Small fireworks will become legal in New York!


The New York government will pass a law that will make some fireworks legal in the city and people can set off fireworks such as sparklers, party poppers and trick noisemakers during specific period of the year.

But people will probably not able to celebrate the 2015 New Year holiday with fireworks, since the law will officially go into effect 30 days after the sign, so no body can sell fireworks inside New York city unless the government give permits to the sellers.

The new law redefined differences between dangerous fireworks and the novelty ones, the sellers still need to get a licence to sell fireworks, otherwise it will still be illegal, the new state law also increased penalties for illegally selling or using fireworks compared with the old law.

Shanghai Issued Fireworks Ban for the Fourth Summit of CICA


For security considerations, the government of Shanghai decided to stop the sale of fireworks from May 10 to 22, and large fireworks display will also be banned during the event.The government announced that sellers must withdraw all the fireworks products and should be archived properly.

As part of security measures, the government announced bans on aircraft and boats, and the security checks will also be upgraded then.

During the upcoming summit of CICA, Delegates from nearly 40 countries will gather in the city Shanghai, and President Xi Jinping will also attend the summit.

Beijing fireworks sales reduced this year

picture is Chaoyang District, a fireworks sales branch


Since starting at 0:00 on February 15, within the Fifth Ring Road in Beijing started banning fireworks again. Of unsold fireworks, required to complete the recycling fireworks before February 18. This year fireworks sales decrease, the amount recycling fireworks less than previous years, 59,000 boxes were collected in Beijing.