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Jul 30, 2009

Fireworks with a bang

Published By Cache Valley Daily
Display company:Fireworks West

Fireworks West Co-Owner Dean Burch will be the keynote speaker at tonight's speaker series sponsored by the Cache Valley Visitors Bureau. Burch will speak at 7 p.m. at the historic Cache County Court House, 199 North Main.

Based in Cache Valley, Fireworks West has done fireworks shows throughout the United States, including the 2002 Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City and Logan's annual Independence Day Celebration. Burch will show videos and photographs of the Olympics extravaganza and bring some of the shells the company uses to light up the sky at these spectacular events.

HAMILTON TOWNSHIP women seek township support for fireworks display fundraising

Display location:HAMILTON
State:New Jersey
Date: 2010 Hometown Celebration

Details: HAMILTON TOWNSHIP – Local residents Teresa Thomas and Jamie Herman may soon learn more about fireworks than they ever cared to know.

That’s because they plan to spearhead an effort to raise money for a fireworks display at next year’s Hometown Celebration and possibly for years to come, reviving a township tradition that was eliminated from this year’s event due to budget cuts.

Thomas and Herman are scheduled to address Township Committee 6:30 p.m. Monday, Aug. 2 at Town Hall in Mays Landing. According to their estimates, they must raise between $15,000 and $20,000 to pay for the fireworks and police protection.

Thomas, a resident of the municipality for 15 years, is a member of the Hamilton Township Republican Club. Herman, a business owner and Realtor, has been a Mays Landing resident for more than 30 years.

They both own residential property near Lake Lenape.

Thomas said Tuesday, July 28 that one of their first steps will be to ask the governing body for permission to pay for insurance for the special event. In their discussions with Township Administrator Ed Sasdelli, the cost to add coverage for one day’s worth of fireworks is $125.

She hopes the township will take formal action on this matter in the form of either a resolution or an ordinance.

“We’re not asking them to do anything more,” Thomas added. “We are probably asking them to do less, as we will take on as much of the burden as we can, as far as administrative tasks go.”

So far, Thomas and Herman have opened a bank account that has been designated as a non-profit. They have also discussed fund-raising opportunities, such as soliciting donations from area businesses and having a movie night at The Cove. However, they say they are at standstill until they find out if the township would provide support for their efforts.

“We don't want to do this without a commitment from the township,” Thomas said.

Thomas and Herman first discussed the idea of funding fireworks nearly six weeks ago, right around the time when the Hometown Celebration was going on.

Herman said Tuesday, July 28 that her family and friends enjoy the fireworks which have long been a part of the township's annual festival; they were saddened when a lack of funding prohibited the spectacle from taking place this year.

“This means more to me than just fireworks,” she said. “It is a neighborhood tradition. I would hate for Mays Landing to lose this.

“We just started throwing out how to do this,” Thomas recalled. “Someone had to take the ball and run with it; we have done that.”

If they get the township to provide insurance for the event, Thomas and Herman will move forward with trying to get more involvement from residents, businesses, and whoever else is willing to provide assistance.

Given that this is their first year coordinating this initiative, they expect some hardships. However, they say they are in it for the long haul and would be willing to take it on again if need be.

“I just love this town,” said Herman.

Romantic summer evenings of fireworks display, fountains and music at Longwood Gardens

Display location:Longwood Gardens
City: Philadelphia
Date:August 8, September 6 & 19

Details: Philadelphia becomes more romantic with summer evenings of fireworks, fountains and music at Longwood Gardens in Kenneth Square, Pennsylvania.

Mark your calendars to attend this special event and make a date with your Sweetheart.

Plan to spend a few hours with the water sculptures in the gardens beforehand to experience the Daytime Fountain Shows, the Open Air Theater and the Italian Water Garden. If you wish to have a dinner and show, check out Longwood's Fireworks BBQ.

In the East Conservatory, take some time to walk through Lilytopia, inspired by the world-famous lily show at the Keukenhof Gardens in Holland, the world's largest flower garden.

Remember to bring your digital and video cameras and have a wonderfully magical time.

The Evening Shows

Abbacadabra: The Magic of ABBA on August 8 & September 19, 2009
This new program marks the first of Longwood's fireworks by using all pop vocals. The show highlights the disco era with Dancing Queen, Knowing Me, Knowing You, and Take a Chance on Me. Then presents The Visitors, Name of the Game, and Waterloo for an unforgettable finale.

Khachaturian Cavalcade on September 6, 2009
This program features the music of Aram Khachaturian (1903-1978) which includes Mazurka, Nocturne, Waltz, Romance, and Gallop from 1941 play Masquerade. The show continues with Adagio from the 1956 ballet Spartacus, the Sabre Dance, Dance of the Rose Maidens, and Lezghinka from 1939’s ballet Gayaneh for a memorable conclusion.


Ages 16 & over: $34/Passholders: $27
Ages 15 & under: $18/Passholders: $12

If you love to garden, you would certainly love Longwood Gardens. If you live within a short driving distance to the gardens, consider supporting Longwood Gardens and becoming an Annual Passholder for you and your family. Here's a look at the Garden Pass Program.

Buy tickets online or by calling 610-388-1000 ext. 100. For the best viewing experience, arrive early and bring a camping chair or a blanket. Find out more about using your chair to reserve a spot for the Fireworks display.

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Jul 29, 2009

Pump Jacks scrap for league lead; host final Fireworks Display Friday tonight

Display location:KILGORE
Date: July 24

Details: KILGORE — The East Texas (Kilgore) Pump Jacks continue to fight for first play in the Texas Collegiate League (TCL) as the season heads into the home stretch — East Texas has just 14 games remaining.

The Pump Jacks (18-13-1) are battling Victoria (21-12-1) for league bragging rights, as the two units played to a 4-4 tie in their last meeting earlier this week; a game which was halted in the eighth inning due to the onset of a heavy rainstorm.

Former Bullard High School standout Chad Sherman, who is also a member of the Texas A & M baseball team, has proven to be one of East Texas’ more reliable arms coming out of the bullpen this summer.

Sherman is 1-1 with two saves and sports an ERA of 2.57. He has appeared in eight games for the Pump Jacks and has pitched 14 innings, holding opponents to an .194 batting average.

In other Pump Jack news, Texas strengthen its pitching corp Monday by signing the Region XIV Pitcher of the Year, Mason Denson, out of Panola College in Carthage.

Denson, a graduate of Robert E. Lee High School in Tyler, went 7-1 for the Ponies this spring and finished with an impressive 2.43 ERA.

The Pump Jacks conclude a week-long homestand tonight at 7:05 when they host the Coppell Copperheads. The contest will be the final Fireworks Friday of the season as fans are set to be treated to a breathtaking fireworks show immediately following the game.

The ever-popular fireworks display is presented by KLTV News.

Two-former Pump Jacks will make their return to Driller Park in a Coppell uniform this evening.

Adam De La Garza, an all-star with East Texas in 2008 and the TCL’s Player of the Year runner up and former Kilgore High School star, Jaron Shepherd should both see action for the Copperheads tonight.

De La Garza is on baseball scholarship at Sam Houston State University while Shepherd has committed to play at Mississippi State University after playing the last two seasons at Navarro College.

Tickets to tonight’s, as well as the remaining Pump Jacks home games, can be purchase online

Staunton Fireworks Display Show to Continue

Display location:Staunton
State: Virginia
Date: Fourth of July 2010

Details: Despite losing funding from the city, the committee that puts on Staunton's fireworks each Fourth of July says the show must go on.

The America's Birthday Celebration lost $13,000 in funding from the city of Staunton for the 2010 event. After a meeting Monday night, the group decided it would do more fundraising to pay for the $60,000 fireworks show.

Organizer Terri Corey says the show has been going on for 45 years and residents deserve it.

McIvor lights up the sky with fireworks display

Twenty years of doing the fireworks display in Nanton has been a blast, says Time McIvor.

McIvor has seen enourmous changes to both the technology of fireworks and the industry in the past two decades.

“I've gone from running around at Centennial Park with a propane torch to being involved in some of the biggest fireworks of this country,” he says, having taken part in the Montreal fireworks competition,

formerly called the Symphony of Fire, with 10 or 11 countries competing.

“It was absolutely massive,” he says.

“We use computers now. This show in Nanton is going to be fired from my iPod,” says McIvor. “We used to have a tape that we used to run, we changed that to cds, and now I work from an iPod,”

McIvor says the technology of fireworks has gone through an evolution as well.

Fireworks as we understand today are basically 300 years old. Originally fireworks was basically gold in colour because of the charcoal used.

“What changed is they started to make it as an entertainment thing – prior to that was for religious purposes or for combat.”

McIvor explains that black powder used by the Chinese was used for traditional aspects. Europeans turned the use of powder into cannon, and added chemicals to get high-energy colours.

As a result, Spanish fireworks are renowned for using a wide array of colours.

“It's possible to literally shoot a rainbow of fire.”

When McIvor first started doing the Nanton fireworks, he operated on a budget exactly 1/10 of what this year's event will cost. At that time, he purchased the fireworks by retail, but now deals with several distributors. He says Hans Pyrotechnics is one of the oldest companies in Canada for pyrotechnics, and has been in operation for over 100 years.

“We first started bringing in a lot of American, then Spanish,” says McIvor. “the difference between the americans and Europeans in terms of shells, is that the americans (and this is a very broad statement) uses salutes, which means there is lots of noise,” as opposed to the colours used in European style fireworks.

Using Chinese fireworks has been a learning process. First shipments were low profile and low quality, says McIvor, with fuses that had fewer threads, and as a result, were not up to standards. Chinese fireworks were introduced into the American market when the market was demanding quantity, rather than quality.

In Canada, every colour and every package has been analyzed by the government to ensure standards are met.

After that initial supply of Chinese product, McIvor says they insisted on better materials, and now they have three or four lines of fireworks they deal with.

McIvor also uses some Italian fireworks, which are famous for a particular type of shell. While all fireworks use a ball or cylinder shell, Italians build a multi-break cylindrical shell.

“I have seen some italian shells that have had 13 breaks, half gong off on the way up and half down,” he says. The downfall is that you never know where it's going to come down.

“The first time I fired a multi break in Nanton, the third break went off about 15 feet over my head,” he says.

In order to determine how far a shell will travel, you take the calibre inch and add two zeroes to the end of it.

“That's how many feet high it will go and the size of hole it will blow in the sky,” says McIvor.

Although one year he shot an 8-inch shell, tightening up of regulations for safety distances has meant a change in sizes. He's using a 4 to 6-inch shell for part of the finale, and will be using 60 5-inch shells for the primary part of the show.

The change in regulations has meant that Lions' Park is almost becoming too small for the fireworks. To meet the changes, different sizes of shells are used.

“Even though our shows are going down in size, the intensity and impact of the show is going up. What we're seeing is busier shows with more product,”

The show will be a fire musical, scripted and synchronized to music.

McIvor says it's the perfect opportunity to do something he's never done before. Although most other fireworks shows have done it, Nanton's 20 anniversary of fireworks will be the first time he has ever used the 1812 Overture.

“We can make fireworks literally dance, because of the technology.”

The show will be a minimum of 12.5 minutes, based on the musical score, but that can be extended, he says, if additional funds are found for the display.

McIvor has come a long way from those first fireworks, where he and wife Maggie did the entire show themselves, which took them until 4 a.m. to finally clean up after. Over the years, he has used Nanton as a training field for others interested in learning the craft of fireworks, and Nanton has enjoyed incredible shows because of the talent and work being brought in.

“I'm very proud of what we've done here,” says McIvor, and continues to pass on the lessons he's learned in Nanton.

He says the event would never take place if it wasn't for all the volunteer work that occurs to make the show a success, from local volunteer efforts for such issues as traffic control, to the volunteer crew that helps put on the show. He's hoping to have between 12 to 15 people helping him in the display this year.

The end result, McIvor says, is something that everyone, regardless of age, “can enjoy with unreserved joy.”

Bonus Fireworks Display Top Off Monster Saturday-and Epic Weekend

Display location:Municipal Stadium
Date:July 24

Details: HAGERSTOWN, MD -- The Hagerstown Suns will return home on Thursday night for the opener of a promotion-packed, four-game weekend series against the West Virginia Power that just keeps getting more outrageous.

Following a Thirsty Thursday and Friday Night Fireworks display, the excitement at Municipal Stadium will overflow on Saturday thanks to the timely rescheduling of a previously-postponed Fireworks Extravaganza. Not only will Saturday's 7:05 p.m. game feature a Mike Mussina Hall of Fame Statuette Giveaway, courtesy of Extra Innings, but post-game fireworks will also be added to the festivities as part of the Suns' first-ever Community Safety Awareness Night, presented by the U.S. Attorney's Office.

