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Fireworks Locations Wholesale Fireworks Dealers

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Best Selling:  TOP SHELF Artillery With MEGA BURST Technology!

Independent reviews are rating Top Shelf among the best Fireworks Artillery shells on the market!  As quoted from PyroU:

"Top Shelf looks great!"

"Top Shelf were excellent fireworks shells"

"Top shelf amazed me. I can't believe a ball shell firework can be that good."

Compare for yourself: TOP SHELF, Excalibur, and Smoke & Mirror comparison videos!    Hales Demo     Vinito's Video
             Featured items - Top Shelf, Sky High, Rip, Rock & Roll, Gold Storm, Detonator, Rip The Sky,  Dominator 3" Display Cake


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Dominator Liuyang China Fireworks, cakes, repeaters, shyrockets, roman candles, firecrackers

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 #500 Single Shot Tubes

#500 Mortar Red RIng Dominator Fireworks  

 You will be amazed at the performance of these fireworks... See the video



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