Mumbai Seized Chinese Illegal Firecrackers

A batch of illegal firecrackers which made in China was seized by Mumbai ahead of the festival season, four suspects was also arrested, the total value of fireworks was worth 3.61 crore.

These three containers of firecrackers were stacked without mandatory customs procedures or payment of customs duty, and according to the current laws in India, the importers don’t have such licence, since firecrackers are inflammable and explosive goods.

The government declares that over 600 containers of illegal fireworks were smuggled from China through various ports such as Kandla, Mumbai, Kolkata and Tuticorin.

China is the largest producer and exporter of fireworks, the products are cheaper and technologically superior, they have advanced technology, some components such as Potassium Chloride is banned in India, but used in China.1

Fireworks Might be Illegal in Salinas City


The police and fire chief of Salinas City suggested that safe and sane fireworks should be
banned, if this suggestion is approved by the council, then all fireworks will be illegal in
the city.

With the increasing of the fireworks in the city, hidden danger of the public safety is also
increasing, The police department and fire department says that they don’t have enough
manpower and money to enforce the current fireworks ban, since people always use illegal kind
of fireworks where the safe fireworks are allowed to set off, we don’t have effective method
to distinguish the safe fireworks from the illegal ones.”It’s not fair for the elderly
people, children and pets, since their happy festival is ruined by the dangerous fireworks,
we need a clean and safe city!”said by one of the councilman.

There are also some speakers claim that they don’t agree with the suggestion on banning of
safe and sane fireworks, it is like punishing kid and the youth, they said that the
government should have the ability to provide services to the public.

The council didn’t make a final decision yet, they said they will held a special meeting to get more information from the public in a few weeks.

Central River gather group of illegal fireworks destroyed



This year,The Central River maonan county organization safety supervision, public security, industry and commerce, quality supervision, transportation management, fire and other departments of the joint law enforcement team, several times checked each of the county fairs, carried out special rectification operation to combat illegal fireworks action, seized all kinds of illegal, “three no” products more than 110 pieces of fireworks over 1,100 cases, involving more than 100,000 rmb


Focus on the destruction of illegal fireworks

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On April 8th afternoon ,he chi ba ma town of guangxi province organized public security , fire protection, industrial, commercial, safety supervision and other related departments centralized destroyed more than 300 boxes of illegal fireworks that were collected before tomb sweeping holiday.

To effectively do security work during tomb sweeping holiday, since March 31th, led by the Hechi bama town, Alabama , police, fire, industry and commerce , quality supervision, safety, and other multi-sectoral joint inspection team, they went down deep to bama town every sale and storage of fireworks places to do the “carpet ” of fire safety investigation. During the inspections, the township have more than 20 points of illegal sale of fireworks retail establishments, have more than 300 cases of investigate the “cottage” and a waste of fireworks and explosives and other dangerous big torpedo nature of the products, in order to promptly eliminate safety hazards, bama town safety Committee decided to concentrated destruction on investigate illegal fireworks.

Due to the destruction of a large number of the times , with the risk of explosion, the fire departments to keep abreast of the specific number of fireworks destroyed and destruction sites etc., throughout the probation , to prevent accidents. It is reported that this is the first time of a large-scale investigation and remediation actions within this town. until 8th , the town seized 312 boxes of illegal fireworks , worth more than 70,000 rmb.