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Sunday, March 7, 2010

Europe enacts new CE regulation as of Jan 4 2010

European importers, sellers and enthusiasts are adjusting to the recently enforced "CE" designation required on all fireworks imported into or manufactured in European countries. After several years of discussion, Parliament has placed into effect as of January 4, 2010.

All fireworks, cat2, cat3 and cat4 must comply so this ruling effects everyone from the consumer shooters on Bonfire night to the professional display companies making their living with fireworks.

The goal of the CE regulation is to bring uniform safety and guidelines to firework use across Europe. This was the subject of many discussion on pyrotechnic forums leading up to the enactment date, and left wholesalers and China manufacturers doing their best to make sure they complied by the January 4th deadline. All cat2, cat3 and cat4 fireworks must now have the distinct CE marking in place before leaving the manufacturers.


Pyrotechnic articles must be properly labeled in the official language(s) of the country in which they are sold, which requires much coordination between the importer and manufacturer with the many countries and different languages across Europe.

The labeling must state, as a minimum:

  • the name and address of the manufacturer and the name of the importer, where the manufacturer is not established in the Community;
  • the designation and type of the pyrotechnic article;
  • the age limits;
  • the relevant category;
  • the instructions for use;
  • the safety distance to be observed;
  • the quantity of active explosive material.

    Obligations of the manufacturer, importer and distributor

    Manufacturers must ensure that pyrotechnic articles meet the essential safety requirements. They have to submit the articles to a notified body, which will perform a conformity assessment procedure. If the article meets the requirements of this Directive, the notified body will issue a certificate of conformity to the manufacturer, who will affix the "CE" marking to the article.

    If the manufacturer is not established in the Community, the importer must ensure that the product meets the requirements of this Directive.

    Finally, distributors also have obligations: they must verify that the article bears the conformity markings and is accompanied by the required documents.
Dominator Fireworks in Liuyang has and will continue to work with European Importers to comply with the new CE regulations, and has made many samples for select companies to submit for approval.
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