It is the final visit to Municipal Stadium of 2009 for the Power -- an affiliate of the Pittsburgh Pirates.

The series opens with a 7:05 p.m. Thirsty Thursday that will give Suns fans an early start not only to their weekend, but also to their celebration of the winter holidays. Fans are encouraged to break out their Santa caps for Christmas in July at Municipal Stadium, with stockings and mistletoe aplenty throughout Municipal Stadium. Like every Thirsty Thursday, 12 oz. domestic drafts will sell for just $1.25 each in the Cancun Cantina Beer Garden, courtesy of Rock 101.5 fm.

Friday night's 7:05 p.m. game will precede another amazing edition of Friday Night Fireworks at Municipal Stadium, presented by the Herald-Mail.

Suns fans will not have to wait long for an encore, as more fireworks will be waiting to the take to the skies after Saturday's 7:05 p.m. contest. The Suns have plenty in store for fans prior to the fireworks, however, starting with a Mike Mussina Hall of Fame Statuette Giveaway for the first 1,000 fans to arrive through the gates, courtesy of Extra Innings.

Saturday's Mike Mussina giveaway is the third installment in the Suns' inaugural Hall of Fame statuette series, and there is still time for groups of 10 or more to take advantage of the Suns' All-You-Can-Eat Hall of Fame group plan, which entitles each group member to a ticket, a limited edition Suns baseball cap, and unlimited servings of chicken sandwiches, hot dogs, hamburgers, soda, and water for a price of just $8 per person. Interested parties can contact Ben Burnett, the Suns' Senior Director of Ticket Sales, at 301-791-6266, or by e-mailing him at

Once inside the gates, fans can start to experience the first-ever Community Safety Awareness Night at Municipal Stadium, presented by the U.S. Attorney's Office. The unique event will feature a number of exciting demonstrations and learning opportunities, courtesy of local law enforcement and community safety groups, including an on-site SWAT truck and an appearance by the Hagerstown Police K-9 drug dog. Community Safety Awareness Night will culminate with a Fireworks Extravaganza, co-sponsored by Mix 95.1.

The game will also be a Geico Patriotic Saturday, with the Suns wearing their alternate red, white, and blue jerseys. In addition, fans can email prior to the game to register for their chance to come on the radio airwaves live as part of the Suns' Saturday Night Fan Broadcast.

The series against the Power will wrap up on Sunday afternoon at 2:05 p.m., and fans can look forward to the Suns' usual lineup of family-friendly Sunday promotions. A Suns player will be reading to kids ages 1-7 on the field prior to the game as part of Suns Story Time, presented by the Washington County Arts Council. Also before the game, select Suns players will be available inside the gates to sign their photos for fans, free of charge, as part of the Suns on Sundays promotion, presented by Pictures Plus.

After Sunday's game, all kids in attendance will have a chance to head down to the field for Kids Run the Bases, presented by The Greene Turtle. Once all the festivities at Municipal Stadium wrap up, fans can still get their fill of the Suns by heading over to Pizza Hut at 1396 Dual Highway and joining radio broadcasters Ryan Mock and Darin Sense for the Pizza Hut Post Game Show. While enjoying some delicious food from Pizza Hut, fans can sit in on live interviews with select Suns players, who will be on hand for the event.

The Hagerstown Suns play at Municipal Stadium in Hagerstown, MD and are a Class "A" affiliate of the Washington Nationals. Ticket packages and sponsorships are available by calling the Suns at 301-791-6266. Visit the Suns on the web at The Suns are owned by Los Angeles based Mandalay Baseball Properties.

Art in Park activities to feature fireworks display

Display location:Wing Farm field on Route 148, Industry.
Date: July 25

Details: FARMINGTON — Art in the Park will take place from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. Friday, July 24, in Meeting House Park.
A lobster roll bag lunch will be held from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. at the gazebo and a chicken barbecue will get under way at 4 p.m. in the courthouse parking lot.

Road race registration will be held at 4:30 p.m. in front of City Lights, Broadway.

A Strawberrry Festival will be held from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Saturday, July 25, with pony rides, crafters, wagon rides, kettle corn, Rotary Club car show, wood turning, strawberry shortcake, strolling magician, lobster rolls, Italian ice and dunk tank featuring Richard Caton III, Megan Roberts, Mark Caldwell, Bill Marceau, Dick Davis and Paul Mills.

Raffle tickets are available at Trask Jeweler's, Mickey's Hallmark, Mainestone Jewelry and Calico Patch at $2 each to win one of three baskets. Items are displayed in the Mainestone Jewelry window.

A fireworks show will conclude events, starting at dark in the Wing Farm field on Route 148, Industry.

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Jul 27, 2009

Classical Fireworks display concert brings out the big guns, draws large crowd despite rain

Display location: Cannonsburg Ski Area

Details: CANNONSBURG -- Cannonsburg Ski Area dodged the bullet when torrential rain, hail and lightning ripped through neighboring areas Thursday evening, but the Grand Rapids Symphony made up for it with impressive salvos in the annual Chase Picnic Pops Classical Fireworks concert.

Music Director David Lockington hauled out some of popular classical music's biggest guns and added several rip-snorters by contemporary composers for a two-hour, 15-minute program awash in rhythmic drama, vivid tonal colors and climactic pyrotechnics -- onstage and in the air.

The result was the musical equivalent of a banquet table groaning with every variety of comfort food. It was feel-good stuff of the highest order, and, as the maestro intended, a good time was had by all in the crowd of 2,802.

The symphony will do it again at 8 tonight, gates opening at 5:30 p.m. Preconcert entertainment will be by vibraphonist Jim Cooper and the jazz group Project Jobim. As on Thursday, the evening will end with fireworks.

Aniken Steiner, 6, of Grand Rapids, blows bubbles during Thursday's Chase Picnic Pops at Cannonsburg Ski Area.

While the program seems guaranteed to please, each work carries enough hazards to erase the pleasure if not performed with the right balance of abandon and care. Lockington adroitly led the orchestra through the minefields Thursday, and the players responded with high competence, assurance and verve.

In a night full of highlights, there were few downward turns -- the distraction of slightly sharp intonation in a trumpet solo during the bluesy midsection of Gershwin's "An American in Paris"; an uncharacteristic bit of starchiness from the normally facile orchestra in the same area; a touch of raggedness in Beethoven's Overture to "Coriolan," and a tendency by the amplified sound mix to leave one wanting a little more muscle in the bass register.

But these were trifles that fled in the face of gratifying fortississimos; ethereal pianissimos; polished solos, duets and trios; the artful interplay between instrumental families; and a sense of cohesion between conductor and orchestra. It looked, felt and sounded like a simply smashing gig on a fine midsummer night.


Grand Rapids Symphony's Chase Picnic Pops

Repeats: 8 p.m. Friday; gates open at 5:30 p.m.
Where: Cannonsburg Ski Area, 6800 Cannonsburg Road NE
Tickets: Advance lawn seats $14, $12 students and seniors, $5 ages 2-15, free for children younger than 2, at Ticketmaster outlets (800) 982-2787, For reserved chairs or table seats, call 454-9451 or go to All tickets $2 more at the gate.

Everyone will have favorites, but in this corner, standouts were tight and dynamic renderings of "Festive Overture" by Shostakovich and "No. 8 Presto" from Dvorak's "Slavonic Dances," Op. 46; the premiere of a robust, use-all-the-tools-in-the-box suite from the 2008 film "Journey to the Center of the Earth," and the second of two movements from "Carnaval" by Roberto Sierra, "The Phoenix."

The latter took life from a matrix of sensuous instrumental interactions incubated in a persistent ostinato (a la Ravel's "Bolero") and swooped upward into inspiring flight with power, precision and spirit.

Introducing the film suite, Lockington told how he learned of the composer, Andrew Lockington (no relation). Liking what he heard of the Ontario, Canada, native's work, the conductor asked him to compose a suite for performance here. The composer, he said, expects to attend tonight's concert.

The highly visual 11-minute work begins with a brass choir, then brings in sweeping phrases by strings before breaking into a martial sequence keyed by a snare-drum tattoo. That opens into a broad, Big-Sky landscape. Melodic lines follow with vocal harmonies overlayed by an ensemble of Grand Rapids Symphony Chorus members on the vowel "ah." The section gives way to a succession of busy, arpeggiated violin work, moody collaborations by celli and basses, lush chords with harp accents, rhythmic heavy lifting by violas, catchy syncopations, and symphonic statements on an oceanic scale, pulling out all the bells, whistles and triangles. The piece's surprising but peaceful ending trails off suddenly as if interrupted in midthought. My only wishes Thursday were for more resolution in the final chord and for the fade-out to have lingered.

Lockington asked Alexander Miller, assistant principal oboist, to reveal "the mathematics" of his six-minute "Fireworks." Miller said he tied the work into the Symphony's 75th anniversary in 2004-05 by using seven- and five-beat meters, and based melodies and harmonies on positions of notes derived from the letters in Grand Rapids. The piece is richly textured, with intriguing cascades and bursts and an apocalyptic buildup to a brassy conclusion.
The concert finale -- one of the chestnuttiest of chestnuts, the "1818 Overture" -- is a can't-miss crowd-pleaser if done well. And, as was the case all evening, Lockington and Company didn't miss.

E-mail the author of this story:

Vineyard's fireworks display rescheduled to Saturday

Display location:Alba Vineyard
Date:July 18
Show contact: 995-7800

Details: Alba Vineyard's annual SummerFest Fireworks, originally scheduled for July 18, will be held Saturday, with gates opening at 4 p.m. Sponsored by PNC Bank, this is the 12th SummerFest at Alba Vineyard.

There will be activities for the family, including a grand fireworks display by Garden State Fireworks, three-time world champion pyrotechnic artists. There will be food vendors, children's activities and live music by Cairo, who will begin playing at 5 p.m.

Admission is $15 for adults, $10 for children 6 to 12, and free for children 5 and under. Parking is free.

Alba wines will be available for purchase by the glass or bottle. No sample tastings will be available at this event.

Food will be available to purchase, but visitors are welcome to bring a picnic basket. By law, only Alba Vineyard's wines may be consumed on the property.

Bring a lawn chair, blanket or beach umbrella, but please leave the pets, canopies and EZ-Up shelters at home.

For information, call 908) 995-7800 or e-mail For directions, visit

Salt Lake fireworks display

Display location:Salt Lake
City:Salt Lake
Date: Pioneer Day 9:30 p.m

Details: Friday's Pacific Coast League baseball game between Salt Lake and visiting Portland was postponed due to an outbreak of the flu while the team was playing in Reno.

The PCL announced Friday afternoon: "The Portland Beavers in a precautionary move due to an Influenza-A virus affecting seven players on their club have requested postponement of tonight's scheduled game against the Bees in Salt Lake City."

No member of the Portland Beavers was hospitalized.

Today's 7 p.m. game will be played as planned, and the postponed game will be made up Sunday as part of a doubleheader starting at 2 p.m.

The Portland Beavers and their Major League affiliate, the San Diego Padres, asked for the postponement. A make-up date has yet to be determined.

Despite the postponement, Salt Lake management did not cancel the fireworks show, scheduled for 9:30 p.m.

Instead, the Salt Lake's Pioneer Day celebration included a home run derby featuring Bees players.

The Salt Lake Tribune

Other vantage points for Saturday's Celebration of Light fireworks

Display location:Vancouver's English Bay.
State: British Columbia
Date:July 29

Details: VANCOUVER -- English Bay and Kitsilano may be the most popular places from which to watch the HSBC Celebration of Light, but there are other vantage points to see South Africa’s show Saturday night.

The Burrard Bridge pedestrian sidewalk was a popular viewing spot for Wednesday night’s performance by Canada, especially for photographers. The bridge was less crowded than English Bay, and offered a clear aerial view of the fireworks barge, boats and Sunset Beach.

More than 350,000 people watched the fireworks Wednesday night, said Shawn Thomas, managing director for the Vancouver Fireworks Festival Society.

“There’s a lot of excitement on the beach close to the fireworks. But for photos, the bridge is great,” said Kim Mok, an amateur photographer from Vancouver. “You get more detail from the reflection of the fireworks off the water, and it’s just beautiful.”

With new dedicated bike lines on the bridge, pedestrians have the whole sidewalk to themselves, and the bike lane forms a buffer between the sidewalk and cars.

“The traffic is closer to the centre of the bridge, so you feel the vibrations from cars less,” Mok said.

The polar opposite to the bird’s-eye view from the bridge is probably the view from a boat. Roughly 600 boats packed the waters around English Bay for the fireworks on Wednesday, according to the Vancouver police.

