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Mar 29, 2010

Aurora shuffles fireworks to July 2

DATE: March 23, 2010
DETAILS: AURORA -- For the second year in a row, the city's Fourth of July fireworks will not take place on July 4.

In a memo sent last week to City Council members, Mayor Tom Weisner announced this year's fireworks display would be moved to Friday, July 2. According to Weisner, the move was made because not enough police officers accepted an offer of overtime to work on a Sunday holiday.

"A large number of police officers are required in a number of capacities ... to assist at the fireworks and provide routine services throughout the city," Weisner wrote.

When fireworks take place on weekdays, there are enough officers already on duty, but on weekends the ranks are thinner, he said.

Last year, the fireworks were moved to July 3, and according Weisner's assistant chief of staff, Chuck Nelson, it was the same police overtime issue that prompted the change. But, Nelson said, the mayor's office got several calls last year from people who were grateful for the move, because it freed up time over the weekend for holiday travel.

This year's celebration is expected to cost the same amount as last year's: about $35,000, according to Gina Moga, head of the Mayor's Office of Special Events.

And just like last year, Aurora will partner with North Aurora for a joint fireworks display. The Independence Day bash will be held at the same location, on the grounds of the Illinois Math and Science Academy and Aurora Central Catholic School.

The fireworks moved to their West Side location in 2007, after a three-year stint at Westfield Fox Valley Mall on the far East Side.

Cookoff sparks $1,900 toward fireworks show

LOCATION: Livingston County
DATE: March 23, 2010
DETAILS: Chili lovers got together in Fowlerville this month to rub elbows, please their palates and help make sure fireworks blast off in the community this year.
The newly formed Livingston County Area Fourth of July Fireworks Committee held its chili cookoff fundraiser March 9 at the Fowlerville Fire Department in Fowlerville. The event included food, music, a 50/50 drawing and door prizes. A representative from The Gold Chest was on site to make exchanges for gold jewelry, charms and other unwanted gold items.

Bruce Brown, a member of the fireworks committee, said the cookoff brought in $1,900. Prior to the cookoff, less than half of the $10,000 needed to put on the annual fireworks show had been raised.

Contributions are still needed. Anyone interested in making a contribution to the fund should make checks payable to Village of Fowlerville and write "4th of July" on the memo line. Mail checks to Peggy Ogden, 2700 N. Smith Road, Fowlerville, MI 48836.

Whitefish Chamber Tries to Salvage Fireworks Display

LOCATION: Whitefish City Beach
DATE: 03-21-10
DETAILS: Fireworks are important to almost any Fourth of July celebration. But in Whitefish, where thousands gather at city beach and along the shoreline for the big show each Independence Day, they're considered absolutely essential.

Kevin Gartland, executive director of the Whitefish Chamber of Commerce, said it's imperative for the city to continue its annual fireworks display at Whitefish Lake, even in the face of an uncertain fundraising outlook. The chamber is trying to raise $15,000 to put on the show.

Gartland expects most of the money to come from private donations. The chamber has already allocated $5,000 from a joint fund shared with the Stumptown Historical Society. That fund generates money from specialty license plate fees.

"It's going to take quite a bit of money to make this thing happen and we have a really short time frame," Gartland said. "We're looking for contributions of any shape and size, whether it's 20 bucks, 100 bucks or 500 bucks."

Whitefish Shines, the nonprofit group that previously spearheaded fundraising efforts for the fireworks display, announced it would no longer be able to fund the Fourth of July show. Tough economic times have been hard on the fundraising efforts of community groups throughout the Flathead.

Now that Kalispell and Columbia Falls no longer have fireworks displays, Gartland said Whitefish's is the only public show in the area. Last year, it cost $10,000 to put on the production. But Gartland said he wants to exceed that number to make the show more "spectacular."

"We hope to blow the lid off that number," Gartland said.

In addition to the July 4 show, the chamber is also hosting a benefit concert on July 2 at Grouse Mountain Lodge and a parade on July 3. A portion of proceeds from those two events will pay for fireworks. Also, Whitefish Christian Academy's annual three-day arts and crafts festival will be held July 2-4 at Depot Park.

Gartland said that although July seems a long ways off right now, it's actually a short time period to wrap up all of the loose ends for the celebration. The chamber needs to have a contract with a pyrotechnics company wrapped up soon. And by May 1 Gartland needs to know exactly how much money he's working with so the chamber can order the fireworks and begin planning.

About 3,000-4,000 spectators go to city beach to watch the fireworks display, Gartland said, and another couple thousand watch from elsewhere.

"If we didn't have (the display), we would have a really major void here in the valley in terms of the celebration of Independence Day. I can't imagine a Fourth of July without fireworks."

Fireworks saved in Tredyffrin

LOCATION: Tredyffrin
DATE: Sunday, March 21, 2010
BY: Blair Meadowcroft
DETAILS: By A long tradition in Tredyffrin Township will continue this summer thanks to some help from a local company.

At the Monday-night board of supervisors (BOS) meeting, Chairman Bob Lamina announced that funding for the July 4 fireworks display has been restored.

"I am very pleased to announce that through the generosity of the community in the spirit of public giving, Shire Pharmaceuticals has agreed to partner with the township for the funding of the fireworks display on July 4," said Lamina. "Funding for the fireworks had been canceled during the budget process and now thanks to Shire the funding is available."

In other news, Lamina announced: "This is David Brill's last meeting with us as finance director, and we thank you for providing counsel to the township over the years."

During the meeting Superintendent of Police Andrew Chambers gave the Annual Report for 2009 and was happy to report that the crime trends and analysis showed that crime in Tredyffrin is steadily decreasing. Accidents and traffic citations among other things were all down for 2009, as well as DUI arrests, which Chambers attributed to Tredyffrin being a well-known township for DUI enforcement. There was a noted increase in 911 calls but Chambers explained this was due to citizens being very engaged in what is going on in their neighborhoods and calling in suspicious persons and behavior such as doors being left open. At the end of the Annual Report, Chambers announced Russell Hittle as Officer of the Year for 2009.

In other news Public Works Director Steve Norcini announced that the township is looking into a possible refund from FEMA for weather-related expenses, and also pertaining to weather, the Public Works Department is continuing to work on patching and repairing the township's many potholes.

Updates on sidewalk-related projects included Steve Burgo's announcement that the sidewalk project around Conestoga High School and Tredyffrin/Easttown Middle School has begun and that early action such as tree removal has been done to prepare for construction, which is set to start at the end of March and continue through September.

Also members were named to the Sidewalk Subcommittee, which consists of three members each from the BOS, Planning Commission and Sidewalks, Trails and Paths Committee. The purpose of creating a joint subcommittee is to "re-examine where the community wants and needs sidewalks, with a goal of adopting more formal policies and procedures relative to design, development and construction of sidewalks and paths in the township," according to the township Web site.

Another group that was recently formed was the Tredyffrin/Easttown Fire Task Force, which met Jan. 27. The fire-liaison meeting was held with the three local fire companies and another is scheduled for March 31. The purpose is for the fire companies to come together and agree on goals for the year.

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Mar 23, 2010

Longview seeking sponsor for 4th of July fireworks display

DATE: Posted: Mar 22, 2010 11:41 PM Updated: Mar 22, 2010 11:42 PM
BY: the League of Business Owners
DETAILS: The League of Business Owners will not sponsor or organize the 4th of July fireworks display in the City of Longview this year.

For the past five years LOBO has taken on the responsibility of raising money through sponsorships to augment the City of Longview's $10,000 contribution. We have also provided a sponsor area, contracted with the Pyrotechnic Co., and worked with various city personnel to make sure the residents of Longview had a 4th of July fireworks display to enjoy.

The League of Business Owners is unable to take this on in 2010 for many reasons, but we are willing to share our experience and contacts with another community group that may be interested in continuing this wonderful community project.

For any group seeking information, please contact: Kyle Smith at 903-452-0385 or

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Carlos Figueroa
Longview seeking sponsor for 4th of July fireworks display: More>> The League of Business Owners will not sponsor ...
Yesterday, 1:35:52
Jessica Boyd
Longview seeking sponsor for 4th of July fireworks display
2 days ago, 23:48:01

Pizarro: There will be fireworks after all in San Jose

LOCATION: San Jose America
DATE: Posted: 03/22/2010 02:00:51 PM PDT and Updated: 03/22/2010 09:03:04 PM PDT
BY:  Sal Pizarro
DETAILS: For the second year in a row, the San Jose Giants may make sure there's lots of boom for the Fourth of July. After hearing last week that the San Jose America Festival was again called off, team president Jim Weyermann started making some calls. He's tentatively lined up Comcast, radio station KRTY, San Jose State University and Happy Hollow Park & Zoo to help stage a July 4 celebration at Municipal Stadium.

The Giants are out of town on the Fourth (and there were already fireworks scheduled for July 2 and 3), but Weyermann has a fun plan in mind.

KRTY would bring in a big-name artist for a country music concert at Muni, followed by a pyrotechnic display.

There would be a "low" admission price for the concert to help recoup some of the production costs, said Weyermann, who has not yet determined the cost.

And the fireworks show will be free for those watching outside the stadium on SJSU's adjacent fields (which will be open early so people can hear a broadcast of the concert). Happy Hollow also expects to have a special event for families during the day.

It's still in the planning stages, so details could change in the next three months, but Weyermann sounds confident that they'll all pull it off.

"There is no way that our city isn't going to celebrate the Fourth of July," said the baseball guy, who could wind up being drafted as a politician if he keeps making smart, popular decisions like this.

HISTORIC END: A two-week demolition is set to begin today at the historic Letcher's Garage building in downtown San Jose. Erected in 1906, the building has been on the endangered list for most of the past decade to make way for a Barry Swenson condo project.

The building, originally owned by Clarence Letcher, was remodeled and became the Oasis nightclub in the late 1980s. The club closed in 1996 after a patron was beaten to death there. In recent years, the site has been used as a youth center.

