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Nov 25, 2009

Fireworks display at Moncton

Display location:New Brunswick

Details: MONCTON, N.B. — The Olympic torch will make its way to New Brunswick today, crossing the Confederation Bridge after spending the weekend on P.E.I.

The flame will pass through Port Elgin, Cap-Pele and stop in Shediac for a community celebration before moving on to Sackville, Memramcook and Dieppe.

It will then figure prominently in opening ceremonies for the new stadium at University of Moncton.

Moncton Mayor George LeBlanc promises the inaugural event will be "one to remember" with stage entertainment reflecting the city's cultural diversity, as well as a massive fireworks display.

The torch will be carried onto the Olympic Stage by Special Olympian Chris Briggs.

Fireworks displays illuminated at Hotel Sorella opening

Display location:Houston's main square at CityCentre
City: Houston

Details: The Hotel Sorella opened with a bang Saturday night as several outdoor fireworks displays illuminated the main square at CityCentre and dancers twirled fire batons and hoops to herald the biggest thing to hit Houston's west side in a long time.

Although the temperature outside was cool, the temperature inside was red hot as more than 2,000 guests jammed the hotel, spreading across the lobby and fanning out beside the cabana-lined swimming pool into the Monna Lisa lounge, where revelers danced around a fire pit - do we detect a theme here?

Guests were granted a VIP peak at the plush penthouse suites on the 11th and 12th floor, causing long waits at the elevators. On the main floor, Alex Brennan-Martin was all smiles as his Bistro Alex was packed.

A lot of people who live in the area seemed particularly pleased to have a new open-air development with the chic boutique hotel (owned by the Valencia Group), restaurants and shops where Town & Country mall once stood. The CityCentre complex has a gigantic Anthropologie shop, a Studio Movie Grill theater, and such trendy restaurants as Straits and Ra Sushi.

Seen in the crowd: Susan and Mike Plank, Deanna LeBlanc-Anon, Fox Sports' Steve McNair and wife Paula, Mauney Mafrige, Blake Tartt, Tami Dias and Ceron.

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Nov 24, 2009

Christmas in the Park opens Wednesday with fireworks show

Display location:Longview Lake Park

Details: KANSAS CITY, Mo.--- Christmas in the Park, located in the Longview Campgrounds at Longview Lake, is a favorite for Kansas City residents and visitors.

With more than 300,000 lights and 175 animated figures, guests will need to make sure they have plenty of gas and time to experience the whole trip.

Christmas in the Park opens for its 22nd year Wednesday Nov. 25 and runs through Dec. 31. Hours are Sunday through Thursday from 5:30 p.m. to 10 p.m.. Friday and Saturday hours are 5:30 p.m. to 11p.m. Admission is free, but donations for local charities are accepted.

Wednesday’s opening night will be celebrated with Christmas in the Sky. This event will include live music, a holiday stage show, and conclude with fireworks.

Gates open at 5 p.m. There is no charge for this event. Hot chocolate is available in the tent. This program is located at the Longview Lake Beach in Longview Lake Park.

To get to Christmas in the Park, follow Highway 50 west to Lee’s Summit. Take the Third Street exit. Turn left onto Third Street. Continue on 3rd Street, which becomes SW Longview Road. Follow local signs that say “Christmas in the Park.”

To get to Christmas in the Sky, follow Highway 50 west to Lee’s Summit. Take the 3rd Street exit. Turn left onto 3rd Street. From Third Street, turn right onto View High Drive. Turn left onto E. 109th Street. Then turn left onto Raytown Road. Follow local signs to beach area.

For more information about Christmas in the Sky and Christmas in the Park, you may visit

Fireworks Show at Homestead-Miami Speedway

Display location:Homestead-Miami Speedway
State: Fla.

Details: HOMESTEAD, Fla. -- The fireworks that filled the night-time sky following the end of the Ford 400 weren't the only ones to go off Sunday at Homestead-Miami Speedway.

The others blasted off much earlier during the 267-lap race at the 1.5-mile track, when drivers Juan Montoya and Tony Stewart bumped and banged and wrecked each other on two different occasions, providing the most entertaining moments of Jimmie Johnson's championship-clinching run.

Those fireworks started on Lap 116 when it appeared Montoya, driving the No. 42 Chevrolet, bumped Stewart's No. 14 Chevy from behind. Stewart almost immediately seemed to retaliate by turning down into Montoya's car, causing the right-front tire of the No. 42 to go flat, sending it into the wall (watch video).

That tore up the right side of Montoya's machine and sent him to the garage to get it fixed. When he returned 30 laps later, it seemed he quickly set his sights on getting even with Stewart.

Chad Knaus, crew chief for Johnson, even told the No. 48 team's spotter, Earl Barban, to find out where Montoya and Johnson were on the track and instructed Johnson to give the frisky pair a wide berth as soon as Montoya emerged from the garage and got back into the fray.

"Earl, keep an eye on the 42 and the 14. The 42 is back on the race track and the 14 is unfortunately ahead of us," Knaus told Barban.

Brian Pattie, Montoya's crew chief, later admitted: "If we had been going for a championship and I saw all that stuff happening, I would have told my driver the same thing."

On Lap 155, Pattie's driver booted Stewart from behind, sending the No. 14, which had been in contention for a strong finish and possibly even the win, spinning off into oblivion. Although Stewart wasn't penalized for the first portion of the incident, Montoya was black-flagged by NASCAR and parked for two laps

The scuffles ruined the nights of both drivers. Montoya ended up finishing 38th and dropped two spots to eighth in the final Chase standings. Stewart, who lost one lap and fell to 33rd after getting spun and having to pit under green, eventually did gain his lap and several positions back, but had to settle for a 22nd-place finish that dropped him to sixth in the final standings.

As irony would have it, the two entered the race fifth and sixth in points, respectively -- meaning their haulers were parked right next to each other all weekend in the garage. But there were no additional post-race fireworks from either driver -- at least not that the public could see or hear.

Montoya drove in after the race first and quickly stormed off after climbing from his car. Stewart came in next and lingered only a little before disappearing into his hauler. He sent word through a spokesman about 10 minutes later that he would not be discussing the incidents with reporters.

That left the crew chiefs to try to explain what happened. Unfortunately, they more or less said they didn't have a clue.

"I haven't seen all the replays, so I don't know what exactly happened when," said Darian Grubb, crew chief for Stewart. "But they were racing each other hard, and they both got frustrated."

Pattie smiled and added: "I asked the crew chief on the 14 what happened, and he said he didn't know, either. So we'll just have to go back and look at the tape like we always do, and try to see what happened. All I saw was the right side [of the 42] went flat, he got into the wall, and we were headed to the garage.

"We'll figure it out. We definitely don't need this stuff heading into next year."

The two crew chiefs did end up speaking with each other afterward. Eventually, they shrugged shoulders and had a laugh about it after agreeing that any lingering bad feelings between the drivers needs to be flushed from all systems before the 2010 season opens with the Daytona 500 next February.

"It didn't help us; it didn't help him," Pattie said. "We fell a couple of spots in the points; he ended up out of the top five, when both of us had a fighting chance to finish there. I don't know. We'll see what happens. I mean, Tony is a friend of mine so we'll see what happens."

Both crew chiefs also agreed that the two cars were fast before the fireworks exploded in their collective faces.

"We were going to go out on a high note," Grubb said. "We wanted to win this race and we had the car to do it. We led some laps. We fell back a couple of times because of pit sequences or whatever, and we were always able to drive right back up to the front.

"We were really hopeful. Then the sun went down, the track got a little cooler, and our car started getting off a little bit while others started picking it up a bit. We just got the best we could out of it at that point."

Well, it didn't help getting turned by Montoya. Then again, Pattie said he thought his camp had a top-five car as well before the beating and banging with Stewart commenced.

"We're still building. We're still a new team, when you think about it. It's only my first full-time year in the Cup Series," said Pattie, who was on the pit box for 19 poles and 18 wins in the Nationwide Series before moving to Cup late last season. "If I knew it was going to be like this all the time, I should have switched a long time ago.

"[Juan] buys into the system. We've changed some stuff and started clicking this season, but I don't want to be a one-hit wonder. We do a lot of things and we're pretty meticulous about what we do, so we can perform the second time around [at tracks] even better [than the first]. I think we proved that in the second half of this season, and we'll try to carry that over to all of the tracks next season. I want to take what we had the last 15, 18 races and build on it. This was a brand-new race car that easily had another top-five [finish] in it."

Pattie said the only thing he said to Montoya while the car was in the garage getting fixed was to remind him to keep it at the minimum speed. But he also later admitted that he was not all that surprised when his driver tangled a second time with Stewart.

"That's not a very good recipe, to be honest with you," Pattie said. "We'll watch the tape and see that it doesn't happen again."

Pattie added that he was not too upset with Montoya.

"It shows you that he wants to be here, and that he's not going to be pushed around," Pattie said. "He's fiery, and he's going to stay that way. It's in there; it's in him. We just calmed him down to get him points racing [earlier this season]. He didn't start it [with Stewart], I don't think. He just finished it."

Grubb added: "It's just racers racin' hard. A lot of common sense goes out the window when you're racing as hard as you can. We weren't thinking about points, we were thinking about winning the race -- and we thought Juan was racing a little too hard right there. That happens. Juan's a great race-car driver and so is Tony. Both of their common senses went out the window altogether there."

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Nov 21, 2009

Fireworks Show to the NFL Game

Display location:Cleveland Browns Stadium
City: Cleveland
State: Ohio.
Date:November 16

Details: Everyone from the announcers to the media to the fans were ragging on our Ravens about the boring, unoriginal and "flat" play last night in their 16-0 shutout victory over the woeful Cleveland Browns. The offense could only muster a little under 300 yards of total offense that was giving up an average of over 400 yards per game. They joined the Browns in combining to have the only non-scoring first half in the 2009 NFL season thus far. The Ravens could only muster 9 points of scoring offense all game, and scored 13 of their 16 points in a 17 second span of the third quarter.

