Man Lost His Hand in July 4 Accident Because of Illegal Fireworks


Man Lost his Hand in July 4 Accident Because of Illegal Fireworks Jared Spencer suffered from a badly fireworks injury in Nebraska and lost alimb, he was joining a party near 156th and Blondo Streets.

He said that he used fireworks that was banned in Nebraska, “I was always the guy with flashy fireworks, even some that were illegal”,said Spencer, the fireworks he lighted ignited early and blew apart his hand, then he was knocked on the ground.

The medics took him to the medical center but the doctors failed to keep his hand.

He wants other people to know the dangerous of illegal fireworks.

Three truckloads of illegal fireworks destroyed

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Yesterday 10am, with the “rumbling ……” loud noise, within a river located at Lacey City Meihua Mountain neighborhood, full of three trucks, a total of more than 300 million head, valued at 80,000 yuan illegal fireworks were successfully destroyed. Reporters learned from Lacey police, to strengthen the safety management of illegal fireworks, that day Lacey Municipal Public Security Bureau in conjunction with relevant departments, since 2013, seized part of fail the quality, identify incomplete, expired, illegal private system of soil whip such as fireworks and raw materials destroyed.