“Fireworks detonate water wells” disturb the whole city, will manhole explode while smoking?

Children often play next manhole cover 5819728741923597486_11n

Children often play near manhole cover


Some of the old district have the vast amount of covers

Yesterday, this newspaper exclusively reported Dongsheng 3 year old boy playing with fireworks detonated a small source of water wells were burned and fall well event, this news caused widespread concern. In fact, similar cases is not just one case, recently took place in Shenzhen two boys playing with firecrackers blew manhole covers, one person died on the well event. In Baidu news search for “manhole explosion” can search out news about 1200.

Reporters Statistics found that 500 meters of the road in urban area was able to count the 145 wells, management of Zhongshan Municipal maintenance Department data show that the department management vested in the city sewage wells and water wells up to more than 20,000. Some people worry about whether a cigarette will cause an explosion in the well? In this regard, maintenance and management of municipal Department official said the department would conduct these sewage manholes, the public no need to worry, but also pay attention to fire safety. In addition, downtown Zhongshan covers management approach will be introduced during the year, when the regulation will systematically covers.

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