Customs seized more than twenty tons of fireworks

Recently, Ningbo Customs seized a number of illegal fireworks at export freight channels, a total of about 23.7 tons.

According to reports, the goods declared name were “mop”, “trash”, “yoga mat” and so on. Open the container and pour out the goods found in the container on the declaration does not declare these goods, but boxes of fireworks. The inventory of these fireworks include “fireworks stick”, “Cai Lei Wang,” “Charlie’s gun,” the five types of explosive, a total of 23.7 tons. These fireworks in the harbor, is a major safety hazard if accidentally detonated, the consequences could be disastrous.

Currently, these goods have been detained by law and for further processing.

Fireworks cause a fire


Fireworks display for Birthday, as a result, even small fireworks causing a fire. November 22rd evening, the qinlan town of Tianchang city, a family suddenly caught fire, after hearing, qinlan police station and fire brigade immediately went to fight the blaze.


On the scene, I saw a room on the third floor houses the smoke billowing flames, the fire sparkers was moving from inside to outside! Police and firefighters regardless of smoked roasted, adventure rushed on the third floor, near the fighting, the master of the house Mr Zhan with his  neighbors bought tools to help fight the blaze, and eventually extinguish the fire.


This building is a four-storey building housing residents, the house just renovated, Mr Zhan’s son is ready to get married, and this house is for his son to live after get married, they did not expect a fire happened. After investigation, the residents Joe lives in the back of Mr Zhan home, the same day, Joe held a party for the elderly 90-year-old birthday, accidentally cause a fire when the fireworks display. Later, Joe initiative to Mr Zhan apology, expressed their willingness to take responsibility. After coordination, the two sides agreed to a compensation of 40,000 yuan for the loss

China Hold Impressive Fireworks for APEC Meeting

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On the night of November 10, a spectacular fireworks show was arranged in Beijing Olympic Park, it was a welcome show for the economic leaders, huge fireworks exploded above the Water Cube and the Bird’s Nest, and the leaders enjoyed the big display in advance of the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) summit.

The leaders were driven to the brilliantly lit up water cube in chauffeured Red Flag limousines—with the exception of Obama, who was driven in his armored Cadillac—and were then treated to a lavish banquet. Observers, however, could easily be forgiven for having believed that they were observing a Star-Trek convention, given the futuristic outfits that were worn by the leaders.

Fireworks classification


On 23rd morning, the reporter from Runan County Safety Supervision Bureau, Public Security Bureau, supply and marketing cooperatives exclusively learned: the county to take away a large dens of illegal storage of fireworks. “Dens next to the road, store up to hundreds of millions of loud fireworks! More frightening is actually illegal storage dens in Class A fireworks scared of law enforcement officers in a cold sweat ……”

A shell, also known as A-level grade fireworks, in accordance with national standards, fireworks is divided into four levels, the risk in the order of A, B, C, D. Diameter of 72 mm or more are part of A-level fireworks. A grade fireworks cannot be sold in the market.

A grade fireworks because of too much power, do not allow unauthorized discharge of folk, 2012, Gao Hua village of Ningxiang quicksand town, a pseudonym call Shi Yuncheng, on his son’s wedding day, when a relative discharge of A-level fireworks, he wounded his head by huge power fireworks, died instantly.

Fireworks classification:

Class A: adapted to discharge from the discharge of professional staff, in the discharge of the product under certain conditions.

Class B: adapt to large open space discharge of outdoor products, follow the instructions when discharge, the product and its trajectory person or property of more than 25 meters should not be harmed.

Class C: suitable for outdoor open space opposite the discharge of product, follow the instructions when discharge, the product and its trajectory person or property of more than 25 meters should not be harmed.

Class D: Adaptation to close the discharge when the discharge in accordance with instructions when discharge, the product and its trajectory person or property of more than 1 meters should not be harmed.

Class A shell can destroy half city


Farmers possession of a Class A shell, sounds like the equivalent of 88 artillery grenades deterrent. Once accidentally explode, it could turned the entire village into ashes. Recently Zhumadian take away a large dens of illegal storage of fireworks even have a grade shell, which also stunned law enforcement officers. It is reported, a sound like a cannon shell level, the equivalent of 88 grenades deterrence. According to law enforcement officials Runan County, said early in the morning on the 20th received a report, said, “someone “test” fireworks at Wuli temple there, the sounds of fireworks shook people’ ears buzzing ringing!”