Being on a boat allows you to get right under the fireworks and gives a neat view of the beach crowds, said Joey Sherren, director of operations for Vancouver charter company Accent Cruises.

“One of my friends put it quite nicely [Wednesday] night after we had been on the boat, and what she enjoyed about the water versus the beach was that you didn’t feel like you had a bunch of people around you,” Sherren said. “You had a bit more privacy. She loved the openness, because you’ve got the open water and the open sky.”

Watching from a boat also provides the option of alcohol consumption. Boozing on land around English Bay is prohibited, with police pouring out 235 containers of liquor Wednesday night.

On the North Shore, West Vancouver’s Dundarave Pier offers an excellent family-friendly vantage point for the fireworks, said Alexis Finlay, assistant manager of the Beach House Restaurant and Lounge at Dundarave Pier. She has watched the fireworks from the pier every year since she was a kid.

“It’s a traditional hot spot for the fireworks — certainly the best view on the North Shore,” she said. “It’s one of the highest-demand spots for the fireworks, and a great family spot.”

Finlay says her restaurant is fully booked for all four shows, with people calling up to a month in advance for patio reservations.

The United Kingdom will put on a show Wednesday and China will wind up the series on Aug. 1.

West Vancouver Blue Bus transit service will be running extra buses from the pier after the fireworks.

For those who don’t want to venture as far into the crowds, there’s an overpass on Clark Drive near the VCC-Clark SkyTrain station, which offers a clear view of Burrard Inlet.

Darren Childs, a motivational speaker who uses a wheelchair, was watching Canada’s pyrotechnics from English Bay, but says he’s watched from the overpass previously.

“It’s great if you’re in a chair,” he said.

TransLink is running increased SkyTrain service for the fireworks, with rush-hour service in all directions.

Fireworks display tonight in Barre Heritage Festival

Display location:Barre Paquet Farm
Date:9:30 p.m.
Display company:Northstar Fireworks

BARRE-Thanks to a little cooperation from Mother Nature plans for a fireworks display that will light up the skies over Barre are a go.
Organizers of the Barre Heritage Festival have confirmed that representatives of Northstar Fireworks will proceed as originally planned with the fireworks display that is scheduled to start at 9:30 p.m.
Due to a questionable forecast earlier in the week, festival organizers had held out the possibility the fireworks display, which will be launched from the Paquet Farm on Morrison Road and visible from downtown Barre, would be postponed until Saturday.
Tonight’s fireworks will briefly interrupt live musical performances at City Hall Park and the Paquet Farm, which is celebrating its centennial with a pig roast and dance that will run from 6 p.m. to midnight.
Entertainment in City Hall Park will start at 5:30 p.m. and conclude at 10 p.m. tonight.
The weekend-long festival will resume in and around the park first thing Saturday morning when Barre Rotarians host their annual pancake breakfast on the lawn of the Aldrich Public Library from 7:30 to 10 a.m.

Hanabi fireworks display

Display location:Today’s Japan Travel Word of the Day
County: Japan

Details: Today’s Japan Travel Word of the Day is hanabi, meaning fireworks.

The word hanabi is commonly written using two Chinese characters featured on the right; the first one means flower (hana) and the second one means fire (bi). The imagery between the Chinese characters (fire flower) and the actual object are quite understandable.

One might use the word hanabi in sentence like “Ashita, hanabi taikai ga okonawaremasu.” – Tomorrow, there will be a fireworks festival.

Fireworks in Japan

In Japan, hanabi is considered a summer seasonal word. Big and small firework shows are put on around the country largely in the months of July and August. The Japanese also enjoy setting off there own small fireworks, which can be easily bought even at convenience stores

Fireworks shows often go hand-in-hand with local Japanese festivals and events. Finding a fireworks show in Japan almost guarantees finding other Japanese festivities, whether it is parades, concerts, food and game stands, or just people dressed up in traditional Japanese summer clothes.

There are some good sites for finding fireworks shows in Japan, if you can navigate some Japanese. The sites divide up searches by map region, as well as individual days.

Bees Game Cancelled, But Fireworks Show Still On

Display location:SALT LAKE
Date:24th of July

SALT LAKE CITY - It's one of the busiest nights of the year for the Salt Lake Bees and local baseball fans. They were supposed to have baseball and fireworks. But, alas there is no game due to illnesses on the opposing team, the Portland Beavers. "The game's been cancelled, but we're still gonna have a heck of a 24th of July celebration," says Bees General Manager, Mike Amicone.

FOX 13's Mike Runge is live at the ball park with the latest.

Town might change fireworks display location

Display location:??
City:Flower Mound
Date: Flower Mound's annual Independence Day

Details: Decreasing the size of fireworks shells may not have been enough to keep Flower Mound's annual Independence Day celebration at its current location.

Flower Mound officials are considering moving the event away from Flower Mound High School after another year of noticing fireworks debris landing too close to spectators.

Chuck Jennings, recreation supervisor for the town, said while this year's event didn't have as many problems with debris as last year's event had, there is still enough concern to consider moving to another site in 2010. Last year, the show was stopped early because of so much debris flying back into the stands of the stadium. This year's event ran its entirity, though there were some reports of falling debris near spectators.

"Gerault and Bakersfield parks are our first thought," Jennings said. "We still have to visit with the fire department and see what they think about access and the fallout area. So there's still a lot of research that needs to be done."

Before this year's event, the town made some changes to the show in hopes of keeping debris from landing so close to spectators. The biggest change was the town decreased the maximum shell size from 6 inches to 4 inches, which was done to reduce the height of the fireworks and in turn reduce the distance needed in the fallout zone. As it did last year, the town shot the fireworks off from 600 feet away. State law requires that protection area to be 420 feet away from spectators if using 6-inch shells and 280 feet away if using 4-inch shells.

"We changed the show up, and we doubled the safety perimeter from what the state allows, but we still had a few come down," Jennings said. "We just want to make sure this is safe for everyone."

Jennings said the ground level wind speed was measured at 3-4 mph during this year's show, and state law prohibits fireworks from being launched if the ground level wind speed reaches 20 mph.

Jennings said there were no injuries during the event. He added that changing the location could allow the town to go back to 6-inch shells.

In addition to the debris, Jennings said Flower Mound High School is in the process of constructing an athletics building on the south end of its campus, which could make it even more of a challenge to shoot off fireworks there.

"That could encroach on the safety perimeter," Jennings said. "There are just a lot of variables."

Jennings said town officials and the town council will discuss the situation in the coming weeks.

"The show went really well," Jennings said. "The site (the high school) is an ideal location for this since there are homes all around it, and people can watch from their homes if they want to. Plus, we have the stadium stands for the orchestra, and the concession stands there. I wish we could continue to have it there, but we have to consider the debris carrying and the new building."

Fireworks display over ice cream

Display location: SALT LAKE

Details: SALT LAKE CITY (ABC4 News) - Ken Landis likes to make people smile. And he's been doing it for over 35-years.

Landis runs the company that is in charge of the fireworks shows at Liberty Park, the Salt Lake Bees and Ogden.

"My daddy started this 64-years ago," he said. "I wanted him to have an ice cream shop but he did this instead."

And Landis watched from the sidelines at a young age before taking the business over 35-years ago.

Landis and his company put on shows throughout the west. On the 24th of July his company will be in charge of over thirty shows.

"It is so much fun, I wouldn't trade it for anything else," he said.

And over the years Landis said each show gets better. That's because during each show he's planning for next year
He sends out workers to gauge the crowd's response.

"I tell them go ahead and watch the show for a little bit," he said. "But watch the children, watch their parents, what do they like, what don't they like."

He said that he puts on different shows for different audiences. He said Utahns like flower displays and they're not big fans of loud booms.

And after twenty minutes he said they seem to get restless.

"I've found that people will watch the show for a while and then they start talking with others around them," he said. "It happens at the twenty minute mark."

After sixty four years around the fireworks business Landis hasn't regretted one moment of his career.

He doesn't think an ice cream shop would have brought him this much happiness.

"I love my business, it's a hard business but overall when you make that many people happy it's unbelievable," he said.

Fireworks display mark Pioneer Day

Display location: Liberty Park
Date:Pioneer Day

Details: SALT LAKE CITY -- Parades, performances and, of course, fireworks; it's been a memorable Pioneer Day, capped by fireworks at Liberty Park. It's been a hot holiday, but a relatively safe day.

Laura Williams has the best seat in the house. Her house is just across the street from the park where officials set off Pioneer Day fireworks. There's good food, good friends, and no traffic jam at the end of the night.

"There's so many people outside the fence, and inside it's a little oasis," she said.

The thousands not lucky enough to score an invitation wandered the boardwalk at Liberty Park, scouting out spots on hills. They watched the Native American celebration killed time.

The day's events started early this morning with the 40th annual Deseret News Marathon. Hundreds of runners and walkers took to the streets for the 10K race and 5K walk. When they crossed the finish line, they were cheered on by parade-goers anxiously waiting for the main event to start.

Allie Scott of Salt Lake City won the women's division with a time of two hours, 56 minutes and 41 seconds. David Yego of Kenya won the men's division in two hours, 25 minutes and 42.5 seconds.

Royalty, marching bands, covered wagons and of course floats paraded down South Temple. Our KSL 5 news team got into the pioneer spirit, pulled by a horse and wagon.

Government officials also took part in the parade. Lt. Governor Gary Herbert waved to the crowd from the back of a convertible. So did Salt Lake County Sheriff James Winder, with the sheriff's posse following close behind on horseback.

In Ogden, more familiar faces were among the 120-plus entries. It was one of the largest parades ever, according to organizers.

Ogden's law enforcement say there were no major problems. The same is true in Salt Lake; however, the night is not yet over.

Commerce City All Set For Delayed Fireworks Show

Display location:Commerce
Date: Independence Day

Details: Thousands are ready for a Fourth of July fireworks show -- a few weeks late.

Commerce City disappointed spectators when its annual show fizzled on Independence Day, so it's taking extra care of Saturday's show.

"We've crossed all of our Ts and dotted our Is a few times," said Tony Jaramillo, the pyrotechnician in charge of the show.

On the Fourth of July, Jaramillo and his crew were only able to get a few fireworks off the ground with a lot of time in between.

"I couldn't sleep that night, I couldn't sleep the next night," Jaramillo said. "I just kept going in my mind what happened."

It may have been a computer glitch, so this time the show will be run manually.

"There will be three people firing the panel boards and I'll be the conductor," Jaramillo said.

His crew worked 16 hours Friday setting up cable, digging the shells in the ground and rehearsing to make sure everything is set.

"The thought that we put into it, I think it's going to be an excellent show," he said.

The show follows the Colorado Rapids game. For 25 minutes, almost 1,200 fireworks will blast 1,000 feet in the sky and they will be choreographed to a soundtrack.

"I think we're going to redeem ourselves and put on the best show in the state tonight," Jaramillo said. "You never have everything covered but we've got a good plan in place."

The nation’s largest Labor Day fireworks display

Display location:Knoxville
Date: The Labor Da
Details:Boomsday Festival: How do you draw people to your city for Labor Day Weekend? If you’re Knoxville, the answer is fireworks, and lots of them. Boomsday - not to be confused with Bloomsday (or anything else to do with James Joyce) - is basically a big bang for the masses. The event draws about 400,000 people every year who “oooh’’ and “aaah’’ over a grand, expensive light show after a day of partying in the streets. It’s not just fireworks, of course; this year’s schedule includes fly-bys, a petting zoo, and an appearance by R&B star Keri Hilson. But really, most people come for the booms, which start at about 9:30 p.m. Noon-10. Volunteer Landing and Neyland Drive, AUG. 21-24 TRENTON, N.J.

