Class A shell can destroy half city


Farmers possession of a Class A shell, sounds like the equivalent of 88 artillery grenades deterrent. Once accidentally explode, it could turned the entire village into ashes. Recently Zhumadian take away a large dens of illegal storage of fireworks even have a grade shell, which also stunned law enforcement officers. It is reported, a sound like a cannon shell level, the equivalent of 88 grenades deterrence. According to law enforcement officials Runan County, said early in the morning on the 20th received a report, said, “someone “test” fireworks at Wuli temple there, the sounds of fireworks shook people’ ears buzzing ringing!”


In accordance with national standards, fireworks is divided into four levels, the risk in the order of A, B, C, D. All fireworks products listed on the packaging will be clearly marked A, B, C, D grades. A level adapted to discharge fireworks set off by a professional staff, the discharge of the product under certain conditions

According to relevant regulations, personal fireworks when, in variety, prohibit the discharge of shell and other risk rating for A-grade fireworks, prohibit the discharge of small fireworks, friction, smoke-class and monocular diameter greater than 30 mm, single dose greater than 25 grams, total drug combination is greater than the inner cylinder type 1200 grams of fireworks.

Shell and other A-class products and small fireworks, friction, smoke-class, inner tube-type combination of fireworks and other products, as well as soil rockets, grenades soil, land mine and other counterfeit, contraband goods, individuals must not buy, but cannot discharge these product loading dose and drug ratio and other serious overweight, often lead to injury.