Blood Fireworks Industry: The Livelihood of Fireworks Workers


We all know that China is the biggest producer and exporter in the world, it
makes the most gorgeous and colourful fireworks, Fireworks are so popular all
around the world, an astonishing data shows that 90 percent of the world come
from China!

The whole production process of fireworks and firecrackers is very complex,
so the main process is basically done by hand, the set up and operation
should be followed carefully for safe production, and the risk is no doubt
big, and what’s more, the whole industry in China, largely, is made up of
small and medium factories, Several cities and small towns of China have
illegal factories making fireworks, some illegal workshops even operate in
homes, so there are terrible security risks!

In recent years, the situation of safety in production of fireworks and
firecrackers is serious. The salary of fireworks workers is very low even the
work is dangerous, most of them are uneducated and unskilled, so they are not
qualified for other works, they live from hand tomouth.

When beautiful fireworks light up the sky of our city in celebrations, we
will be looking up at the same sky that children lost their parents and
people lost their loved ones because of fireworks explosion.

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