Class A shell can destroy half city


Farmers possession of a Class A shell, sounds like the equivalent of 88 artillery grenades deterrent. Once accidentally explode, it could turned the entire village into ashes. Recently Zhumadian take away a large dens of illegal storage of fireworks even have a grade shell, which also stunned law enforcement officers. It is reported, a sound like a cannon shell level, the equivalent of 88 grenades deterrence. According to law enforcement officials Runan County, said early in the morning on the 20th received a report, said, “someone “test” fireworks at Wuli temple there, the sounds of fireworks shook people’ ears buzzing ringing!”


In accordance with national standards, fireworks is divided into four levels, the risk in the order of A, B, C, D. All fireworks products listed on the packaging will be clearly marked A, B, C, D grades. A level adapted to discharge fireworks set off by a professional staff, the discharge of the product under certain conditions

According to relevant regulations, personal fireworks when, in variety, prohibit the discharge of shell and other risk rating for A-grade fireworks, prohibit the discharge of small fireworks, friction, smoke-class and monocular diameter greater than 30 mm, single dose greater than 25 grams, total drug combination is greater than the inner cylinder type 1200 grams of fireworks.

Shell and other A-class products and small fireworks, friction, smoke-class, inner tube-type combination of fireworks and other products, as well as soil rockets, grenades soil, land mine and other counterfeit, contraband goods, individuals must not buy, but cannot discharge these product loading dose and drug ratio and other serious overweight, often lead to injury.

Explosion at Chinese Fireworks Plant Killed At Least 12 People


A fireworks explosion in southern China killed at least 12 people on
September 22, it also injured 33(3 of them was happened to passed by),
and 2 person was still missed in the accident.

The cause of the accident is being investigated, the government didn’t
declare the details of the blast, but they said that the factory was
properly licensed.

The t is properly a work safety incident, “We think that the accident may
be due to violation of safety regulations, the factory owner made
unauthorized changes in the use of workshops, that might be the main
cause.”one official said.

We all know that China is the largest producer of fireworks in the world,
the factory was located in Liling, Hunan province, Hunan is the major
fireworks producer in China, the industry in China was basically made up of
small and medium factories, and the safety in production is particularly
worrisome, although safety standards of the country are improving.

Fireworks Explosion Killed 5 Person and injured 20 in Northern India

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An explosion took place in a small makeshift fireworks factory of Sisendi village in
Mohanlalganj area on last Saturday morning.

The cause of the blast was still being investigated by the local police, it is probability
cased by improper handling, the factory owner was also killed on the outskirts of Lucknow
city, in the state of Uttar Pradesh, there are also several seriously injured undergoing
treatment in hospitals.

The factory was producting fireworks for the upcoming festival of Diwali on October, it is
also known as the “festival of lights”,Diwali is an ancient Hindu five-day festival, it is celebrated all across India, there are many different mythological traditions, and there are also big fireworks displays, the festival is celebrated by Jains and Sikhs, as well as Hindus, it is the most popular and important festival in South Asia. For Hindus people, the Diwali marks the commencement of the new year.

In India, people have been using fireworks for more than five hundred years. A great Indian fireworks show takes place during the religious celebration of Diwali, every autumn.

Little Boy was Killed by Fireworks in Saudi


A little boy named Rawaf was killed in a fireworks accident, the fireworks exploded and caused badly skull fractures and hemorrhage. Rawaf was sent to the hospital immediately, but the doctors couldn’t save his life.

The police said that the fireworks exploded in Rawaf’s hand, and the fireworks also damaged the house in the southern Saudi province of Janzan.

Un petit garçon nommé Rawaf a été tué dans un accident de feux d’artifice, les feux d’artifice ont explosé et causé mal fractures du crâne et une hémorragie.Rawaf a été envoyé immédiatement à l’hôpital, mais les médecins ne pouvait passauver sa vie.

La police a déclaré que les feux d’artifice ont explosé dans la main de Rawaf, etles feux d’artifice ont également endommagé la maison dans la province du sud de l’Arabie Janzan.

Parvulus appellatur Rawaf interfectus in fireworks in casu, audito, et fecit malumin pompa, et omnia ossa cerebro HAEMORRHAGIA. Missus extemplo Rawafelit, sed medici non salvabit animam suam.

At quod explosa pompa in Rawaf manu, et quoque damnum pompa domum incuius australi plaga Saudi Janzan provincia.

Un niño llamado Rawaf murió en un accidente de fuegos artificiales, fuegos artificiales explotaron y causaron mal fracturas de cráneo y hemorragia. Rawaffue enviada inmediatamente al hospital, pero los médicos no pudieron salvar su vida.

La policía dijo que los fuegos artificiales explotaron en la mano de Rawaf, y los fuegos artificiales también dañaron la casa en la provincia sureña de ArabiaJanzan.

Irregularity discharge shell “diffusing” fireworks injured pedestrian


As the fireworks have explosive danger element, now it became rarely to seen fireworks in the city, only in the holidays will unified discharge in a prescribed area. Recently, in Beauty Spot of Heihe City , there is a fireworks explosion occurred, causing 14 people were injured, sparked public concern.

According to Heihe Municipal Propaganda Department on June 2nd revealed that in June 1st Children’s Day night, in Beauty Spot holy water Festival fireworks accident scene occurred, after a shell explosion in the air, the fall portion of bright beads sidewalk injuries 14 people present, the injured people have been rushed to the hospital and get effective treatment, no danger.

A fireworks factory in western India on the 27th explosion occurred at least six people were killed


Mumbai, Feb 27th Xinhua (Reporter Zhao Xu Wang Ping ) , according to local media reported on the 27th , a fireworks factory in the western Indian state of Maharashtra explosion occurred , at least six people were killed and more than 20 people were injured.

Reported that the fireworks factory was close to Ali Bagh Beach in western India, the explosion occurred at local time around 4:30pm , and caused the fire . Subsequently, the number of fire engines rushed to the scene, and gradually control the fire . Currently there were six people killed in the fire.

The report quoted local police sources said, although the fire has been controlled, but the blast makes some damage to nearby houses. Currently cause of the explosion is still under investigation, the seriously injured people have been sent to the 110 kilometers outside Mumbai for treatment.


Due to poor working conditions, India fireworks factory production safety situation is not optimistic. September 2012, the southern Indian state of Tamil Nadu , a fireworks factory exploded, killing 40 people, injured more than 70 people. Last year on November, recurrence of similar incidents in the same area , at least eight people were killed and 10 wounded.

“Fireworks detonate water wells” disturb the whole city, will manhole explode while smoking?

Children often play next manhole cover 5819728741923597486_11n

Children often play near manhole cover


Some of the old district have the vast amount of covers

Yesterday, this newspaper exclusively reported Dongsheng 3 year old boy playing with fireworks detonated a small source of water wells were burned and fall well event, this news caused widespread concern. In fact, similar cases is not just one case, recently took place in Shenzhen two boys playing with firecrackers blew manhole covers, one person died on the well event. In Baidu news search for “manhole explosion” can search out news about 1200.

Reporters Statistics found that 500 meters of the road in urban area was able to count the 145 wells, management of Zhongshan Municipal maintenance Department data show that the department management vested in the city sewage wells and water wells up to more than 20,000. Some people worry about whether a cigarette will cause an explosion in the well? In this regard, maintenance and management of municipal Department official said the department would conduct these sewage manholes, the public no need to worry, but also pay attention to fire safety. In addition, downtown Zhongshan covers management approach will be introduced during the year, when the regulation will systematically covers.