But as the title suggests, perhaps the Ravens played "flat" on purpose for a reason that borders on strategy with a side helping of over confidence?

Everyone knew the Ravens were clearly the better team going into the game and it wouldn't be surprising to know that the team was likely already looking ahead to their next two opponents, much less the remainder of the season. While the team knew it desperately needed a win to remain in the hunt for a post season berth, they probably figured that just short of showing up was going to be good enough to pull out a win, as ugly as it may look to the rest of the football world watching last night.

I'm sure the team knew what it had to do to win the game, and only opened the playbook far enough to get the job done. Without revealing anything in that binder of formations that the Indianapolis Colts and the Pittsburgh Steelers could practice to prevent, the Ravens just concentrated in bullying the Browns enough to score more points while playing solid defense. Hence the game totals in plays ran from scrimmage, 36 rushing versus only 19 passes. The 19 passing attempts include an ill-timed 3rd down trick play with Ray Rice trying to get the ball downfield to a wide open Todd Heap, underthrowing him for an incompletion. Why they even brought out that play, much less on a third and two where they could have probably just ran the ball for the first down with the game in hand at that point confounded me as well as the announcers.

So before you decide to go off on the team for its bland game plan, try to see that the coaching staff couldn't care less what everyone thinks about their strategy as long as it ends with a victory, which it did. They may be a lot smarter than they are given credit for, as they got the win without revealing anything unusual about the game plan that the Colts and Steelers can take away from the game. However, the defense did shut out an NFL team, which has only happened a handful of times this season and is still a sense of pride regardless of the team they beat. This defense needed this shutout and can use the solid play from many of the guys who have not gotten a lot of reps this year, such as Dwan Edwards, Lardarius Webb, Jameel McClain and even Paul Kruger. Both corners played well, especially Fabian Washington against the run. Terrell Suggs has every reason to be angry at Brady Quinn, who had no reason whatsoever to be blocking Suggs after throwing an interception, much less below the knees and his post game excuse was obviously lame. Losing Suggs for the next stretch of games will hurt this team, as well as the loss of safety Haruki Nakamura, who broke his right ankle on the opening kickoff and should miss the rest of the season. Get well props to both of them, along with Tavares Gooden who suffered another concussion and Todd Heap, who bruised his chest late in the game.

On the Browns side, here's hoping return man Josh Cribbs is okay after taking a hard shot on the game's final play, although Dwan Edwards hit was legal and besides, the play was a stupid one for a team trailing by 16 points.

Finally, we can't end this post without mentioning the pathetic job our placekicker has done all season. Sorry to call you out Steven Hauschka, but when you put on the team's colors, you are in the spotlight and are only as good as your kicks, which have been hooking left since the first game of the season. Missing those easy ones will keep the talk about letting Matt Stover go fresh on the tongues on your detractors. While I was in favor of replacing Stover, he was money inside the 40 but was shaky beyond that. You are missing wide left regardless of the distance and have pretty much proven that the pressure of kicking in the NFL is well beyond your capabilities. Now the team should be signing someone else as they have tried out other kickers but for some reason decideed to give you another chance, which you blew big time last night. While the readers of The Beatdown know whom I'd like to see here, at this point I'm sure everyone agrees that anyone other than you will be an upgrade, as there can't be a single person over at One Winning Drive that secretly or openly has any confidence when you trot onto the field.

Other than that, I'm not discouraged, I'm satisfied that we are where we needed to be before last night to set us up for the next two games which will absolutely define our season and with that, our post season.

Gardendale Christmas parade to feature fireworks show

Display location: Gardendale Christmas parade,north Jefferson County
Date:Dec.3 at 6pm
Show or cal at 631-9195

Details:The largest parade in north Jefferson County will offer a new and explosive twist this year.

A huge fireworks show will kick off the Gardendale Christmas parade on Dec. 3 at 6 p.m.

The fireworks will be shot a safe distance from the parade crowd, but Alan Hall said that everyone will be able to see the show from their spot along the parade route.

Jeff Dennis Jewelers is sponsoring the fireworks.

The parade will start immediately following the fireworks.

This year’s theme is “A Cartoon Christmas” and is meant to make the parade special for children.

“We’re really pushing for schools, daycares and churches to be involved,” said Hall. “We want this to be something that everybody will enjoy.”

The cost to enter the parade is $50 for businesses and $35 for nonprofit organizations. Deadline to enter is Dec. 1.

For more information, email Hall at or call the chamber office at 631-9195 and leave a message.

Fireworks Show and rock as Czechs celebrate Velvet Revolution

Display location: Prague
City: Prague

Details: Prague, Czech Republic (CNN) -- Fireworks and rock 'n' roll echoed across central Prague on Tuesday as thousands of marchers commemorated the 20th anniversary of the "Velvet Revolution" that toppled Communist rule.

The peaceful 1989 uprising began with a student march to mark a 1939 clampdown on opposition in what was then Nazi-occupied Czechoslovakia. It drew 15,000 people -- students as well as teachers, professors and ordinary Czechs who had grown weary of state control.

Ivan Pilip, one of the students who took part, said the march "was very different" from previous demonstrations he had joined.

"There was a different group of people," he said. "We feel that people that participated in such events before had come, and they're ready to do something. And it was more and more visible every minute."

Video: Czech free market move 'shaky'

Video: Czecho-Slovak reconciliation
Czech Republic
The protest was held a week after the opening of the Berlin Wall, as pressure was building on the Communist governments of Eastern Europe. When the demonstrators tried to divert the march to central Prague's Wenceslas Square, they were attacked by police -- a response that led tens of thousands more people to join mass demonstrations that lasted another 10 days.

"My kids cannot understand today what was moving our minds and hearts that day 20 years ago," Pilip's wife, Lucie, said Tuesday. "We watched television today to show them what we had come through these 20 years, and I think it's an enormous success."

The protests led to talks between government officials and the Civic Forum, a group of dissidents led by playwright Vaclav Havel. The Communist Party ceded power in December, and Havel became president.

"Many of our citizens who took part in the democratic changes died already with a feeling that they contributed to something that meant a lot," Havel said Tuesday. "In our ordinary, daily lives, we tend to forget our friends of that time -- our comrades, free-thinking individuals."

The anniversary march was capped by a concert that featured dissident musicians of the day, along with American folk singer Joan Baez.

Havel himself appeared onstage with a guitar, but told the crowd, "Don't worry, the guitar doesn't mean I'm going to play today."

Musicians, actors and other artists played major roles in the protests. Michael Kocab, now the Czech Republic government's human rights minister, was a rock singer who became the revolutionaries' key negotiator.

"In the beginning there was many times this idea, 'What am I doing here,'" Kocab told CNN recently. "I knew in the future I'd get used to it. And five or 10 days later, I forgot I was a musician and I submerged myself in political negotiations. And I liked it."

The celebration was organized by Opona, a nonprofit group established to observe the milestone anniversary of the dismantling of the Iron Curtain.

"Our inspiration to do this was from our memories -- we still remember the times that preceded the events," said David Gaydecka, one of the organizers. "We believe that the changes in those 20 years have been positive despite all those maladies which came along with the freedom."

Disney World Fireworks Show

Display location:Tomorrowland Terrace Noodle Station
Date: December 31
Show contact:1-407-WDW-INFO.

Details: For the first time, Disney World guests who celebrate New Year's Eve at the Magic Kingdom can enjoy an exclusive dining experience that culminates with reserved seating for the holiday Wishes! fireworks show.

Disney World and Orlando vacation ideas, deals, and steals
This special New Year's Eve package includes a two-hour, all-you-can-eat dinner with dessert, according to the official Disney Parks Blog. The event will be held at 6:30 p.m. and 8:30 p.m. on December 31 at the Tomorrowland Terrace Noodle Station, located to the east of Main Street, U.S.A. The restaurant's outdoor patio offers one of the best views of the Magic Kingdom fireworks.

One reason to take advantage of this offer is that the sit-down dinner gives park guests a break from the intense New Year's Eve crowds at the Magic Kingdom. Additionally, guests can feast upon fresh fruits, assorted cheeses, sushi, salads, seared tuna, artisan breads, beef short-ribs, and carved pork. Popular kids foods such as macaroni and cheese and chicken nuggets will also be available. The meal also includes a festive dessert table and non-alcoholic sparkling beverages.

The Magic Kingdom does not serve alcohol, but Disney World's other three theme parks, resort hotels, and Downtown Disney offer champagne, spirits, gourmet beer, and wine to ring in the New Year.

The Magic Kingdom's New Year's Eve Wishes! dining experience costs $139.99 for guests age 10 and up and $69.99 for guests ages 3 to 9. Children under 3 can dine for free.

The Magic Kingdom also offers the Fantasy in the Sky Dessert Party at 9:50 p.m., which includes a deluxe buffet with a variety of desserts and non-alcoholic beverages. The dessert party costs $35.99 for guests age 10 and up and $19.99 for guests ages 3 to 9. It offers a tasty opportunity to escape the crowds and celebrate the New Year.

Theme park admission is required for both events, and Disney Dining Plan entitlements may not be used toward the purchase of event packages. Both events must be prepaid at the time of reservation.

For more information, call 1-407-WDW-INFO.

View more photos of Walt Disney World at photographer James Chapman's official Web site.

For the latest Walt Disney World news and advice, sign up for a free subscription to the only daily Walt Disney World column.

200,000 expected for Pittsburgh's Fireworks Show Light Up Night

Display location:Roberto Clemente Bridge
Date:9:10 p.m. Friday Nov.20

Details: PITTSBURGH - About 200,000 people are expected in downtown Pittsburgh for Light Up Night, which marks the beginning of the holiday shopping season.

