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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Dominator announces winner of choreography contest

Congratulations to Firejunkie on winning the Dominator Spring Showdown Contest!

The contest had 17 total entries and it was a tough decision for the judges, after narrowing it down to 5 shows they feel they made the right choice with Firejunkies "Bon Jovi" show. You can click HERE to see his winning show simulation. To view most of the shows entered in the contest click HERE

Firejunkie has decided to pick his winning fireworks from www.usfireworks.biz with their huge selection of Dominator product.

Dominator has been working to expand on the product offered in Finale Fireworks software, and should have a new batch ready for release in the coming weeks. Also keep an eye out for a press release announcing a first ever of it's kind competition where Dominator will host another contest, with the winning simulation turned into a real display to be fired at the 2010 PGI convention in Appleton WI.

For more information on the contests or to purchase a copy of Finale's choreography software visit www.dominatorfireworks.com
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Sunday, April 18, 2010

India's Fireworks

Searching the globe for interesting fireworks information turns up a not so well known manufacturing giant, outside of China! The area around Sivakasi, in the Southern part of India is home to as many as 1,000 fireworks factories and is responsible for up to 90% of India's fireworks production including both professional display, and consumer fireworks.

India's culture celebrates many religious festivals with fireworks, and it is becoming increasingly difficult for them to meet their own demands, they are it seems though, one of the few countries who manufactures more fireworks than they import.

Fireworks here are largely created using ancient methods, although the industry didn't really take off until the 1920's it thrives and is taking steps toward mechanizing the processes for safety and production purposes, hopefully making them a contender in the global market in the near future.

Similar to China, firecrackers are a mainstay item in India, and one of the local favorites is called the Jute Twine Bomb, a very loud firecracker that is also used for agriculture and scaring birds away from airport runways.

The yearly average temperature of around 89 degrees, and the mainly dry climate makes it an excellent area for production, although the low humidity can also create some safety concerns.

India produced fireworks are known for high quality construction and raw materials, which are becoming increasingly difficult to find supply of and largely control market pricing. Who knows when fireworks produced in India might be available in your area!
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Sunday, April 11, 2010

New Dominator Products at USFireworks.biz

USFireworks.biz has just updated their website with new Dominator Fireworks Products for Sale On-Line.


Check out all the categories here:








Bottle Rockets








Crackle Effects


Day Time Effects










Ground Items












200G Multi Shot Aerials








Reloadable Aerials




Retail Fireworks




Roman Candles




Single Shot Aerials


Sky Flyers


Sky Rockets


Smoke Items










Strobe Effects








Wholesale Fireworks


Maximum Load 500g


Safe and Sane


Whistle Effects






Equipment & Supplies


Promotional Supplies





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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Fireworks Shipping - 2010 Low Water Fee to end March 15th

Good news from Liuyang.


With all the major shipping lines except one now charging BAF and ERC (Emergency Revenue Charge), it is good news that the Xiangjiang River is back to normal water levels and the Low Water surcharges will be cancelled with the 15th March 2010 barge sailing from Changsha Terminal.


Dominator Fireworks wishes you a swift start to the summer selling season.



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Sunday, March 7, 2010

Europe enacts new CE regulation as of Jan 4 2010

European importers, sellers and enthusiasts are adjusting to the recently enforced "CE" designation required on all fireworks imported into or manufactured in European countries. After several years of discussion, Parliament has placed into effect as of January 4, 2010.

All fireworks, cat2, cat3 and cat4 must comply so this ruling effects everyone from the consumer shooters on Bonfire night to the professional display companies making their living with fireworks.

The goal of the CE regulation is to bring uniform safety and guidelines to firework use across Europe. This was the subject of many discussion on pyrotechnic forums leading up to the enactment date, and left wholesalers and China manufacturers doing their best to make sure they complied by the January 4th deadline. All cat2, cat3 and cat4 fireworks must now have the distinct CE marking in place before leaving the manufacturers.


Pyrotechnic articles must be properly labeled in the official language(s) of the country in which they are sold, which requires much coordination between the importer and manufacturer with the many countries and different languages across Europe.

The labeling must state, as a minimum:

  • the name and address of the manufacturer and the name of the importer, where the manufacturer is not established in the Community;
  • the designation and type of the pyrotechnic article;
  • the age limits;
  • the relevant category;
  • the instructions for use;
  • the safety distance to be observed;
  • the quantity of active explosive material.

    Obligations of the manufacturer, importer and distributor

    Manufacturers must ensure that pyrotechnic articles meet the essential safety requirements. They have to submit the articles to a notified body, which will perform a conformity assessment procedure. If the article meets the requirements of this Directive, the notified body will issue a certificate of conformity to the manufacturer, who will affix the "CE" marking to the article.

    If the manufacturer is not established in the Community, the importer must ensure that the product meets the requirements of this Directive.

