7-year-old boy was wounded by fireworks



The day before yesterday morning, on the Town of Wujin District, the temporary residence Mr. Song took 9,000 rmb from a shop owner Wang Lin for his son one-time compensation for medical expenses, care, transportation fees and so on loss.


February 8th in the evening this year, 7-year-old son, Sung Ming together with companions at this shop to buy a 10 glowing pearl fireworks, that night about 8pm, they began to discharge fireworks, Xiao Ming was holding a spray of fireworks gunpowder shot from the bottom out and ┬áhis right wounded. For taking care Xiaoming, Mr Song’s wife had to quit her job, and now Xiao Ming, although basic rehabilitation, but has left scars. After police mediation, the owner agreed to a one-time compensation for 9000 rmb.

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