Various arts attractions, and a party on the Roberto Clemente Bridge, are part of the festivities. Marching bands, the traditional unveiling of Macy's department store window display are also on tap. A fireworks display at 9:10 p.m. Friday caps off the celebration.

With daytime temperatures forecast in the mid-50s, organizers say the crowd could be larger this year. The temperature is supposed to remain in the 40s throughout the evening.

Fireworks Show on Sunday's American Music Awards

Display location:LOS ANGELES

Details: LOS ANGELES — Jennifer Lopez plans to include a boxing ring, fireworks and an on-stage costume change in her performance. "American Idol" runner-up Adam Lambert will incorporate leather, chains and handcuffs into his.

Each will perform their new singles on Sunday's American Music Awards, which honors the year's top-selling artists in eight popular genres.

Broadcast live from the Nokia Theatre, the show is to feature performances by more than a dozen artists, including Rihanna, Whitney Houston, Green Day, Lil' Wayne, Lady Gaga, Eminem, Jay-Z and Carrie Underwood.

Janet Jackson will open the program with a medley of songs, but producer Larry Klein wouldn't say whether her performance would be a tribute to Michael Jackson. Said Klein: "It's a surprise."

Fireworks Show on BALLARAT GOLF CLUB

Display location:Ballarat
Country: Australia

Details: FIREWORKS held as part of the Ballarat Golf Club's opening celebrations on Thursday night were strictly monitored, according to the CFA.
The Courier Yesterday received several complaints from Alfredton residents, concerned that fireworks were allowed on a day of total fire ban.

However, a CFA spokesman said 30 to 40 exemption permits were issued in the Ballarat region, and hundreds around the state, under section 40 of the CFA Act, which states that "permits may be issued

for essential work purposes on days of total fire ban".

Activities allowed include welding, cutting and/or grinding, heating and spreading of bitumen, industrial heat testing, cooking in the open for catering purposes, lighting a fire for public entertainment

purposes and using LPG burners for hot-air ballooning

The act also states that: "These permits are not automatically granted and if granted, the user will have to abide by strict conditions that are set out on the permit. If these conditions are not followed,

the permit will be revoked and may be subject to criminal charges."

The CFA spokesman said the operations manager can also revoke the permit if there are extreme fire dangers.

The spokesman said the fireworks company applied for the permit once a day of total fire ban was declared.

"The incident controller inspected the site. The fireworks were held in the middle of a golfing fairway and a sprinkler system was used immediately afterwards," the spokesman said.

"The weather conditions were checked and there was no wind.

"Even though it was a day of total fire ban, the Ballarat region hasn't entered its fire danger period yet."

The spokesman said a public notice had also been placed in The Courier.

"The process is very stringent and it was followed to the letter."

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Nov 20, 2009

Fireworks display set to go off at 10 a.m. Thursday when Macks, Hilltoppers meet

Display location:Camp Randall Stadium

Details: If there’s one word to describe Thursday’s WIAA Division 7 state title game between McDonell and Burlington Catholic, it’s dynamic.

Whether it’s about javascript:void(0)the run and pass games of McDonell or the arm and feet of Burlington Catholic quarterback Brian Fliess, the word seems to apply.

“It creates a problem,” Burlington Catholic coach Tom Aldrich said. “I mean, you never know what they’re going to do. The defense, they just got to trust their keys and play football. You can’t just tell yourself, ‘OK, we know they’re going to run on this play or going to pass.’ It keeps you on our toes and keeps you honest.”

He added that he has faced only one team with McDonell’s balance this season as his squad goes for a second straight state championship and its 27th win in 28 tries Thursday at 10 a.m. in Camp Randall Stadium in Madison.

Aldrich said that the multi-dimensional offense comes down to three main players — quarterback Andy Davis, receiver Derek Watton and running back Alex Hiess.

“They’ve got a three-headed monster,” he said. “We can’t just focus on one or the other. It’s a dilemma we have on defense.”

The Macks have certainly made the most of all those offensive weapons lately, especially with starting running back Hiess back to full-time duty.

Hiess played the whole game at running game in the state semifinal against Gilman, collecting 156 yards and three touchdowns. It was the first full contest at running back since he strained his medial collateral ligament (MCL) on Oct. 16, though he has seen extensive play at linebacker.

Aldrich said that his team is stronger versus the run than the pass.

“We’ve been pretty stout against the run with the exception of one game,” he said. “With passing, we’re daring teams to throw.”

Odds are the Macks take them up on that dare.

Davis has found Watton for big plays in the playoffs and with Burlington Catholic putting plenty of men in the box against the run, Watton will have opportunities against cornerbacks.

“We isolate them, they put them on an island,” Aldrich said. “They play man-to-man, we hug the line of scrimmage from the start of the play so they’re definitely on an island and they got to make sure they can cover.”

For the McDonell defense, there’s good news and bad news.

The good news comes from the size advantage the line has. While McDonell has a few starters tipping the scales at 200 pounds, the Hilltoppers have none.

“In my honest opinion, I don’t think they’ve seen a defensive line like ours,” McDonell coach Todd Brown said.

The bad news comes from a crucial injury at linebacker. Brown said that top tackler and team leader Landon Bresina will be out of the state final after tearing his MCL against Gilman. Brown speculated the anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) could have gone too.

Brown said Lucas Roth will now fill in and go to the outside with Jake Bohl on the inside.

Zach Feldhake and Clint Abramczak will fill in on offense, where Bresina plays back.

“We lose something on both sides with Landon out but we hope guys step up,’ Brown said.

Defensively, the Macks will be going against a spread option offense that it hasn’t seen much of this season.

Brown compared it to the offenses of conference foes Marathon and Phillips, teams McDonell lost to 21-20 and beat 14-12, respectively.

At the helm of the Burlington Catholic offense is the dynamic Fliess. Fliess is the team’s leading rusher with 1,128 yards and 17 touchdowns to go with his 1,762 passing yards and 22 scoring throws.

“Fliess is such a good runner,” Brown said. “He’s quick and he’s shifty. We just got to be aware of him, that’s the first and foremost thing.”

Will Paulus has been Fliess’ deep threat with 698 yards and 14 touchdowns while Sam Wagner is the top running back with 925 yards and 18 touchdowns. Wagner’s 2009 campaign saw him miss four games with a fractured thumb.

With an offense that runs a lot of misdirection, Brown said his big defensive line will have to control the gaps at the line of scrimmage to be successful.

While that line and the team overall has the size advantage, Brown said that doesn’t necessarily give Burlington Catholic the edge when it comes to speed.

“Nobody thought we could match Gilman’s speed either,” he said. “We played fast teams all year. Edgar, Marathon, Gilman, Plum City — all fast.”

Another possible Burlington Catholic edge that Aldrich ruled out was state experience.

His Hilltoppers won the Division 7 state title game last year with a 37-14 win over Hilbert while McDonell is making its first trip to state since joining the WIAA in 2000.

Aldrich said that familiarity with the setting and atmosphere won’t make a difference.

“Everyone has nerves,” he said. “It’s the game you prepare for all offseason and dream of during the season. They’ll all have nerves but when the game starts, they go away and it’s all up to the kids.”

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Nov 18, 2009

A small fireworks diaplay at Clark County

Display location: Clark County

Details: KAHOKA, Mo. — Just prior to kickoff, Clark County treated fans in attendance at the Class 2 quarterfinals to a small fireworks display on Saturday afternoon.

A few minutes later, visiting Centralia provided its own fireworks. The Panthers opened the game with a 75-yard scoring pass which sparked a 34-6 victory over the Indians, who saw their 27-game winning streak snapped.

Centralia quarterback Scott Rodgers hit a streaking Holden Meyers up the right sideline just 14 seconds into the game for a 7-0 lead.

"We were supposed to run a short route that time," said Rodgers, who finished 12 of 22 passing for 225 yards and two touchdowns. "We just read the defense and they tried to play up close on our receivers ... so we just threw it deep and scored on the play."

Clark County coach Matt Smith didn't think the play should have come as a surprise.

"We knew they were going to come out and throw it deep early and often," Smith said. "We let them get behind us and you can't let that happen."

The score was the first of three in the first quarter for the top-ranked Panthers (13-0). Dane Bramon scored on a 5-yard run with 1:31 left in the quarter. Following an Indians fumble, Rodgers scampered 11 yards for another touchdown on the final play of the quarter for a 19-0 lead.

Early in the second quarter, Jeremy Logsdon intercepted a Rodgers pass at the Panthers' 35-yard line, seemingly bringing new life to the Indians.

However, on the next play Indians quarterback Justin Oilar was intercepted on a deep pas. Centralia turned that into points when Ethan Massey capped a 10-play, 78-yard drive with 26-yard touchdown reception from Rodgers for a 27-0 lead that stood at halftime.

"We try to be really aggressive and try not conservative when we can..." Smith said. "...We try to go for the throat when we can and my thinking has always been in a sudden change situation. They get a turnover and their heads are down a little bit, let's take a shot.

"The thing about the second quarter was our kids kept fighting, we didn't let 19 to nothing turn into 38 to nothing. We held them to 27."

Things stayed quiet until an early fourth-quarter drive by Clark County was stopped at the 1-yard line after a fumble by Oilar. It didn't take long for Centralia to counter as Bramon ripped off a 68-yard touchdown run giving the Panthers a 34-0 lead.

With 6 minutes remaining, Ryan Whiston caught a 55-yard Oilar pass up the right sideline for a touchdown. The Indians would recover the ensuing onside kick, but a four-and-out ended any hope for a comeback.

Centralia outgained the Indians 490-285, led by Bramon who rushed for 224 yards on 26 carries and a pair of scores. Oilar led the Indians with 161 passing yards, along with five rushes for 40 yards.