"We are very sorry to lose another piece of San Jose history," said Brian Grayson, interim executive director of the Preservation Action Council. "The story behind Letcher's Garage is a fascinating one and every time one of our historic buildings is demolished, we lose another part of the story that is San Jose."

And while preservationists lament the loss of this piece of San Jose lore, at least the dilapidated First Church of Christ, Scientist next door won't be demolished, too. Plans are to have the building seismically retrofitted and incorporated into the condo project.

Contact Sal Pizarro at or 408-627-0940.

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Mar 19, 2010

City: Fireworks show canceled unless community pays

DATE: March 16, 2010
DETAILS: LOS ALAMITOS – The council is asking the community to pay $15,000 for the 4th of July Firework Spectacular or the show will be canceled.

Council members on Monday were torn on whether or not to fund the show, but budget constraints pushed the council to look to the community for support.

In a 4-1 vote, with Councilwoman Gerri Mejia abstaining, the council canceled the show but residents and businesses will have until April 15 to pledge donations. If the funds are raised, the show will be reinstated, city officials said.

The 4th of July Firework Spectacular at the Joint Forces Training Base has been held in the city for more than 20 years, drawing crowds of up to 20,000 people.

"We owe it to the community to let them know the 4th of July is in jeopardy ... and maybe they will rally around it," Mayor Marilyn Poe said.

The council is facing a nearly $600,000 budget shortfall this year and Councilman Troy Edgar said the city may have to offset as much as $1 million in 2010-11. He said he couldn't justify spending nearly $15,000 when cuts are being made to people and services.

"Our staff took 10 percent pay cut but (we're thinking about) spending this," he said. "I'm concerned about the message that sends to staff."

The city last year spent $9,600 on the show. The total cost of the show last year was about $19,000 but Cypress co-sponsors the event and picks up half of the tab. The city also solicits donations from Seal Beach, Rossmoor and various businesses to cover costs.

This year, however, costs would increase significantly because the holiday falls on a Sunday and city workers would have to be paid double time, said Director of Recreation and Community Services Angie Avery.

"Our expenditures are going up, they're not going down," she told the council.

Resident JM Ivler spoke to the council on behalf of his daughter to support saving the show, which he said has been a community staple for many years.

"Please don't do this," he said. "(My daughter) felt it would be a great loss to take away something that's been part of her community since she's lived here."

Staff explored various options but Avery said they were met with dead ends.

"We've spent hours talking about this," Avery said. "It's the personnel costs that are the killer for this event, really."

The city cannot ask a fee for vehicles and pedestrians for the show because the base cannot charge people to enter a federal installation, base spokeswoman Laura Herzog said.

Herzog added the city could try to solicit donations from inside the event but council members agreed the plan was too risky to bank on.

However, resident and former Councilwoman Alice Jempsa said in light of the current economic climate, the responsible thing for the city to do is cancel the show.

"We'd rather see those broken sidewalks fixed ... or street repairs," she said. "With this financial time, I'd be very weary about putting money into something like this."

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met00cigar wrote:
$15,000. Not $1,500.

22 years ago the City Council cut a deal with the residents. They ended the non-profit sale of fireworks and said that there would be no fireworks in the city limits. BUT (big but there) in return the City would provide the residents and community with a fireworks display.

By reneging on the agreement to provide a display, the residents and citizens should have the right to run their own displays if they so choose.

You can't cut a deal with the people and then renege on it and not expect them to blow off their side of the terms of the agreement. The City Council is reneging on their arrangement with the people, the people have to no longer keep their side of the agreement.
3/16/2010 7:14 PM PDT on
User Image
etirpsha wrote:
Let's see, how does that $15,000 expenditure of taxpayer money qualify as a necessary public service? Doesn't more road repair, for example, need more funding than a few thousand people watching that tax money burn up in the air in a matter of seconds?

Why not return to the original American tradition of ringing the school and church bells throughout the land. It is a great tradition that our children and those throughout our neighborhood thoroughly enjoyed. All the kids took turns ringing the bell until they reached the number of years of independence!
3/16/2010 12:54 PM PDT on
User Image
doug548 wrote:
I would be willing to bet even if they raised the money they would still cancell the show and divert the money into the general fund.
3/16/2010 11:57 AM PDT on
User Image
fourcrows wrote:
Where does the council think it gets it`s money in the first place? From tax-payers you lug nuts. So even if the city pays, the tax- payers are still paying!!!!!!!
3/16/2010 11:55 AM PDT on
User Image
hoocares wrote:
We sold cotton candy on 4th of July there and made over $800.00 in about 4 hours. Fund Raiser people.
3/16/2010 10:40 AM PDT on
User Image
I used to buy Fireworks every year, but with the price of gas instead of driving to the stand, I just light my wallet on fire. Saves me a trip!
3/16/2010 10:21 AM PDT on
User Image
it doesnt take much
3/16/2010 10:19 AM PDT on
User Image
Huh? $1500? I'm sure they could raise that with a few car washes or a save-the-fireworks-athon or a few other fundraisers. Is that the right number?
3/16/2010 10:12 AM PDT on

Ithaca Community Fireworks show in jeopardy

DATE: March 16, 2010, 7:40 pm
BY: Staff report
DETAILS: ITHACA -- Organizers of the 2010 Community Fireworks Show are looking for a new home, after Ithaca College officials decided they can no longer host the yearly event.

Fireworks show organizers also cautioned that this could be their last year because of dwindling donations.

Ithaca College will no longer host the Community Fireworks Show because new construction projects have reduced the area from which fireworks can be shot without compromising safety for spectators, organizers and IC officials said Tuesday.

For the past two decades, fireworks have been shot from atop the South Hill campus to celebrate Independence Day.

Beginning with the first show in 1947, a volunteer committee has organized the free event, with Cornell University and then Ithaca College serving as host locations, according to Fran Benedict, chairman of the committee.

The fireworks shows moved to IC after new buildings constructed at Cornell University closed in on the firing area near Hoy Field and Schoellkopf Field.

Also since 1947, funding for the shows has relied entirely on donations.

"Unfortunately, contributions have not kept pace with the cost of producing fireworks spectacles," Benedict said in a Tuesday press release. "The cost of producing a fireworks show such as we have enjoyed can be as much as $1,500 a minute."

Benedict said contributions in donation barrels the night of the show have fallen far below the actual cost. The 2009 fireworks display cost more than $25,000, he said, but barrel donations were only $5,500. About one-fourth of that came from the sale of glow sticks and other novelty items the night of the fireworks show.

A VIP barbecue and entertainment area near the firing site has helped underwrite the cost of fireworks shows, Benedict said.

"We have enough in our reserve fund to produce one last blast, providing we can find a suitable location for firing and viewing," Benedict said in the statement.

When the Theory Center building at Cornell was constructed, Ithaca College provided its upper athletic fields as a firing site. Last summer, however, a new residence hall was built in a portion of the parking lot near the South Hill firing site. Measurements to determine a safe and legal firing area show that continued use of that site is not possible, Benedict and IC spokesman Dave Maley said.

"We have been delighted to host community fireworks shows for the past two decades," Ithaca College President Tom Rochon said in a statement. "With the construction of new buildings and concerns for the safety of our facilities and spectators, however, our campus no longer is a suitable location for a display on the scale of this annual event."

The 2008 fireworks show at IC caused several small fires including one in the grass roof of the then-new Dorothy D. and Roy H. Park Center for Business and Sustainable Enterprise. That incident played a part in IC's decision, Maley said.

"Certainly that was one of the things that was looked at in determining the overall safety issue," he said.

Both Ithaca College and Cornell have been "wonderful hosts" for 62 years, Benedict said. "We could not have had great fireworks shows without the cooperation and support of the IC and Cornell staff, along with area fire and police agencies, Tompkins Trust Company, TCAT transit service, and our media partners -- Cayuga Radio Group and The Ithaca Journal, among many other local organizations."

Benedict said attendance at fireworks shows in the last 10 years has dwindled, as have on-site donations.

"Thousands of people watch the show from area hillsides and parks, for example, far more than the number of people who have watched on the IC campus in recent years. Unfortunately, we get very few donations from people watching from these other locations," he said.

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bellis wrote:
Why not shoot them off on the lake?
3/17/2010 7:05:48 AM

Twins testing fireworks

DATE: March 11, 2010, 10:59am
BY: Sarah McKenzie
DETAILS: The Twins are scheduled to do a fireworks test this afternoon.

The team hasn't finalized a fireworks plan for the 2010 season, but is hoping to have two major post-game fireworks displays this summer, according to David Frank, chair of the North Loop Neighborhood Organization.

"The Twins wish to be sensitive to the neighbors on this issue, and that's why they are conducting a test to better understand their options," Frank wrote in an e-mail. "They plan to advise the city and the neighborhood before any plans are finalized."

"Klunker Dunk"

DATE: Thursday, March 11, 2010 -- 6:15 p.m.
BY: Chuck Koch
 Normally a car sitting on the ice this time of year would be cause for alarm. But it's just local residents trying to make a little fire out of all that ice.

The Rock River - Lake Koshkonong association was trying to find a way to raise money for the annual Fourth of July fireworks display. That's where the Sunset Bar and Grille and Jason Rusch stepped in.

"We purchased the car from the shop," says Rusch, owner of North Shore Customs just west of Fort Atkinson. "One of my customers had it and had some issues so decided to purchase it. We spent a week on it in the shop, had the sticker guy come and put all our sponsors on it, dispose everything, get it environmentally friendly and bring it out here."

After getting permission from the D-N-R, the 1999 Ford Contour was pulled onto the ice. For now, the car sits on about a foot thick sheet of ice and as the temperature climbs, it's only a matter of time before it sinks to the bottom of the lake.

