China Declared the Report of the “9.22” Fireworks Explosion Accident

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China State Administration of Work Safety announced a report about the blast
accident that took place in Liling, Hunan province, the officials said that
the main cause of the explosive is operating againstregulations and
unauthorized changes in the use of workshops.

The explosive have already kill 13 people, and there is still 1 missed after the accident, heavily commented´╝îthe root reason is lack of efficient technical management, that showed a really nasty reality of Chinese safety condition.

Fireworks and firecrackers are commonly welcomed in China since it was widely used in the events such as wedding and other celebrations, but there are plenty of small plants, so many fireworks blasts happened in the unlicensed factories that located in densely areas.

The SAWS also require the fireworks companies to pay more attention to the safety in production and improve the responsibilty system for production and operation.

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