Display location:Waterfront Park
Date: The Labor Day
Details: Trenton Thunder:
Is a Double-A game worth a drive to Jersey? Sure, especially when you can root on a New England team. The New Hampshire Fisher Cats are in Trenton for four days in August, and while rooting for the Cats doesn’t mean you’re rooting for the Red Sox (the Fisher Cats are an affiliate of the Toronto Blue Jays), it’s still better than rooting for Trenton, which is the Yankees’ Class AA team. It’s best to go Saturday, when there will be fireworks, or on Monday, when the team gives out free tote bags. Friday, Saturday, Monday games at 7:05 p.m., Sunday at 1:05. $9-$11. Waterfront Park, 1 Thunder Road,

Details: Brown County Fair:
All county fairs are not created equal. This one, for instance, boasts a horse pull, a tractor pull, and an appearance by Styx (as in “Come Sail Away’’) on Aug. 20. Those first two attractions are actually pretty common for a county fair, but did we mention Styx will be there? The only thing more exiting than Styx is the swine racing, which happens daily. $10, $15. 1500 Fort Howard Ave.,



Tejano Conjunto Festival: You don’t have to go to Texas to hear good Tejano music. Sacramento hosts this annual festival to prove that it can hold its own when it comes to the genre that features Mexican rhythms and lots of accordion. The lineup isn’t set, but so far it includes the Hometown Boys, an act straight out of Lubbock. 1 p.m. Cesar Chavez Plaza, 915 I St.,


OCT. 24


Dia de Los Muertos Festival: Salem is scary on Halloween, but in many ways, Los Angeles is creepier. While we celebrate with Puritan-centered tourist stuff, la-la land goes for costumes and shock. At this dark party at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery, you’ll be surrounded by skulls, little altars everywhere, and tasty Mexican food to calm your nerves. If you can, stay in town for West Hollywood people-watching on the 31st. $10. Hollywood Forever Cemetery, 6000 Santa Monica Blvd., www.ladayofthe

Fireworks display fly, Bees fizzling

Display location: Spring Mobile Ballpark
City Portland
Date: July 24

Details: With the promise of fireworks celebrating Pioneer Day, another sizable crowd flooded Spring Mobile Ballpark on Saturday to observe visiting Portland defeat Salt Lake, 8-3.

Despite a pair of home runs by Bees (50-50) outfielder Terry Evans, who became the first ever Salt Lake player to steal 20 bases and club 20 homers in the same season, and a depleted Portland (45-55) roster, Salt Lake lost its fifth straight. The Bees tipped their caps to the Beavers.

"If you want to talk about a team, let's talk about the character of their team, and what they went through. They bussed in at 6 a.m. our time from Reno. They beat and outplayed us," Salt Lake manager Bobby Mitchell said.

Saturday's crowd of 14,487, however, begged the question: If Salt Lake promised fireworks yet didn't play a game, would anyone still come to Spring Mobile Ballpark? Yes.

Bees general manager Marc Amicone said that, despite postponing Friday's game against visiting Portland, 15,713 people stayed to watch a shortened game between two amateur teams and a home run derby. The fireworks went off on time.

"We passed out fliers as they came in, they knew what was going on," Amicone said of the fans. "The few refunded tickets we had were sold to walk-ups."

Friday's game, which will be replayed as part of a 2 p.m. doubleheader today, was postponed by request of Portland due to an outbreak of the influenza-A virus. Seven players were affected and are out of uniform, though none was hospitalized.

Players from the San Diego Padres' Double-A and Single-A teams were rushed to Salt Lake City to fill in roster gaps. The sick players didn't fall ill at the same time, but gradually.

"We did our best to counteract it," Portland manager Randy Ready said. "We did a good job to control it in the clubhouse where guys are playing cards and eating food."

Portland, without a designated hitter Thursday at Reno, nearly rallied from 10 runs down. The pitchers combined for two hits and an RBI.

"They thought we could do away [with the DH]," Ready said. "They thought they would like to hit."

Instead, Portland asked for a postponement and the Bees were still able to give their patrons what they wanted, including tickets to a Utah Jazz preseason game just for staying for fireworks.

Aquatennial Fireworks Display Show Lits Up Minnesota

Display location:Minneapolis
City: Minneapolis
Date:July 25

Details: The sky seemed as a constellation of stars, lighting up every dark corner of the space of Minneapolis, as the state was greeted with a fire work extravaganza marking the end of another Minneapolis Aquatennial on Saturday.

Fitting, the fire works collided with that of the commemoration of an exciting event that had lead to the creation of Aquatennial, which was invented to heal the reputation of the city that had been suffering from economic strife for many years, celebrated the 75th Anniversary of the 1934 “Teamster Rebellion” that gave the American laborers one of their most important victories.

Called by the name ‘One day in July Street Festival’, the grand event meant for the tribute to the tumultuous 1934, took place at 10 p.m. in the night. The event took place near the site where workers stood together against heavy handed policing and gangs of strike breakers in order to make Minneapolis one of the most pro-union cities in the country.

A picnic is also supposed to be held this Sunday at the Wabun Picnic Area in the Minnehaha park. The picnic will witness speeches from eminent persona who will pay their homage to the ravaging years that had marked the revolution. Free food will also be distributed in the picnic in order to celebrate it’s history.

One of the speakers will be Tom Dooher, President of the largest union in the state, the 70,000 member Education Minnesota. “Working hard for the common people is within my DNA,” said an overwhelmed Dooher. “The work of my grandfather helped lay the foundation for a labor movement that helps connect people and gave Minnesota a great tradition that we’re trying to hold onto,” wounds up Dooher.

Fireworks display light up Vancouver sky

Display location:Vancouver
Date: July 25~July 29

Details: Vancouver police say the HSBC Celebration of Light fireworks display went smoothly Saturday night, despite a severe thunderstorm that rolled in.

"In the couple hours preceding the fireworks we were in consultation with the city and the organizers and also Environment Canada, just monitoring the storm that passed through and obviously at the forefront of everyone's mind was public safety," said Const. Jana McGuinness.

"Fortunately the event was able to go ahead as planned and was very successful, it appears."

McGuinness said police made four arrests for public drunkenness, and 265 liquor pour outs.

Police also surrounded an apartment in Vancouver's West End after a report of someone firing a handgun into the sky from the apartment balcony.

Police seized bear spray and a pellet gun inside the apartment.

The fireworks show continues on July 29 when the U.K. gets its turn to light up the sky, followed by China on Aug. 1.

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Jul 20, 2009

Prairie Creek to have July (Twenty-)Fourth fireworks display

Display location:Prairie Creek.
Date:July Twenty
Display company:Sky Magic, Indianapolis,Boomtown Fireworks

Details: MUNCIE — Prairie Creek Reservoir will have fireworks again, albeit a couple of weeks after Independence Day.

Boomtown Fireworks owner Tim Smith has partnered with Sky Magic, Indianapolis, to put on a fireworks show this Friday at Prairie Creek. The display will begin at nightfall.

“It’s kind of a customer appreciation for us to do this,” Smith said.

Fireworks shows at Prairie Creek were canceled in 2008 as economic development funds ran low and were reallocated to higher priorities. Any fireworks done since then were put on by private individuals, Prairie Creek Supt. Bob Patterson said.

Friday’s show is free to those who visit Prairie Creek.

Three Rivers Festival fireworks display

Display location:Three Rivers
City:Fort Wayne
Date:10:00 p.m
Contact:(260) 428-6400

Details: The Fort Wayne TinCaps are adjusting the start time of their game on Sunday to coordinate with the Three Rivers Festival fireworks finale.

Originally scheduled for 5:05 p.m., the team moved the start time to 6:05 p.m. since the Three Rivers Festival fireworks are scheduled to begin at 10:00 p.m.

"This new, later start time will provide a much better flow to the night's activities," said Mike Nutter, Fort Wayne TinCaps Team Presdent. "We expect the ballgame to end between 8:30 p.m. and 9:00 p.m. Fans are still invited to take part in our usual Sunday, post-game events like Run the Bases and Player Autographs before the fireworks. We also will have live music on the centerfield amphitheater between the end of the game up to the start of the Three Rivers Festival fireworks show at 10:00 p.m. Parkview Field is a great vantage point to watch the fireworks and we are expected to have a game that coincides with the Festival's finale."

All tickets currently printed for the Sunday, July 19th game are valid for the new start time of 6:05 p.m. The gates to Parkview Field will open 90 minutes prior to the game at 4:35 p.m. Only fans with a ticket to the TinCaps game will be allowed inside Parkview Field during the night of the fireworks finale.

"We are excited to be a part of the Three Rivers Festival and the downtown fireworks finale," stated Nutter. "We encourage people that would like to take in a TinCaps game and have an awesome seat in downtown for the fireworks show, to reserve their tickets soon."

Tickets for the game are still available by logging onto, by calling the TinCaps at (260) 428-6400, or by visiting Parkview Field at the south entrance to the

Forth of July Fireworks display light up lives at Brentwood

Rockingham County
City: Brentwood California

"I know they're coming Gram, and they're gonna light you right up," Corey Bilodeau told his 95-year-old grandmother, Muriel Kohlauff, as she waited for the fireworks to explode in the skies over the Rockingham County Nursing Home Friday night.

The town's annual Fourth of July fireworks celebration has become the highlight of the year for many of the residents, some of whom wouldn't have a chance to enjoy fireworks if they were living somewhere else.

The annual fireworks show has been hosted by the town for nearly 20 years and has brought thousands of celebrants to the nursing home. Some have family members who live there, while others just come to catch the display.

The fireworks are traditionally held on July 4, but were postponed this year because the rain earlier this month created a mess in the fields used for parking.

Esther Thompson was among the many residents who parked their wheelchairs in a back parking lot early Friday night with their families by their side.

Thompson, who was accompanied by her daughter, Mary Fowler of Epping, has seen a lot of fireworks in her 99 years. She doesn't have a favorite type or color.

"I like them all," she said with a smile.

Doris Buych, 71, of Londonderry, watched the show with her nieces, nephews and great-nephews.

Buych enjoyed some popcorn, pizza and a bottle of Diet Coke that she tucked away in her wheelchair.

"We come down every year to take her out," said niece Beatrice Lovely of Raymond.

Buych said she "feels lucky" to be able to get out to see the fireworks.

"I like when they make them go in sequence. It's nice," she said.

Watching the fireworks is also a tradition for 93-year-old Peggy Levesque and her son, Lee, and his wife, Bobbi. The Lee couple always came to the fireworks, even before Peggy became a nursing home resident six years ago. Bobbi brought her mother as well until she died last year.

While Peggy wanted to see the fireworks, she didn't want a front row seat, so she watched from a distance.

"She didn't want to be too close," Bobbi Levesque said.

As a new nursing home resident, this was the first time that Maryellen Voorhees, 81, saw the fireworks in Brentwood. She's used to watching fireworks from the window of her former home in a senior housing facility in Portsmouth.

Her daughter, Mary Crockett of Nottingham, brought some barbecued beef, macaroni salad, and key lime pie for dinner before the fireworks.

"My daughter is pretty good to me," she said.

Voorhees couldn't wait for the booms after dinner. "The noisier the better. We like the rat-tat-tat-tat," she said, laughing.

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Jul 19, 2009

July 4th Fireworks Display, Cedar Rapids, Iowa

Display location:Cedar Rapids
Date:Forth of July

Details: CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa (AP) - Traffic and crowd control during a fireworks show at a July 4 festival in Cedar Rapids is going to cost nearly $20,000.

Russ Oviatt of the Freedom Festival got the bill this week from the Cedar Rapids Special Duty Police for security during the show at the Kirkwood Community College campus.

The bill is for 33 police officers and sheriff's deputies who each worked nine extra-duty hours and one who worked two.

Oviatt says the bill is a good reason for moving the fireworks back downtown. The show was last held in downtown in 2007, and the security bill was about $1,200.

The city decided against holding it in downtown this year because the area is still recovering from last summer's record flooding.

Information from: The Gazette,

Back-to-Back Fireworks Display Nights

Display location:Municipal Stadium
State: MD
Date:Friday at 7:05 p.m

Details:HAGERSTOWN, MD -- From fireworks to waterworks, baseballs won't be the only thing shooting into the sky at Municipal Stadium this weekend, when the Hagerstown Suns play host to the Asheville Tourists for a four-game series that starts Friday and runs through Monday.

Following the Suns' 7:05 p.m. series finale against the Greenville Drive on Thursday, the Tourists -- an affiliate of the Colorado Rockies -- will make their only visit to Hagerstown of the 2009 season.

Friday Night Fireworks, presented by Lite 97.5 fm, will punctuate the opening game of the series, which starts Friday at 7:05 p.m. Friday will also be Berkeley County Community Day at Municipal Stadium, with businesses serving Martinsburg and the rest of Berkeley County, West Virginia in attendance to share more information about the services they provide with fans.

More Fireworks are in store following Saturday night's 7:05 p.m. start, courtesy of the Clarion Hotel. Thanks to Quality First Insurance, Saturday will also be Senior Living Night, and the Suns will welcome businesses serving the senior community to their main concourse, where they will set up informational booths to share more about what they do with fans.

The first 1,000 fans to pass through the gates at Municipal Stadium on Saturday will be treated by the Hagerstown-Washington County Convention and Visitors Bureau to an Abner Doubleday Bobblehead giveaway. The bobblehead commemorates Doubleday's legacy as a key figure in the military history of Washington County, as well as his mythic role in the origins of the game of baseball.