The loss, although bitter, takes nothing away from Clark County (12-1), the defending Class 2 state champions.

"Sitting here now, I'm glad that we can get to 12-1 and lose a game like this and be disappointed," Smith said. "That says a lot about where our program is and the expectations that our kids have of themselves."

Midwest's largest and longest fireworks light show

Display location:Wayne County Parks
City: Westland
Show contact: (734) 261-1990.

Details:Wayne County Parks will host the Lightfest opening ceremony at 6 p.m. Thursday at the Merriman Hollow Area along Hines Drive in Westland

The ceremony will include fireworks, music and light refreshments.

Lightfest features more than 35 giant animated displays and more than one million lights. It's the Midwest's largest and longest light show. The complete Lightfest route is over four miles of Hines Drive. The holiday light display is open 7 p.m. to 10 p.m. through Dec. 31. It will be closed Christmas Day. There is a $5 donation per car.

Dec. 1, 8 and 15 will be Toy Nights. Wayne County will be lending a hand to provide toys to disadvantaged children in Wayne County. On those three nights, the community is invited to bring a new, unwrapped toy in lieu of the suggested $5 donation fee. Visitors also can make the donation.

Wayne County considers the donations an opportunity for the people of the community to partner with the county in an effort to make a difference in children's lives.

At the walk-through display area, visitors can stop by Santa's Workshop at the Warrendale Area for refreshments and gift shopping. Santa will be there from Thanksgiving until Dec. 23. Don't forget to bring letters to Santa. Outside of Santa's workshop there will be a giant mailbox where kids of all ages can drop off their letters to Santa.

Although Lightfest begins at 7 p.m., Hines Drive will be closed to traffic beginning at 5:45 p.m. nightly. Visitors enter Wayne County Lightfest at Hines Drive and Merriman in Westland.

Lightfest is provided in partnership with Fox 2 News, the Friends of Wayne County Parks, DTE Energy, DBT Marketing and Promotional Group, Garden City Hospital, ITC Holdings, McDonald Modular, Entertainment Express Luxury Limousine, Michigan Mountain Biking Association, and Trails Edge store.

People also can sign up for the 13th Annual Wayne County Lightfest 8K Fun Run/Walk at 7 p.m. Tuesday, Nov. 17 Participants will have an opportunity to travel the Lightfest display route on foot. For bike enthusiasts, there's the Bike Through the Lights at 7 p.m. Wednesday, Nov. 18.

There will be post-race food for both events, along with free long sleeve T-shirts and glow necklaces. Registration is $20 in advance for adults and $25 on race day. High school students and younger pay $12. Both events will take place in Hines Park-Merriman Hollow area.

Registration forms can be downloaded from the parks' Web site at or picked up at the Nankin Mills Interpretive Center in Westland or Total Runner store in Southgate.

For more information on Wayne County Lightfest, call (734) 261-1990.

City lights tree Dec. 4 amid fireworks show and giveaway of bicycles

Display location:Fort Stanwix Parking Garage
Date:Dec. 4
Display company:American Fireworks

Details: The city’s Christmas tree lighting ceremony will be held on Friday, Dec. 4, with Santa Claus presiding over festivities and fireworks and a bicycle giveaway in Veterans and Gansevoort parks on North James Street.

The free event will run from 6-8 p.m. Mayor James F. Brown and Santa will throw the switch that will light up the live tree in the northwest corner of Veterans Park.

To keep the street clear for the event and safe for pedestrians, North James Street will be closed to traffic and detours will be marked.

The flash and thunder of fireworks will cap the evening with rockets launched from the Fort Stanwix Parking Garage. The $2,000 show by American Fireworks is sponsored by Wal-Mart.

An annual participant in the event will be back — Bikes for Kids. Ron Crever, who runs the non-profit program that reconditions donated bicycles that are given to children for free, will be on hand for a giveaway after the tree is lit. He said he plans to give away 150-200 bikes to children in need.

Dominator Fireworks

Dominator Fireworks Home Page

Nov 15, 2009

Fireworks Show,music, junk food and games abound at Cape Coral CoConut Festival

Display location:Sun Splash Family Waterpark
City:Cape Coral
Date:20th Nov

Details: 2:55 P.M. — In conjunction with Cape Coral’s 39th birthday, the city celebrated by putting together a three-day festival.

Over 40,000 are expected to attend this weekend’s fifth annual CoConut Festival on the grounds of Sun Splash Family Waterpark in Cape Coral. It reopens for a last day Sunday from noon to 8 p.m. at 400 Santa Barbara Boulevard.

With about 25 rides, nine musical acts, vendors, fireworks, food and carnival games, the event, which started Friday with over 15,000 in attendance, tries to have something for everyone.

“It’s great,” said Cape Coral resident Mark Simons. “It’s a lot of fun. This is the fourth year we’ve come. It’s a very well organized event.”

Simons attended Saturday with his son Devin, 10, and had just come off a towering ride that spun its passengers at dizzying heights.

“He doesn’t like the spinning,” Devin said of his father. “Anything that spins he doesn’t like.”

Simons said he preferred the food to the rides.

The event has a $5 admission; parking is free. Todd King of Cape Coral Parks and Recreation said the money would go toward paying for the event and helping fund future events such as parades and bike nights.

King said the festival was the city’s way of thanking its residents by offering them an affordable celebration.

Cape resident Elke Price, who attended with her husband and two children along with a family friend, said the festivities brought plenty of smiles.

“The kids are loving it,” she said while watching them on one of the rides. “I’m having fun watching them.”

Before Friday’s fireworks, Country Music Award winner James Otto headlined.

King said organizers were fortunate to have booked Otto before Wednesday, when he received his CMA.

Fireworks show at New Year's Eve

Display location:Las Vegas
City:Las Vegas
Show contact:702-477-3893
Date: New Year's Eve

Details: New Year's Eve visitors to the Strip and pyrotechnic gazers from around the valley received good news Friday -- they might actually be able to see the fireworks show this year.

The annual fireworks show will return to the rooftops of seven hotels along the three-mile stretch of the Strip that is the focus of visitors to the area and television specials around the world that night, the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority and co-sponsor Las Vegas Events announced Friday.

"What we demonstrated by putting it on the ground last year is how bad a show it is on the ground and how great a show it is on the rooftops," said Pat Chrisenson of Las Vegas Events. "There's no comparison."

The fireworks show was launched from resort parking lots and garages last year when new Clark County fire and safety rules tightened regarding rooftop fireworks following the Monte Carlo fire in January 2008.

The lower launch point caused the fireworks to not be viewable for many of the 250,000 visitors to the Strip, Christenson said, as well as being out of view from many vantage points around the valley.

"Where a lot of people are used to seeing it, we used to have 400,000 different views depending where you are in the valley," Christenson said. "Last year we didn't have any. We had none."

The fireworks will be launched from the top of MGM Grand, Planet Hollywood Resort, Caesars Palace, Treasure Island, The Venetian, Stratosphere and the new Aria at CityCenter.

An official from MGM Mirage, which owns the Monte Carlo, MGM Grand and Aria, said the company understands better than anybody the need for caution, but is glad the show is returning to the rooftops.

"It was a universal opinion that shooting these fireworks is a far superior experience to last year's performance," MGM Mirage spokesman Gordon Absher said.

The company believes the event planners and county officials have taken the steps necessary to prevent any problems.

Fireworks had been launched from the top of Strip hotels since Dec. 31, 2000.

Michael Green, a history professor at the College of Southern Nevada, said New Year's Eve fireworks high above the Strip have become part of the fabric of Las Vegas.

"Once upon a time, the week between Christmas and New Year's was one of the worst weeks for tourism," Green said. "Las Vegas managed to turn that into a big week. Part of it is the idea of the blowout on New Year's Eve."

Last year's New Year's Eve drew nearly 291,000 visitors to the area, include nearly 30,000 downtown, for an nongaming economic impact of $188 million, according the visitors authority.

After the Monte Carlo fire, which was sparked by a welder's torch, the Clark County Fire Department and Building Services wanted a structural and fire safety study prior to allowing any fireworks displays from building tops.

To complete the study in time for last year's event would have been too-time consuming and cost-prohibitive to produce, Christenson said.

Since January, New York-based Fireworks by Grucci, who produces the pyrotechnics, worked on the study for Las Vegas Events to enable the show's to return to the rooftops.

"For us to put together a study that the fire department was comfortable with just didn't work last year," said Christenson, whose nonprofit group paid for the study.

The final step for county approval is inspections of the launch sites closer to the event date.

"At this time, they have not completed the permitting process for the proposed show," county spokesman Dan Kulin said, conceding there is still plenty of time to do so. "We fully expect they will."

The fireworks show was removed from the roofs in the months after a three-alarm at the Monte Carlo hotel-casino.

No one was seriously hurt, but guests and employees had to evacuate the property and 17 people were treated for minor injuries and smoke inhalation while the exterior facade of the casino burned. The property was closed for three weeks.

The budget for this year's show, which is funded by the state's room tax, increased by $50,000 to $550,000, Christenson said.

The individual properties were supportive and cooperated when needed for the study, Christenson said.

This year's theme and music will be announced during a press conference a few weeks before New Year's Eve, Christenson said.

Fireworks by Grucci has produced numerous shows in Las Vegas for New Year's Eve and the Fourth of July. The company has also done shows for numerous area event including the implosions of the New Frontier and the Stardust.

The company will also do the fireworks for the $8.5 billion CityCenter grand opening Dec. 16.

Although last year's move from the roof to the ground was about safety, Green said it seemed to symbolize the economic downturn the region was sliding into.

