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May 30, 2009

July 3 fireworks display; donations needed

Location of fireworks display:Sunset Park
Date:3th July 9 p.m
Show contact: Wickenburg Chamber of Commerce,684-5479
Event website:
Fireworks display company:

Details: New regulations set forth by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) has caused the Town of Wickenburg and the Wickenburg Chamber of Commerce to reschedule their Fourth of July fireworks show and festivities this year to the third of July.The fireworks will start shooting at 9 p.m., and the pre-show activities will get underway at 7 p.m. on the north field at Sunset Park, west of town.
Costs now associated with greater amounts of required liability insurance and the transport and storage of fireworks has led the town to hire a contractor that will not only produce the show, but will transport the fireworks the day of the show, provide licensed pyrotechnicians to shoot the fireworks and will provide all the necessary liability insurance.The town is now required to be the responsible party for purchasing fireworks, whereas the Wickenburg Chamber of Commerce, with the blessing of the town and the generosity of the community, has been that responsible party for the past 37 years.New regulations say that fireworks need to be purchased by a municipality. However, the chamber will still fund the project with assistance from the community.“We have been cleared by the fire department for this year’s show, and as of this time we have raised $3,000 for the project,” said Wickenburg Chamber of Commerce Director Julie Brooks. “But we need more donations from the community over the next three weeks in order to provide a full fireworks show.”It was agreed by the town and the chamber to hire Fireworks Productions of Tempe to produce this year’s show. The chamber has been working with this company for the past 37 years. The company did not have any pyrotechnicians available on the Fourth of July, so the town agreed to hold the event on Friday, July 3.Had the town not agreed to hire a contractor, the show would have been cost prohibitive, costing upwards of $10,000 due to insurance policies purchased by both the town and the chamber, the cost of fireworks, the cost of transporting and storing the fireworks and the cost of paying and insuring licensed pyrotechnicians to launch the fireworks.Streamlining the project by hiring one production company has given the town and the chamber an opportunity to put on a fireworks show this year.“I am very pleased that all concerned parties have come to an agreement regarding this year’s show, and that we were at least able to reserve the third of July with Fireworks Productions,” Brooks said. “Because of these new rules and the costs associated with them, a number of municipalities in the state, including Glendale, are not hosting fireworks shows this year for their residents.”Brooks said the size of the show will depend on donations received over the next three weeks. She also said the chamber has not yet received a watermelon donation for this year’s pre-fireworks show festivities.For more information on how to donate to this year’s fireworks show, call the chamber at 684-5479.


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