Small fireworks will become legal in New York!


The New York government will pass a law that will make some fireworks legal in the city and people can set off fireworks such as sparklers, party poppers and trick noisemakers during specific period of the year.

But people will probably not able to celebrate the 2015 New Year holiday with fireworks, since the law will officially go into effect 30 days after the sign, so no body can sell fireworks inside New York city unless the government give permits to the sellers.

The new law redefined differences between dangerous fireworks and the novelty ones, the sellers still need to get a licence to sell fireworks, otherwise it will still be illegal, the new state law also increased penalties for illegally selling or using fireworks compared with the old law.

Explosion at Chinese Fireworks Plant Killed At Least 12 People


A fireworks explosion in southern China killed at least 12 people on
September 22, it also injured 33(3 of them was happened to passed by),
and 2 person was still missed in the accident.

The cause of the accident is being investigated, the government didn’t
declare the details of the blast, but they said that the factory was
properly licensed.

The t is properly a work safety incident, “We think that the accident may
be due to violation of safety regulations, the factory owner made
unauthorized changes in the use of workshops, that might be the main
cause.”one official said.

We all know that China is the largest producer of fireworks in the world,
the factory was located in Liling, Hunan province, Hunan is the major
fireworks producer in China, the industry in China was basically made up of
small and medium factories, and the safety in production is particularly
worrisome, although safety standards of the country are improving.

China’s New Production Safety Law will be Put into Force on December 1

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The newly revised law of the PRC on safe production was deliberated by the NPC Standing
Committee last month, and it will be put into force on December 1.

According to the new law, enterprises with over 100 employees must set up safety
regulators and high-risk industry need to hire certified safety engineers to be
responsible for the management work.

The new law also increased the penalties for illegal activities, serious safety accident
enterprises will be fined up to 20 million yuan, 4 times as much as the previous laws. It also gives greater safety regulatory responsibilities to the government which makes safety production situation to change completely and urges economy to develop, has the very important realistic significance and far-reaching.

China State Administration of Work Safety: 14 Provinces and Municipalities Exited the Fireworks Industry Entirely


According to the news on the website of China State Administration of Production Safety, there are 14 provinces and municipalities have exited the fireworks industry entirely, these are: Beijing, Tianjin, Shanxi, Inner Mongolia, Liaoning, Jilin, Heilongjiang, Shanghai, Jiangsu, Fujian, Gguangdong, Tibet, Qinghai and Ningxia.
Other 4 provinces, Anhui, Hainan, Gansu, Xinjiang will also withdraw from the industry by the end of this year.

This situation was considered as the influence of China’s domestic market contraction, but the news will be positive for the current enterprises and promote the production of safety in China.

Nanjing 2014 Youth Olympic Games Closing Ceremony Fireworks Show

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After 13 days of competition, The second Youth Olympic Games fall the curtain in Nanjing at August 28, The ceremony lasted about and it marked the end of a spectacular sports and cultural show and over thousands of spectators and the athletes enjoy the performance and the big fireworks displays. The premier of China Li Keqiang attended the ceremony.

The Nanjing 2014 Youth Olympic Games featured 3800 athletes from over 200 counties and regions, it included 28 sports. What is worth mentioning that there is no official medal tally, since the Youth Olympic is not about the results and medals, it is rather about experience and learning,the young people will find their future path through it.

Challenges and Opportunities for Liuyang Fireworks

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Liuyang fireworks sales was in a slump becuse of the hazy weather of China, some fireworks companies even considered to diverted into other industry.

To change the situation, Liuyang Fireworks Association organized several technology and trade conference from last year, the enterprises strengthed the efforts on technological improvements and environmental protection measures, they also made great efforts on changing the marketing strategys.

According to the Hunan Liuyang CIQ office statistics, in the first half year of 2014,the fireworks exports was about 636 million cases with sales of more than 1.3 billion yuan, with year-on-year growth of more than 16.8 percent.

Visual Treat: the Plymouth Fireworks Championships is Coming!