A special timer has been installed in a secret location on the car to let organizers know the exact time the 1999 Ford Contour plunges into the lake. If you would like to make a guess as to when the car will fall through the ice, you can buy a guess for $5 or three guesses for $10 at Sunset Bar and Grill on the north shore of Lake Koshkonong, just west of Fort Atkinson. The winner will receive half of the money raised, with the remainder going to the annual Fourth of July fireworks display.

A party for the ages

LOCATION: The Tampa Tribune, USA
DATE:  March 12, 2010
DETAILS: ZEPHYRHILLS - Get ready to party!
The 100th annual Founders' Day festivities kick off this afternoon with a downtown carnival, fireworks display, skydivers and an old-fashioned barn dance. The weekend-long celebration has been years in the making.

While the annual parade usually draws about 5,000 spectators, city leaders expect a record number this year. Saturday morning's parade will feature 115 floats and marching bands.

The theme is "Celebration of Generations." Each decade will get its own grand marshal. Main Street Zephyrhills Executive Director Brenda Welcher had to forfeit her emcee duties due to a nagging case of laryngitis.

The day's events include hay rides, historical tours, archaeological digs and pony rides. Parking is available at all city lots, as well as First United Methodist Church and First Baptist Church.

A community picnic will be held at Zephyr Park on Sunday beginning at 11 a.m. City leaders will bury a time capsule commemorating the centennial celebration at 3:30 p.m.

"We hope all those coming from out of town notice how the community has worked very hard to get in a festival spirit," Welcher said.

A staff report

Town council to run fireworks?

LOCATION: Cowes Town, UK
DATE: Friday, March 12, 2010
BY:  David Newble
DETAILS: A DEBATE over whether the town council should raise funds for Cowes's threatened £50,000 firework display is to be arranged.
The idea was mooted at a meeting of the council last Wednesday, by the chief executive of Cowes Week Ltd, Stuart Quarrie.
However, members of the council said the issue was so important it would need to be put on the agenda of a future council meeting to allow proper discussion.
Cowes mayor Cllr Alan Wells said: "I am sure we all have strong views on it."
In a statement read out to members, Mr Quarrie said: "Despite the best efforts of all concerned, there was a funding shortfall in 2009 but Cowes Week Ltd believes the general principle of the approach, whereby those enjoying the display should help fund it, was the right one.
"The Isle of Wight Council has always managed the traditional Cowes fireworks display, while in recent years Cowes Week Ltd has procured the necessary funding.
"Given the changes to the funding model, it is felt it might be more appropriate for an organisation concerned with matters of the general community to take on the overall Cowes Week fireworks responsibility. We would be delighted if Cowes Town Council took on this mantle in order to secure the fireworks display for the town."
Earlier this year, fears were expressed by former Cowes mayor Cllr Geoff Banks the display may have to be cancelled due to lack of funds.

Ernst: Fireworks threatened by an unlikely source

LOCATION: Englewood, USA
DATE: Friday, March 12, 2010 at 1:00 a.m.
BY: Eric Ernst
DETAILS: Englewood's Fourth of July fireworks show is in jeopardy. Yes, you've heard that before.Not enough money, right? Wrong.

There's a new reason: gopher tortoises. Although fireworks have been staged for 20 years from Blind Pass Beach Park on Manasota Key, Sarasota County Parks and Recreation managers have withheld a permit this year because they fear the pyrotechnics will threaten nearby gopher tortoise burrows.

Now you may wonder how fireworks could possibly endanger a shell-encased animal that lives underground in what amounts to a natural bomb shelter and comes out only during the day.

As the news spread through town, Sunrise Rotary President John Mead probably summed up the reaction: "This is crazy. We can't celebrate the Fourth of July because of some turtles?"

First, a little history. Last year, Englewood had no July Fourth fireworks because the Jaycees, who had sponsored the event for years, couldn't raise $10,000. A lot of people were disappointed.

This year, Sunrise Rotary took over. A larger, more affluent club, it has promised a $30,000 show, the best Englewood has ever seen. Volunteers, such as Michael Looney and Ray LaBadie, have solicited sponsors, planned fundraising events and started making four-foot PVC rocket models to display in businesses to collect donations.

Momentum had started to build. And then this.

The problem started when county workers cleared Brazilian peppers and other exotics from the Lemon Bay side of the park.

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Mar 17, 2010

Fireworks and street theatre provide the perfect start to festival week

LOCATION: Limerick
DATE: Irish Times - Saturday, March 13, 2010
DETAILS: ST PATRICK'S celebrations kick off today with fireworks and street theatre and the hope of a rugby victory to lift the spirits.

In Limerick tonight the annual National Lottery Skyfest lights up the city. King John's Castle provides the backdrop to this year's display of explosive effects over the river Shannon.

The event begins at 6.30pm and viewing areas for people with a disability are located at St Munchin's Church and adjacent to the Court House at City Hall.

Earlier in the day in Dublin, the St Patrick's Festival Treasure Hunt offers a way for

all the family to get out and explore the capital city.

With plenty of prizes on offer for the fastest, cleverest and best dressed teams the hunt begins at City Hall at 10am.

From noon tomorrow, Merrion Square in Dublin will turn into a giant playground for children and adults alike with street theatre, music and a "flash tea party" serving free tea and cakes in front of unsuspecting guests. You can also pick your song on the "Human Jukebox" or go to the flicks at the solar-powered "Sol Cinema".

The "Big Day Out" is described as a festival within a festival and features performers from Belgium, Britain, France, Spain and home.

In Cork, the Barry's Tea Food Market takes place on the Grand Parade and boardwalk on the South Mall this weekend from 10am to 6pm and will feature up to 40 stalls of locally produced food and craft.

Participants include the Cork cup cake company, an artisan gourmet pizza company Volcano's Pizza and hand-crafted natural cosmetics from the Naked Soap Company.

There is also a programme of street performers which is sure to delight kids and families such as the Clucking Fantastic Crowd Control Chickens and Chapeau Magique, a magician from France, with his spectacular folding paper workshops which generate hundreds of large-scale paper hats.

There will be a combination of outdoor musical performances on the main stage adjacent to Nano Nagle Bridge as well as acoustic performances throughout the market. These include The Roaring Forties, a jump jive swing band, The Red Herrings an American blues band as well as popular Irish Traditional bands such as The Ceili All Stars.

More information on the St Patrick's Festival is available by logging on to

Fans of Irish rugby will celebrate fireworks of another kind as Brian O'Driscoll joins the ranks with John Hayes in becoming a centurion when he lines up against the Welsh in Croke Park at 2.30pm today.

The Grand Slam may be a distant memory after the French once again broke Irish hearts in Paris, but the team's win against England last week means the Triple Crown is still on.

Wales travel to Jones Road on the back of some disappointing displays but they will provide a dangerous test for Declan Kidney's men as they seek to spoil the St Patrick's party.

Ahead of the exodus to Cheltenham next week, racing this weekend takes place at Limerick and Navan. Weather for the weekend is looking good with Met Éireann forecasting dry and bright days with top temperatures of 9-12 degrees.

Fallbrook fireworks on July 4 saved by county

LOCATION:  Fallbrook, north country of American 
DATE: Saturday, March 13, 2010 at 12:04 a.m.
DETAILS:  For a while it looked as though Fallbrook's July 4 extravaganza would not happen, but it now will come off as scheduled because of support from the county.

The county Board of Supervisors gave a $35,000 neighborhood investment program grant to The Beautification Alliance of Fallbrook, which hosts the event at the Grand Tradition Estate.

The Independence Day celebration is the major fundraiser of the alliance, which uses the proceeds for its projects, such as maintaining the medians on Mission Road, adding flowerpots to downtown and maintaining the Art in Public Places program.

The organization applied for the money through the Neighborhood Investment Grant Program in late 2009. Any nonprofit can apply for the grant. The application was submitted to county Supervisor Bill Horn, who presented it to the rest of the board. The alliance should have the money within a month.

"It looks good, thanks to the community support and that from the Board of Supervisors," said Jerri Patchett, president of the alliance. "We are beyond thrilled."

Patchett said all that is left is for the alliance's board to accept the grant when it meets Monday, which was the deadline for it to decide if the fireworks show would take place at all.

The organization has held the event for five years. The celebration was in jeopardy when many of the regular sponsors backed out this year because of the recession.

Members of the alliance worried that if the show were canceled, people would travel out of town to other venues and the alliance would have to drastically reduce its support of its beautification programs or stop them all together.

The organization makes money from the event through ticket sales — general admission is $25 for adults and $10 for children — and concession sales. The organizers sent word to other organizations, groups and individuals that $25,000 was needed just to reserve the display, but only $12,000 was raised.

Patchett said that while all of the organizations in the community have been generous, the alliance needs to look for another solution to fund the fireworks show and picnic.

The celebration is held at the Grand Tradition Estate at 1602 S. Mission Road. Tickets go on sale May 1.

Patty McCormac is a freelance writer from Oceanside.


City forming parade, fireworks plans for July 4

LOCATION: Hamilton, American
DATE: 2:16 PM Friday, March 12, 2010
BY: Staff Report
DETAILS: HAMILTON— Hamilton’s 4th of July Committee has started its annual campaign to raise funds for the 2010 4th of July Celebration which will take place on Sunday, July 4 in downtown Hamilton. The theme chosen for the 2010 parade and festivities is “Proud to be an American.”

In 2009 the community raised more than $25,000 to keep the annual 4th of July fireworks tradition alive. The committee is again raising funds to help sponsor the entire celebration, including entertainment and the annual tradition of fireworks.

The day’s festivities will begin at 2 p.m. with the 48th Annual Parade. As in years past, the parade will start at the Butler County Fairgrounds, proceed to Route 4 and then to High Street. It will conclude just past the Butler County Court House on Front Street. There will be a patriotic ceremony with music, color and pageantry immediately following the parade at the historic County Court House. The parade is sponsored by the Michael J. Colligan Fund of the Hamilton Community Foundation and the 4th of July Committee.

