Come to China to Watch a Splendid Fireworks show !

Selected photos of 2014 Fireworks Display in Orange Island, Changsha.


Pour la Chine de voir les feux d’artifice!——Un feu d’artifice Changsha 2014.

В Китае  посмотреть  фейерверк 

 чанша  2014  года  апельсины  Чжоу  фейерверк.

중국에 온 거 보니까 불꽃놀이!

2014년 창사 불꽃놀이 공연.

China para ver los fuegos artificiales!

Los fuegos artificiales de Changsha en 2014.

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Orange Island fireworks on May 3rd


A romantic fireworks feast, the Changsha night sky has been miss it so long time. “Orange Island fireworks,” a bright Changsha cards, due to the adjustment program, it has been six months since last regular discharge. May 3rd, this bright fireworks, the night sky will be attested in Changsha.

The theme of “Mom, Happy Birthday” will be discharged at 171 orders, aimed at the occasion of Mother’s Day is coming to pay homage to the majority of mothers. The party is divided into “special day”, “Thanks Mom” and “blessed mother” five chapters. Discharge time is about 20 minutes.

This year’s Orange Island routine discharge of fireworks will continue until October, every weekend to meet with the audience.

Orange Island fireworks May 2014 Return


Orange Island weekend fireworks show has became Changsha tourism highlights, but its polluted of the environment, wasting resources, and cause local traffic congestion also been criticized. 2013, Changsha adjustment programs, fireworks will be set off 20 minutes every Saturday night during the annual May 1 to October 31, canceled the discharge of November to next April. 2014 Changsha Orange Island weekend fireworks will officially return on May 3, will end on the evening of October 25, total of 28 scenes.