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Monday, February 15, 2010

Dominator Product Simulations

It's finally here! Dominator has finished it's first batch of realistic simulations of it's 1.4 consumer product in the Finale Fireworks Choreography Program online, around 50 items total. Plans are to simulate the majority of the 1.4 consumer product and much of the 1.4g Pro line as well. We want to make it as easy as possible for customers to build shows around our product, and this is the most powerful tool to help with that in a long time! We are currently holding a contest that will end on April 15th, with a winner being announced April 30th. The prize will be $500.00 in fireworks from one of our suppliers, or we will arrange payment for submissions where a supplier is not readily available.

If you wish to enter the rules are simple:
500 cue maximum
4 minute run time
No using the edit feature to alter the fireworks
Must consist of Dominator fireworks only
To enter a show send an email, with a link to your show to ed@dominatorfireworks.com and it will be filed for viewing by the judges.

More details here: Fireworks Contest

Yes, you must have Finale Fireworks software to enter, we have negotiated with them to include the Dominator product in all versions of the software, so you can sample it's capabilities and see the Dominator product for as little as $15.00, this will give you a great feel for if you will want to upgrade to a higher version in the future.

Here is a sample show, Be sure to check out some of the other shows being submitted by clicking the banner on our home page...Or clicking the banner in the post below.

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