A Firework Factory Exploded and Injured 2 Person in Colombia

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A fireworks factory exploded in Colombia on Sunday, with the force of the blast knocking a cameraman filming the scene off his feet.

The cameraman, identified by UPI as Noticias Caracol photojournalist Carlos Espinoza, briefly ran for cover after being knocked over, but continued to film as he ducked behind the relative safety of a nearby truck.

The incident happened in Granada, a town about 115 miles from Bogota.

UPI says two people were injured, including a driver passing the factory at the time of the incident who suffered shrapnel wounds. Along with the fireworks factory, five buildings used to store gunpowder were destroyed as well, The Telegraph reports.

AP says 17 homes were damaged in the blast. It also stopped traffic for miles.

New Year’s Fireworks Accidents Kill At Least Five in Europe


Five people were killed in separate fireworks accidents in Germany and Denmark during celebrations to mark the New Year, authorities said on Thursday.

German police said a 19-year-old man died early on Thursday in Striegistal in the eastern state of Saxony when trying to light illegal firecrackers. They said another man was severely injured in the accident.

Another man, 18, died of severe head injuries in the town of Alveslohe in the northern state of Schleswig-Holstein after being hit by a firecracker.

Among the many injured during the night into Thursday was a 23-year-old many in the state of Saxony-Anhalt, who lost four fingers when a firecracker blew up in his hands. A nine-year-old boy in Hesse was also wounded in the neck when a man tried to fire a rocket with a gun.

Roy Days Festival Fireworks Injured 10 Persons


Roy fire officials said that the accident on the annual Roy Days festival injured , it also caused a small fire in the Wset Park, there are also some children among the victims, said the officials.

People witnessed the accident said that it happened around 10:15 pm, there was an unexpected sideways blast,“I thought the show was over,but then one suddenly go sideways.”


Roy Days Festival Fireworks heridas 10 personas

Рой Дни фестиваль фейерверков Травмированные 10 человек

Roy Days Festival de feux d’artifice blessés 10 Personnes

Man Lost His Hand in July 4 Accident Because of Illegal Fireworks


Man Lost his Hand in July 4 Accident Because of Illegal Fireworks Jared Spencer suffered from a badly fireworks injury in Nebraska and lost alimb, he was joining a party near 156th and Blondo Streets.

He said that he used fireworks that was banned in Nebraska, “I was always the guy with flashy fireworks, even some that were illegal”,said Spencer, the fireworks he lighted ignited early and blew apart his hand, then he was knocked on the ground.

The medics took him to the medical center but the doctors failed to keep his hand.

He wants other people to know the dangerous of illegal fireworks.

Little Boy was Killed by Fireworks in Saudi


A little boy named Rawaf was killed in a fireworks accident, the fireworks exploded and caused badly skull fractures and hemorrhage. Rawaf was sent to the hospital immediately, but the doctors couldn’t save his life.

The police said that the fireworks exploded in Rawaf’s hand, and the fireworks also damaged the house in the southern Saudi province of Janzan.

Un petit garçon nommé Rawaf a été tué dans un accident de feux d’artifice, les feux d’artifice ont explosé et causé mal fractures du crâne et une hémorragie.Rawaf a été envoyé immédiatement à l’hôpital, mais les médecins ne pouvait passauver sa vie.

La police a déclaré que les feux d’artifice ont explosé dans la main de Rawaf, etles feux d’artifice ont également endommagé la maison dans la province du sud de l’Arabie Janzan.

Parvulus appellatur Rawaf interfectus in fireworks in casu, audito, et fecit malumin pompa, et omnia ossa cerebro HAEMORRHAGIA. Missus extemplo Rawafelit, sed medici non salvabit animam suam.

At quod explosa pompa in Rawaf manu, et quoque damnum pompa domum incuius australi plaga Saudi Janzan provincia.

Un niño llamado Rawaf murió en un accidente de fuegos artificiales, fuegos artificiales explotaron y causaron mal fracturas de cráneo y hemorragia. Rawaffue enviada inmediatamente al hospital, pero los médicos no pudieron salvar su vida.

La policía dijo que los fuegos artificiales explotaron en la mano de Rawaf, y los fuegos artificiales también dañaron la casa en la provincia sureña de ArabiaJanzan.

7-year-old boy was wounded by fireworks



The day before yesterday morning, on the Town of Wujin District, the temporary residence Mr. Song took 9,000 rmb from a shop owner Wang Lin for his son one-time compensation for medical expenses, care, transportation fees and so on loss.


February 8th in the evening this year, 7-year-old son, Sung Ming together with companions at this shop to buy a 10 glowing pearl fireworks, that night about 8pm, they began to discharge fireworks, Xiao Ming was holding a spray of fireworks gunpowder shot from the bottom out and  his right wounded. For taking care Xiaoming, Mr Song’s wife had to quit her job, and now Xiao Ming, although basic rehabilitation, but has left scars. After police mediation, the owner agreed to a one-time compensation for 9000 rmb.