If any individual or business is interested in being a sponsor for the 2010 celebration contact the Hamilton Community Foundation at (513) 863-1717 or Hamilton Parks and Recreation at (513) 785-7060.

I take that back, that gentleman has more sense than UA.
HHS grad
1:30 下午, 3/13/2010
"My favorite is that guy with stuffed animals pinned to his hat and coat." - UA

Wow - I thought that WAS Uncle Andy!
HHS grad
10:19 上午, 3/13/2010
Maybe the City should hire or create another deputy city manager for all these large events in Hamilton. Or better yet add another deputy chief in the fire dept.. The salaries are coming tommorrow people and you can all see the waste in the city.
7:49 上午, 3/13/2010
As much as I sneer at Hamiltucky, I did enjoy the July 4th parade as a child, when it began at 10 am. Who wants to stand out in the steamy afternoon sun on July 4th and watch a parade? Its stupid. People have parties or other plans for Independence Day. Few people have time to go to an afternoon parade.

TV Hamilton! will have to film the affair again this Summer. There sure are a lot of ugly people in Hamilton. My favorite is that guy with stuffed animals pinned to his hat and coat.
Uncle Andy
7:39 上午, 3/13/2010
I totally agree that the 2pm starting time does NOT work for a 4th of July Parade. The hottest part of the day makes standing and waiting / watching (especially with older family members and children) miserable and sometimes dangerous, and it's much easier to go back downtown a little later in the day than to fight all of the parade crowd at one time. Please reconsider the starting time and switch it back to 9 or 10am.
too hot
7:33 上午, 3/13/2010

Fireworks Over Des Moines” Will Blast Off July 4th After All

LOCATION: Des Moines Marina, American 
DATE: March 14th
BY: Ralph Nichols

There's good news for Highline residents who celebrate America's birthday every summer with the fireworks display at the Des Moines Marina – the show will go on again this year.

Despite earlier concerns about the immediate future of the 10th annual Fourth of July Fireworks Over Des Moines, the event got a green light to proceed from the city council on March 11.

Due to a bare-bones budget this year, the city has no funds to provide either financial support or in-kind services such as traffic control by police officiers, as it has done as a community service in previous years.

But Brooks Powell of Des Moines-based Powell Homes (a WLB Advertiser), the prime sponsor of Fireworks Over Des Moines, told council members that approximately $7,000 in city services required for the event will be paid by private donations from his company – and, he hopes, with other local businesses chipping in as well.

As in the past, the Rotary Club of Des Moines will coordinate the overall event, contract with a professional fireworks company, and work with Powell Homes, other local businesses and the Des Moines Legacy Foundation to pay the associated costs.

The council unanimously approved the resolution authorizing this year's Fireworks Over Des Moines.

Prior to the action, Parks and Recreation Director Patrice Thorell reported that the Police Department "had offered some solutions for public safety" at the Marina, for traffic, and for boaters. She also said that South King Fire and Rescue again will be involved.

City services paid for with private funds will include coordinating logistics, traffic control and road closures with the Rotary Club and South King Fire and Rescue.

The $7,000 does not include the cost of Marina staff because they work longer hours in the summer and their shifts will be adjusted accordingly on July 4. There will be no additional cost to the Marina.

Access to viewing areas at the Marina will be limited to pedestrians only because of construction there and at Beach Park. Parking is expected to be available at several locations in downtown Des Moines.

The city will promote Fireworks Over Des Moines in its City Currents newsletter, the Parks and Recreation and Senior Services brochure, on the city's website and on Channel 21.

Advance notice of this Fourth of July celebration will also be made on both The Waterland Blog as well as on sister site The B-Town Blog.

Because the city lacks the funds to support special community events – even through in-kind police and other services – no such activities will be staged in Des Moines this year unless all costs are paid through outside funding sources. Most of these funds likely will come from business, as Powell Homes is doing for the fireworks display.

Confronted by this restriction, the ad hoc Waterland Parade Committee opted earlier this year against having a parade this year and decided instead to play for a bigger, Seafair-sanctioned parade next year that will be supported by private donations.

(Fireworks Photos courtesy Carmen Scott)

One Response to ""Fireworks Over Des Moines" Will Blast Off July 4th After All"
  1. Joe Average says:

    A hearty tip of the hat to Brooks Powell and Powell Homes for making this event possible! I know there are others such as the members of the Rotary but Brooks put it over the top. Thank you Brooks and the rest of the Powell Homes family. I wish the city could do more but it simply is not in the position. I sincerely hope the city will be able to contribute in the future as we celebrate not just our country's birth and our freedom but our way of life.


Dominator Fireworks

Dominator Fireworks Home Page

Mar 16, 2010

Amazing Race With Bulls In Spain

DATE: March 11th, 2010
BY:  mamoon
DETAILS: The festival of San Fermín in the city of Pamplona (Navarre, Spain), is a deeply-rooted celebration held annually from noon 6 July, when the opening of the fiesta is marked by setting off the pyrotechnic chupinazo accompanied by music, to midnight 14 July, with the singing of the Pobre de Mí.

While its most famous event is the encierro, the running of the bulls, the week-long celebration involves many other traditional and folkloric events. It is known locally as Sanfermines and is held in honor of Saint Fermin, the patron saint of Pamplona and of Navarre.
Its events were central to the plot of The Sun Also Rises, by Ernest Hemingway, which brought it to the general attention of English-speaking peoples. It has become probably the most internationally renowned fiesta in Spain.

Fireworks and Film Special Effects Training in Christchurch, NZ April 6

LOCATION: Christchurch, NZ
DATE: Tuesday, March 16th, 2010
DETAILS: Today it was announced that "Firework Professionals Ltd" are offering practical training in pyrotechnics and special effects from 24-28 April 2006. The training centre will be at their head office in Christchurch.

There will be tuition in indoor fireworks -- including stage pyro -- and optionally outdoor fireworks and battle simulations. In parallel with the outdoor firework training, there will be a two day course on film special effects using miniatures as well as life-size effects

Monday and Tuesday (24-25 April) lessons are on indoor fireworks for stage and theatrical work. Monday is a practical introduction for theatrical and stage use of pyro for the trainee pyrotechnician. Tuesday is more advanced and includes using proximate pyrotechnics live with performers.

The outdoor fireworks start on Wednesday (26 April) with mines, multishot mines, roman candles, fountains, gerbs, falls, Catherine wheels, crackers and girandola. This is a prerequisite for Thursday where the student pyrotechnicians will fire starshells up to 75 millimetre. The outdoor pyro classes include a night firing session.

Friday is battle simulations including gunfire simulation, personal bullet hits, explosions on and by vehicles, smoke effects, strafe runs, bomb hits, use of effects at night and simulation of battlefield lighting effects from off-camera.

Cost and further details of the fireworks practical classes may be found on

The film spfx training is on Thursday and Friday (27-28 April). Thursday includes intensive tuition where students will set up, operate and record on video their own scenarios. Friday. is self-directed practice with an opportunity to video the large scale battle simulations being staged by the pyrotechnic trainees.

Cost and further details of the film special effects classes may be found on

Those who want to become Approved Handlers can choose the level at which they wish to train either with indoor pyrotechnics, outdoor firework shows, or both. Their certification is appropriately endorsed.

Prior to attending the pyrotechnic practical training, the students are sent material to familiarize themselves with the security, transport, first aid and safety procedures in handling fireworks, types of fireworks, their effects, dangers and rigging procedures, information on organising, rigging, firing and packing out a firework show, indoors or outdoors, as well as the New Zealand fireworks regulations.

Following the pyrotechnic practical training, trainees must pass a written exam focused on Government regulations and safety issues. The exam marking is externally moderated. If they pass the practical training and this examination, Firework Professionals can issue them a certificate as an Approved Handler, and will enter them in the ERMA database.

More details can be found on

Festivals, flicks and family fun

DATE: Friday, March 12, 2010
Limerick Skyfest
Special programmes will take place on Saturday, Sunday and Wednesday, including St Patrick and friends raising the Irish flag, set-dancing and music, guided cliff walks, face painting and traditional Irish food. Regular admission applies. Buy tickets online and save 17 per cent. 065-7086141,
On Wednesday, the outdoor Ulster American Folk Park, near Omagh, Co Tyrone, hosts a dramatic re-enactment of the American wake, when family gathered to bid a sad farewell to a departing emigrant. It runs between 10am and 5pm. Family tickets cost €13.20 (£12) with concessions available. 048-82243292,
Running from Thursday until Sunday, the festival hosts the prestigious Gregory Peck Award and offers a wide selection of film screenings, and workshops in this scenic setting. Irish film Perrier's Bounty opens the festival on Thursday, with one of its stars, Cillian Murphy, in attendance. 085-7788743,
Ballintoy Harbour, Co Antrim is the location on Wednesday for a pursuit known as coasteering. It involves walking, scrambling, jumping, swimming and sometimes crawling around the coast. A wetsuit is needed as well as a helmet and a buoyancy aid. Booking is essential and participation costs €27.50 (£25) per person. 048-81648390 or email
Merrion Square in Dublin will host a festival within a festival on Sunday, featuring street theatre, performance and music. The event begins at noon and ends at 6pm and features a solar-powered cinema, toddler's play area, vintage bus and a human jukebox.
Young Voices 
On Monday at 2pm, The Ark in Temple Bar, Dublin is the site for a forum for young people, who will discuss issues surrounding new media and the internet. Run in conjunction with the ISPCC, tickets are free.
From Tuesday to Sunday, the Grain Store at Ballymaloe House in east Cork is offering accommodation, music and food packages from €160 per person. 083-3631468,
Running from Tuesday until Sunday, this Achill Island festival features daily walks with Achill native Tomás Mac Lochlainn, a qualified international mountain leader. From megalithic tombs to high sea cliffs, the walks take in the scenic beauty of the island. It's suited more to adults with a certain degree of fitness. Packages, including two nights' hotel BB, one evening meal and two guided walks, cost from €119. 098-45085,
The 10th annual potato day takes place in the Organic Centre in Rossinver, Co Leitrim, on Sunday between 11am and 5pm. Admission is €5 or free for centre members. The event features displays, tours and tips on planting. 071-9854338,
The National Lottery Skyfest, which last year took place in Waterford, travels to Limerick this year. The show kicks off at 6pm on Saturday in Limerick city, with on-street entertainment from Arcana. The pyrotechnic show begins at 7.30pm and the best views will be from Arthur's Quay and along the river Shannon.

