Grand Rapids Lower the Fines For Illegally Use of Fireworks

-c6e6cc84ebcc1b66The commission of Grand Rapids has passed a regulation that approved lowering the fines for illegal fireworks lighting, it also caused huge controversy among the public.

Under the old laws, people who set off fireworks illegally could be fined up to $500,  but the new one makes the fine much more lower, $50 for the first time, $100 for the second time and $200 for the third time. Officials from the government says that this measure will make the fines more in line with other ordinance violations, but people worries that it will encourage more illegal lighting and people will have to suffer more loud noises in the evening.

State Lawmakers legalized louder, more powerful fireworks in Michigan in late 2011. Local governments can regulate some fireworks use.



Customs seized more than twenty tons of fireworks

Recently, Ningbo Customs seized a number of illegal fireworks at export freight channels, a total of about 23.7 tons.

According to reports, the goods declared name were “mop”, “trash”, “yoga mat” and so on. Open the container and pour out the goods found in the container on the declaration does not declare these goods, but boxes of fireworks. The inventory of these fireworks include “fireworks stick”, “Cai Lei Wang,” “Charlie’s gun,” the five types of explosive, a total of 23.7 tons. These fireworks in the harbor, is a major safety hazard if accidentally detonated, the consequences could be disastrous.

Currently, these goods have been detained by law and for further processing.

India Focus on Countering Fireworks Smuggling Ahead of Diwali

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The commerce and industry ministry of India made a statement which said that possession and sale of imported fireworks is illegal and punishable.

In India, fireworks have been used on festivals and events for over 500 years, the country stopped fireworks imports from World War II, Fireworks in India have been declared as restricted item by Director General of Foreign Trade.the initiative made effective means on protecting domestic fireworks industry of India.

Officials from the Tamil Nadu Fireworks and Amorces Manufacturers’ Association also says that fireworks worth Rs 600 Crore had been smuggled from China, it was also reported that the sales of plunged by 35 percent because of smuggling of fireworks from China, so the fireworks industry of India is still facing challenges now.

Diwali, a five-day festival of lights in India, therw are many mythological traditions. The festival was celebrated by Jains and Sikhs, as well as Hindus, big fireworks displays make Diwali the most popular events in South Asia.

Mumbai Seized Chinese Illegal Firecrackers

A batch of illegal firecrackers which made in China was seized by Mumbai ahead of the festival season, four suspects was also arrested, the total value of fireworks was worth 3.61 crore.

These three containers of firecrackers were stacked without mandatory customs procedures or payment of customs duty, and according to the current laws in India, the importers don’t have such licence, since firecrackers are inflammable and explosive goods.

The government declares that over 600 containers of illegal fireworks were smuggled from China through various ports such as Kandla, Mumbai, Kolkata and Tuticorin.

China is the largest producer and exporter of fireworks, the products are cheaper and technologically superior, they have advanced technology, some components such as Potassium Chloride is banned in India, but used in China.1

More than 3,000 pieces of illegal fireworks have been destoryed


May 22th, Yuechi county safety supervision, public security, fire and other agencies of law enforcement, concentrated destruction of no name, no plants, the unbranded and illegal business, illegal storage, illegal transportation of more than 3,000 pieces of fireworks. To ensure that people’s lives and property safety, in recent months, to further strengthen the supervision and management of the county’s safety work, for various acts of endangering public safety has been severely hit

The destruction of more than 4,000 pieces of illegal fireworks


May 14th, 2014, Anhui provient Mengcheng polices with safety supervision departments in tongan destroyed more than 4,200 pieces of illegal fireworks in the suburbs in public, eliminating the hidden side of the security risks in people

According to Mengcheng police, since the second half of last year, the production and operation in the fight against illegal fireworks special action, the county administrative cases were investigated illegal storage of fireworks, more than 100 cases, administrative detention violator than 70 people, confiscated illegal fireworks 2964, illegal fireworks 1276

Destroyed more than 30 tons of illegal fireworks

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To effectively maintain social stability and public safety, to crackdown of illegal storage, illegal transportation and illegal operation and illegal fireworks products, on May 7th, Ganyu town on Jiangsu Province, public security, safety supervision, industry and commerce departments linkage, in Ganyu city LiZhuang Town, a destruction of more than 30 tons of illegal fireworks, with a total value of 450,000 RMB

160,000 RMB of illegal fireworks have been destoryed

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Joint enforcement by the Rainy Lake District innings, Yuhu Public Security Bureau and other departments, this year on gaoxin district guoqiang village development place destroy all seized illegal products, illegal business’ fake fireworks, in order to maintain the security market in Yuhu area. According to statistics,  in that day destroy 3400 of fireworks, firecrackers 2300, worth 16 0000 rmb.

Qianjiang concentrated destruction of counterfeit fireworks 3852 pieces


On April 15th morning, Qianjiang City Public Security Bureau in conjunction with the safety supervision, quality control, industrial and commercial sectors, concentrated destruction of counterfeit fireworks 3852 pieces.

In recent days, Qianjiang City Public Security Bureau in accordance with “the house, see people, see things, check suspect” and so on requirements, take unannounced visits, spot checks, and a combination of a comprehensive investigation, confiscated a number of expired, fake, shoddy products, the varieties are “mine”, “open Trick,” “pull guns”, “crackers”, “drop shot”, “torpedo”, “fish bombs” and so on, this deterred to counterfeiting and selling fireworks actions

Three truckloads of illegal fireworks destroyed

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Yesterday 10am, with the “rumbling ……” loud noise, within a river located at Lacey City Meihua Mountain neighborhood, full of three trucks, a total of more than 300 million head, valued at 80,000 yuan illegal fireworks were successfully destroyed. Reporters learned from Lacey police, to strengthen the safety management of illegal fireworks, that day Lacey Municipal Public Security Bureau in conjunction with relevant departments, since 2013, seized part of fail the quality, identify incomplete, expired, illegal private system of soil whip such as fireworks and raw materials destroyed.