China Declared the Report of the “9.22” Fireworks Explosion Accident

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China State Administration of Work Safety announced a report about the blast
accident that took place in Liling, Hunan province, the officials said that
the main cause of the explosive is operating againstregulations and
unauthorized changes in the use of workshops.

The explosive have already kill 13 people, and there is still 1 missed after the accident, heavily commented,the root reason is lack of efficient technical management, that showed a really nasty reality of Chinese safety condition.

Fireworks and firecrackers are commonly welcomed in China since it was widely used in the events such as wedding and other celebrations, but there are plenty of small plants, so many fireworks blasts happened in the unlicensed factories that located in densely areas.

The SAWS also require the fireworks companies to pay more attention to the safety in production and improve the responsibilty system for production and operation.

The City of Fireworks:Liuyang, China

Liuyang is considered as the origin of fireworks, and the history of Liuyang fireworks and crackers can be traced back to the tang and song dynasties. As for now, Liuyang is still the largest production origin of China and exports the best fireworks to the whole world. 

Liuyang fuegos artificiales es considerada como el origen, la más antigua que se remonta a las dinastías Tang y Song, y ahora, China sigue siendo el principal origen de fuegos artificiales Liuyang, sus productos se exportan en todo el mundo.

Feux d’artifice Liuyang Chine est considérée comme l’origine, la première datant de dynasties Tang et Song, et maintenant, la Chine reste le plus grand feu d’artifice Liuyang origine, ses produits sont exportés dans le monde entier.


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Early Bird Ticket of the 2014 Celebration of Light On Sale Now!


The 24th Vancouver Fireworks Display is coming, this year, three teams from the United States, France and Japan will participate in the show. The organizers said that the fireworks display will attract more than 3 hundred thousand people each day, and last year . the total number of viewers is 1.2 million.

The non-profit organization Vancouver Fireworks Festival Society announced the three teams that was invited this year, Team Pyrotecnico from the United States, Team Pyro from France, and Team Akariya from Japan. The director of Vancouver Fireworks Festival Society Heather Owen says that the festival will bring over 35 million Canadian dollars to the local restaurants and hotels.

In addition to the fireworks display, the organizer will also Launch new projects such as Food Truck Festival, live music show, Seawall Challenge, etc. They will invite the Fly Boys to perform on the water.

Rain or shine, the ceremony will open on 10:00 pm, July 26, and the early bird ticket can be reserved now, and the price is 39 Canadian dollars, and it will back to normal price(49 CAD) on June 1 .

Dominator Fireworks announces $500.00 contest winner

Dominator Fireworks Announces $500 Contest Winner!!

US Fireworks agreed to host the videos for the Dominator Spring Showdown contest, as well as supply the winner with $500 of prize product and Dominator has announced the winning show!  “FireJunkie” from South Carolina scripted the winning show and will be receiving his fireworks as soon as he makes a wish list from US Fireworks wide selection of Dominator product.  The judges agreed, with 17 shows entered it was tough to narrow it down to one that was the best, but felt that they made the right choice picking this show.


Click here for a video of the award winning fireworks show simulation!!.

Dominator continues to work closely with Finale scripting software and is continually simulating more of their product line to include in the software, making it easier than ever for everyone from backyard once a year shooters to the top professionals to script and shoot award winning fireworks displays.  The latest version of Finale even includes voice prompts for pinboard and wireless system users making amatuer pyromusicals possible for almost anyone to shoot!

Here is a list of the all consumer legal product that was used to make the show in the video, and all of it is available from Dominator distributors across the USA, Not listed is 3 amazing new fireworks for 2010 that US Fireworks will soon have in stock, they are:  Giant Willow with Color Tips, Monster Strobe and Waterfall…check back for them soon!

Ruby Sky
Emerald Meteor
Top Shelf reloadable shells
Disco Flash Strobes
Breaking News
Ring Thing
Sky Diamonds

Congratulations to the winner!   Watch for information on Dominator’s new simulation contest which will be announced soon.

Fireworks Safety

and more!

Fireworks Safety and Common Sense

It’s time! the 4th of July is right around the corner…send out the invitations, get the pools opened and ready, clean the BBQ grills and, Oh yeah! decide where your going to buy your fireworks for the party! With that decided, let’s talk about fireworks safety and common sense. There are several groups trying to interfere with your freedom to celebrate our nations freedom as our Fore Fathers have for 200 years. Their biggest argument is simple, fireworks are dangerous, fireworks can seriously injure you, so they think that Americans should not be allowed to use them. They want to protect you, from you!

We prefer to look at data and facts, something the anti fireworks crowd seems to leave out of their advertisements and lobbies. Here are some recent Fireworks Facts posted by the American Pyrotechnics Association showing that although the amount of fireworks used in the USA has increased from 29 million pounds in 1976 to 265 million pounds in 2007, that the number of injuries has dropped from 38.3 injuries per 100,000 lbs in 1976, to 3.7 per 100,000 lbs in 2007. Looking at emergency room statistics, riding bikes and outdoor sports are responsible for many more annual injuries than fireworks!

Fireworks construction and reliability have greatly improved over the years attributing to the declining injury rates so what can we do while celebrating the holiday to contribute to the trend? Use common sense! Some fireworks such as sparklers can burn at over 2,000 degrees and aerial shells can cover a large area of the sky, here are some common sense tips to insure your celebration ends with great memories and your guests looking forward to next year, instead of a trip to the emergency room.

1. Never use fireworks if you have been consuming alcohol, leave it to a sober responsible person.
2. Never allow young children to use fireworks unsupervised, hide and secure left over fireworks from youngsters.
3. Always follow label instructions.
4. Distance is your friend, before lighting any firework look around, if it tips or something goes wrong are Grandma and the baby a safe distance away?
5. Secure all repeater and tube devices to prevent tipping, fireworks can travel much farther along the ground than straight up in the air!
6. Always be aware of fire hazards such as dry grasses, fields, brush etc. It’s a good idea to have a hose at ready, if not available a simple pump type garden sprayer can douse a small fire before it spreads.
7. Use a launcher with all rocket type fireworks, we recommend a piece of sturdy metal pipe, NEVER glass and preferably not plastic or PVC, and it’s a good idea to slightly angle away form spectaters to prevent sticks from falling back into the crowd.
8. After your display, always check the area for unfired devices and NEVER leave them out for kids to find.
9. Respect your neighbors, stop shooting at a agreeable hour for the event.
10. Finally, clean up your mess! It never hurts to grab a rake and trash bags the following morning to remove any debris from adjoining properties, they will appreciate your efforts and be less likely to complain.