Article » Grand Pavois de la Rochelle Boat Show

LOCATION: La Rochelle Harbour (several areas)
DATE: 15th to 20th September 2010
DETAILS: The Grand Pavois Boat Show has been one of the boating world's main events since 1973 when it began. Each year it increases in size as well as visitor numbers. In fact, 2009's show saw a huge 101,000 people come to enjoy themselves. Set in 100,000 square metres broken down into 13 zones, the Grand Pavois Boat Show displayed 700 boats, 860 exhibiting companies from 35 different countries.


The Grand Pavois Boat Show offers visitors the wonderful opportunity of testing out boats on the sea. This is a unique way of really finding the perfect boat for you at a show, rather than just viewing it in a hall.

Land Display

The choice of brands and models is so large on land. There are motorboats, sailboats, and canoes amongst others to see. Equipment and accessories (such as marine paint, electronics and engines) are also catered for. As well as this, there are a number of services on offer such as insurance and finance companies to guide you through the other side of boating.


Not forgetting the ever-growing watersports market, there will be all sorts of companies displaying kite surfing, windsurfing, wakeboarding and kayaking goods. Not only will the goods be exhibited, there will be a chance for visitors to test out vessels on the water themselves.


By night on the Saturday, there will be the chance to watch the now famous pyrotechnic show using legendary boats, lights and sounds.

Grand Pavois Boat Show Info

Venue: La Rochelle Harbour (several areas)

Dates: 15th to 20th September 2010

Hours: 10am to 7pm daily

Tickets: 10 euro plus concessions

Have the Commonwealth Games already peaked?

LOCATION: Scottland, Glasgow, UK
DATE: 12 March 2010 18:33 GMT
BY: By David Coyle
DETAILS: Did anyone get excited by the Commonwealth 2014 Games logo? No, thought not.

I suppose as logos go, it is ... well, it is a logo. Remember this is for Glasgow, the city that got a lot of mileage out of one of the Mr Men and the line "Glasgow's Miles Better".

It does seem that there has been a wee bit of naivete on the part of the people who approved the logo. It does bear a striking resemblance to an earlier design from the same firm, and it is a lot of money for a rehashed idea with a few coloured semicircles, arcs and quadrants added. 

Sadly, I get the feeling that the stooshie over the logo is perhaps going to be the most exciting part of the 2014 games.

Don't get me wrong, I like the fact that sporting events are happening in Scotland, and particularly Glasgow, but let's face it, even the curling at the Winter Olympics was a bit more gripping than the Commonwealth Games.

And Glasgow will really have to put on a show for the opening ceremony after the way Beijing celebrated the Olympics. Although I am secretly hoping that Prince William is somehow the monarch by then and King Billy has to be guest of honour Celtic Park ... both sides in Glasgow will love that, won't they?

Wonderfully regimented and skilful gymnasts and drummers accompanied by a state of the art light and pyrotechnic show graced Beijing. What will Glasgow have? Neds wearing matching shellsuits lobbing empty wine bottles into the VIP parking area while mooning the heads of states of former British imperial conquests?

Commonwealth Games are essentially an Olympics-lite. Is Jamaican superstar Usain Bolt really going to knock his pan in for the 100m title, streaking away from the fastest man in Tuvalu? Really depends on what big North American meetings or World Championship events he has coming up, doesn't it?

It could all get a bit confusing, this thing of people in tracksuits running about Glasgow. But then I suppose the police have got a bit of experience in this regard. Maybe they should be the Scottish relay team?

And this velodrome that is being built, well, isn't that just the ideal amenity for the East End. A sloped wooden oval for riding a bike on. I hope it's waterproof, because I can see that getting filled in as a fancy Jacuzzi at some point in the future.

I can't help but feel that part of the reason that the Scottish Government's full support for the games is the fact that Scotland get to send a team, rather than being part of a Great Britain team. And while a bit of national pride is sometimes a good thing, it seems certain that Scotland is going to get its backside handed to it on a plate, even in the bowls, which you would imagine we'd have a great chance of getting on the medal in.

I'm not even going to go into the rugby sevens which the Samoans will be heavy fancied for and unless they get tennis on the official list of sports, Andy Murray won't be flying the Saltire in Scotland as a champ.

And I'll bet Commonwealth Games bosses were thinking: "That's a great logo ... bring on the world!"

David Coyle is the winner of's 'Write Factor' competition. His views do not represent those of STV.

Last updated: 12 March 2010, 19:20

Naval Air Facility El Centro air show will be ‘sigh of relief’ for civilian act coordinator

DATE: Saturday, March 13, 2010 1:17 AM PST
DETAILS: NAVAL AIR FACILITY EL CENTRO — It's been a lot of coordination, but for Petty Officer 2nd Class James Cunningham the air show will be an end to a crazy experience.

"It's been a long time, but well worth it," he said. "It's nice to see everything fall into place on show day. It's a sigh of relief."

Cunningham is the civilian coordinator for the show, handling both the non-military pilots, but also the off-road demonstrations that will take place during the show's intermission, he said. Cunningham is also an aviation mechanic on base, working with the F/A-18 Hornets and Superhornets.

He became involved as the coordinator after working as the assistant military coordinator last year, he said. So this job was not too much different.

Each act takes a lot of preparation, not just for the pilots, but the ground crew, supplies, public affairs and more, he said. He was responsible for getting all of the parties together on the same page and getting them what they need.

And it needed to be done for each of the more than 30 civilian demonstration teams and static displays, he said.

One of the shows to look forward to is the acrobatic racing challenge between pilots Bill Cornick and Spencer Suderman, where both will participate in a course and see who has the best time, Cunningham said.

New at this year's air show will be a strong showing by the off-road group Metal Mulisha, he said. Cunningham volunteered to work with the group because he's really interested in off-roading.

All of the civilian shows are looking to be good for the audience, and Cunningham himself, who said that he's looking forward to seeing non-military plane acrobatics.

"Personally, I work around military jets," he said. "I get real joy out of civilian aircrafts."

>> Staff Writer Elizabeth Varin can be reached at or at 337-3441.

Dominator Fireworks

Dominator Fireworks Home Page

Mar 13, 2010

30 april 2010 Koninginnedag vuurwerk te Doorwerth


30 april 2010 Koninginnedag vuurwerk te Doorwerth

Vrijdag30 april \ hele dag \ Oranjeveldje (Bentinckveldje)
Vandaag staat de klapper op het programma. De hele dag door kunnen er tal van activiteiten worden ondernomen op het Oranjeveldje. De dag begint met een optocht door Heveadorp en Doorwerth. Daarna staan de kinderspelen op het programma. ’s Middags hebben we weer de welbekende knolletjesmarkt.
Als afsluiting van deze dag kijken we naar het vuurwerk,

webinfo : klikkerdeklik


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Mar 11, 2010

City begins talking Fourth of July

BY: CARRIE HADERLIE / Boomerang Staff Writer
DATE: Sunday, March 07, 2010
DETAILS:  The Fourth of July might be buried somewhere under a snowdrift right now, but the city is already planning this year's mid-summer celebration.

Last year, the Laramie Jubilee Days (LJD) board approached the Laramie City Council to say it would no longer plan the annual Fire in the Sky celebration, which has included a concert and fireworks show at dusk on University of Wyoming property.

"We have been trying to do (Fire in the Sky) for over 20 years, and we have yet to show a profit," Glenn Moniz, general chairman of the LJD board, said in July of 2009.

So the city is in discussions with Stonebraker Fireworks of Colorado, a company the LJD board worked with in the past to plan the show, about the 2010 celebration. The display will likely cost around $16,000, Keri Brown, assistant to the city manager, told the councilors Thursday night. She added that a retired fire marshall has volunteered to assist in planning the show.

The council allocated $8,000 for the 2010 show last year when the LJD board was still involved, and will have to fund the remaining half if the council decides to move forward with plans for the show. Most councilors seemed interested in fully funding the fireworks display.

"Not having fireworks on the Fourth of July is like not having Santa Claus on Christmas," Councilor Joe Vitale said.

Councilor Karl McCraken suggested the city look for local sponsorship for the event.

"Could (we have) the 'Little Caesar's Fireworks Extravaganza' or 'First Interstate Bank Fire in the Sky' or something like that?" McCraken said to laughter.

At this time, the city isn't looking for funding partners for the fireworks display but could in the future, Brown said.  Appaloosa Broadcasting of Laramie is working on tentative plans for a concert or show in conjunction with the fireworks display, she said.

The fireworks display would probably take place on the UW campus as in years past.

"I am pleased that the site will remain the same," Councilor Erik Molvar said. "I would just like to observe that if the city is going to be buying the fireworks … I want to make sure the (fireworks) are equally accessible to all of the tax payers that will be paying for them."

Brown said the show is being planned to be visible throughout the city.

"We will have a larger aerial display so you can see it in different locations throughout the city," Brown said. "You will be able to go into the various park locations … this (will be) a family event where you can go to a park and see the fireworks with your family."