The game will also be a Geico Patriotic Saturday, with the Suns wearing their alternate red, white, and blue jerseys. In addition, fans can email prior to the game to register for their chance to come on the radio airwaves live as part of the Suns' Saturday Night Fan Broadcast.

It is not too late for fans to sign up for the Suns' outrageous Chick-Fil-A Friends & Family plan for Saturday night's game. For just $24.99, the package includes four tickets to the game, four limited edition Suns baseball caps, and vouchers for four value meals at Chick-Fil-A. Friday will be the last day that the Chick-Fil-A plans are on sale, and fans interested in reserving a plan are advised to call the Suns' ticket offices at 301-791-6266 while packages are still available.

Bathing suits are recommended for the third game of the series against Asheville, as Yogi Bear Jellystone Park and Wild 96.7 fm present an afternoon of wild and wacky fun known as Super Soaked Sunday, starting at 2:05 p.m.

The Suns' usual lineup of family-friendly Sunday promotions will also be in effect. A Suns player will be reading to kids ages 1-7 on the field prior to the game as part of Suns Story Time, presented by the Washington County Arts Council. Also before the game, select Suns players will be available inside the gates to sign their photos for fans, free of charge, as part of the Suns on Sundays promotion, presented by Pictures Plus.

After the game, all kids in attendance will have a chance to head down to the field for Kids Run the Bases, presented by The Greene Turtle. Once all the festivities at Municipal Stadium wrap up, fans can still get their fill of the Suns by heading over to Pizza Hut at 1396 Dual Highway and joining radio broadcasters Ryan Mock and Darin Sense for the Pizza Hut Post Game Show. While enjoying some delicious food from Pizza Hut, fans can sit in on live interviews with select Suns players, who will be on hand for the event.

Once fans have dried off from Super Soaked Sunday, they can return to Municipal Stadium on Monday night at 7:05 p.m. for Feed Your Face Monday, sponsored by WAYZ 104.7 fm. Admission to the game will be $10 for General Admission seats and $13 for VIP seats, and fans will receive unlimited servings of select food items throughout the game as part of the price of the ticket.

Following the series against Asheville, the Suns will have a Tuesday off-day, then take to the road for a pair of four-game series against Bowling Green and Lexington. The Suns return home on July 30, kicking off a four-game weekend series against West Virginia with a 7:05 p.m. Thirsty Thursday.

The Hagerstown Suns play at Municipal Stadium in Hagerstown, MD and are a Class "A" affiliate of the Washington Nationals. Ticket packages and sponsorships are available by calling the Suns at 301-791-6266. Visit the Suns on the web at The Suns are owned by Los Angeles based Mandalay Baseball Properties.

Fireworks & display at Medford

Display location:Medford
Date: Fourth of July

Details: MEDFORD — The first Fourth of July holiday period in which fireworks were allowed in Medford had fewer fireworks-sparked fires than any year since 2000, fire officials report.

Medford Fire Marshal Greg Kleinberg credited the Fire Department's aggressive campaign to educate people about fireworks safety.

"This year was the first year that we could educate the public on both fireworks laws and fireworks safety," he said in a report on the effects of the new ordinance.

The ordinance permits the sale and use of fireworks allowed under Oregon law in city limits between June 23 and July 6. Fireworks are still prohibited on hillsides most prone to wildfires, on the Bear Creek Greenway, in city parks and at public schools.

During the roughly two-week period this year, fireworks caused five small grass fires that resulted in no monetary losses for property owners, he said. Last year, the same period saw nine fires.

The highest number of fires — 14 — was reported in 2004, while the most expensive losses — $64,500 — were seen in 2001, Medford fire department statistics show.

The largest fire caused by fireworks burned several acres near Crater Lake and Ford avenues July 5, Kleinberg said, noting that most fires involve illegal fireworks or misuse of the devices.

He also said that the large fire along Interstate 5 and the Bear Creek Greenway July 5 was caused by an incendiary device and is being investigated as arson, so it wasn't included in the fireworks statistics.

Kleinberg's report concluded that the department's media blitz of television, radio and newspaper stories about the ordinance change and fireworks safety helped prevent fires. Educational brochures and signs at parks and hillside access points also helped, he said.

Mpls. Aquatennial celebrates 70th anniversary

Display location: Mississippi riverfront
Date:July 25

(AP) — MINNEAPOLIS - The Minneapolis Aquatennial celebrates its 70th anniversary this year.

The nine-day summer festival kicks off Friday night with a downtown block party featuring a free concert by the Gin Blossoms on Nicollet Mall.

Sunday's beach bash on Lake Calhoun features a sandcastle competition and milk-carton boat races.

Minnesota Supreme Court Justice and former Vikings great Alan Page and former "American Idol" finalist Paris Bennett are grand marshals of Wednesday's torchlight parade through downtown Minneapolis.

The Queen of the Lakes and two princesses will be crowned next Friday night.

Festivities wrap up Saturday night, July 25, with fireworks on the Mississippi riverfront. To celebrate the festival's 70th anniversary, the fireworks will be set to a soundtrack of seven decades of music.

On the Net:

Minneapolis Aquatennial:

fireworks display at the Calgary Stampede

Display location: Calgary Stampede
Date:Forth of July

Details: With a thunderclap boom, the dark sky is shattered with shimmering colour.

The thousands who have gathered to watch the final fireworks display at the Calgary Stampede can't help but show their awe as the pyrotechnics light up the night. Red sprays of light, washes of gold and sparks of green hang in the sky.

Behind it all have been dozens of meetings, a daily rush of dismantling and remounting fireworks and a computer that times the firing of all the explosives with an accuracy of 1/30th of a second.

But all the planning and organizing is worthwhile to Brad Dezotell and Peter Gebraad when they see their vision translated from the imagination to bursts of colour in the sky.

As the owners of Fireworks Spectaculars and Profx, respectively, they are kept busy throughout the year visiting manufacturers and attending symposiums. But, yes, a lot of their work revolves around blowing up fireworks and entertaining crowds with their displays.

"You make a living at that?" is a typical response Gebraad says he gets when he tells people what he does. "What do you do when it's not Canada Day?"

Gebraad laughs at the reaction because the truth is he's busy year-round. Those balls of fire and flame effects seen at Flames and Stampeders games? Yeah, that's his work. And, throughout his career, he's done effects for National Basketball Association all-star games, five Stanley Cup finals and one Super Bowl.

It was a strange segue from being the marketing manager for the West Edmonton Mall to joining a pyrotechnics company that had been working with the shopping centre, but Gebraad hasn't looked back.

The draw, he says, is trying to match how to apply pyrotechnics to events, dealing with audience safety while adding flair.

"I love entertaining, and pyrotechnics are such an invaluable addition," he says.

For the Stampede fireworks, which combine effects close to the audience, as well those high in the sky, Gebraad and Dezotell complement each other.

Dezotell's specialty is "pyromusicals"--displays that match music to fireworks-- such as Calgary's Globalfest. His passion for the art is unsurprising considering he was a radio announcer when he was first asked to put music to shows. One display in and he was hooked.

"They call it 'smelling the smoke,' " he says.

From that first summer when he put on 11 shows, Dezotell is now booked solid through the summer months, has won national and international competitions, and is always plotting out a new show.

In his imagination, he can envision all the fireworks available to him under Canadian law--explosives with lyrical names such as Bahama Mama, silver martini, tequila sunrise.

Listening to a song, he can envision the fireworks going off, merging the two in his head. "When I hear music, it just clicks: 'Oh, that fits there,' " he says.

And beyond the benefit of setting off pyrotechnics for a living, there is the satisfaction that comes from knowing how much people enjoy the fruits of their labour.

Says Dezotell: "There is nothing like designing and envisioning a moment and then seeing the crowd response."

Hollister forth of July fireworks display

Display location: HOLLISTER
Date:56th Fourth of July

Details: HOLLISTER — City officials recognized on Thursday the people and organizations that made the 56th Fourth of July fireworks display possible.

“This is truly and wholeheartedly a community event,” said City Assistant Administrator Vonnie Mathiesen. “It is put on by the community for the community.”

Mathiesen said close to 30 individuals and organizations helped make the event, which is funded by donations, a success.

“The Fourth of July you all provided families with was a great, great display,” Mayor David Tate said to the volunteers.

Volunteers were given certificates of appreciation.

She said when other cities were discussing cutting fireworks displays because of the economy, city officials decided cutting its display wasn’t an option.

“It is a place for our families to go virtually for free,” Mathiesen said.

To pay for the display, the city relies on donations, which they gather through a mail-out, as well as a boot pass the night of the display.

The boot pass, which sends firefighter boots throughout the crowd and lets patrons drop donations in, raised $1,600 this year.

“We are one of the oldest and maybe, the only, hand-lit fireworks shows,” Mathiesen said.

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Jul 17, 2009

Here comes the Esplanade fireworks show!

Display location:Boston
Date: July 4th

(NECN: Lauren Collins, Boston, Mass.) - The Esplanade in Boston was exploding with excitement on Saturday, as the annual Boston Pops show at the Hatch Shell neared.

Music legend Neil Diamond was to sing on stage as part of the July 4th celebration.

Many arrived before dawn on Saturday, hoping to get a good view of the show. Attendees came from near and far -- even from Florida -- to see be part of the celebration.

A nice breeze and sunshine has helped set the scene for a perfect 4th of July.

The 36th annual show is more than fireworks; it is a camp out party for those waiting to get a spot near the Hatch Shell.

The concert begins at 8:30 Saturday night, and will be followed by fireworks, barring any lightning.

In NYC, biggest fireworks display show in US lights up sky

Display location:Independence Day
City:New York
Date:Independence Day
Event website:

NEW YORK (AP) — Fireworks lit the night sky above New York with a kaleidoscope of colors shooting 1,000 feet into the air on an Independence Day that began with the Statue of Liberty's crown opening to the public for the first time since Sept. 11, 2001.

It was the nation's biggest fireworks display, with more than 22 tons of pyrotechnics exploding Saturday over a mile-and-a-half of the Hudson River, a new vantage point for New York's festivities. Millions of spectators watched from both sides of the river.

Among them were Jamalat Bayoumy and his wife, Mosad Mohamad — food vendors who work near the river. They lost an estimated $1,000 in business when police asked them to shut down because of swelling crowds.

"This is very nice," Bayoumy said, "but we're losing money in America."

But, his wife added, "America is free. We have green cards and we dream to become Americans."

While the recession forced many communities to scale down, or even cancel, their fireworks, "we're a country of survivors and fighters, and we try to make things work," said Gary Souza, whose family-owned, California-based company is staging the New York display as well as hundreds of others across the country — including the nation's capital.

In Washington, the daylong celebrations started with a parade along Constitution Avenue and ended with fireworks over the Washington Monument as a band played a medley of patriotic music.

President Obama, speaking to military families at the White House for Independence Day festivities, told the service members they were "the latest, strongest link in that unbroken chain that stretches back to the Continental Army."

Vice President Joe Biden spent the Fourth of July in Iraq, presiding over a naturalization ceremony for 237 U.S. troops from 59 countries. He had lunch with the 261st Theater Tactical Signal Brigade from Delaware, to which his son, Beau, belongs.

Former President George W. Bush spoke amid thunderous applause in rural Woodward, Okla., calling the U.S. the "greatest nation on the face of the earth." He thanked members of the military for their service, and thanked spectators for giving "a retired guy something to do."

In Philadelphia, where the Declaration of Independence was adopted on July 4, 1776, the city held a parade through the Old City neighborhood for the first time in 18 years. Descendants of the Declaration's signers gathered at the Liberty Bell, and a spectacular fireworks show went off over the Museum of Art.

On Saturday morning in Boston, with its rich Revolutionary War history, the Navy's oldest commissioned warship performed its annual turnaround in the harbor. The USS Constitution — "Old Ironsides" — marked the day by firing a 21-gun salute, the highest maritime honor, followed by 19 volleys.

On Saturday evening, Bostonians filled the banks of the Charles River for a free Boston Pops concert featuring Neil Diamond.

And on Brooklyn's Coney Island, an iconic Fourth of July event — Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest — was won Saturday afternoon by Joey Chestnut, who chomped down a record 68 dogs.

In New York, Manhattan's West Side Highway was closed to traffic so pedestrians could view the fireworks, with three lanes packed so tightly with people stretched out on blankets and beach chairs that it was difficult to move. Across the river, Frank Sinatra's hometown of Hoboken, N.J., had one of the best views, facing the heart of the barge lineup in the Hudson against the Manhattan skyline for "one of the biggest and best shows we've ever put together," said Souza.

The celebration returned to Manhattan's West Side for the first time since the 9/11 attacks. The extravaganza was expanded this year with more than 44,000 shells.