    Finally, distributors also have obligations: they must verify that the article bears the conformity markings and is accompanied by the required documents.
Dominator Fireworks in Liuyang has and will continue to work with European Importers to comply with the new CE regulations, and has made many samples for select companies to submit for approval.
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Monday, March 1, 2010


The Parliamentary Secretariat for Tourism and the Malta Tourism Authority will be organizing the 8th edition of the Malta International Fireworks Festival. The Grand Harbour will once again provide the perfect setting for this event, which will take place on Thursday, April 29 and Friday, April 30. The festival shall also form part of the 6th Anniversary Celebrations of Malta’s accession into the European Union. (2004).

Participating in the festival will be numerous Maltese and two Italian Fireworks Companies. Orzella Fireworks Company of Rome will open the first evening on April 29. There will be numerous fireworks displays synchronized to music. This will be coupled with a variety of competitive displays by numerous Maltese fireworks factories. A fireworks display synchronized to music will close the event on each evening. One of these will be designed by the Santa Maria Fireworks Factory of Mqabba and the other will be designed by the Mount Carmel Fireworks Factory of Zurriq. On April 30, the world renowned Parente Fireworks Company of Italy will be closing the festival with its own grand pyro-musical display.

The best view points to enjoy the fireworks displays will be from Barriera Wharf on the Valletta sea front or else from on top of the bastions of the capital city Grand Harbour. For further and more updated information you may phone any one of these numbers: 22915440-1 or 23696073 / 4; email: info@visitmalta.com; website: www.visitmalta.com.

Tradition of Fireworks in Malta

Fireworks in Malta have a long tradition which goes back to the time of the Order of the Knights of St John. The feu de joie, the musketterija, the solfarelli d’aria, St Catherine’s wheels (irdieden) and other forms of fireworks originated from explosives that were lit off from mortars as an expression of rejoicement on special occasions, such as the election of a Grand Master or a Pope as well as on the birth of a prince. This centuries-old tradition is still very much alive in the crowded calendar of village festas that take place all over Malta and Gozo.

For further update please visit www.visitmalta.com/events.

Malta Fireworks Festival 2010


29th APRIL

21.00 hrs : Opening display by the Independent Fireworks Factory of Qrendi

21. 15 hrs : Grand pyro-musical display by Orzella Fireworks Company (Italy)

21.40 hrs : Maltese Fireworks Competition

Three competitive fireworks displays by Maltese fireworks factories:

· Lourdes Fireworks Factory – San Gwann

· St Nicholas Fireworks Factory – Siggiewi

· La Stella Fireworks Factory – Gudja

22.15 hrs : Grand Pyromusical Display by Santa Maria Mqabba

30TH APRIL 2010

21.00 hrs : Opening display by the Independent Fireworks Factory

21. 15 hrs Grand pyro-musical display by Mount Carmel Fireworks Factory


21.40 hrs : Maltese Fireworks Competition

Three short competitive fireworks displays by Maltese fireworks factories:

· The St. Mary Fireworks Factory – Mgarr

· St. Bartolomew Fireworks Factory – Gharghur

· St. Mary Fireworks Factory - Ghaxaq

22.30 hrs : Grand Pyromusical Display by Parente Fireworks Factory (Italy)


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Sunday, February 28, 2010

China Retail Fireworks Sales - A Market Top?

Here is an interesting article about the China Domestic Fireworks Market. My personal observation was the same as this article. Last year, I observed enthusiast sales of all fireworks, including the largest, most expensive fireworks over $100 USD per piece. The tents were too crowed to even enter.

This year, I observed only a few shoppers through the season and the largest items sat unsold. As I looked at the product being shot across the city, I could see that the product quality had gone down considerably from last year. Where last year I saw high quality display pieces being shot all around the city, this year I observed a trend toward a much simpler (and cheaper)salute style cake with boring red and green peony breaks.

As a sat with one of the larger factory owners for lunch yesterday I asked if he heard any updates on the retail sales across the country. He confidently assured me that sales were fantastic. I told him that I am not so sure as that was different from what I had observed. From his perspective, he has just finished the largest domestic manufacturing season on record. The question is, will his customer have large stocks of inventory left over from a slow retail season and will the domestic orders be reduced next season?

The unknown variable is how have sales been across the entire country. Although sales appear to have topped out in the major cities, China's population across thousands of mid to small size cities and the market may continue to grow in these cities for many years as their economic conditions improve.

A possible explanation for why sales have cooled in the largest cities is because fireworks were banned for over 10 years. When the government allowed sales again three years ago, everyone rushed out to relive old childhood memories of shooting fireworks. In casual conversations, I would say as many as 80% of all people purchased at least some fireworks last season. However, the novelty quickly wore off as Fireworks are in fact loud, dangerous and expensive, especially the types available in China. This year, I think people just preferred to look out their windows and enjoy the fireworks from the warmth of their homes, or light a few crackers and fountains with their children or grandchildren.

