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Pyrotechnics Guild International (PGI)

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The Pyrotechnics Guild International (PGI) is an association of amateurs and professionals who's goal is to: 

1. Promote the safe and responsible display and use of pyrotechnics and fireworks.

2. Encourage the display of public and private fireworks in conjunction with local and national holidays as well as patriotic and other events.

3. Promote the production and sale of high quality fireworks.

4. Channel the creative energies of talented people into the design, production and display of high quality fireworks by example of the membership and through the sharing of knowledge.

The above photo is of Tony Stader and is 24 foot Girandola.  This is a great example of the type of innovation that the PGI creates.  Passionate and talented people create never before seen works of art.

The PGI has been responsible for infulenceing and even transforming the lives of many young men and women as they discovered a vast wealth of information and people willing to share thief knowledge. 

Matt Roach, Tony Stader, and Chuck Stankus proudly display their trophies after competing in and winning nightly fireworks competitions.   Competition is a great example of the spirit of the PGI in which judges watch individual fireworks effects and judge each according to artistic and technical standards.

For more information about the PGI please visit,

Fireworks - Pyrotechnics Guild International


Members of APA, AFSL, NFA, PGII, and many regional clubs (WPA, WPAG, etc.)

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