David Khedher, 25, a police officer from Vaxjo, Sweden, was in New York with a childhood friend. He said he has a special feeling for America's Independence Day because his mother had lived through Poland's Solidarity movement that led to democracy and his father is Iraqi-born.

"I'm celebrating your Fourth of July because Americans really know how to do it," he said.

The Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum — a retired World War II aircraft carrier — hosted the live NBC broadcast of the spectacle, featuring the cast of Broadway's "West Side Story" and other stars. The New York Pops orchestra sat on the front open deck of the Intrepid playing a medley of patriotic music and new numbers composed for the occasion.

The festivities turned somber in North Carolina, where authorities said a truckload of fireworks exploded on Ocracoke Island off the coast, killing two workers and critically injuring three. And in central Florida, officials say one person was killed in a lightning strike at a Fourth of July gathering in Lakeland and at least 18 others were taken to hospitals.

Fireworks Display at Citizens Bank Park in South Philly

Display location: Citizens Bank Park
City:South Philadelphia
Date:July 10th

Details:Independence Blue Cross sponsors fireworks at Citizens Bank Park in South Philadelphia tomorrow and Friday night. The fireworks show will follow each Phillies game scheduled for those two nights.

On Thursday, July 9th, the Phillies play the Cincinnatti Reds. The following night, July 10th, the Phillies take on the Pittsburgh Pirates. Each game starts at 7:05 p.m. Once the games are complete, a spectacular fireworks display will light up the night over the ballpark.

Tickets for both games are available at the Phillies website.

Action, fireworks display pack AMSOIL racing series

Display location: Lansing
City: Lansing
Date: Friday

Details: Lots of action and fireworks were packed into one night of the AMSOIL Dirt Track Racing Series on Friday at Chateau Raceway in Lansing.

Along with the regular full show of racing action, there was the business of running the three features from the previous week that were postponed because of the rain that cut that night short. There was also the annual Chateau Flashing Thunder Fireworks Show which once again this year was almost 15 minutes long and ended with the large explosion with over 40-foot high towers of fire erupting from the infield.

The first of the make-up features to be run was the USRA Modified main event, which had been halted the week before six laps into the race. There was a lot on the line as it was the finale for the "Freedom Series" which was a cooperative between Chateau, Deer Creek Speedway in Racine, and the Dodge County Speedway in Kasson for last weekend's Fourth of July Holiday.

Not only was it a Thousand-Dollar to win race, but there was another grand in bonus money for the top drivers who competed in all three shows over the holiday weekend. Jason Cummins was sitting in prime position to take home the big money.

Cummins won one feature last weekend and took fourth in the other to lead the points, and was restarting as the leader of the finale looking at a possible 2,000 dollar run. He wasted no time in pulling out to a lead leaving Greg Jensen and Ben Mattick to battle for second. Mattick got the better of the battle and settled into second, but Cummins was way out in front by the time he took control of the position.

A late caution with three laps to go tightened the field up one more time, but Cummins was up to the challenge and pulled away from Mattick to score his second feature win of the season at Lansing. Cummins secured a big payday as he collected the "Freedom Series" title to take home both of the big checks.

After Cummins won, he was honored along with the other "Freedom Series" champions who had already been crowned last weekend. Dan Holland of Brownsdale took the WISSOTA Street Stock top prize money for the series after scoring two feature wins and a second place finish last weekend.

Bryan Hernandez of Blooming Prairie was top man in the Midwest Modified portion of the Series after finishes last weekend of first, second and third. In the WISSOTA Super Stock class, it was Cole Queensland of Grand Meadow who dominated with three feature wins last week to also pick up the extra bonus money that was offered for a any driver who could sweep the features. That bonus money was paid out by Chimney Sweeps of Rochester.

In the regularly scheduled feature, the excitement kept on coming for the USRA Modifieds. Tyler Clark of Rochester started on the pole and took the early lead with Joel Alberts dropping in line second ahead of Ben Mattick and Josh Mattick. Alberts worked his was around Clark for the lead on lap three before the only caution of the race came out for a couple cars that tangled near the back of the field.

Off the restart, Alberts maintained his lead while Josh Mattick jumped to second ahead of Ben with Tommy Myer of Blooming Prairie and Jason Cummins making there way into the top five. Those two had started deep in the field with Myer starting in row four and Cummins way back in row six. Things went sour for Alberts on lap six as he slipped all the way back to fourth as Ben Mattick took over the lead ahead of Josh and Cummins who came ahead for third.

Cummins went to second on lap ten and set his sights on Ben Mattick. Cummins had been running a high line for much of the race to pick up positions, but he went too high on lap 13 and backslid several spots giving over second place to Myer.

While Myer tried to close in on Ben, Josh Mattick was mounting a charge back through the field. He closed in on Myer and slipped by him for second with just five laps to go. It was now his turn to try to reel in his brother, but it wasn't going to happen as the Mattick family bragging rights for the night went to Ben, who picked up his first feature win of the season at Lansing. It also gave him a sweep on the night as he also picked up a win in his heat.

In the make-up Hornet features, Mike Blowers of Waseca and Jake Bigelow of Hayfield set the stages for big nights. Bigelow came up with a late pass of Brandon Vogt of Rose Creek to take the Junior Hornet feature, while Blowers led flag-to-flag to claim the Senior Hornet feature race.

The Pure Stock feature came down to the final lap with Kylie Kath of Owatonna sliding by Brandon Shaner of Owatonna down the back straight-away to pick up his fourth feature win of the year. He also took home a heat win for his third sweep of the season.

The only class where drivers divided up the wins was in the Super Stock. Cole Queensland took home the heat win, but it was Ryan Siegle of Grand Meadow who ran off and hid to take the caution-free feature event.

AJ Zvorak of Blooming Prairie ended up top dog on the night in the Street Stock class. Zvorak, along with Dan Holland, took home heat wins and both were looking for the sweep at feature time. Holland appeared to be on his way to the win, but just past halfway mechanical problems sent him spinning out of turn two.

With Holland pulling out of the way, there was no caution and the race ran green the rest of the way to the checkers with Zvorak picking up his third feature at Chateau this year and sweeping the night for the second time this season.

The Midwest Modifieds put on another great show. Eric Condit of Austin held the early lead in the feature after starting on the pole. Troy Dahle of Morristown ran second with AJ Wiste of Adams running third ahead of Brandon Davis and Dan Wheeler of Columbia Heights.

A mid-race caution regrouped the field and off the restart, a couple other drivers made their presence known. Brandon Davis jumped all the way up to second with Albert Wytaske and Bryan Hernandez moving up as well. The top five challenged each other back-and-forth over the final lap, but even a late caution which set up a three-lap shoot-out didn't change the final running order much as Wiste got the win.

Chateau Raceway

(Late Friday)


Feature -- Kylie Kath-Owatonna, Brandon Shaner-Owatonna, Jason Newkirk-Austin, Dylan Nelson-Freeborn, Adam Godeke-Hollandale, Sammie Fromm-Owatonna, Stacy Krohnberg-Walters, Wayne Bellrichard-Albert Lea, Ryan Henderson-Holmen WI, James Weber-Austin, James Connors-Waseca, Nick Roemhildt-Waseca, Nathan Finley-Brownsdale, Jake Siermers-Dexter, Samantha Stark-Austin. Heat 1 -- Kath, FInley, Newkirk, Stark, Weber, Connors, Roemhildt, Bellrichard. Heat 2 -- Siemers, Henderson, Fromm, Shaner, Godeke, Krohnberg, Nelson.


Feature -- AJ Zvorak-Blooming Prairie, Jesse Stahl-Austin, Tyler Peterson-Hollandale, Jesse Baer-Minnesota Lake, Brent Holland-Glenville, Ross Spitzer-Dodge Center, Mike Kohn-Hollandale, Dan Holland-Brownsdale, Jason Barber-New Richland (no show: Chad Frank-Owatonna, Matt Paczkowski-Hollandale). Heat 1 -- D.Holland, Spitzer, B.Holland, Peterson, Frank, Paczkowski. Heat 2 -- Zvorak, Barber, Stahl, Kohn, Baer.


Feature -- AJ Wiste-Adams, Brandon Davis-Medford, Bryan Hernandez-Blooming Prairie, Albert Wytaske-Lansing, Jason Born-Medford, Dan Wheeler-Columbia Heights, Troy Dahle-Morristown, Dave Stevens-Albert Lea, Adam Stowell-Rosemount, Beau Lammers-Owatonna, Travis Wytaske-Rochester, Eric Condit-Austin (no show: Kevin Toot-Albert Lea). Heat 1 -- Wiste, Born, Wheeler, Condit, Stowell, Toot, Lammers. Heat 2 -- Davis, A.Wytaske, Hernandez, Dahle, Stevens, T.Wytaske.


Feature -- Ryan Siegle-Grand Meadow, Jeff Brauer-Rochester, Cole Queensland-Grand Meadow, Greg Mattick-Hayfield, Brett Dulas-Waseca, Dave Moffitt-Austin (DQ: Josh Bartel-Kasson) (no show: Mark Wytaske-Austin). Heat -- Queensland, Siegle, Brauer, Mattick, Bartel, Dulas, Moffit, Wytaske.


Conclusion of Freedom Series Finale -- Jason Cummins-New Richland, Ben Mattick-Hayfield, Greg Jensen-Albert Lea, Corey Drippps-Waterloo IA, Jacob Dahle-Morristown, Doug Hillson-Blooming Prairie, Joel Alberts-Mantorville, Darwyn Karau-Kasson, Josh Mattick-Austin, Dustin Steinbrink-Austin, Mike Lawson-Owatonna, Jeremy Misgen-Ellendale, Adam Martinson-Richfield, Matt Olson-Albert Lea, Wally Bustad-Austin, Mike Sorensen-Rochester, Thomas Brink-Winona, Jay Poidinger-Sommerset WI, Josh Reisch-Luverne, Joe Wernecke-Dodge Center, Bobby Swanson-Kasson. Feature -- B.Mattick, J.Mattick, Cummins, Dripps, Alberts, Dahle, Hillson, Steinbrink, Shawn Peterson-Cottage Grove, Martinson, Jensen, Tyler Clark-Rochester, Karau, Tommy Myer-Blooming Prairie, Olson, Lawson, Misgen, Bustad. Heat 1 -- Dripps, Karau, Hillson, J Mattick, Martinson, Misgen. Heat 2 -- Cummins, Jensen, Peterson, Alberts, Olson, Lawson. Heat 3 -- B.Mattick, Myer, Dahle, Clark, Steinbrink, Bustad.


Make-up feature -- Jake Bigelow-Hayfield, Brandon Vogt-Rose Creek, Garitt Wytaske-Lansing, Cole Lonergan-Dexter, Michaela Stucky-Kenyon, Lucas Sackett-Dodge Center, Jacob Stark-Austin (no show: Melissa Spearman-West Concord). Feature -- Bigelow, Stark, Vogt, Lonergan, Stucky, Wytaske, Sackett. Heat -- Bigelow, Vogt, Stark, Lonergan, Stucky, Wytaske, Sackett.


Make-up feature -- Mike Blowers-Waseca, Briana Grinstead-Austin, Gary Stahl-Kasson, Paul Kroneman-Austin, Kaitlyn Stark-Austin, Dale Stucky-Kenyon, (no show: Zach Sauer-Austin). Feature -- M.Blowers, Jason McShane-Waseca, Kroneman, Terry Blowers-Waseca, Michael Wytaske-Lansing, Jamie Tapp-Austin, Stucky, Stark, Stashl, Scott Porter-Madison Lake (no show: Grinstead). Heat 1 -- M.Blowers, McShane, T.Blowers, Kroneman, Stark, Tapp. Heat 2 -- Stahl, Wytaske, Stucky, Porter, Grinstead.

Ben Harper’s Relentless7 Close Out Montreal Jazz Festival With Fireworks, Led Zeppelin Cover

Photo: Miller/WireImage

Display location:downtown Montreal

The 30th edition of the Montreal International Jazz Festival went out as it came in: with fireworks filling the sky over downtown Montreal. This time, instead of Stevie Wonder presiding over the free outdoor megashow, Ben Harper and Relentless7 were closing the festival with their bronto-beat finale, “Serve Your Soul,” while all manner of multicolored rocket bursts spread overhead and some 200,000 people cheered.

There was plenty to cheer about on the ground, too. Harper, playing on the General Motors stage to a city that has embraced him from the earliest days of his career, dedicated the anthemic “Fly One Time to Montreal” to the festival and the event’s co-founder, Andre Menard. The shout-out came roughly at the mid-way point of a hard-rocking show that saw Harper backed by the Relentless7’s classic power trio line-up — an approach that often evokes Cream or the Jimi Hendrix Experience. With bassist Jesse Ingalls, guitarist Jason Mozersky and drummer Jordan Richardson, Harper and his slide guitar made that musical connection explicit when he slowed down “Why Must You Always Dress In Black” and eased the group into the Hendrix classic “Red House.”