"That isn't the attitude you want to convey on New Year's Eve," he said. "Even if it's the reality. Granting that Las Vegas is still in a lot of economic hurt, the signs are pointing the right way. So maybe the fireworks will give us something to look forward to and up to."

Fireworks display on Birmingham's Christmas lights switch-on

Display location:Birmingham
Date:14th Nov

Details: About 60 people have been injured during a crowd surge at Birmingham's Christmas lights switch-on, as chart-toppers JLS performed on stage.

Up to 5,000 people had been expected to turn out for the event at Millennium Point, which had been due to feature other acts including the Sugababes and Tinchy Stryder and a fireworks display.

But reports suggested up to 27,000 people were at the site by the time JLS started to perform.

'Best ever' firework display after Brown effigy row

Display location:Hell Wath
Country: UK
Date:6th Nov

Details: THE controversy surrounding this year's traditional bonfire night and fireworks celebrations in Ripon was forgotten as thousands of people enjoyed the best event in its history.
A backlash against the decision to burn an effigy of Prime Minister Gordon Brown prompted the organisers, the Ripon Gunpowder Plot, to ditch the idea in the run-up to the event but the furore did nothing to stop more than 4,000 people attending the free celebrations which were held at Hell Wath, on Friday last week.

Plot chairman John Richmond said: "It was unbelievable and went exceptionally well. A lot of people said it was the best firework display we have ever held."

new effigy

The replacement effigy for Gordon Brown was revealed on the night and turned out to be a huge figure of a man with a placard identifying him as 'Mr Politically Correct'.

Following last week's deluge of letters criticising the original plans for the evening, the Gazette has received more on the issue – some offering their support to the organisers.

In the aftermath of the criticism, the Ripon Gunpowder Plot has had a meeting to discuss matters and Mr Richmond said the organisation would be releasing a detailed statement next week.

He refused to be drawn on its specific contents but said the statement would address the future of the event and other issues.

New Year’s Eve fireworks Display on the Las Vegas Strip

Display location:LAS VEGAS
Date:New Year’s Eve

Details: LAS VEGAS -- After a controversial and much-maligned decision to launch New Year’s Eve fireworks from ground sites on the Las Vegas Strip, the 2009 holiday show is returning to hotel rooftops.

The announcement from the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority and Las Vegas Events is likely to boost the holiday spirits of hundreds of thousands who flood the Strip every year. It will also thrill locals who can see the fireworks show across the Las Vegas valley.

Last year’s move to the ground was blamed on safety issues with hotel rooftops, although many Las Vegans wondered if the real reason was cost. Rooftop inspections would have cost $200,000 before New Year’s Eve.
As a result, many locals complained they couldn’t see the fireworks, and Las Vegas Mayor Oscar Goodman vowed a change to ensure, “We're mentioned in the same breath as Sydney, Australia, and China.”

The LVCVA said organizers and resorts have been working since January to address the safety issue and promise this year’s show will include the spectacle of years past.

“We are moving the fireworks show back to where it should be,” said LVE President Pat Christenson.

Seven hotels will take part in the fireworks show: MGM Grand, Planet Hollywood, Aria, Caesars Palace, Treasure Island, Venetian and the Stratosphere.

The LVCVA has not yet announced the musical theme to this year’s celebration.

Dominator Fireworks

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Nov 7, 2009

The New Year's Eve fireworks display on Taipei 101

Display location:Taipei 10
Date: The New Year's Eve

Details: Taipei, Nov. 2 (CNA) The New Year's Eve fireworks display on Taipei 101 -- Taiwan's landmark and one of the tallest skyscrapers in the world -- will use eco-friendly fireworks for the second year this year, part of a series of modifications to make the tower into a greener building, the tower's owner said Monday.
"Taipei 101's firework display is not only an indispensable event in Taiwan, but also a global focus on New Year's Eve. However, as the world's tallest building in operation, we hope to do our best to minimize the impact on the environment," said Harace Lin, chairman of the Taipei Financial Center Corp., which owns the building.

He added that Taipei 101 wants to be an international model of environmental protection and social responsibility.

Lin was speaking to reporters after a press conference to announce the company's plan to apply for Leadership in Energy and Environment Design (LEED) certification for Taipei 101.

To obtain the certification, Lin said, NT$60 million (US$1.8 million) will be spent on hundreds of building modifications to Taipei 101 over the 18-month certification process. Once the work has been completed, it is estimated that NT$20 million in the building's energy costs will be saved each year.

In October, it was reported that the Tourism Bureau, the major sponsor of the Taipei 101 light show and fireworks display on New Year's Eve for the past two years, will not be able to sponsor the show this year because it has put most of its financial resources into boosting tourism in areas hit by Typhoon Morakot in early August.

Guaranteeing that the fireworks display will be staged this year, however, Lin said his company is discussing sponsorship with "six or seven" companies and that this year's spectacular display will last 188 seconds.

Every year at the stroke of midnight, the Taipei 101 fireworks display brings the New Year countdown to a dazzling crescendo watched by tens of thousands of revelers.

It also attracts international limelight to the city each year with television networks from around the world broadcasting the display, creating publicity the Tourism Bureau estimates as being worth more than NT$100 million.

Friday night firework shows in AVON

Display location:AVON
Show contact:934-3636

AVON — Crushers fans, here’s some good news: Season 2 will be here before you know it.

The defending Frontier League champion Lake Erie Crushers released their schedule for the upcoming season Monday and opening day is less than seven months away.

The Crushers, who won the Frontier League title last year in their first season, begin defense of their crown on Friday, May 21, at All Pro Freight Stadium against the Traverse City Beach Bums.

Want more good news? The Crushers have been awarded an extra homestand this season, meaning they will have 51 home games instead of the league-standard 48.

The regular season wraps up at The Freight on Labor Day weekend against division-rival Kalamazoo.

Game times and promotion information will be announced at a later date.

There will be seven Friday night firework shows in the coming season, as well as a homestand over July 4 weekend.
The Crushers will also feature 10 Sunday games.

“We are very happy to have so many games on Sunday,” Crushers general manager Ryan Gates said in a press release. “We try to provide an atmosphere that is great for the family and having 10 games on our family night is an excellent fit.”

Information on tickets, including details on mini plans, group outings and season tickets is available by calling
934-3636 or by checking out

Fans who reserve season tickets before the end of 2009 will receive three extra home games free of charge.


Friday 21 Traverse City
Saturday 22 Traverse City
Sunday 23 Traverse City
Tuesday 25 Oakland County
Wednesday 26 Oakland County
Thursday 27 Oakland County
Friday 28 @ Kalamazoo
Saturday 29 @ Kalamazoo
Sunday 30 @ Kalamazoo


Tuesday 1 River City
Wednesday 2 River City
Thursday 3 River City
Friday 4 @ Gateway
Saturday 5 @ Gateway
Sunday 6 @ Gateway
Tuesday 8 @ River City
Wednesday 9 @ River City
Thursday 10 @ River City
Friday 11 Gateway
Saturday 12 Gateway
Sunday 13 Gateway
Monday 14 Washington
Tuesday 15 Washington
Wednesday 16 Washington
Thursday 17 @ Traverse City
Friday 18 @ Traverse City
Saturday 19 @ Traverse City
Sunday 20 Windy City
Monday 21 Windy City
Tuesday 22 Windy City
Wednesday 23 @ Traverse City
Thursday 24 @ Traverse City
Friday 25 @ Traverse City
Saturday 26 Oakland County
Sunday 27 Oakland County
Monday 28 Oakland County
Tuesday 29 Florence
Wednesday 30 Florence


Thursday 1 Florence
Friday 2 Evansville
Saturday 3 Evansville
Sunday 4 Evansville
Tuesday 6 @ Florence
Wednesday 7 @ Florence
Thursday 8 @ Florence
Friday 9 @ Evansville
Saturday 10 @ Evansville
Sunday 11 @ Evansville
Monday 12 All-Star Break
Tuesday 13 All-Star Break
Wednesday 14 All-Star Break
Thursday 15 All-Star Break
Friday 16 Windy City
Saturday 17 Windy City
Sunday 18 Windy City
Monday 19 Traverse City
Tuesday 20 Traverse City
Wednesday 21 Traverse City
Thursday 22 @ Oakland County
Friday 23 @ Oakland County
Saturday 24 @ Oakland County
Sunday 25 @ Windy City
Monday 26 @ Windy City
Tuesday 27 @ Windy City
Wednesday 28 @ Washington
Thursday 29 @ Washington
Friday 30 @ Washington
Saturday 31 Kalamazoo


Sunday 1 Kalamazoo
Monday 2 Kalamazoo
Tuesday 3 @ Windy City
Wednesday 4 @ Windy City
Thursday 5 @ Windy City
Friday 6 Oakland County
Saturday 7 Oakland County
Sunday 8 Oakland County
Tuesday 10 @ Normal
Wednesday 11 @ Normal
Thursday 12 @ Normal
Friday 13 @ Southern Illinois
Saturday 14 @ Southern Illinois
Sunday 15 @ Southern Illinois
Tuesday 17 Normal
Wednesday 18 Normal
Thursday 19 Normal
Friday 20 Southern Illinois
Saturday 21 Southern Illinois
Sunday 22 Southern Illinois
Tuesday 24 @ Washington
Wednesday 25 @ Washington
Thursday 26 @ Washington
Friday 27 @ Kalamazoo
Saturday 28 @ Kalamazoo
Sunday 29 @ Kalamazoo
Tuesday 31 Washington


Wednesday 1 Washington
Thursday 2 Washington
Friday 3 Kalamazoo
Saturday 4 Kalamazoo
Sunday 5 Kalamazoo

BANFF'S fireworks display

Display location: Duff House playing fields
Country: Canada
Date:Nov. 7 at 7pm

Details: BANFF'S fireworks display will go off with a bigger bang than normal this weekend.