Carrie Haderlie's e-mail address is

Reader Comments

Laramie Native wrote on Mar 7, 2010 12:35 PM:

" I was deeply saddened when I heard that there was not going to be a Fire in the Sky this year. I remember waiting up (which seemed all night) just to watch the fireworks from our house and wanted to share that experience with my daughter. Having a funding partner (or several) might not be such a bad idea. It just takes the celebration out of our nations birthday to not have fireworks! "

Pyro wrote on Mar 7, 2010 8:06 AM:

" Why did people laugh at McCraken's comment? Most displays in other cities/towns are sponsored by companies or individuals. I think it is a poor use of taxpayer dollars to fund this. "

Heads up: Another fireworks show on Elliott Bay in 3 weeks

LOCATION: West Seattle
DATE: March 7, 2010
DETAILS: A few hours after last night's "surprise" fireworks show on Elliott Bay, we added a link shared with us by a citywide-media friend – who finally found out about what was apparently the only website in the city that listed the show in advance – the City of Seattle Special Events Calendar. Then tonight, in a new comment on last night's story, DSA pointed out that another Elliott Bay fireworks show is on that calendar for Saturday night, March 27 – as with the insurance company having a blast last night, it's for a business celebrating a centennial: This time, General Construction Company (history here), which happens to have a branch here in West Seattle. Coincidentally, that night is also this year's date for "Earth Hour" – 8:30 pm, an hour after the calendar says the fireworks will be happening. (Photo from last night, courtesy Emory E)


RSS feed for comments on this post.

  1. Thanks for the heads up on the upcoming show. Will mark my calendar so I don't miss this one. :-)                             Comment by Mookie — March 7, 10 10:46 pm #

  2. Have a good one guys.
    The Epic Fireworks Team.                                                                                                                                        Comment by Epic Fireworks — March 8, 10 1:24 am #

  3. Hmmm. A fireworks show above the Bay once a month might be a fair substitute for the 4th of July show. Ok, maybe not, but still beautiful.                                                                                                                                                              Comment by westseattledood — March 8, 10 12:55 pm #

  4. The timing couldn't be worse for all our local birds starting to nest. There are SO many other ways to celebrate that don't impact wildllife.                                                                                                                                                              Comment by WS Suzanne — March 9, 10 12:39 am #

R-Phils Announce 28 Fireworks Shows In 2010

DATE: March 4, 2010
DETAILS:  PA -- The Reading Phillies have announced that the 2010 season will be filled with 28 spectacular post-game fireworks shows at FirstEnergy Stadium, giving fans a real "boom" for their buck.

"Fans love fireworks, so let's give them 28 great shows this season," said R-Phils GM Scott Hunsicker. "After each of the 28 games, fans will be treated to a real blast, as our fireworks shows are truly unique and provide fun for all."

R-Phils fans can ooh and ahh beginning with the Saturday, April 24 fireworks show, presented by Carpenter Technology Corporation, and fans can continue to do so all season as the schedule will feature a mix of seven Thursday games, nine Friday games, ten Saturday games, and a special Wednesday night fireworks show, presented by Scott's Miracle-Gro on June 9. In addition, the R-Phils have a huge Fourth of July weekend planned with their two biggest fireworks shows of the year on Saturday, July 3 and fireworks on Sunday, July 4, presented by the PA Lottery.

The first of four great fireworks shows in May will blast-off on Friday, May 7, with fireworks presented by All-Star Distributing/Coors Light. One day later, all fans who attend the 6:05 p.m. game on Saturday, May 8 against the Akron Aeros (Indians), will be treated to another great fireworks show, thanks to UGI Utilities. The Richmond Flying Squirrels will visit for the second time in 2010, and on Friday, May 21, fans will be entertained to another fireworks show, presented by Carpenter Technology Corporation. In game two of the three-game series with Richmond on Saturday, May 22, all fans attending the 6:05 p.m. game will want to stay for even more great fireworks, courtesy of Reppert's Candies.

Seven great fireworks shows will headline the month of June, beginning with the one and only Wednesday show on June 9, highlighting a stretch of four-straight nights of spectacular shows (June 9-June 12). On Friday, June 11, in game one of a four-game series with the Richmond Flying Squirrels, fireworks, presented by CTCE Federal Credit Union, will be a part of an already exciting night at the park. One night later, on Saturday, June 12, fireworks, presented by Comcast, will entertain the fans in attendance after game two of the four-game set. Three more great fireworks shows are planned for the month of June, headlined by shows on June 18, presented by Carpenter Technology Corporation, and Saturday June 19, presented by Glen-Gery Brick Center.

To cap-off the Fourth of July festivities, the R-Phils have a big month of July planned with eight huge fireworks shows, beginning with fireworks on Friday, July 2, courtesy of Carpenter Technology. Great baseball, great food, and of course more great fireworks return just one night later on Saturday, July 3rd, for the second of three-straight nights of post-game fireworks. The weekend concludes with a bang as the R-Phils Fourth of July celebration takes center stage on Sunday, July 4, with fireworks presented by the PA Lottery.

Fireworks continue to light-up the park in July when the Harrisburg Senators come to town for a four-game series (July 9-July 12). On Friday, July 9, fireworks, presented by National Penn Bank, will get the exciting four-game set started with a bang. In game two, on Saturday, July 10, fireworks, presented by International Brotherhood of Teamsters Local 429, will give fans a chance for yet another fireworks extravaganza. Three of the final four games in July will have fireworks shows (Thursday, July 22, Friday July 23, presented by All-Star Distributing/Yuengling, and Saturday, July 24).

The month of August is loaded with seven spectacular shows beginning with three-straight days of fireworks on August 5-7, with fireworks presented by Capital BlueCross (Friday, August 6) and fireworks presented by Carpenter Technology Corporation (Saturday, August 7). Three weeks later, on Saturday, August 28, the R-Phils have a special Harley Night planned, and all fans will be treated to a fireworks show, courtesy of Classic Harley-Davidson. The R-Phils plan to light up the sky for one last time in 2010 on September 2 - the final game of the 2010 season. All fireworks shows with game times and dates are provided on page two, as well as online at

Full season and partial season ticket packages, as well as single-game tickets for the 2010 season, presented by Pepsi, are on sale now and can be purchased in person at FirstEnergy Stadium, by calling (610) 375-8469 or by visiting Fans can also add the all-you-can-eat Deck Buffet to any ticket for only $11. "Bring the Fam to America's Classic Ballpark."

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Cherry Blossom Festival in Washington, D.C.: Travel tips, parade, fireworks, bloom watch

LOCATION: Washington, D.C.
BY: Jen Leo,
DATE: Thursday, March 4, 2010

The National Cherry Blossom Festival in Washington, D.C.

If you are thinking about going to Washington, D.C. ,to see the cherry blossoms, plan a whole holiday around it. The city organizes three weekends of events, March 27 through April 11, with fireworks, a family day, a gala dinner cruise, Japanese street festival, cultural performances, a festival parade and more. Hotels have rates starting at $99 per night during the festival on , and the National Cherry Blossom Festival has its own website packed with visitor info.

Here are a few basics to get you started:


March 27: This is the best weekend for family travel. March 27 is called Family Day. There are lots of activities for children at the National Building, plus the festival's opening ceremony with live entertainment.

April 3: Fireworks show on the Southwest Waterfront,  with a lantern-lighting ceremony the next day.

April 10: The National Cherry Blossom Festival Parade

For more events and detailed information, visit the National Cherry Blossom Festival Events page.

Hotel deals: On Twitter, @washingtondc pointed me to three hotel deals at the St. Gregory, Beacon and Hotel Rouge, with rates starting at $114 per night. That sounds great, but if I wanted to go on the last weekend to see the parade, I had to test some dates to see what it would cost me. Hotel stays between Friday and Monday, I found, were often cheaper than stays Thursday to Sunday. Here's what I liked for April 9-12.

> The Liaison Capitol Hill, an Affinia Hotel offered a weekend special of 30% off for three-night stays. So April 9-12 came to $375, pre-tax, instead of the regular $537. After taxes, the three nights in a room with a king bed for two people totaled $444.

Or you could create your own Cherry Blossom Festival package. (I added the parade seating for $17 per person, plus taxes and fees.)

* One room for three nights at the Liaison Capitol Hill, an Affinia Hotel
* Two all-day Metro passes
* A live cherry blossom branch to take home
* A bag of goodies from Art and Soul restaurant to enjoy picnic style
* Artisan chocolates
* National Cherry Blossom Festival - parade grandstand seating
April 10, 2010 - two tickets per person included.

My total hotel and festival package came to $631, including taxes. (Checking prices by phone was easier than on the Web.) In the end, I would rather purchase the hotel room and festival seats a la carte to save money. There are many more hotel-package options available on the website. Just look for the big "Flower Power" feature. If you are interested in adding extras, such as grandstand parade seating or the festival's gala dinner cruise, refer to that website to see what your options are.

How to get to the blossoms: The maps page has a variety of transportation information for getting to the cherry blossoms in the Tidal Basin area, including the fastest taxi route, where to park, Metro maps and more.

When will they bloom? The National Park Service Chief Horticulturalist Rob DeFeo predicted the peak bloom period will be April 3 through 8. You can also find information on the National Cherry Blossom Festival "Bloom Watch" page.

More info: National Cherry Blossom Festival; National Park Service: Cherry Blossom Festival; Google Images for "cherry blossoms in washington d.c."

Cocoa Beach seeks funds for fireworks

DATE: March 5, 2010
DETAILS: Cocoa Beach is again preparing early for a public Fourth of July fireworks display.

"We're moving forward," Commissioner Kevin Pruett said. "We're optimistic we'll have a successful fireworks this Fourth of July."

The City Commission on Thursday approved $10,000 in "seed money" to begin raising money and hopes to raise the full amount.

The commission also agreed to ask the city manager to plan for the $10,000 in the budget for next year's event.

Last year, the city raised $58,000 of the $61,000 it needed for the fireworks.

It is the second year that the city has taken on the task of raising the money for the event some believe is good for businesses in the city.

The Cocoa Beach fireworks display, a popular Fourth of July tradition that attracts spectators from around the county, fizzled in 2008 when sponsor Ron Jon Surf Shop said the logistics of securing a Coast Guard-approved barge at a reasonable price was becoming a problem. The company remained a contributor.

Last year, the city began early working on getting a barge approved and collecting donations from businesses and individuals.