By Tu Lei

For the vendors in the more than 2,000 red fireworks sales booths throughout Beijing, the annual 15-day Chinese New Year period was more of a bust than a boom.

This year, Beijing authorized 2,418 fireworks booths, up about 10 percent over last year. But like a dud that fizzles briefly before it goes out or just weakly pops, profits were low and discounts were high, according to vendors and distributors.

Manufacturers also reported a slump in export profits for the world's largest manufacturer of fireworks.

High discounts, low sales

"We do not earn money this year," said a saleswoman surnamed Wang at a booth along the North Fourth Ring Road.

Nearly all the explosives, from strings of small ladyfingers and smoke bombs to elaborate aerial display shells, were discounted, some as high as 50 percent, said Wang. She said her most expensive eardrum busters cost about 1,000 yuan ($146.48), but the best sellers were for children and cost only a few dozen yuan.

Two kilometers away, another saleswoman named Tian Shuying echoed Wang's words.

"The Spring Festival Eve was our busiest night," Tian said. "We sold thousands of yuan worth of fireworks that night, but after that business dropped and hasn't been good enough. Today (Tuesday) we've only sold 100 yuan ($14.65) of fireworks.

"The best sellers are all under 100 yuan. There have been too many bargains this year, but if we don't have discounts we don't have any sales," she added.

Tian, who works as a grocer when not selling fireworks, is from Qinghuangdao, Hebei Province, 300 kilometers away from Beijing. She opened the 24-hour booth February 10, three days ahead of Chinese New Year's Eve.

A fireworks distributor who declined to give his name told the Workers' Daily that last year he invested 520,000 yuan ($76,167.04) in four booths and earned 540,000 yuan ($79,096.54). But this year his profit will be less than 200,000 yuan ($29,295.02).

Pan Di, general manger of Beijing Panda Fireworks, a leading fireworks manufacturer who participated in the opening ceremony's fireworks of the 29th Olympiad in Beijing, said that the sales this year were almost the same as last year, and consumers were careful about making their purchases.

"In past years, the sales of large fireworks weren't bad, but now inexpensive small ones are often sold out. Some consumers would rather shop around to make a final decision," said Pan, who added the average amount spent is about 300 yuan ($43.94).

Although the average price of fireworks in Beijing is less than 5 percent higher than last year, some residents said they were reluctant to spend even that much.

Penny pinching buyers

In a random poll of 20 people who bought fireworks in a community near the Fourth Ring Road, 12 said they spent less than 100 yuan on fireworks this year and only two said they spent more than 1,000 yuan.

Xu Quan, a technician for a US company said he only bought the fireworks for his young son. "Seeing other people blow off fireworks is also ok for me," said Xu.

Moreover, to save money, some residents cut costs by buying them even cheaper outside of Beijing.

Han Bing, an employee at Sojitz (China), and a fireworks fanatic, said he typically spent 2,000 yuan ($292.95) on fireworks, but beginning last year he bought them in Langfang or other areas of Hebei Province because the prices are half or even two thirds cheaper than in Beijing.

"I only need to spend around 800 yuan ($117.18) for what I could buy for 2,000 yuan ($ 146.46) or even more in Beijing," said Han.

Skimpy export profits

There were nearly 7,000 producers certified to manufacture fireworks by the end of 2008, said Jin Wencun, vice-director of China Grocery Products for Daily Use Marketing Society, in October last year.

With a market worth about 20 billion yuan ($2.93 billion), China is the only major fireworks exporter in the world because 99 percent of the world's fireworks are made here.

"Nearly one-fourth of our fireworks are exported overseas," said Zhao Weiping, Board Chairman of listed Beijing Panda Fireworks, and vice director of National Fireworks & Firecrackers Standardization Technology Committee.

Zhong Ziqi, general manager of Hunan-based Liuyang Dancing Fireworks Group, said half of the sales are exported to five continents, with the US the biggest customer that accounts for 40 percent of sales, followed by Japan, Germany, and Canada.

"The display shells are the most popular, accounting for 60 percent of the exports," said Zhong, adding last year that sales income was less than 200 million yuan ($29.30 million).

Wanzai, a fireworks manufacturing center in Jiangxi Province, witnessed a sales income of more than 3.2 billion yuan ($46.87 million) last year and the explosives were exported to more than 50 countries and regions.

However, experts said the largely unregulated fireworks export market makes for thin profits.

Manufacturers often produce small amounts, and the average annual output value is only 3.2 million yuan ($468,720.25), leading to skimpy profits and fierce competition, Zou Jianjun, analyst from Fortune Securities, was quoted by China Business News February 6.

Zhao at the fireworks standardization technology committee said at the end of 1980s, the fireworks could be sold for as much as $40 per box, but this year, the equivalent box is sold for $15. "Those big producers nearly earn nothing," said Zhao. In the first half of 2009, Panda saw an export drop of 32.81 percent.

"It is urgent to set up an association to regulate the fireworks export market," said Zhao.
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