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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Dominator announces winner of choreography contest

Congratulations to Firejunkie on winning the Dominator Spring Showdown Contest!

The contest had 17 total entries and it was a tough decision for the judges, after narrowing it down to 5 shows they feel they made the right choice with Firejunkies "Bon Jovi" show. You can click HERE to see his winning show simulation. To view most of the shows entered in the contest click HERE

Firejunkie has decided to pick his winning fireworks from www.usfireworks.biz with their huge selection of Dominator product.

Dominator has been working to expand on the product offered in Finale Fireworks software, and should have a new batch ready for release in the coming weeks. Also keep an eye out for a press release announcing a first ever of it's kind competition where Dominator will host another contest, with the winning simulation turned into a real display to be fired at the 2010 PGI convention in Appleton WI.

For more information on the contests or to purchase a copy of Finale's choreography software visit www.dominatorfireworks.com
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