The fireworks are launched from a barge anchored off the beach near Shepard Park. Approval for the 2010 show is still forthcoming.

Pruett, who is heading up the fundraising said it will likely take extra effort this year.

"As you can expect, the fundraising is going to be a little more difficult this year,' he said.

Contact Moody at 242-3651 or

Realtors save Fourth of July fireworks

LOCATION: Laguna Beach, 92651
BY: Barbara Diamond
DATE: March 4, 2010
DETAILS: ireworks will light up Laguna's skies on the Fourth of July.

Realtors spokesman Michael Gosselin announced at Tuesday's council meeting that the Laguna Board of Realtors had voted to donate $5,000 toward the cost and to guarantee all the funds for the show, which had been eliminated from the city budget when revenues dropped and expenditures escalated.

"We will hold a fundraiser, the location and time to announced," Gosselin said. "But we will fund all of it if we have to."

Based on Gosselin's announcement, City Manager Ken Frank said the council should direct him to sign a $25,000 contract for the show.

It required a council vote to include the direction on the agenda in accordance with Brown Act requirements as the matter that came up after the agenda was posted.

Recreation Committee member Jim Howard applauded the Realtors pledge and presented checks totaling $757 to the city manager.

The audience at the meeting and council applauded.

Heritage Committee member Jon Madison had previously expressed interest in holding a fundraiser at his Madison Square and Garden Café and private donations had already come into the city, including $2,500 from the Scinto Foundation.

According to a letter to the editor of the Coastline Pilot written by resident Dennis Taylor, the city has also received donations from him and from Ed and Cathy Fry.

Taylor's letters were critical of the lack of participation by local groups.

Checks may be sent to City Manager Ken Frank, 505 Forest Ave. Laguna Beach, 92651. The checks should indicate the donation is for the fireworks show only.

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Mar 7, 2010



Spectacular projection show of 2010 Winter Olympics

LiveCity Yaletown is a festival being held at the same time as the Winter Olympics in Vancouver, and as a tribute to the Olympics a special Olympic themed show will take place each night during the games. LiveCity Yaletown will see many musical acts perform for the public, free of charge, but once the musical performances have ended at the end of each night, the Olympic Games will take centre stage and form part of a unique installation art experience.

The experience will consist of a fireworks and water display, using light and video projection. The fireworks will be set off every night as a video projection screen made of water is fired up into the air. The moving projection screen will then see video and images from the Olympic Games recorded that day projected onto it, as the screen waves and bends with the power of the water jets. The water powered projector screen will be 140 ft wide and 65 ft high and will be fired into the air by Falls Creek.

Scott Givens, the creative director of LiveCity, enthused about the video projector display:

You'll see some cool stuff happening around the Games.

The water itself comes from the pumping station, which is in place to guard against earthquakes. Givens talked about the projected images:

I get to have a hand in it. But a lot of it will have to do with what is really spectacular, what folks think is a great moment and what works on the water screens.

With such a public display of projected images, you can be sure that plenty of spare projector bulbs will be required to ensure that nobody goes home disappointed.

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Mar 6, 2010

Fwd: Firework set off nationwide on New Years' Eve

LOCATION: Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City
TIME: New Year of the Tiger
Details: The country welcomed the Year of the Tiger with splendid shows of fireworks  in 64 provinces and cities and all good wishes for a Happy New  Year.
Although it was rainy in Hanoi on New Year's Eve but tens of thousands people flocked to Hoan Kiem Lake (Sword Lake ) to enjoy firework and art performances.

In Ho Chi Minh City dwellers comed into crowed in seven centers around the city to enjoy fireworks. But the biggest crowd was on Saigon River banks where firework was set off from Phu My Bridge which is the longest and highest in the city and opened to traffic several months ago.

Meanwhile central ancient city of Hoi An held launching ceremony of the Lantern  Festival. The world's cultural heritage-city on Hoai River banks glittered in lantern light. Every lantern looked like a diamond enclosed to mossy and poetic Hoi An. The festival lasts to the fifteenth day of the first lunar month.
After firework performance, President Nguyen Minh Triet sent New Year greetings to the people via Vietnam Television. 

"As the Year of the Tiger is coming, I send best wishes to all people, comrades and soldiers in all regions of the country as well as those who are living and studying abroad," said State President Nguyen Minh Triet.

In a New Year greeting letter sent to people nationwide on the Lunar New Year's Eve on February 13, State President Triet said that over the past year, thanks to concerted efforts by the whole Party, army and people, Vietnam has gradually overcome negative impacts of the global financial and economic crisis as well as consequences of the natural disasters and diseases to obtain great achievements in all aspects, especially politics, socio-economics, culture, security and defence.

The position of Vietnam has been improved in the international arena, he said, adding that those successes once again affirm the strength of the national great unity bloc and the sound policies of the Party and State as well as the internal strengths of the country.

"The Vietnamese State and people thank the friendship and practical cooperation of countries and international organisations and will try their best for the prosperity and development of nations throughout the world," he said.

2010 is the last year to implement the five-year National Plan (2006-2010) and is also the year when the country will carry out Party congresses at all levels in preparation for the 11th National Party Congress scheduled for 2011.

This is also a year that has many important events, including the 80 th founding anniversary of the Communist Party of Vietnam, the 65 th birthday of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam, the 1,000 th anniversary of the Thang Long-Hanoi, the 120 th birthday of President Ho Chi Minh and 35 years of southern liberation and national reunification. 

Therefore, the country must mobilise all resources to successfully implement all objectives set out at the 10 th National Party Congress and the 12 th National Assembly, President Triet said. 

"The whole Party, army and people strengthen solidarity and join efforts, we are certainly successful," the State leader concluded.

White Pass carnival puts fun in winter this weekend at White Pass Ski Area

Location: White Pass Ski Area

Date: March 2010

By: Jeffrey P. Mayor, staff writer

White Pass Winter Carnival events include an interactive snow castle, carnival games, snow sculptures, fireworks, torchlight parade, music and a kids obstacle course.Take Highway 7 south to U.S. 12. Turn east in Morton and travel about 45 miles to the ski area. This is the 24th year the event has been held. The base area events are free. The area also will hold its Ski 4 Kids event, a ski and snowboard fundraiser for Children's Village and Children's Miracle Network. Appropriate for ages 5 to 12, the two-day event is a mix of race lessons and a race. Cost is $110.


Read more:

Rondy fireworks show lights up Anchorage sky

By Channel 2 News staff, ANCHORAGE, Alaska
Saturday, February 27, 2010

Details:  It's the first weekend of Fur Rondy, and what better way to enjoy it than with fireworks?

Hundreds of people turned out for Saturday night's fireworks extravaganza, braving the cold to catch a glimpse of the show.

Gorgeous lights colored the sky as the fireworks were set off for about 15 minutes.

Fireworks return to festival

By J.R. Williams -

WINCHESTER -- Fireworks will return to this year's Shenandoah Apple Blossom Festival under an agreement reached Monday with the city School Board.

The fireworks show was canceled last year during a multimillion-dollar renovation to the Handley Bowl, the traditional site of the show. Since then, concerns were raised about the impact stray cinders would have on the new track and football field, which is made of artificial turf.

A solution reached after lengthy discussions between the school and festival officials keeps the show at Handley, but with less powerful firepower.

According to a letter to the School Board from Kevin McKew, executive director of operational services for the school system, "the festival and the fireworks company have agreed to significant concessions in terms of the firing location and the size of the mortars which would allow the displays to proceed in a manner which would not jeopardize the new track and field."

John Rosenberger, executive director of the festival, said relocating the show would have been unacceptable.

"It's so important for us to have it at Handley, we're willing to do whatever we have to do to tailor the show to do it there," he told School Board members. "We would rather do that than have six-inch shells at the Frederick County Fairgrounds.

"We would like to bring the show back up there. It just works. ... It's sort of our kids' night, and it's very important to us."

In the past, the show has used mortars up to 4 inches in diameter that can climb to 300 feet. Under the new proposal, only 1- and 2-inch mortars -- reaching a maximum of 200 feet -- are planned.

Maryland-based Fireworks Productions Incorporated will fire the new mortars about 600 feet east of the football field, according to the proposal. Previously, ground zero was 450 feet east of the field.

"There's virtually no way any embers could reach the field," McKew said.

School Board members unanimously approved the request. Barry W. Deuel, who represents Ward 1, called it an "awfully good compromise."

"It was awfully quiet and awfully dark up there last year," Rosenberger said.

In other business of the Winchester School Board, Superintendent Ricky L. Leonard updated members on the proposed fiscal 2011 budget.

Like school systems statewide, Winchester is waiting on updated budget information from Richmond as legislators work through competing versions of the commonwealth's budget from the House of Delegates and state Senate.

With decreased federal, state and local revenue, Leonard has proposed reductions to programs and services to help bridge the gap. In addition, a current proposal uses $205,642 in carried forward federal stimulus dollars to balance the budget.

"The caution to that: It is one-time money," he said. "It puts you into a deeper hole for next year because that money is not there. ... However, it is my belief and the belief of our staff that we would rather have 12 months to try to find in this case $205,642 over the course of that year than to say, 'We'll just reduce something else.'"

Fireworks at Alicante Spain, Craziest and most Insane Firework you will ever see!!!

Craziest and most Insane Firework you will ever see!!!


Alicante which is about 1 1/2 hours from Valencia has a similar festival like Fallas where they burn huge figures and blast off insane fireworks. But the firework above is just plain frightening. … the scariest part starts at minute 7:11! You can skip directly to it by clicking on the minute link.

I prefer fireworks like the one we just saw this Sunday: Mascletà de Colores

Even though I would go to the Alicante one with ear protection and access from a roof or something so I can take a video and pictures for my collection :)!

Question? Would you ever attend that Alicante Firework?


