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Mar 19, 2010

Town council to run fireworks?

LOCATION: Cowes Town, UK
DATE: Friday, March 12, 2010
BY:  David Newble
DETAILS: A DEBATE over whether the town council should raise funds for Cowes's threatened £50,000 firework display is to be arranged.
The idea was mooted at a meeting of the council last Wednesday, by the chief executive of Cowes Week Ltd, Stuart Quarrie.
However, members of the council said the issue was so important it would need to be put on the agenda of a future council meeting to allow proper discussion.
Cowes mayor Cllr Alan Wells said: "I am sure we all have strong views on it."
In a statement read out to members, Mr Quarrie said: "Despite the best efforts of all concerned, there was a funding shortfall in 2009 but Cowes Week Ltd believes the general principle of the approach, whereby those enjoying the display should help fund it, was the right one.
"The Isle of Wight Council has always managed the traditional Cowes fireworks display, while in recent years Cowes Week Ltd has procured the necessary funding.
"Given the changes to the funding model, it is felt it might be more appropriate for an organisation concerned with matters of the general community to take on the overall Cowes Week fireworks responsibility. We would be delighted if Cowes Town Council took on this mantle in order to secure the fireworks display for the town."
Earlier this year, fears were expressed by former Cowes mayor Cllr Geoff Banks the display may have to be cancelled due to lack of funds.


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