Orange Island fireworks on May 3rd


A romantic fireworks feast, the Changsha night sky has been miss it so long time. “Orange Island fireworks,” a bright Changsha cards, due to the adjustment program, it has been six months since last regular discharge. May 3rd, this bright fireworks, the night sky will be attested in Changsha.

The theme of “Mom, Happy Birthday” will be discharged at 171 orders, aimed at the occasion of Mother’s Day is coming to pay homage to the majority of mothers. The party is divided into “special day”, “Thanks Mom” and “blessed mother” five chapters. Discharge time is about 20 minutes.

This year’s Orange Island routine discharge of fireworks will continue until October, every weekend to meet with the audience.

Bugibba was Lighted Up by Fireworks


The 13th International Fireworks Festival events was held in Bugibba on April 27, this display was organized by the local Tourism Ministry and the Malta Tourism Authority, this year is the 10th anniversary of Malta’s accession to the European Union and the fireworks display is part of the celebration.Companies from Malta attended the celebration, there are also companies from France, Austria, the United Kingdom and even Italy.

It was reported that the events was originally scheduled on April 26, it was postponed to Sunday because of fierce wind, Nevertheless, the audience still enjoyed a wonderful performances, large crowds of people watched the spectacle through the waterfront, the events will end in Valletta’s Grand Harbour on this Wednesday, April 30.

The Malta Fireworks Festival has a long tradition and history, it was the preparation ceremony for the celebration in June, residents lives in the island of Malta and Gozo will hold a big ceremony in honor of the protection of the Saints.

Ajax mad fans made trouble by throwing fireworks


Beijing time at 0:00 on April 21th,2013-14 season, the Dutch Cup final, Ajax against underdog Ze Wole. Surprisingly, in the case of Ajax’s first goal defeat even lost the next five goals, while Ze Wole then won the first club in the history of the Dutch Cup. Ajax fans in the game also continue to make trouble, throwing fireworks to the floor, causing the game repeatedly interrupted, there were 19 rioters were arrested.

Before the game started, the Ajax extreme fans organizers decided to make troubles on the enemy’s downtown arena, and secretly brought a lot of fireworks and flares into the stadium. Ajax let his momentary got to vent by his extreme fans’ behavior, but it affects the mentality of the players in the game, leading Ajax 1-5 defeat to Ze Wole, failed to achieve double winners this season target. And police also arrested 19 leading trouble fans, they’ll be severely punished, even the Ajax club could get punishment due to the fans not calm behavior.

500,000 pieces of illegal fireworks centralized destroy in public

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To further combat illegal production, storage of dangerous goods and other criminal acts, to create a good social environment, on the morning of April 15th, the Juancheng Public Security Bureau held in public centralized destroy illegal fireworks activities. This activity the total amount of the destruction of illegal fireworks confiscated more than 200 cases, more than 500,000 pieces fireworks, involving more than 70,000 RMB

Through this destruction of illegal fireworks activity, fully demonstrated the public security organs severely punished according to the law against illegal production, determined to transportation, storage, sale of dangerous goods criminal acts effectively deterrent to criminals, and enhance the security of the masses awareness

Qianjiang concentrated destruction of counterfeit fireworks 3852 pieces


On April 15th morning, Qianjiang City Public Security Bureau in conjunction with the safety supervision, quality control, industrial and commercial sectors, concentrated destruction of counterfeit fireworks 3852 pieces.

In recent days, Qianjiang City Public Security Bureau in accordance with “the house, see people, see things, check suspect” and so on requirements, take unannounced visits, spot checks, and a combination of a comprehensive investigation, confiscated a number of expired, fake, shoddy products, the varieties are “mine”, “open Trick,” “pull guns”, “crackers”, “drop shot”, “torpedo”, “fish bombs” and so on, this deterred to counterfeiting and selling fireworks actions

Pyongyang’s Kim Il Sung’s birthday celebration fireworks show


Kim Il Sung’s birthday celebration fireworks display held in Pyongyang on the 15th. That night, the Korean people gathered in Pyongyang attractions area to watch the fireworks show.

According to reports, before nightfall, a large number of North Korean citizens, overseas compatriots and foreign guests gathered in the early Juche Tower stands Datong River and also surrounding Kim Il Sung Square, Mansudae Gang and Jade stream bridge, to wait for fireworks show begin.


At 8 pm local time, show started on time, the revolution Carol “Song of General Kim Il Sung,” the magnificent sound of music, clusters of beautiful fireworks discharge, bright and charming.

According to reports, in the melodious “praises Sun Festival”, ” Song of Mangyongdae ” sound of music, strings of dazzling fireworks blooming on the air, get warm applause. In the “motherland hymn” sound of music, bunches fireworks continue to illuminate the night sky, the climax of the celebration atmosphere further

Central River gather group of illegal fireworks destroyed



This year,The Central River maonan county organization safety supervision, public security, industry and commerce, quality supervision, transportation management, fire and other departments of the joint law enforcement team, several times checked each of the county fairs, carried out special rectification operation to combat illegal fireworks action, seized all kinds of illegal, “three no” products more than 110 pieces of fireworks over 1,100 cases, involving more than 100,000 rmb


Special inspection during the tomb sweeping festival on fireworks market


To ensure the safety of consumer health and prevent counterfeiting fireworks into the market . Recently, the special inspections on fireworks market conduct acted during the tomb sweeping Festival. The action, the council focused on the qualification starting from the inventory market, the strengthening of administrative guidance, and promoting operators complete purchase inspection system, and actively guide the operators to enhance safety awareness, honor, ethics, integrity and law-abiding. This action checked 46 fireworks retail place, issued three administrative guidance submissions

Dates town started fireworks safety checking before tomb sweeping Festival



Tomb sweeping Festival was approaching, fireworks market ushered in the season. In order to prevent all types of fireworks safety incidents, recently, Dates town Safety Supervision Office fireworks safety inspection carried out activities within the scope of the township.


The examination focuses on retail dealers fireworks and fireworks safety conditions permit stacking, equipped with fire extinguishers, and other safety apparatus etc security enforcement equipment to conduct a comprehensive inspection. Thorough investigation of “fireworks license” and “business license” and other related documents whether they are complete legal or not. At the same time increased inspection efforts on the counterfeit, expired, “three no” fireworks products. Inspection staff actively promote fireworks safety knowledge and to improve the township fireworks business owners and all the people the sense of security of fireworks.


Focus on the destruction of illegal fireworks

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On April 8th afternoon ,he chi ba ma town of guangxi province organized public security , fire protection, industrial, commercial, safety supervision and other related departments centralized destroyed more than 300 boxes of illegal fireworks that were collected before tomb sweeping holiday.

To effectively do security work during tomb sweeping holiday, since March 31th, led by the Hechi bama town, Alabama , police, fire, industry and commerce , quality supervision, safety, and other multi-sectoral joint inspection team, they went down deep to bama town every sale and storage of fireworks places to do the “carpet ” of fire safety investigation. During the inspections, the township have more than 20 points of illegal sale of fireworks retail establishments, have more than 300 cases of investigate the “cottage” and a waste of fireworks and explosives and other dangerous big torpedo nature of the products, in order to promptly eliminate safety hazards, bama town safety Committee decided to concentrated destruction on investigate illegal fireworks.

Due to the destruction of a large number of the times , with the risk of explosion, the fire departments to keep abreast of the specific number of fireworks destroyed and destruction sites etc., throughout the probation , to prevent accidents. It is reported that this is the first time of a large-scale investigation and remediation actions within this town. until 8th , the town seized 312 boxes of illegal fireworks , worth more than 70,000 rmb.