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This year, the British Fireworks Championships will be held in Plymouth, it is one of the best fireworks displays in the UK,there are 6 top pyrotechnic companies which will give performances in September 12 and 13, the organizers says that 2 tonnes of fireworks will be set off during the event.

The championship will be started at 6:30pm, and fireworks at 9:30pm, there will also be entertainments and food, tens of thousands of spectators will come and watch this show.
This year’s game is hosted by TESA(the event services association)and plymouth city council, there will be a winner each night and overall winner will be announced in the end of Wednesday night.


Visual Treat: los Plymouth Fireworks Campeonato se acerca!

Visivo Treat: i Plymouth Fireworks Championships è in arrivo!

Traiter visuel: Fireworks Championnats Plymouth est à venir!

Prout visum est: Plymouth elementum Championships qui venturus est

Визуальное удовольствие: в Плимут Фейерверк Чемпионат Скоро!

Augenschmaus: Die Plymouth Feuerwerk-Meisterschaften kommt!

Liuyang Prepares for the Nanjing 2014 Youth Olympic Games Opening Ceremony Fireworks Displays





As we know that the Nanjing 2014 Youth Olympic Games is upcoming on Augest 16th. The opening ceremony Fireworks show is intense preparations now.

All the fireworks products that will be used on the event is provided by 5 companies in Liuyang, which includes cold products, display shell, row of fireworks,etc. The planners have done a proper deployment on the testing and creativity of the event, to ensure the safety and overall outcome.

The cold products and shell products have completed 80% to 90% for now.



Liuyang se prepara para los Juegos Olímpicos de la Juventud 2014 en Nanjing apertura espectáculos de fuegos artificiales de la ceremonia

Liuyang se prépare pour les Jeux Olympiques de la Jeunesse 2014 Nanjing Cérémonie d’ouverture Affiche de feux d’artifice

Люян готовится к Нанкин 2014 Молодежная Олимпийских игр Церемония открытия фейерверки

Et in eo paravit in Liuyang Aenean Nanjing MMXIV Olympia foramen caerimonia fireworks Displays

Liuyang si prepara per la Nanjing 2014 Giochi Olimpici della Gioventù Opening Ceremony fuochi d’artificio

Selected Works of the 11th China (Liuyang) International Fireworks Culture Festival Photo Contest





China (Liuyang) international fireworks culture festival, starting from 1991, was organized by Liuyang government. And the event includes purchasing meeting,  artistic performance, fireworks displays, and photo contest.

Liuyang was known as the “city of fireworks”, and the fireworks production capacity of this city accounted for over 70% percent of the whole country.




China (Liuyang) cultura festival internacional de fuegos artificiales, a partir de 1991, fue organizada por el gobierno de Liuyang. Y el evento incluye la compra de reunión, manifestación artísticas, espectáculos de fuegos artificiales, y el concurso de fotografía.
Liuyang era conocida como la “ciudad de los fuegos artificiales”, y la capacidad de producción de fuegos artificiales de esta ciudad representó más del 70% por ciento de todo el país.


Chine (Liuyang) festival de culture de feux d’artifice internationaux, à partir de 1991, a été organisée par le gouvernement Liuyang. Et l’événement comprend réunion achat, la performance artistique, feux d’artifice, et un concours de photo.
Liuyang a été connu comme la «ville des feux d’artifice”, et la capacité de cette ville de la production de feux d’artifice ont représenté plus de 70 pour cent de% de l’ensemble du pays.


Grand Fireworks Performance in Macau

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The 26th Macau International Fireworks Display Contest will be Held on September, ten teams from all over the world will offer a wonderful show above the sea across Macau Tower.

Macau International Fireworks Display Contest is hosted by the Macau Government Tourist Office, and the event was first held in 1989, and now it is becoming influential international events.

The teams this year comes from China, France, Italy, Australia, Korea, Croatia, Portugal, Poland and Spain, and the performances day is September 8, 13, 20, 27 and October 1.