How to buy fireworks direct from China:

Dominator Brand Fireworks is manufactured and sold directly from the China Fireworks Factory.  We do not have our own wholesale or retail operations.  This ensures that we are your partners, and not your competition.  If you are not ready for import quantities, then please visit one of our wholesalers or retailers near you.

For customers that are importers, we have three main services.   First, we are a major private label manufacturer.   We have a focus on producing the highest quality products and packaging, for the biggest and most successful brands across the globe.   If you have a brand who's quality and reputation you need to protect, you can count on Dominator to be your manufacturer in China.   Dominator's newest and most exciting products are often available exclusively to its private label customers.  If you join us, you will be joining an elite group.  Discrete references can be provided to qualified importers. 

If you would prefer to add some diversity to the existing brands that you carry, you will find the Dominator Brand a great addition.   Dominator is truly a premium brand at value prices.  We work very hard to keep our overhead costs low, in order to pass these savings onto you.  However, we never sacrifice quality for lower costs.  We have a long term view towards our factories and customers, and aim to make our success over years of cooperation, not over each product.  We also offer the service of private label production to our existing importers with a reasonable minimum order.

Finally, Dominator can supply a full line of China Generics, 1.3G Professional Fireworks, Professional 1.4G, Stage Pyrotechnics, Electric Match, Fiberglass Mortars, Firing Systems, manufacturing equipment, chemicals, and just about any other variety of product that you might have a need for. 

Our minimum order is currently one full 40' container.   Our typical minimum order per product is 50 cases.   

If you are an importer that needs more variety, we offer a minimum of 20 cases and a maximum of 40 items per container. However these containers are subject to a small consolidation/warehousing fee and to somewhat higher chances of product substitution and/or delay.

We are producing year round, however USA customers should ideally place their New Years ordered in May/June and their July 4th orders in July/August.    We make an effort to ship before the long Chinese New Year break to ensure you receive all your product in time for early spring demos and avoid any risks of delay during the rush up to July 4th.

Finally, Dominator Fireworks works hard to provide value added services to all of it's importers.   If you import with Dominator, here is how you will benefit from these services:

1.) We will provide you with priority listing on our website as a wholesaler/dealer.  The larger an importer you are, the higher a priority listing you will receive.  Having a listing on Dominator's website will provide you with many sales leads each and every month.  Also it will provide you with the added benefit of of a high ranking web link that will help to improve your own websites search engine ranking.

2.) We will create a custom web page with your own company's logo and color scheme to further improve your web presence.

3.) We will provide you with live sales references via e-mail, as Dominator receives many phone and e-mail sales inquires each day.

4.) We heavily promote the Dominator Brand in all the major written trade journals/newsletters and websites.  This makes selling Dominator much easier for you.   For a small fee (much smaller then paying for your own ad, we will add your company name to our monthly ads.)

5.) Dominator has presence at all the major trade fairs.  We invest heavily in live product demonstrations each year.  In 2005 we had a huge pyromusical performance at the PGI and in 2006 we wowed the exclusive APA members with a show that was called the best of the convention by famed chorographer Eric Tucker.  Again, this recognition among the enthusiast community and professional community make it that much easier to sell our products.

6.) We support clubs and the National Council for Fireworks Safety and the Fireworks Foundation.  Each year we make generous donations to these worthy causes and who help to support and grow the foundation of the fireworks industry. 

7.) We help you to sell our products by providing you with DVD's, Catalogs, posters, bags, stickers, and other promotional materials to make selling Dominator EASY!

8.) For a small fee, Dominator can assist you in a producing your own full line of promotional material for your own operation.  We can provide high quality DVD's, catalogs, posters,  stickers, etc.   Costs are much lower then comparable production in the west.

Dominator Fireworks only sells to licensed Importers.  

If you wish to buy our fireworks wholesale or retail, please visit a wholesaler or retailer near you.

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