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Mar 17, 2010

City forming parade, fireworks plans for July 4

LOCATION: Hamilton, American
DATE: 2:16 PM Friday, March 12, 2010
BY: Staff Report
DETAILS: HAMILTON— Hamilton’s 4th of July Committee has started its annual campaign to raise funds for the 2010 4th of July Celebration which will take place on Sunday, July 4 in downtown Hamilton. The theme chosen for the 2010 parade and festivities is “Proud to be an American.”

In 2009 the community raised more than $25,000 to keep the annual 4th of July fireworks tradition alive. The committee is again raising funds to help sponsor the entire celebration, including entertainment and the annual tradition of fireworks.

The day’s festivities will begin at 2 p.m. with the 48th Annual Parade. As in years past, the parade will start at the Butler County Fairgrounds, proceed to Route 4 and then to High Street. It will conclude just past the Butler County Court House on Front Street. There will be a patriotic ceremony with music, color and pageantry immediately following the parade at the historic County Court House. The parade is sponsored by the Michael J. Colligan Fund of the Hamilton Community Foundation and the 4th of July Committee.

If any individual or business is interested in being a sponsor for the 2010 celebration contact the Hamilton Community Foundation at (513) 863-1717 or Hamilton Parks and Recreation at (513) 785-7060.

I take that back, that gentleman has more sense than UA.
HHS grad
1:30 下午, 3/13/2010
"My favorite is that guy with stuffed animals pinned to his hat and coat." - UA

Wow - I thought that WAS Uncle Andy!
HHS grad
10:19 上午, 3/13/2010
Maybe the City should hire or create another deputy city manager for all these large events in Hamilton. Or better yet add another deputy chief in the fire dept.. The salaries are coming tommorrow people and you can all see the waste in the city.
7:49 上午, 3/13/2010
As much as I sneer at Hamiltucky, I did enjoy the July 4th parade as a child, when it began at 10 am. Who wants to stand out in the steamy afternoon sun on July 4th and watch a parade? Its stupid. People have parties or other plans for Independence Day. Few people have time to go to an afternoon parade.

TV Hamilton! will have to film the affair again this Summer. There sure are a lot of ugly people in Hamilton. My favorite is that guy with stuffed animals pinned to his hat and coat.
Uncle Andy
7:39 上午, 3/13/2010
I totally agree that the 2pm starting time does NOT work for a 4th of July Parade. The hottest part of the day makes standing and waiting / watching (especially with older family members and children) miserable and sometimes dangerous, and it's much easier to go back downtown a little later in the day than to fight all of the parade crowd at one time. Please reconsider the starting time and switch it back to 9 or 10am.
too hot
7:33 上午, 3/13/2010


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