Louisiana Fireworks Festivals for July of 2010

Erath Fourth of July Celebration June 30 - July 4, 2010 downtown. 60th annual celebration with fireworks, barbecue cook-off, rides, watermelon-eating contest, water fights, fais do-do, music, food. (337) 937-5393. Official site

fireworks.jpgCelebrate the Fourth of July

Pecan Ridge Summer Bluegrass Festival July 1-3, 2010, Jackson, Pecan Ridge Park, Louisiana 952. Bluegrass and gospel music, crafts and concessions. (225) 629-5852 Official site

Greater Mandeville Seafood Festival July 1-4, 2010, near Mandeville, Fontainebleau State Park. Seafood, crafts, music, children's activities, rides, classic car show, fishing rodeo and fireworks. (985) 624-9762, Official site

Essence Music Festival July 2-4, 2010, New Orleans, Louisiana Superdome and the Ernest N. Morial Convention Center. Concerts, along with food and seminars.

Light Up the Sky for the Fourth of July 3, 2010. Hammond, Zemurrary Park. Family entertainment and fireworks extravaganza. (800) 542-7520 Official site

Donaldsonville's July 3 Celebration July 3, 2010. Crescent Park. Fireworks, fais do-do, family entertainment, "Cajun-style" barbecue cook-off, antique car and historic displays. (888)775-7990. Official site

Grand Isle Fourth of July 3, 2010, Bridgeside Marina. Fireworks and entertainment. (985) 787-2419. Official site

Lebeau Zydeco Festival July 3, 2010, Immaculate Conception Church, U.S. 71. Celebrates its 17th anniversary with zydeco music, crafts and food. (877)-948-8004. Official site

Go Fourth on the River July 4, 2010, New Orleans, Woldenberg Park. Riverboat rides, music, food and fireworks. 581-4629. Official site


Eunice Fourth of July Celebration July 4, 2010, Eunice, Northwest Pavilion. Cajun music and one of the state's largest fireworks displays. (337) 457-7389, Official site.

St. Bernard Salutes America Fourth of July Celebration July 4, 2010, Chalmette, Government Complex. Food, music and fireworks display.

Kenner Fourth of July Freedom Fest July 4, 2010, Kenner, Treasure Chest Casino grounds, Williams Boulevard at Lake Pontchartrain. Fireworks.

Main Street Go Fourth Celebration July 4, 2010, Morgan City, Lawrence Park. Music, food, children's activities, fireworks. For information call 800-256-2931.

July Fete July 4, 2010, Crowley, Rice Festival Grounds. Community celebration with a parade, music, children's activities, fireworks and a softball tournament. (337) 788-4100 or (337) 788-4123. Official site

Westside July 4th Fest July 4, 2010. Levee just off Court Street in Downtown Port Allen. 4:00 pm - 11:00 pm. Free Admission. Jambalaya Cook-Off, food & drink vendors, clowns, great music and Fireworks light up the sky on the river at 9:00 p.m. For more information click here.

Let Freedom Ring July 4, 2010, Thibodaux, Peltier Park. Arts and crafts, cultural displays, music and fireworks. (985) 446-5237. Official site

Slidell Heritage Festival July 4, 2010, Slidell, Heritage Park. Music, food, games, crafts, and fireworks. (985) 643-1234. Official site

Star Spangled Celebration July 4, 2010, Baton Rouge, USS Kidd and Nautical Center, 305 S. River Road. Family Independence Day celebration with food, music, an air show, tours of the vessel and fireworks. (225) 342-1942.

Louisiana Catfish Festival July 9-11, 2010, Des Allemands, St. Gertrude Catholic Church. Music, games, rides, catfish-cooking and catfish-eating contests. Official site

bulls.jpgRunning of the Bulls

San Fermin in Nueva Orleans, July 10, 2010, 8 a.m. Annual festival in New Orleans featuring an Encierro (bull run), which replicates and pays homage to the world famous Encierro of Pamplona, Spain, or "The Running of the Bulls", only our bulls are none other than members of the Big Easy Rollergirls! Official site

Deep South Crane and Rigging Swamp Pop Music Festival July 16 -17, 2010, Gonzales, Lamar-Dixon Expo Center. Festival benefiting the Cystic Fibrosis foundation with music, jambalaya cook-off, car show, poker run and a Queen's pageant. (225) 769-9994. Official site

Christmas In July 17-18, 2010, Ponchatoulas Historic District .Come listen to a variety of live music, stage will be located right next to Ole Hardhide. Outdoor Art & Crafts Festival. Shop early for Christmas. For more information call 1 (800) 617-4502 Official site

cocktail.JPGTales of the Cocktail

Tales of the Cocktail July 21-25, 2010, Hotel Monteleone and other French Quarter locations. Lectures, discussions, book signings, dinner pairings, cooking demonstrations, cocktail mixing seminars, walking tours, films screening a bartending course and a block party. 299-0404. Official site

Grand Isle Tarpon Rodeo July 22-24, 2010, Grand Isle, Sanddollar Marina. Oldest fishing rodeo in North America with big game, shoreline, spear-fishing and tag release divisions and food. (985) 787-2997. Official site

Grand Isle community Fair & Blessing of the Fleet,July 30-31 and Aug. 1, 2010, Tarpon Rodeo Pavillion. Rides, food and music. (985)787-2997

Golden Meadow Fouchon International Tarpon Rodeo No date set, Port Fourchon, Port Fourchon Marina, 288 Floatation Canal Road. Boat parade and fireworks (Thurs) and rodeo (Fri and Sat) with fishing contests, music and food.Call (985) 860-3287 for more information. Official site

Morse Recreational Festival No date set. Old-time street fair with music, street dances, crafts, food and a carnival.

Feliciana Hummingbird Celebration Cancelled for 2010, no date set for 2011, St. Francisville, St. Francisville Inn, 5720 N. Commerce St. Evening program and reception, hummingbird banding and garden tours. (800) 488-6502 or (225) 635-6502.

Jean Lafitte Seafood Festival No date set, Lafitte, Jean Lafitte Auditorium. Plenty of seafood, rides, music and folk life exhibits. Call 689-2208.

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Mar 5, 2010

Fireworks at 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympic Games

Display Location: Vancouver

County: Canada

Date: Feb 2010

Let the games begin. The opening ceremony of the 2010 Winter Olympic Games last night in Vancouver was punctuated by fireworks, special effects, and one poignant moment of silence.

The crowd of 50,000 fell silent before the Olympic flag was raised to remember luger Nodar Kumaritashvili from the Republic of Georgia, People magazine reports. Kumaritashvili died Friday after he lost control of his sled on the track and struck a metal pole.

As each country entered the BC Place Stadium, many wore black armbands as a tribute to the fallen athlete, People says. The Republic of Georgia received a standing ovation when their moment came in the lineup.

Donald Sutherland narrated the ceremony as Nelly Furtado, Joni Mitchell, K.D. Lang, and Sarah MacLachlan proudly sang for their homeland, People reports.

Vice President Joesph Biden and his wife were in the crowd to support the U.S.

None other than hockey legend Wayne Gretzky lit the Olympic torch.


Firework on Saigon River in Ho Chi Minh City

Display location: Saigon River
City: Ho Chi Minh City
State/Country: Vietnam
Date: Chinese New Year
Display Company:



The country welcomed the Year of the Tiger with splendid shows of fireworks  in 64 provinces and cities and all good wishes for a Happy New  Year.

Foreign visitors also took part in atmosphere of New year's Eve in Hanoi

Although it was rainy in Hanoi on New Year’s Eve but tens of thousands people flocked to Hoan Kiem Lake (Sword Lake ) to enjoy firework and art performances.

In Ho Chi Minh City dwellers comed into crowed in seven centers around the city to enjoy fireworks. But the biggest crowd was on Saigon River banks where firework was set off from Phu My Bridge which is the longest and highest in the city and opened to traffic several months ago.

Meanwhile central ancient city of Hoi An held launching ceremony of the Lantern  Festival. The world’s cultural heritage-city on Hoai River banks glittered in lantern light. Every lantern looked like a diamond enclosed to mossy and poetic Hoi An. The festival lasts to the fifteenth day of the first lunar month.

The wrold's cultural herritage -city of Hoi An glittered in lantern light.

After firework performance, President Nguyen Minh Triet sent New Year greetings to the people via Vietnam Television. 

“As the Year of the Tiger is coming, I send best wishes to all people, comrades and soldiers in all regions of the country as well as those who are living and studying abroad,” said State President Nguyen Minh Triet.

Firework on Saigon River in Ho Chi Minh City

In a New Year greeting letter sent to people nationwide on the Lunar New Year’s Eve on February 13, State President Triet said that over the past year, thanks to concerted efforts by the whole Party, army and people, Vietnam has gradually overcome negative impacts of the global financial and economic crisis as well as consequences of the natural disasters and diseases to obtain great achievements in all aspects, especially politics, socio-economics, culture, security and defence.

The position of Vietnam has been improved in the international arena, he said, adding that those successes once again affirm the strength of the national great unity bloc and the sound policies of the Party and State as well as the internal strengths of the country.

“The Vietnamese State and people thank the friendship and practical cooperation of countries and international organisations and will try their best for the prosperity and development of nations throughout the world,” he said.

2010 is the last year to implement the five-year National Plan (2006-2010) and is also the year when the country will carry out Party congresses at all levels in preparation for the 11th National Party Congress scheduled for 2011.

This is also a year that has many important events, including the 80 th founding anniversary of the Communist Party of Vietnam, the 65 th birthday of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam, the 1,000 th anniversary of the Thang Long-Hanoi, the 120 th birthday of President Ho Chi Minh and 35 years of southern liberation and national reunification. 

Therefore, the country must mobilise all resources to successfully implement all objectives set out at the 10 th National Party Congress and the 12 th National Assembly, President Triet said. 

“The whole Party, army and people strengthen solidarity and join efforts, we are certainly successful,” the State leader concluded.


Dominator Fireworks - Dealer 2010 Spring Demos!!

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