China State Administration of Work Safety: 14 Provinces and Municipalities Exited the Fireworks Industry Entirely


According to the news on the website of China State Administration of Production Safety, there are 14 provinces and municipalities have exited the fireworks industry entirely, these are: Beijing, Tianjin, Shanxi, Inner Mongolia, Liaoning, Jilin, Heilongjiang, Shanghai, Jiangsu, Fujian, Gguangdong, Tibet, Qinghai and Ningxia.
Other 4 provinces, Anhui, Hainan, Gansu, Xinjiang will also withdraw from the industry by the end of this year.

This situation was considered as the influence of China’s domestic market contraction, but the news will be positive for the current enterprises and promote the production of safety in China.

Fireworks Explosion Killed Two Person in a Wedding Reception

222222Ecclerigg, near Windermere.Cumbria 3.45pm 30th August 2014.Smoke & explosions heard and seen from Windermere .Looking north from Bowness on Windermere could be heard explosions at 3.30pm to about 4.00pm with dark dark smoke -with -with irrilaguler bright explosions Police are currently investigating the fire at Ecclerigg, near Windermere Police were called at 3.35pm  Cumbria Fire & Rescue where called to   the scene deal with the incident. © Gordon Shoosmith/Alamy Live News333333

On Saturday afternoon, there was a fireworks explosion at a wedding reception in Cumbria, it
was caused by the fireworks stored in a shed nearby.

There was a big explosion and caused blaze, two people was killed in the accident, the police
said that they found the bodies of a man and a woman, but they didn’t announce the

The fireworks was stored in a outbuilding near the wedding venue, the witnesses heard a loud
explosion and then they saw fireworks and smokes come out of the building.

The gusts says that the stored fireworks was prepareed for the big fireworks show later in
the evening, “It should have been a beautiful day but suddenly there are fireworks shooting
into the sky. Then there are grey smoke coming out, we know something terrible had happened. ”

The Cumbria Police is still investigating the cause of the accident.

Security Incidents Enterprises May Face 5 Million Yuan Penalty in China


The CNR news reported that Twelve session of the tenth meeting of the NPC reconsidered the production safety law amendment draft again, which aimed to protect public security.

The draft of the second review improved the increased the penalties for the violated companies, and they will be punishable by law if it constitute an offence, it also says that the penalties ranges from 100,000 to 5,000,000 yuan.

Fireworks Might be Illegal in Salinas City


The police and fire chief of Salinas City suggested that safe and sane fireworks should be
banned, if this suggestion is approved by the council, then all fireworks will be illegal in
the city.

With the increasing of the fireworks in the city, hidden danger of the public safety is also
increasing, The police department and fire department says that they don’t have enough
manpower and money to enforce the current fireworks ban, since people always use illegal kind
of fireworks where the safe fireworks are allowed to set off, we don’t have effective method
to distinguish the safe fireworks from the illegal ones.”It’s not fair for the elderly
people, children and pets, since their happy festival is ruined by the dangerous fireworks,
we need a clean and safe city!”said by one of the councilman.

There are also some speakers claim that they don’t agree with the suggestion on banning of
safe and sane fireworks, it is like punishing kid and the youth, they said that the
government should have the ability to provide services to the public.

The council didn’t make a final decision yet, they said they will held a special meeting to get more information from the public in a few weeks.

Roy Days Festival Fireworks Injured 10 Persons


Roy fire officials said that the accident on the annual Roy Days festival injured , it also caused a small fire in the Wset Park, there are also some children among the victims, said the officials.

People witnessed the accident said that it happened around 10:15 pm, there was an unexpected sideways blast,“I thought the show was over,but then one suddenly go sideways.”


Roy Days Festival Fireworks heridas 10 personas

Рой Дни фестиваль фейерверков Травмированные 10 человек

Roy Days Festival de feux d’artifice blessés 10 Personnes

Man Lost His Hand in July 4 Accident Because of Illegal Fireworks


Man Lost his Hand in July 4 Accident Because of Illegal Fireworks Jared Spencer suffered from a badly fireworks injury in Nebraska and lost alimb, he was joining a party near 156th and Blondo Streets.

He said that he used fireworks that was banned in Nebraska, “I was always the guy with flashy fireworks, even some that were illegal”,said Spencer, the fireworks he lighted ignited early and blew apart his hand, then he was knocked on the ground.