During a press conference earlier in the day, Harper identified the first Led Zeppelin LP as his favorite rock album. A faithful cover of “Good Times Bad Times” in last night’s set list paid tribute to that seminal record, while a version of Queen and David Bowie’s “Under Pressure” drew the strongest reaction of the night. But it was on the originals that the band seemed to feel most comfortable stretching out, doing a long, slow burn on “Keep It Together (So I Can Fall Apart)” and letting the momentum build at its own pace during the insistent “Boots Like These.”

“It’s me and you against the world,” Harper sang during the latter song. But with 200,000 ready to join his side on the spot, there seemed to be a fighting chance.

New Bedford fireworks display set for July 23

Details: NEW BEDFORD With the financial support of several local businesses, the city's annual fireworks display has been saved. Originally planned for the Fourth of July, the city-sponsored fireworks were cancelled because of the economic crisis.

The fireworks are scheduled for 9:30 p.m. Thursday, July 23, and will be held in conjunction with the annual downtown 50 Night celebration, with a rain date the following night

We decided that there was no way we could use public money to have a fireworks display this summer,?Mayor Scott W. Lang said at a press conference at City Hall on Monday.

However, once his decision was made public, the phone at City Hall began to ring. The first caller was James Gularek, CEO of Hawthorne Medical Associates who immediately pledged to donate $15,000 to help fund the popular event.

We were pleased to be able to step forward and help the citizens of the community in this way,?Gularek told The Standard-Times.

We will have to talk to my board but my guess is that we will probably be one of the major contributors for the foreseeable future.?

The cost for the fireworks display is around $20,000 but there are additional costs relative to police and fire details.

Representative from the three other businesses who contributed funds ?Konarka Technologies, Veolia Water (operator of the city wastewater treatment facility), and the Waterfront Grille also attended the press conference along with Joe Jesus, organizer of 50 Night.

Disneyland unveils Halloween theme for Space Mountain, fireworks display show

Display location:Disneyland theme park
City:Los Angeles
Sept. 25 through Nov. 1

Details: Disneyland will add a “haunted” overlay to Space Mountain and a fireworks “spooktacular” for the Halloween season, theme park officials said.

The “Halloween Time” event, which runs from Sept. 25 through Nov. 1, is included in the price of admission to the Anaheim theme park.

The “Ghost Galaxy” Space Mountain overlay, which originally premiered at Hong Kong Disneyland in 2007, features a new soundtrack and ghostly and ghoulish projections inside the darkened roller coaster building, according to Screamscape.

The Halloween-themed fireworks show, hosted by “Master of Scaremonies” Jack Skellington of “Nightmare Before Christmas” fame, will include nods to Disney villains.

Many of those villains — Cruella de Vil (”101 Dalmatians”), Captain Hook (”Peter Pan”) and Queen of Hearts (”Alice in Wonderland”) — will also be wandering the theme park, signing autographs and passing out treats.

Across the way at Disney’s California Adventure, “Mickey’s Trick-or-Treat Party” will run on Oct. 2, 8, 9, 15, 16, 21, 22, 23 and 28-31. The separate-admission event — which includes games, music and a Disney character parade — lets costumed children trick-or-treat throughout the park.

MiceAge broke the news on both the Space Mountain overlay and Halloween fireworks over the past week.

TV station, bank extend life of fireworks display

Display location:McIntire Park
Date: annual July 4

Details: A local news organization has stepped up to save the annual July 4 fireworks at McIntire Park, just months after word got out that this year’s celebration could have been the city’s last show.

The Charlottesville Newsplex, which runs the TV stations CBS19, ABC16 and WAHU FOX27, will be the primary organizer and sponsor of the event that attracts throngs of area residents to Charlottesville’s centrally located park. StellarOne, an independent commercial bank that has branches in Charlottesville, will underwrite the event’s fireworks for the next two years.

The announcement of the Newsplex’s takeover came on Tuesday.

“Our desire is to hopefully take this event to the next level,” said Brad Ramsey, the news organization’s general manager.

The festival’s recent organizers — the Save the Fireworks Committee — said they could not afford to put on the event after this year because of financial strife. The committee twice took over management of the display — from the Charlottesville-Albemarle Jaycees in 2002 after the organization canceled the display a few weeks before Independence Day, and again after the Charlottesville Downtown Foundation bowed out after running the fireworks in 2003.

Read more about the fireworks’ future in Wednesday’s Daily Progress.

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Jul 16, 2009

Donations sought for fireworks display show Five years of corporate sponsorship ended with this year’s July 4 event at fairgrounds

Display location:Petaluma

Details: Will there be a fireworks show next year?

For five years, Petalumans haven’t had to ask that, thanks to a handful of local companies that have shelled out upwards of $40,000 for the annual July 4 event.

But the commitment of the show’s chief backers, Basin Street Properties and Shamrock Materials, has ended — leaving the city in search of new donors.

“We were fortunate we had them all these years,” said recreation supervisor Jan Mandrell, who organizes the fireworks show for the city. “We were very lucky to have that support, but like with everyone else, times are difficult.”

The city is embarking on a fund-raising campaign to replace the money previously donated by businesses, Mandrell said.

It costs between $42,000 and $45,000 for a typical show, with the bulk of the money — about $30,000 — paying for the pyrotechnics and the experts who set them off.

The rest of the funding supplies security, traffic control, fire protection and permits for the event, along with other logistical costs, she said.

Since 2005, Basin Street and Shamrock have split a $40,000 donation to the city, with Jerico and the Dutra Group also pitching in for 2008’s “biggest-ever” fireworks show in conjunction with the city’s 150th anniversary.

The remainder of the cost is usually made up with admissions fees and food sales at the Sonoma-Marin Fairgrounds, where the fireworks show takes place.

Mandrell is spearheading the new fund-raising effort, hoping to know by the end of this year whether the show will go on. The city begins seeking bids from fireworks providers in January, so officials need to know by then if enough funding is available, she said.

“Right now, we’re at a zero balance for next year,” she said.

Fund-raising notices will be going out in water bills and the city will be contacting potential sponsors in an effort to raise money, Mandrell said.

“I’ve been here since 1989 and I’ve done all the shows but one,” she said. “I’d hate to see it go away.”

Interested donors can contact Mandrell at 778-4380. Checks made out to “City of Petaluma/Fireworks” can be mailed to her at: Petaluma Community Center, 320 N. McDowell Blvd., Petaluma, 94954.

Fireworks company apologizes for brief Caldwell display

Display location:Caldwell
State: Idaho
Date: Fourth of July
Display company:Elite Pyrotechnics

Details: Elite Pyrotechnics, the company responsible for Caldwell's shorter-than-normal Fourth of July fireworks display, issued a written apology to the city and members of the community.

City officials have estimated this year's show lasted only about 9 minutes, compared to past shows which have passed the 20-minute mark.

Assistant to the Mayor Susan Miller said the city's agreement with the firm called for a $20,000 fee, but it is unclear at this point how much will be paid. "Nothing has been determined," she said. "The mayor is still working with that company and with the attorneys."

The written apology, issued by Elite owners Jeff and Nancy Wilde and Paul Wright, states:

"We are sorry and embarrassed. But most of all we are deeply sorry.

"The Fourth of July was the worst operational disaster in the eleven-year history of Elite Pyrotechnics Fireworks. You as a community anticipated a full firework production in your celebration of our country's freedom. Our failure, to plan for traveling, delays and other possible setbacks with our crew, and our inability of producing a full fireworks production that evening not only was a big disappointment to you, but disrupted your family plans and caused a lack of confidence in our company and your City Officials who plan these types of events.

"Words cannot express how truly sorry we are for the frustration, disappointments and inconvenience we caused.

"You as a community deserve better - a lot better - from us on the 4th. We are sorry that this unfortunate incident occurred."

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Jul 12, 2009

Fireworks display at Citizens Bank Park in South Philly

Display location:Citizens Bank Park
City: South Philadelphia
Date:July 10th
Show contact:

Details: Independence Blue Cross sponsors fireworks at Citizens Bank Park in South Philadelphia tomorrow and Friday night. The fireworks show will follow each Phillies game scheduled for those two nights.

On Thursday, July 9th, the Phillies play the Cincinnatti Reds. The following night, July 10th, the Phillies take on the Pittsburgh Pirates. Each game starts at 7:05 p.m. Once the games are complete, a spectacular fireworks display will light up the night over the ballpark.

Tickets for both games are available at the Phillies website.

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Jul 8, 2009

Nielsens: Fireworks for 'Boston Pops,' 'Hannah'

By Gary Levin
Talent climbs.NBC's America's Got Talent, again poised to be summer's top show, averaged 13.1 million viewers Tuesday, its biggest audience since last July. Wednesday's episode drew 11.4 million; a Tuesday repeat hit 8.2 million. The rest of the top 10 consisted entirely of CBS reruns.

Sparklers. CBS' Boston Pops Fireworks led Independence Day with 6.8 million viewers, up 15% from last year; NBC's Macy's Fourth of July Fireworks claimed 5.2 million, down slightly.

Pitching. The death of infomercial star Billy Mays boosted the season (and possibly series) finale of Discovery Channel's Pitchmen to 1.7 million viewers Wednesday, up from 1.2 million the previous week.

Tiny hit. The time-slot opener of BET's Tiny and Toya claimed a big 3.1 million viewers Tuesday and was down — but not by too much — from the record 3.8 million premiere behind the BET Awards the week before.

Hannah high. A special Hannah Montana Sunday, featuring the return of Cody Linley as boyfriend Jake, scored 6.9 million viewers, the show's highest in nearly two years.

Slow going. In what's typically the year's least-watched week of TV, the return of two canceled series, ABC's Samantha Who? (3.4 million Thursday) and Fox's Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader? (4.3 million Friday), tied or neared series lows. NBC's Kings (1.2 million) and ABC's Eli Stone (2.1 million) had their worst-yet outings Saturday.

Hitched ditched. CW's Hitched or Ditched quietly wrapped up with a series-low

1 million viewers Tuesday.

Dancing rears. The opener of Oxygen's Dance Your Ass Off claimed 1.3 million viewers Monday, marking the channel's biggest series premiere.

Jackson Idol A repeat of last season's American Idol performance episode featuring Michael Jackson songs drew a low 4.2 million viewers Monday.

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Jul 3, 2009

Fireworks display guide

Display location: Otsego Lake County Park
Date:July 4 at dusk
The Gaylord fireworks display will be shot off from the Otsego Lake County Park at dusk.

Display location: township park
Date:July 4
Johannesburg, Saturday, July 4
The Johannesburg Fourth of July Festival and Fireworks gets started with a parade at 11 a.m. from the school to M-32 to the township park. Opening ceremonies will be held at the township park at noon. Games, festivities, food concessions, arts and crafts will be available begining at noon with fireworks following in the evening.

Display location: Leviston city
Date:July 4
Lewiston, Saturday, July 4
Garland Resort will shoot off fireworks from the resort.

Display location: City Park at the I-75 Business Loop
State: MI
Date:July 4
Grayling, Saturday, July 4
The Grayling fireworks display will be shot off from the City Park at the I-75 Business Loop.

Display location:Boyne City

Date: July 4
Boyne City, Saturday, July 4
Boyne City offers all day food, games and concession stands, including, races, parades, arts and crafts show, live bands and fireworks.

Display location: Little Traverse Bay
Date:July 4
Petoskey, Saturday, July 4
A parade through downtown is scheduled for 6 p.m. with entertainment at the waterfront immediately following. Fireworks over Little Traverse Bay.

Display location:DeVoe Public Beach.
City:Indian River
Indian River, Friday, July 3
A parade in Indian River is slated for 1 p.m. and the fireworks will be shot off from DeVoe Public Beach.

Display location:Cheboygan County Fairgrounds
City: Cheboygan
Date:July 4
Cheboygan, Saturday, July 4
Cheboygan will kick off the holiday with a parade at 10 a.m. Fireworks will be held at Cheboygan County Fairgrounds on Lincoln Avenue.

Display location:Conkling Heritage Park
Date:July 4

Mackinaw City, Saturday, July 4
The Mackinaw City fireworks will be shot off from the Conkling Heritage Park, Mackinaw Crossings, marina lawn.

Display location:Torch and Fife Lakes
Date:July 4
Kalkaska, Saturday, July 4
The fireworks will be shot off from both Torch and Fife Lakes after a day of special events.

