthorized changes in the use of workshops.

The explosive have already kill 13 people, and there is still 1 missed after the accident, heavily commented,the root reason is lack of efficient technical management, that showed a really nasty reality of Chinese safety condition.

Fireworks and firecrackers are commonly welcomed in China since it was widely used in the events such as wedding and other celebrations, but there are plenty of small plants, so many fireworks blasts happened in the unlicensed factories that located in densely areas.

The SAWS also require the fireworks companies to pay more attention to the safety in production and improve the responsibilty system for production and operation.

Explosion at Chinese Fireworks Plant Killed At Least 12 People


A fireworks explosion in southern China killed at least 12 people on
September 22, it also injured 33(3 of them was happened to passed by),
and 2 person was still missed in the accident.

The cause of the accident is being investigated, the government didn’t
declare the details of the blast, but they said that the factory was
properly licensed.

The t is properly a work safety incident, “We think that the accident may
be due to violation of safety regulations, the factory owner made
unauthorized changes in the use of workshops, that might be the main
cause.”one official said.

We all know that China is the largest producer of fireworks in the world,
the factory was located in Liling, Hunan province, Hunan is the major
fireworks producer in China, the industry in China was basically made up of
small and medium factories, and the safety in production is particularly
worrisome, although safety standards of the country are improving.

Fireworks Explosion Killed 5 Person and injured 20 in Northern India

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An explosion took place in a small makeshift fireworks factory of Sisendi village in
Mohanlalganj area on last Saturday morning.

The cause of the blast was still being investigated by the local police, it is probability
cased by improper handling, the factory owner was also killed on the outskirts of Lucknow
city, in the state of Uttar Pradesh, there are also several seriously injured undergoing
treatment in hospitals.

The factory was producting fireworks for the upcoming festival of Diwali on October, it is
also known as the “festival of lights”,Diwali is an ancient Hindu five-day festival, it is celebrated all across India, there are many different mythological traditions, and there are also big fireworks displays, the festival is celebrated by Jains and Sikhs, as well as Hindus, it is the most popular and important festival in South Asia. For Hindus people, the Diwali marks the commencement of the new year.

In India, people have been using fireworks for more than five hundred years. A great Indian fireworks show takes place during the religious celebration of Diwali, every autumn.

China’s New Production Safety Law will be Put into Force on December 1

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The newly revised law of the PRC on safe production was deliberated by the NPC Standing
Committee last month, and it will be put into force on December 1.

According to the new law, enterprises with over 100 employees must set up safety
regulators and high-risk industry need to hire certified safety engineers to be
responsible for the management work.

The new law also increased the penalties for illegal activities, serious safety accident
enterprises will be fined up to 20 million yuan, 4 times as much as the previous laws. It also gives greater safety regulatory responsibilities to the government which makes safety production situation to change completely and urges economy to develop, has the very important realistic significance and far-reaching.