Fireworks cause a fire


Fireworks display for Birthday, as a result, even small fireworks causing a fire. November 22rd evening, the qinlan town of Tianchang city, a family suddenly caught fire, after hearing, qinlan police station and fire brigade immediately went to fight the blaze.


On the scene, I saw a room on the third floor houses the smoke billowing flames, the fire sparkers was moving from inside to outside! Police and firefighters regardless of smoked roasted, adventure rushed on the third floor, near the fighting, the master of the house Mr Zhan with his  neighbors bought tools to help fight the blaze, and eventually extinguish the fire.


This building is a four-storey building housing residents, the house just renovated, Mr Zhan’s son is ready to get married, and this house is for his son to live after get married, they did not expect a fire happened. After investigation, the residents Joe lives in the back of Mr Zhan home, the same day, Joe held a party for the elderly 90-year-old birthday, accidentally cause a fire when the fireworks display. Later, Joe initiative to Mr Zhan apology, expressed their willingness to take responsibility. After coordination, the two sides agreed to a compensation of 40,000 yuan for the loss

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