And the man who is responsible for supplying the pyrotechnics display has promised that it will be well worth watching.

Duncan Ritchie is urging members of the public to turn out and support the event on Saturday night.

Mr Ritchie, of Ritchie Travel, has been supplying fireworks to event organisers Banff and District Round Table for five years.

He said: "I know this year they have gone for bigger and better fireworks than ever before. It will be really spectacular.

"We help out by advising the Round Table what they can do to make things a bit different from year to year.

"We give them advice so that they get progressively more spectacular.

"The Round Table light all the fireworks by hand, which is a bit of a dying craft, as many displays are now lit electronically."

Mr Ritchie added: "I would urge everyone in the community to go along. The fireworks will be more colourful and louder than ever, and it's certainly worth going along to, especially because this year it is raising funds for Help For Heroes."

The bonfire will be lit at the Duff House playing fields at 6.30pm, with the fireworks display set to start at 7pm.

London Fireworks Show Highlight 1,000 Days to Olympics

Display location: London
Country: UK

British Olympic medalist Kelly Holmes pushes a button that sets off fireworks from British Telecommunications Tower in London. The display of lights marks the start of a 1,000-day countdown to the 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games.

[Kelly Holmes, Athlete]:
"It gives everybody that opportunity to be proud of their country. On a sport context, hopefully, you get more people inspired by sports, so that we leave a legacy post 2012."

It is also a celebration of people.

[Lord Coe, London 2010 Organizing Committee]:
"It's the people that have benefited from the Games, but actually today, in its way, is about the people that are delivering the Games and not just at this moment but the people who came into the project many years ago, as early as 1997."

[Jonathan Edwards, World Triple Jump Champion]:
"Millions of people are connected with the kind of inspiration of the Games through the education programs, through the cultural Olympiad, through the anticipation of the volunteering."

The biggest task for the organizers will be ensuring the Olympic project remains on target and within the budget.

While construction of the main venues, the athletes' village and the International Broadcast and Media Centre is ahead of or on schedule, the Olympic Delivery Authority is already dipping deeply into the Games contingency fund since private funding dried up earlier this year.

Analysts question whether London's ambitious legacy plans will be delivered in full, given that organizers had to scrap some venues — even temporary ones — to save money.

The costs of the Olympic stadium have doubled since London's bid was announced, while the British government had to bail out the village project with a cash injection.

Dominator Fireworks

Dominator Fireworks Home Page

Nov 6, 2009

Bonfire Night: Guy Fawkes fireworks displays in London and across the UK

It's November 5th and unless you are busy preparing your own gunpowder, treason and plot then you may be wondering where you can celebrate Bonfire Night this year.

Luckily, anyone wishing to find a toffee apple or two is not short of options, there are hundreds of events across the country both big and small.

Here Travelmail has outlined six of the best places that will help make your Bonfire Night go with a bang, plus where to find the best of the rest.

It's November 5th and unless you are busy preparing your own gunpowder, treason and plot then you may be wondering where you can celebrate Bonfire Night this year.

Luckily, anyone wishing to find a toffee apple or two is not short of options, there are hundreds of events across the country both big and small.

Here Travelmail has outlined six of the best places that will help make your Bonfire Night go with a bang, plus where to find the best of the rest.

Display location: Battersea Park's
Date:7th November.
Display company:Pains Fireworks


Where it all began, London has a plethora of events this Bonfire Night both in the centre of the city and in local areas. One of the best sources of information on where to celebrate is, which has an extensive list of events across the capital for both tonight and over the weekend.

Of the most popular events is Battersea Park's display, which this year takes place on Saturday 7th November. The event is to be themed around love, with the fireworks designed by the internationally renowned Pains Fireworks.

Admission to the Battersea celebrations costs £6.00 (with a £1.00 charge for children under 10 years old). Nearest train: Battersea Park or Queenstown. Nearest Tube: Pimlico. For more information visit

Display location: Ottery St Mary
Date:5th November.


The 5th of November is celebrated in flamboyant style in Ottery St Mary, Devon, which has become famous due to its tradition of carrying flaming tar barrels through the town as part of its annual Bonfire Night celebrations.

The small town, which lies between Exeter and Honiton, has held the event for hundreds of years and many believe it pre-dates the actual Gunpowder Plot itself. Ottery St May remains the only town in the UK which still carries full-sized flaming barrels though the streets. The barrels range in size from small to large so children can get involved too. The event culminates in one giant barrel carrying at midnight.

For more information on the event visit:

Display location:Meadowbank Stadium


Edinburgh’s annual Bonfire Night celebrations are a slightly more sedate affair than the barrel-carrying shenanigans on England's South Coast. The city plays host to a frenzy of catherine wheels and bangers at the Meadowbank Stadium, which is the main focus of the evening's celebrations and will showcase Edinburgh's largest firework display of the year. The event will also have a bagpipe performance and entertainment which carries on throughout the evening.

The event opens at 6:30pm with the main proceedings starting at 7:30pm. Tickets are priced at £5. For more information visit:

Display loaction:Lewes
Country: UK


The bonfire celebrations in the Sussex town of Lewes list as the most important event on the town’s calendar.

The main reason for the Bonfire fervour is that the town not only marks the uncovering of the Gunpowder Plot but also the anniversary of the seventeen Protestant martyrs of the town who were executed during the reign of Queen Mary 1 between 1553 and 1558.

Last year the town courted controversy after the bonfire council decided to burn an effigy of newly-elected U.S. President Barack Obama, and this year Alastair Darling, Gordon Brown and key figures from the banking world are likely to go up in smoke.

Expect to see processions of costumed Elizabethans or Vikings along with a carnivale atmosphere of rebellion. Not for the faint-hearted. For more

Display location:
Country: UK


Liverpool is hosting a free firework event which will see three of the city’s major parks, Sefton, Newsham and Walton Hall light up in time to space-themed music - a reference to the anniversary of the Apollo Moon landings - for an extraterrestrial twist.

The fireworks start at 7.30pm but there is no officially planned bonfire at the parks themselves. For more information on the event visit:

Display location:Manchester


Manchester is set to have some of the best bonfire night events in the country this year. Over 100,000 people attended the celebrations last year and admission to any of the council-organised events is free of charge.

Events have been ongoing all week but the main firework display is tonight. The event starts at 7:30pm with the bonfire lit at 8pm.

For more information on the bonfire events across Manchester, visit the Manchester City Council website:

The rest of the UK

For more information on bonfire events near you or across the UK visit the Enjoy England website:

Fun for all the family at fireworks Show event

Display locatioan: Milford Haven.
City: Milford Haven.
Country: UK
Event website:

Details: A spectacular free fireworks display will be held tonight (Thursday) in Milford Haven.

Organisers of the new event, the Milford Haven Round Table, will be hosting the free entry fireworks event and says safety is the main priority.

The evening will be heavily marshalled and there will be strict entry control.

Anyone with alcohol, sparklers or fireworks will be refused entry.

Chairman of Milford Haven Round Table, Matthew Reynolds said: “We are aware that to make this family-safe we have to put restrictions at the entry gates, but doing so will make it enjoyable for everyone attending.” “All we ask is, if you are coming to the event, please leave the sparklers and alcohol behind and expect to walk, as parking your car will be a distance from the event,” he added.

Car parking around the venue is limited and only disabled badge holders will have use of the rugby club car park. The Round Table organisers advise that people park in and around the Milford marina complex and walk to the venue.

The event opens at 6pm with displays from a fire entertainer, samba band and other attractions, culminating in the fireworks display, carried out by All Season Fireworks of Neyland.

Anyone requiring further information can visit

Dominator Fireworks

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Nov 4, 2009

Halloween firework show being held at the Malvern Showground.

Display location:Malvern Showground
Show contact: 01684 584924
Event fireworks.

Details: THIS scary-looking creation will be at the centre of a Halloween firework spectacular being held at the Malvern Showground.

The showground will host a bonfire and a Halloween firework display choreographed to rousing music on Saturday, October 31. The six-foot-high talking head will be talking to visitors arriving at the showground. Gates open at 5.30pm and there will also be a funfair, refreshments and a fancy dress competition for children aged under 16.
Fancy dress entrants should report to the information stand in Wye Hall by 6.15pm.
Tickets for the fireworks cost £6.50 (under-fives free) on 01684 584924 or fireworks.

Award-winning fireworks show at Torrington

Display location:Torrington Rugby Club
Date: November 7th.
Details: AN award winning pyrotechnics company which has worked with the likes of international superstar Grace Jones, will be entertaining the crowds in Torrington on November 7th.

Two Tigers from Tavistock will be providing the firework finale to Torrington Cavaliers' annual bonfire and fireworks display at the town's rugby club.

Cavalier Nick Hallam said: "We've worked with Two Tigers for a couple of years now and they just get better and better. People think it's easy, but to do it in a safe, professional and choreographed way takes a lot of skill. This is very much a family event, where people can enjoy a small bonfire and a professional firework display. And we keep entry fees to a minimum to cover our costs, so it's very good value for money."

The event takes place at Torrington Rugby Club, starting at 7pm and spectators are advised to get there early.

Kings Heath fireworks display among the best in Birmingham

Display location:Kings Heath Cricket Ground, Alcester Road
Date:Sunday 8 November

Details: The family fireworks display at Kings Heath Cricket Club is probably the best of those not organised by Birmingham City Council. It is not a free event - admission is by donation - but it does raise many thousands of pounds for charity.

Since Birmingham City Council cut back on the number of bonfires in city parks, Moseley Round Table has well and truly plugged the gap for south Birmingham. Its firework display is set to music and there is plenty of other bonfire night revelry too.

It is a true family event and there is plenty to keep everyone entertained until the launch of the first rocket. A number of local bands will be performing, there's a funfair for the kids, a licensed bar plus other refreshments and variety of stalls.

