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Dominator Liuyang China Fireworks Factory
Welcome To The NEW Dominator Fireworks Product Catalog!
Buy from our wholesalers and retailers or buy direct from China
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New Items! 500 G Max Load Cakes Other Multi-Shot Cakes
New Dominator fireworks cakes fountains firecrackers Dominator 500G Cake Fireworks Dominator 200G Cake Fireworks

Reloadable Artillery Shells Assortments Fountains
Dominator Artillery Fireworks Dominator Assortment Fireworks  Family Packs Safe and Sane Dominator Fountian Fireworks

Sparklers Novelty & Smoke Ground Spinners & Wheels
Dominator Sparkler Fireworks Dominator Novelty & Smoke Fireworks Dominator Wheels & Spinner Fireworks

Winged Items Firecrackers Parachutes
Dominator Winged Fireworks Dominator Firecracker Thunderbomb Fireworks Dominator Parachute Fireworks

Roman Candles Sky Rockets Bottle Rockets
Dominator Roman Candles Fireworks Dominator Rocket Fireworks Dominator Bottle Rocket Fireworks

Missiles China Generics Pre-loaded Artillery
Dominator missile Fireworks Dominator China Generics Fireworks fireworks

Supplies 1.4G Pro Aerial 1.3G Display Shells
Dominator Fireworks - Supplies Dominator Fireworks - Pro1.4G Dominator Fireworks - Display Shells

Promotional Items
Dominator Fireworks - Promotional Items
Buy from our wholesalers and retailers or buy direct from China
Try our new 3 inch Display Cakes!!  Amazing!

Three Inch Display Cake - 3 inch

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Click here for our full Product List (no photos or video)
Download our full product list in MS Excel Format

Interested in shooting professional display's with 1.4G material?  See our complete line of professional outdoor low level aerial FX Pro1.4g/a>

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