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Mar 16, 2010

Fireworks and Film Special Effects Training in Christchurch, NZ April 6

LOCATION: Christchurch, NZ
DATE: Tuesday, March 16th, 2010
DETAILS: Today it was announced that "Firework Professionals Ltd" are offering practical training in pyrotechnics and special effects from 24-28 April 2006. The training centre will be at their head office in Christchurch.

There will be tuition in indoor fireworks -- including stage pyro -- and optionally outdoor fireworks and battle simulations. In parallel with the outdoor firework training, there will be a two day course on film special effects using miniatures as well as life-size effects

Monday and Tuesday (24-25 April) lessons are on indoor fireworks for stage and theatrical work. Monday is a practical introduction for theatrical and stage use of pyro for the trainee pyrotechnician. Tuesday is more advanced and includes using proximate pyrotechnics live with performers.

The outdoor fireworks start on Wednesday (26 April) with mines, multishot mines, roman candles, fountains, gerbs, falls, Catherine wheels, crackers and girandola. This is a prerequisite for Thursday where the student pyrotechnicians will fire starshells up to 75 millimetre. The outdoor pyro classes include a night firing session.

Friday is battle simulations including gunfire simulation, personal bullet hits, explosions on and by vehicles, smoke effects, strafe runs, bomb hits, use of effects at night and simulation of battlefield lighting effects from off-camera.

Cost and further details of the fireworks practical classes may be found on

The film spfx training is on Thursday and Friday (27-28 April). Thursday includes intensive tuition where students will set up, operate and record on video their own scenarios. Friday. is self-directed practice with an opportunity to video the large scale battle simulations being staged by the pyrotechnic trainees.

Cost and further details of the film special effects classes may be found on

Those who want to become Approved Handlers can choose the level at which they wish to train either with indoor pyrotechnics, outdoor firework shows, or both. Their certification is appropriately endorsed.

Prior to attending the pyrotechnic practical training, the students are sent material to familiarize themselves with the security, transport, first aid and safety procedures in handling fireworks, types of fireworks, their effects, dangers and rigging procedures, information on organising, rigging, firing and packing out a firework show, indoors or outdoors, as well as the New Zealand fireworks regulations.

Following the pyrotechnic practical training, trainees must pass a written exam focused on Government regulations and safety issues. The exam marking is externally moderated. If they pass the practical training and this examination, Firework Professionals can issue them a certificate as an Approved Handler, and will enter them in the ERMA database.

More details can be found on


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