Kings Heath fireworks display, organised by Moseley Round Table
Sunday 8 November 2009
Kings Heath Cricket Ground, Alcester Road (pedestrian access only, no parking)
Gates open at 5pm, fireworks display starts at 7pm
Suggested admission £2 for under 16s, £5 adults - donations by discretion (all proceeds to charity)

Details confirmed for Swansea fireworks display

Display location:Swansea

Details: PRLog (Press Release)Oct 26, 2009 – A series of activities have already been confirmed for the evening including a circus skills workshop for youngsters to try their hand out at juggling, stilt walking and unicycling amongst other things.

Nigel Jones, Strategic Events Manager said “It’s a fantastic atmosphere down at St Helens Ground on Fireworks night. We’re providing a range of things for youngsters to see and do leading up to the fireworks display at 7.30pm, and I would urge people to get to the ground early to avoid queuing and have plenty of time to see what’s on offer.”

Fire jugglers have been booked to perform throughout the night, plus, there will be entertainment on the stage including Lockdown Street Dance Academy and live music and games with The Wave and Swansea Sound radio station. There are also rumours of a well known act performing, but details are yet to be confirmed on who the special guests will be.

Nigel Jones continued “Families in the area can be re-assured that the Fireworks at St Helens will be the biggest and best display in the area, and people’s safety will be paramount. It promises to be a great evening.”

Tickets are now on sale for the event, and are available online at
fireworks. Alternatively, people can purchase over the phone on 01792 475715, or in person via the Grand Theatre, Mumbles Tourist Information Centre, Swansea Civic Centre and from Active Swansea Leisure Centres.

Tickets bought in advance (up to Midnight on 4 November) are priced at £12.50 for a family, which is 2 adults and up to 3 concessions; £4.00 standard, £3.00 concessions and £2.50 PTL. (Please note that a booking fee applies when buying online).
On the gate prices are £5.00 standard; £4.00 concessions and £2.50 PTL. Family tickets are only available if purchased in advance and cannot be purchased on the day.

The City and County of Swansea’s ‘Sparks in the Dark’ is sponsored by Swansea Road Safety Team and Admiral and supported by The Wave and Swansea Sound.

News about activities, events and attractions in Swansea, Wales, UK.

Includes offers and information about leisure centres, gyms and sport; also museums, galleries, parks, shows and events in Swansea.

Manawatu Fireworks Spectacular Display

Display location:Mansfield
Date:December 22

Details: Uncertainty about how the weather will behave over the next 48 hours means the Manawatu Fireworks Spectacular will become the perfect family Christmas treat.

Always a huge crowd puller, the annual event is now down to be staged on December 22, with the following night as a backup date.

Organisers had hoped to run the display on Wednesday night, having postponed from October 28, but were defeated by the forecast.

However, they're upbeat about the prospective producing a real Christmas cracker instead.

"It's a great shame that we've had to postpone for a second week but the forecast is not good for the remainder of the week, with more wind and rain arriving, and underfoot the ground is still very wet," explained Manfeild chief executive Heather Verry.

The venue was not available for the immediate future, due to commercial obligations.

Mrs Verry said the organising committee had been considering permanently moving the event to later in the year. It was a sad irony that the weather around the Guy Fawke's period simply was rarely conducive to holding a fireworks' display.

"It's something that has been considered for some time and the number of postponements in recent years supports this shift.

"The weather patterns have significantly changed over the October, November period and by moving to our next proposed date hopefully will see more settled weather.

"We will now work with the programme to integrate a Christmas theme. Kids will have finished school by then and people will be winding down for a Christmas break."

The night is easily the single-biggest event hosted at Manfeild Park, attracting between 15,000 and 20,000 attendees. The park can comfortably take such a big crowd.

The organising committee mainstays are Manfeild Trust, Kairanga Lions and Feilding Promotion but other groups are involved on the night.

It's a true community event that involves the entire region. Money raised is dispensed to a wide variety of charities.

Any outdoor event is always at the mercy of the elements - in 2006 it was also postponed until December.

Homecoming weekend to include fireworks show and lasers

Display location:Monte Carlo
City:Monte Carlo
Display company:Zambelli Fireworks

Details: Homecoming weekend will start this Friday at 9:30 p.m. with the annual fireworks and laser show, followed by a Pitt Program Council-sponsored Monte Carlo Night at the Union.

The evening will begin with fireworks shooting from the Cathedral. The show, a 19-year Pitt tradition, is organized by Zambelli Fireworks and will include lasers and music. The University will shut down Bigelow Boulevard between Forbes and Fifth avenues to accommodate an audience.

Immediately following the show, the Kurtzman Room in the Union will be decorated like the Las Vegas strip, with card and casino games for students and parents to enjoy. At the end of the night, Pitt Program Council will raffle prizes for participants.

Jillian Reilly, the council’s special events coordinator, said she has high hopes for this weekend.

“This year, we are making the fireworks and laser show bigger and better than ever,” she said.

Activities on Saturday will start three hours before kickoff the Homecoming football game against South Florida at Heinz Field. The University announced that the World’s Largest Block Party, a Chicago-based festival that travels to various cities, will take over Art Rooney Avenue between Gates A and B, featuring live entertainment, food and activities, including a giant video wall and inflatable games for kids.

Two hours before the game starts, the Pitt Panther Prowl is sponsoring a meet-and-greet with Pitt football players as they arrive outside of Gate A. Then, the Pitt marching band will take the field for the pregame concert. It will lead the March to Victory Parade, which will follow General Robinson Street and end at Art Rooney Avenue. The Homecoming court will also march in the parade, with the new king and queen being crowned at halftime.

Other activities on campus include the Pitt Repertory Theatre’s performances of “Count Dracula” and the celebration of the African American Alumni Council’s 40th anniversary. Various graduate schools, including the School of Law and the Graduate School of Public and International Affairs, will hold its own alumni events.

Some members of the Oakland community have been preparing for the Homecoming festivities by decorating storefronts along Forbes Avenue.
Pitt has been painting trees and bushes blue.

Charles Turbanic, Pitt’s facilities management assistant vice chancellor of operations and maintenance, said the paint is not cruel to the plants.

“It is non-toxic and specifically made for this type of use ... It is latex-based paint that will, after a few wet days, disappear,” he said.

Raleigh Wide Open To Feature Music, Fireworks Show, Exhibits

Display location:Raleigh

Details: RALEIGH - On Saturday, October 24 the City of Raleigh, the Downtown Raleigh Alliance, and Arsplosure will celebrate Raleigh Wide Open 4 which will mark the grand opening of City Plaza located on Fayetteville Street.

The event will kick off with a parade at 10 am and will feature 18 bands with headliner Delbert McClinton. Other activities include food and art vendors, a kid's zone, street performers, beer and wine tents, and a fireworks show.

In City Plaza, look for downtown businesses such as Stitch/Holly Aiken Bags, The Barkery, Escazu Chocolates, Ornamentea, and the Collectors Gallery. You can also find local artisans and crafters such as the Handmaidens, Ablutions Spa, Annelore's, Sweet T Cakery, La Farm Bakery, Elizabeth Galecke Photography, Ahpeele, and Captive Collective. There will also be a mini book sale brought to you by the Express Library on Fayetteville Street and adoptable dogs from the SPCA. These vendors will be open from 10 am-5 pm and then the area will be cleared to make way for the main stage headliner performance.

Adjacent to City Plaza, you will find Art Raleigh showcasing over 20 North Carolinian artists and craftsmen. The Art Raleigh art market will be open from 10 am-6 pm.

This year, there will be four stages to include: the Raleigh Rocks Stage, the Acoustic City Plaza Stage, the Cherry Bounce Stage, and the Fireworks Main Stage. The Main Stage will feature headliner Delbert McClinton.

The Cherry Bounce Alt Music Festival is featuring performances from now until the grand event. Indie heroes Man Man and The Hood Internet headline the Cherry Bounce stage outside The Raleigh Times on Saturday, October 24. Before that, special Cherry Bounce shows will fill downtown clubs. For a complete schedule, visit

Raleigh Wide Open will be a fun-filled event for the entire family.

London celebrates 1,000 days with to go before Olympics with fireworks display

Display location:LONDON

Details: LONDON (AP) — Fireworks lit up parts of the capital to mark 1,000 days before the 2012 London Olympics begin.

As part of several events across the city on Saturday, the BT Tower in central London was illuminated by a fireworks display as its giant screen flashed the landmark figure.

With construction underway on the main stadium, velodrome, aquatics center, basketball arena, media center and athletes' village, London organizers say it has met all its targets. Though there are proposals to move badminton and rhythmic gymnastics away from their original venues to save money.

Fireworks will mark the Flame's arrival City combines Halloween and Torch Relay festivities

Display location:Nanaimo
City: Nanaimo
Country: Canada

Details: When the 2010 Olympic Torch Relay winds its way into the heart of the city today, it will be one of the biggest celebrations ever organized in Nanaimo.

Harnessing the Olympic spirit into a massive, hours-long public party will put the eyes of the world on the city as we host Day 2 of the cross-Canada torch journey and first evening soiree.

Despite a slight chance of showers, events at Maffeo-Sutton park are expected to draw as many as 10,000 people to the waterfront to see the historic lighting of the cauldron by final torchbearer Michelle Stilwell, a double Paralympic gold medallist.

City and RCMP officials have spent months organizing the celebration and its security.

Olympic spirit will be high with fireworks and festivities, including musical entertainment, athlete autograph booths, food and community kiosks that feature a display of former torches, Snuneymuxw dancers and drummers, a magic show and more. The Third Street corridor and Maffeo-Sutton Park, the site of the Spirit Square, are decorated with more than 260 Olympic banners.

