The City of Fireworks:Liuyang, China

Liuyang is considered as the origin of fireworks, and the history of Liuyang fireworks and crackers can be traced back to the tang and song dynasties. As for now, Liuyang is still the largest production origin of China and exports the best fireworks to the whole world. 

Liuyang fuegos artificiales es considerada como el origen, la más antigua que se remonta a las dinastías Tang y Song, y ahora, China sigue siendo el principal origen de fuegos artificiales Liuyang, sus productos se exportan en todo el mundo.

Feux d’artifice Liuyang Chine est considérée comme l’origine, la première datant de dynasties Tang et Song, et maintenant, la Chine reste le plus grand feu d’artifice Liuyang origine, ses produits sont exportés dans le monde entier.


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More than 3,000 pieces of illegal fireworks have been destoryed


May 22th, Yuechi county safety supervision, public security, fire and other agencies of law enforcement, concentrated destruction of no name, no plants, the unbranded and illegal business, illegal storage, illegal transportation of more than 3,000 pieces of fireworks. To ensure that people’s lives and property safety, in recent months, to further strengthen the supervision and management of the county’s safety work, for various acts of endangering public safety has been severely hit

Eight tons of illegal and substandard fireworks have been destroyed

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May 13th, in golden stone town of New County, in a valley of horse stone village. There is a destruction of eight tons of illegal and substandard fireworks.

Since the Spring Festival of this year, the county some of the businesses in order to reap huge profits from illicit channels to purchase all kinds of illegal products like red earth, neutron gun and failing products. New County People’s Government in order to regulate fireworks market, clear security risk, the organization had three times organized departments safety supervision, public security, industry and commerce and other relevant functionals do the special rectification actions to 18 towns of the county’s, the actions were confiscated land of red, fireworks, small cannon 8 tons , worth more than 20 million.

The destruction of more than 4,000 pieces of illegal fireworks


May 14th, 2014, Anhui provient Mengcheng polices with safety supervision departments in tongan destroyed more than 4,200 pieces of illegal fireworks in the suburbs in public, eliminating the hidden side of the security risks in people

According to Mengcheng police, since the second half of last year, the production and operation in the fight against illegal fireworks special action, the county administrative cases were investigated illegal storage of fireworks, more than 100 cases, administrative detention violator than 70 people, confiscated illegal fireworks 2964, illegal fireworks 1276

The First China Fireworks Safety and Environmental Expo will open in May 28


The CFFA(China Fireworks and Firecrackers Association) declared that the first China fireworks safety and environmental expo will be held in Liuyang from May28 to 31,supplies from all over the country will gather in Liuyang, Hunan and show their new products and firecracker machineries, they will also bring the raw materials which is safe and environmentally friendly.

It is China’s first national and professional expo in fireworks industry and the organizer believes that it will show the latest achievements of this field and demonstrate a new image of China fireworks industry to the world.



Priorité à la sécurité de l’industrie des feux d’artifice de la Chine et de l’exposition de l’environnement seront ouvertes le 28 mai

En primer lugar la seguridad de la industria china de fuegos artificiales y la exposición ambiental se abrirán el 28 de mayo



Donetsk fireworks show to celebrate independence


On May 12th, 2014, in Donetsk, the local people watch fireworks to celebrate independence. According to reports, Donetsk and Luhansk Oblast State announced, according to referendum results announced from the Ukraine to become “sovereign state.” According to statistics, the two regions have more than 90 percent of voters support independence

Come to China to Watch a Splendid Fireworks show !

Selected photos of 2014 Fireworks Display in Orange Island, Changsha.


Pour la Chine de voir les feux d’artifice!——Un feu d’artifice Changsha 2014.

В Китае  посмотреть  фейерверк 

 чанша  2014  года  апельсины  Чжоу  фейерверк.

중국에 온 거 보니까 불꽃놀이!

2014년 창사 불꽃놀이 공연.

China para ver los fuegos artificiales!

Los fuegos artificiales de Changsha en 2014.

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Shanghai Issued Fireworks Ban for the Fourth Summit of CICA


For security considerations, the government of Shanghai decided to stop the sale of fireworks from May 10 to 22, and large fireworks display will also be banned during the event.The government announced that sellers must withdraw all the fireworks products and should be archived properly.

As part of security measures, the government announced bans on aircraft and boats, and the security checks will also be upgraded then.

During the upcoming summit of CICA, Delegates from nearly 40 countries will gather in the city Shanghai, and President Xi Jinping will also attend the summit.

Destroyed more than 30 tons of illegal fireworks

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To effectively maintain social stability and public safety, to crackdown of illegal storage, illegal transportation and illegal operation and illegal fireworks products, on May 7th, Ganyu town on Jiangsu Province, public security, safety supervision, industry and commerce departments linkage, in Ganyu city LiZhuang Town, a destruction of more than 30 tons of illegal fireworks, with a total value of 450,000 RMB