Source: and local Web sites

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Jul 2, 2009

July Fourth fireworks, parades, festivals planned across region

Towns in the surrounding region will be celebrating the Fourth of July in a number of different ways this year.

Display location:Silver City Galleria
Date:9:15 p.m Fourth of July
Taunton will be celebrating the Fourth of July with the annual Kiddies Day Carnival from 4 to 9:15 p.m. on July 1. Kiddies Day features rides, puppet shows, free hot dogs, sodas and ice cream. Fireworks will begin at 9:15 p.m. This year Kiddies Day is being held at the overflow lower parking lot at Silver City Galleria.

Bridgewater: Festivities will begin with the Battle of the Bands at 7 p.m. on July 3 at the East Bridgewater Commercial Club. The parade will begin at 10 a.m. on July 4. From 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. there will be an arts and crafts festival, food, games, and music at Boyden Hall, Bridgewater State College.

Display location: Brockton Fairgrounds
Date:10:30 p.m. July 1, 3, 4, 5,10
Brockton: Fireworks will be held at 10:30 p.m. July 1, 3, 4, 5,10 and 11 in conjunction with the annual Brockton Fair at the Brockton Fairgrounds.

Display location: Heritage State Park
City:Fall River
Date: 9 p.m Fourth of July
Fall River: A carnival will be held on July 3-5 from 5-10 p.m. Friday through Saturday and from noon to 5 p.m. on Sunday. On the Fourth of July there will be a concert from 6 to 9 p.m. with fireworks at 9 p.m. All events are weather permitting and will be held at Heritage State Park, Route 79.

Display location:Hathaway Park
Date:10 p.m July 3
Freetown: Beginning at 6 p.m. on July 3 there will be a fair and games at Hathaway Park with fireworks at 10 p.m. On Saturday July 4 the parade will begin at 10 a.m. at South Main and Water streets, Assonet.

Display location:Halifax Elementary School
Date: 9:15 p.m July 4
Halifax: A parade will begin at 9:30 a.m. on July 4 celebrating Independence Day and the town’s 275th anniversary. Games, music, and demonstrations will be held all day. Fireworks will begin at 9:15 p.m. at the Halifax Elementary School, Route 106.

Display location: Playground
Date:9 p.m. on July 3
Middleboro: The carnival at Peirce Playground, 26 Jackson St. will be held from July 1-5. Fireworks will be at 9 p.m. on July 3 at the Peirce Playground — rain date July 5. At 10 a.m. on July 4 will be the North Middleboro parade starting at the Pratt Free School. Races and games will resume at 1 p.m. at the Peirce Playground.

Must-see fireworks display show: Vegas to Rushmore to Cape Cod

NEW YORK — The recession has forced the cancellation of fireworks displays in a number of places around the country like Blue Springs, Missouri, and Mesa, Arizona. But many of the biggest and best-known displays will be nearly as spectacular as ever.

"Some larger displays have been trimmed a bit but nothing that will have a major impact on the industry," said Julie Heckman, executive director of the American Pyrotechnics Association.

The timing of the holiday, on a Saturday, has actually "helped the fireworks industry" in some places, said M. Philip Butler, spokesman for Grucci, the famous fireworks company. "Whenever it's a Saturday Fourth of July, we will have as much as a 50 percent increase in demand."

Grucci shows this year include displays in Dallas, Omaha, Nebraska, Hawaii and Portland, Maine, along with Station Casinos in Las Vegas and the Borgata Casino in Atlantic City, New Jersey.

Butler said "the most popular shell is still the happy face." And fireworks choreographed to music — often patriotic medleys, sometimes performed live — also remain popular, usually with radio simulcasts.

Patterns and shapes like stars, fish, hearts and cubes are becoming more prevalent, Heckman said. "The real challenge is making letters appear in the sky," she said. "It's really difficult to get an aerial shell to break so it looks like an Mand not a W."

Grucci's fireworks at the Hickam Air Force Base and Pearl Harbor in Hawaii are scheduled to send up the letters "USA" while the national anthem is played.

Heckman issues an annual list of "must-see" fireworks shows, but she says your local display may be just as much fun. "The low-level show, which you're not going to see in a big city skyline, can be prettier," she said. "And a lot of the fun of it is just the community involvement, hanging out and tailgating and waiting for that first burst."

What Heckman calls "star-spangled spectaculars" will take place as usual in New York City, Philadelphia, San Francisco, Washington and Boston, which is known for its famous Fourth of July Boston Pops concert, this year featuring Neil Diamond. But here are a dozen more fireworks displays recommended by the American Pyrotechnics Association, including a few scheduled for July 3:

Display location: Kaboom Town
Date:July 3
This Dallas suburb has a population of just 14,000 but tens of thousands of spectators turn out for the Kaboom Town fireworks held here each July 3.

Display location:Chicago
Date: July 3
CHICAGO: Chicago's annual July 3 event on the lake front is considered "one of the boldest, brightest, and biggest patriotic fireworks spectaculars of its kind," Heckman said. The city's Taste of Chicago event, June 26-July 5, is at the same location. Be prepared for massive crowds.

COLUMBUS, Ohio: The event known as "Red,White & BOOM!" is held July 3 near Veteran's Memorial in downtown Columbus. It's one of the largest in the Midwest after Chicago's, with a parade and 400,000 folks attending.

Display location:MOUNT RUSHMORE
State: South Dakot
Date:July 3
MOUNT RUSHMORE, South Dakota: This national monument hosts a glorious pyrotechnic display on July 3 that attracts 20,000 to 30,000 people. Officials say if you're planning to attend, be prepared to park anywhere from 1 to 3 miles (2 to 5 kilometers) away, and don't be in a hurry to leave as it can take an hour or more to clear roadways after the show.

Display location:Five Charlotte radio stations
State: North Carolina
Date:July Fourth
CHARLOTTE, North Carolina:
Five Charlotte radio stations will host viewing parties and will simulcast music for Uptown Charlotte's "Red, Whitee: and Boom" display July Fourth, a 20-minute computer designed "pyro-musical."

Display location:Cape Cod
Date:July Fourth
FALMOUTH, Massachusetts:
July Fourth fireworks on Cape Cod will honor Falmouth native Katharine Lee Bates, who was born 150 years ago and wrote the words to "America the Beautiful." The song will lead off a musical accompaniment to the pyrotechnics. Twitter updates on the fireworks are planned.

LAS VEGAS: This one-of-a-kind city is the location for a one-of-akind Fourth of July celebration,with integrated, simultaneous fireworks at nine Station Casinos, including Green Valley Ranch, Red Rock Resort, and Aliante Station, with a separate fireworks show at Mandalay Bay.

Display location:riverfron
Date: July Fourth
This is the 25th year for Nashville's "Let Freedom Sing" July Fourth fireworks on the riverfront, choreographed to live music by the Nashville Symphony. Pyrotechnics will include shells breaking 800 feet (244 meters) above the river, low-level fireworks from 10 spots along the shore, and fireworks that erupt from the surface of the Cumberland River.

Display location:Hickam Air Force Base and Pearl Harbor.
Date:July Fourth
OAHU, Hawaii: Fireworks will light up the skies July Fourth with a tribute to the U.S. military at Hickam Air Force Base and Pearl Harbor.e:

Display location:SOUTH LAKE TAHOE
Date:July Fourth fireworks
SOUTH LAKE TAHOE, Nevada: The "Lights on the Lake" July Fourth fireworks event can be seen from the beach, from boats on the lake and from the surrounding Sierra Nevada mountains.

Regional fireworks display and events

Display location:Havelock City Park
Date:9:30 p.m. July 4
HAVELOCK - Havelock Freedom Festival held at Havelock City Park from 10 a.m. to 9:30 p.m. Visitors can enjoy a day of old-fashioned contests, prizes and game booths. The day will close out with a fireworks display at 9:30 p.m.

Display location: Lawson Creek Park
Date:t 9 p.m July 4
NEW BERN - Fourth of July held at Lawson Creek Park from 3 to 9 p.m. Children can enjoy bounce houses, a giant slide, an obstacle course and misting tents from 3 to 8 p.m. Beginning at 7 p.m. there will be a reading of the Declaration of Independence by the Carolinian Shakespeare Festival, accompanied by patriotic music. Fireworks begin at 9 p.m., featuring meteors, crackling comets, stars, butterflies and peonies.

Display location: Neuseway Park
Date: 6 p.m July 4
KINSTON - Sand in the Streets and Fireworks at Neuseway Park at 6 p.m. Enjoy beach music, food and games during the Sand in the Streets concert. The Showmen will be performing live until the fireworks display begins.

Display loaction:Wilmingaton at Carolina Beach Boardwalk
Date:July 4th at dusk
WILMINGTON-Pleasure Island Fireworks Display held in Wilmington at Carolina Beach Boardwalk begins at dusk.

Display location: Carolinas
Date:9:05 p.m July 4
WILMINGTON -Riverfront Celebration and Battleship Blast held at the USS Battleship Memorial from 5 to 9 p.m. The 440th North Carolina Army National Guard Band will be providing patriotic music until the 13th annual Battleship Blast at 9:05 p.m. The Battleship Blast is the largest fireworks display in the Carolinas.

Display location:Town Commons
Date: July 4
GREENVILLE- Town Commons Fireworks held from 4 to 9:30 p.m. Food and music will also be provided to those visiting the Town Commons.

GOLDSBORO -Goldsboro Jaycees' Fourth of July Street Festival held from noon to 4 p.m. at Cornerstone Commons with the festival including arts and craft vendors as well as antique cars.

Display location:Walter B. Jones Town Commons
Date:9 p.m July 4
FARMVILLE- July Fourth Celebration at 6 p.m. at the Walter B. Jones Town Commons with the Little Sister Band performing oldies, pop and country songs to get the crowd dancing. The band will play until the fireworks display begins at 9 p.m.

Regional events

ATLANTIC BEACH -Fort Macon State Park at Atlantic Beach offers cannon firings July 4 at 10:30 and 11:30 a.m.; 1:30, 2:30, and 3:30 p.m. and view the firing process of a Civil War cannon.

Civil War Musket demonstration held July 4 at 10:30 a.m. and 2:30 p.m. Learn about the firing process of the Civil War musket.

NEW BERN-Tryon Palace Historic Sites and Gardens will hold a reading of the Declaration of Independence at 11 a.m. July 4. Visitors can enjoy the performances by the Fife and Drum Corps, along with free family entertainment including crafts and games for children from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. Colonial characters will present view of those loyal to the crown and supporting the colony's independence.

KINSTON - July Fourth Naturalization ceremony held at 10 a.m. July 4 at Harmony Hall to swear in new U.S. citizens. Candidates for citizenship are evaluated and approved by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security. Candidates from all around the world will receive their citizenship.

Display location:Cape Fear River
Date:July 4
WILMINGTON-Fourth of July Cruise aboard the Henrietta III Riverboat from 6:30 to 9:30 p.m. boarding downtown on Dock Street. A buffet dinner including baked chicken, barbecue pork, green beans, baked beans, potato salad, coleslaw, dessert, coffee and tea. The cruise will offer a view of the Battleship Blast fireworks over the Cape Fear River. Cost is adults, $59 and children (2-12), $39.

Display location:Winner Party Boat
Date:July 4
WILMINGTON-Winner Party Boat July Fourth Cruise aboard the Winner Party Boat boarding from Carolina Beach Marina at 6:30 p.m. A buffet dinner including barbecued baby back ribs, honey-baked beans, macaroni salad, coleslaw, hot garlic rolls, dessert and iced tea. View the Southport Fireworks Show as the boat glides down the Cape Fear River. Cost is adults, $50, Children (12 and under) $35.

Display location: Lou-Mac Park
Date: 9:30 p.m July 4
ORIENTAL - The Croaker Festival 2009 held at Lou-Mac Park begins at 4 p.m. July 4 with the Pamlico Band performing following with The Pamlico Chorale. Kids Park opens at 6 p.m. with putt-putt golf and games. Street dance at 8 p.m. featuring The Soul Shakers. Croaker Festival Parade held at 10 a.m. Sunday with Kids Park opening at 11:45 a.m. and music begins on the main stage. Croaker Festival Regatta with races starting at 2 p.m. Street dance begins at 6 p.m. and Fireworks over the harbor at 9:30 p.m.

CLIFFS OF THE NEUSE - Seven Springs at Cliffs of the Neuse State Park offers a nature hike at 2 p.m. July 4. Park Ranger Joel will lead a group through the Spanish Moss Trail along the cliffs' edge with views of the Neuse River below. The hike is free. Children and adults alike can enjoy an afternoon of swimming ($3 for children, $4 for adults) in the 11-acre man-made lake that is equipped with a diving platform.