"I like to think of it as a community evening celebration. We're the first big one," said city marketing and communications specialist Hannah King. "It will all be high-energy. People don't have to miss out on Halloween. I'm certainly taking my little girls."

The family-friendly event features candy for little trick-or-treaters and children can also snag souvenir torches at city recreation centres to wave along the relay route and at the celebration. Children can also fill up goody bags going door-to-door to more than 75 downtown businesses between 3 p.m and 5 p.m. Black and orange balloons highlight participating stores. The family can also refuel with hot dogs and hot chocolate at the park, sold by the Salvation Army.

Activities continue from 5:45 p.m. until the arrival of the torch at 8 p.m., with the singing of the national anthem, blessings and speeches. Fireworks will close the ceremony at 9 p.m.

Saturday evening has a 30% chance of showers, according to Environment Canada, which forecast a mix of sun and clouds through the day. Organizers encourage people to dress warmly and pack rain gear.

Navigating to the harbourfront will be busy so organizers encourage those who want to avoid traffic tie-ups to carpool or take transit, which will offer free bus service to accommodate the crowds.

From 5:30 p.m. to 9:30 p.m., street closures to accommodate the torch relay will be in effect. Police warn the public to expect delays.

People are encouraged to park at nearby places like Country Club Centre, Beban Park, University Mall and Vancouver Island University to take advantage of Park n' Ride, which offers courtesy parking in combination with public transit.

Buses will be free after 3:30 p.m. during their regular Saturday schedule.

There is no public parking at Maffeo-Sutton Park and no street parking in the downtown core. Front Street will also be closed to all traffic. The city lot behind the Howard Johnson Hotel and the Bastion Street Parkade will be available for free parking. The parking lot at Port Place Mall will be open.

Prime viewing points are virtually anywhere along the relay route but get there early to snag a sidewalk spot. Torchbearers will snake their way through Harewood, Old City Quarter and downtown. The final relay run before its descent into Maffeo-Sutton Park by Stilwell will be an iconic Nanaimo view, so line up alongside the seawall to catch the historic moment. Stilwell will make her way over the bridge, around the lagoon and through the crowd into the Spirit Square to light the cauldron.

Following a blessing ceremony, the torch relay in Nanaimo will kick off at the Snunyemuxw First Nation band office on Centre Street at 6:30 p.m. As many as 60 torchbearers, each in 300-metre stints, will relay the flame along Needham Street, Victoria Road and through Harewood along Bruce Avenue before continuing along Fifth Street and Wakesiah Avenue into the Old City Quarter. Torchbearers continue along Third Street, Fitzwilliam and down Wesley, Franklyn and Wallace streets before runners descend the spiral staircase in front of the Coast Bastion Inn for the leg along the waterfront. Stilwell will light the cauldron for its final descent in Maffeo-Sutton Park around 8 p.m.

Fireworks will wrap up events at 9 p.m.

Early the next day, a small ceremonial lighting of the flame will take place in Maffeo-Sutton Park between 6 a.m. and 6:30 a.m. before torchbearers continue the relay through north Nanaimo. The route continues along Stewart Avenue, Brechin Road and Departure Bay Road before starting its Lantzville leg at 8:06 a.m. at Schook and Dickenson roads. The Nanoose portion begins at Northwest Bay Road and McDivitt Drive at 8:39 p.m. and the relay runs into Parksville, at Rathtrevor and Plummer Roads, at 9 a.m.

Parksville will host an hour-long celebration at the community park before the torch continues on to Coombs at 10:11 a.m. on Highway 4A near Station Road. The flame is driven between the various legs of the relay.

The 2010 Olympic Torch Relay travels coast-to-coast through more than 1,000 communities for more than 100 days. Twelve-thousand torchbearers will carry the flame more than 45,000 kilometres. The journey ends at the opening ceremonies at B.C. Place in Vancouver in February.

Gloucester's annual fireworks display

Display location:Docks
Country: UK

Details: A CHARITY is urging people to support Gloucester's annual fireworks display - or face losing the event completely.

Gloucester Round Table's display will take place at the Docks next Saturday.

But last year (pictured) just 2,000 people turned out.

During previous years, more than 8,000 have turned out to watch the display.

Mark Day, president of Gloucester Round Table, said: "The display was amazing, but due to the wet weather and possibly the credit crunch the turnout was low.

"We did not even raise the full cost of the fireworks, let alone ancillary costs that include the provision of safety fencing, security and costs of the pontoon."

The 38-year-old said last year's loss put the future of the family event in doubt.

Each year the event requires a small army of volunteers, with about 70 needed on the night. It also needs more than six months of planning, co-ordination and support from a wide range of authorities - from the police and fire service through to British Waterways and residents - to allow the event to take place.

Mr Day added: "We need your support if we are to keep this family event going.

"We need a good turnout, so please come along on Saturday and have fun whilst giving something back to the community.

"The Docks is a fantastic location with the backdrop and reflection of the fireworks in the water beside a 20-minute display set to music.

"There are a host of fairground rides, catering stalls and other entertainment."

Gloucester Round Table lays on the display each year as well as raising money for Gloucestershire charities, generating more than £100,000 in the past 12 years for charities such as Winston's Wish, the James Hopkins Trust, the Pied Piper Appeal, Severn Area Rescue Association and Wooden Spoon.

This year's event will be opened by Warren Moore from Heart FM, gates open at 6pm with fireworks starting at 7.15pm.

Advance tickets are available at Gloucester Tourist Office in Southgate Street or from the Gloucester Docks office at the entrance to the Docks. Adult tickets are £4.50 in advance or £5 on the night. Children's tickets £2 or £2.50 on the night and a family ticket is £12, £14 on the night.

Dominator Fireworks

Dominator Fireworks Home Page

Nov 3, 2009

Fireworks Display at Salem on Halloween

Display location:North River.

Details: SALEM — Salem is expecting nearly 100,000 people to celebrate Halloween in the "Witch City."

Public safety officials say the turnout for "Haunted Happenings" is likely to be larger than usual because Halloween falls on a Saturday and the weather is expected to be mild.

Public transportation is recommended. The MBTA is adding commuter trains to the city and a ferry will run from Long Wharf in Boston.

Police say ghosts, ghouls, goblins and all other revelers must be on their best behavior. Police are promising to crack down on public drinking and will confiscate any weapon, real or fake — even if it’s part of a costume.

The celebration includes live music, tours of Salem’s historical sites and various tricks and treats — capped off by fireworks over the North River.

Firework displays at Bristol.

Display location:Bristol
City: Bristol
November 1st , November 5th, November 6th,November 7th,November 8th

Details: Rudy Millard gives you a comprehensive list of Bristol Firework Displays

Okay, so it's not quite Bonfire Night just yet. Be that as it may, already firework shops around Bristol are starting to have their shelves pulled to pieces as the city gears up to go firework crazy. Exploding powder season will soon be in full swing. If you like your celebrations to be a little organized and a lot safe, cast your eyes down this list to see the firework displays are happening in and around Bristol.

Unfortunately the big Bristol firework display that's usually held at the Downs has been cancelled. Organisers Bristol Round Table and Clifton Rotary Club report that insufficient donations were collected during the event last year, as bad weather reduced attendance numbers from the usual 15,000 people to around 3,500. However there are still a few displays happening across Bristol where you can chuck some money in a bucket for a good cause. Make sure that you eat a jacket potato too!

If you have any details of firework displays in and around Bristol that we haven't included, email us please - editor (at)

For more details about the Bristol firework displays and bonfire night activities listed, just click on the date on the events calendar at the bottom of the page.

November 1st

Free Fireworks Party, Trinity This is great, because it's free, and the people at Trinity are lovely! Family-friendly community fun, with live music and dancing to boot.

Fireworks Spectacular, County Cricket Ground Always a big party from these folks. It was sorely missed last year while the ground was improved, free parking if you get there early enough.

November 5th

Bangless Bonfire Nights, Bristol Zoo Gardens Excellent idea this, two nights of noise-free fireworks, plenty of wow factor without the scary noises - great for the zoo animals and little ones.

Firework Display, Portland Square Free firework display for local residents.

Fireworks at Easter Compton Playing Fields Great little firework event organised by the local village hall folk.

Firework Display, Victoria Park, Bristol Fantastic park, fantastic fireworks, and it's free.

November 6th

Puxton Park Firework Display, Weston-Super-Mare Okay, so you'll have to travel a bit, but this is a great display and under-twos get in free!

Downend Fireworks 2009 Star FM will be supplying the music at this event, and there's a variety of entertainment including a possible 'bungy walk'.

Family Firework Display and BBQ, Charborough Road Primary School Fireworks, a fire entertainer, children's' ride and pre-school kiddies get in for free.

November 7th

Thornbury Firework Display Thornbury Round Table put on their annual Mundy Field display.

Clevedon Annual Firework Fantasia A big old display this one, it's been going for years and it just gets bigger and better, as well as raising a lot of money for charity.

Firework Display, High Down Jnr School, Portishead Traditional school firework display, under-fives get in for free.

November 8th

Bradley Stoke Fireworks Display 2009, Bradley Stoke Jubilee Centre Bradley Stoke Town Council put this one on, and it's a biggie. No entry fee, but all donations go to BLESMA (British Limbless Ex Servicemen's Association) and Bristol Dyslexic Centre, so don't be stingy!

Have fun, be safe, and make sure that you keep pets indoors on the night

Fireworks display at YEOVIL Town

Display location: Huish Park,YEOVIL Town
City:YEOVIL Town
Contry: UK
Date:November 5

Details:YEOVIL Town are looking for volunteers to help at the club's Firework Spectacular which takes place at Huish Park on Thursday, November 5.

Anybody wishing to help out on the night will need to be able to get to the club by 5.30pm in time for the gates opening at 6pm.

If you can spare a few hours of your time, please email Sara Bradley at for more details.