In accordance with national standards, fireworks is divided into four levels, the risk in the order of A, B, C, D. All fireworks products listed on the packaging will be clearly marked A, B, C, D grades. A level adapted to discharge fireworks set off by a professional staff, the discharge of the product under certain conditions

According to relevant regulations, personal fireworks when, in variety, prohibit the discharge of shell and other risk rating for A-grade fireworks, prohibit the discharge of small fireworks, friction, smoke-class and monocular diameter greater than 30 mm, single dose greater than 25 grams, total drug combination is greater than the inner cylinder type 1200 grams of fireworks.

Shell and other A-class products and small fireworks, friction, smoke-class, inner tube-type combination of fireworks and other products, as well as soil rockets, grenades soil, land mine and other counterfeit, contraband goods, individuals must not buy, but cannot discharge these product loading dose and drug ratio and other serious overweight, often lead to injury.

Fireworks become environment’s “killer”

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Festivals, weddings set off firecrackers is a traditional custom. However, in contrast the atmosphere of fireworks, but also seriously polluted the air. It is understood that the fireworks will produce a variety of harmful substances, including heavy metal sulfide, nitrogen oxides, smoke, etc., as well as zinc, lead, iron, barium, etc. particles, which are forming a haze culprit.


In the fog and haze frequent today, environmental protection is imminent. Introduction of new regulations, unprecedented efforts to restrict fireworks, fireworks ban …… but really is not just rely on a paper implementing the law, but in need of social forces, strengthen law enforcement on the one hand, regulators in place, the most important thing is to be cultivate environmental awareness of the whole society, and only low-carbon awareness deeply rooted, in order to form long-term mechanism to reduce pollution, make the environment more beautiful

Hong Kong Canceled National Day Fireworks Show Due to Mass Protests

Hong Kong’s government issued a statement that the city’s annual National Day fireworks show will be canceled on Monday, because of the mass pro-democracy protests erupted in the financial city.

An official from the government said that the event were canceled for safety considerations because the main access roads would be seriously affected, the fireworks display was scheduled to be held above the sea near Victoria Harbor on 8:00 pm.

Affected by the incident, many night bus services have been canceled and over 200 public transportation routes was also canceled or changed, schools located between wanchai and central were closed since September 29, many commerce and social activities was canceled, it has seriously influenced people’s daily life.

In Hong Kong, National Day Fireworks Show is a festival tradition and it was deeply loved by the citizens, the event also attracts over hundreds of thousands of visitors worldwide.


China Declared the Report of the “9.22” Fireworks Explosion Accident

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China State Administration of Work Safety announced a report about the blast
accident that took place in Liling, Hunan province, the officials said that
the main cause of the explosive is operating againstregulations and
unauthorized changes in the use of workshops.

The explosive have already kill 13 people, and there is still 1 missed after the accident, heavily commented,the root reason is lack of efficient technical management, that showed a really nasty reality of Chinese safety condition.

Fireworks and firecrackers are commonly welcomed in China since it was widely used in the events such as wedding and other celebrations, but there are plenty of small plants, so many fireworks blasts happened in the unlicensed factories that located in densely areas.

The SAWS also require the fireworks companies to pay more attention to the safety in production and improve the responsibilty system for production and operation.

China State Administration of Work Safety: 14 Provinces and Municipalities Exited the Fireworks Industry Entirely


According to the news on the website of China State Administration of Production Safety, there are 14 provinces and municipalities have exited the fireworks industry entirely, these are: Beijing, Tianjin, Shanxi, Inner Mongolia, Liaoning, Jilin, Heilongjiang, Shanghai, Jiangsu, Fujian, Gguangdong, Tibet, Qinghai and Ningxia.
Other 4 provinces, Anhui, Hainan, Gansu, Xinjiang will also withdraw from the industry by the end of this year.

This situation was considered as the influence of China’s domestic market contraction, but the news will be positive for the current enterprises and promote the production of safety in China.

Amazing Day-time Fireworks in Shanghai

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Cai Guoqiang the artist set off fireworks above the Huangpu River, which kicks off Cai’s new exhibition called “The Ninth Wave”at Shanghai Contemporary Art Museum, and the exhibition runs until October 26.

The ephemeral fireworks display lasts about 8 minutes, the citizens said that the day-time fireworks is very fantastic, it is also Cai’s first fireworks show in Shanghai, some people even called the police.

The whole display includs 3 chapters:”Elegy”,”Memory” and “Comfort”, Cai says that the show is an expression of sorrow for the death of nature.

There are rumors says that the fireworks display may be harmful to the environment and also threats the public safety, but Cai declares that the performance has already get permission and the produts used was pollution-free.