The medics took him to the medical center but the doctors failed to keep his hand.

He wants other people to know the dangerous of illegal fireworks.

Pawleys Island Annonced New Ordincance on Fireworks




Pawleys island has enforced a zero tolerance for fireworks since 1990, Because the house on

the island are built close.

Now the officials was planning to lower the firework violation fine from $1000 to $150, and
the initiative means the island will issuing more tickets and fewer warning for setting off

“The warning is useless, and the behavior didn’t stop.”

The Police Chief Micheal Fanning says that a windy evening or windy day can be deadly, he
hopes that the people on the island will take this as a learning experience.


Central River gather group of illegal fireworks destroyed



This year,The Central River maonan county organization safety supervision, public security, industry and commerce, quality supervision, transportation management, fire and other departments of the joint law enforcement team, several times checked each of the county fairs, carried out special rectification operation to combat illegal fireworks action, seized all kinds of illegal, “three no” products more than 110 pieces of fireworks over 1,100 cases, involving more than 100,000 rmb


Special inspection during the tomb sweeping festival on fireworks market


To ensure the safety of consumer health and prevent counterfeiting fireworks into the market . Recently, the special inspections on fireworks market conduct acted during the tomb sweeping Festival. The action, the council focused on the qualification starting from the inventory market, the strengthening of administrative guidance, and promoting operators complete purchase inspection system, and actively guide the operators to enhance safety awareness, honor, ethics, integrity and law-abiding. This action checked 46 fireworks retail place, issued three administrative guidance submissions

Fireworks Safety

and more!

Fireworks Safety and Common Sense

It’s time! the 4th of July is right around the corner…send out the invitations, get the pools opened and ready, clean the BBQ grills and, Oh yeah! decide where your going to buy your fireworks for the party! With that decided, let’s talk about fireworks safety and common sense. There are several groups trying to interfere with your freedom to celebrate our nations freedom as our Fore Fathers have for 200 years. Their biggest argument is simple, fireworks are dangerous, fireworks can seriously injure you, so they think that Americans should not be allowed to use them. They want to protect you, from you!

We prefer to look at data and facts, something the anti fireworks crowd seems to leave out of their advertisements and lobbies. Here are some recent Fireworks Facts posted by the American Pyrotechnics Association showing that although the amount of fireworks used in the USA has increased from 29 million pounds in 1976 to 265 million pounds in 2007, that the number of injuries has dropped from 38.3 injuries per 100,000 lbs in 1976, to 3.7 per 100,000 lbs in 2007. Looking at emergency room statistics, riding bikes and outdoor sports are responsible for many more annual injuries than fireworks!

Fireworks construction and reliability have greatly improved over the years attributing to the declining injury rates so what can we do while celebrating the holiday to contribute to the trend? Use common sense! Some fireworks such as sparklers can burn at over 2,000 degrees and aerial shells can cover a large area of the sky, here are some common sense tips to insure your celebration ends with great memories and your guests looking forward to next year, instead of a trip to the emergency room.

1. Never use fireworks if you have been consuming alcohol, leave it to a sober responsible person.
2. Never allow young children to use fireworks unsupervised, hide and secure left over fireworks from youngsters.
3. Always follow label instructions.
4. Distance is your friend, before lighting any firework look around, if it tips or something goes wrong are Grandma and the baby a safe distance away?
5. Secure all repeater and tube devices to prevent tipping, fireworks can travel much farther along the ground than straight up in the air!
6. Always be aware of fire hazards such as dry grasses, fields, brush etc. It’s a good idea to have a hose at ready, if not available a simple pump type garden sprayer can douse a small fire before it spreads.
7. Use a launcher with all rocket type fireworks, we recommend a piece of sturdy metal pipe, NEVER glass and preferably not plastic or PVC, and it’s a good idea to slightly angle away form spectaters to prevent sticks from falling back into the crowd.
8. After your display, always check the area for unfired devices and NEVER leave them out for kids to find.
9. Respect your neighbors, stop shooting at a agreeable hour for the event.
10. Finally, clean up your mess! It never hurts to grab a rake and trash bags the following morning to remove any debris from adjoining properties, they will appreciate your efforts and be less likely to complain.