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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Use of fireworks banned in China public entertainment venues

Use of fireworks banned in China public entertainment venues

BEIJING, Sept. 23 (Xinhua) -- The State Administration of Work Safety said on Tuesday that the use of fireworks is absolutely banned in public entertainment venues.

The government unit has also ordered a nationwide inspection into the safety of businesses, especially those such as karaoke bars, night clubs, hotels and shopping malls.

Businesses would be closed for safety improvements if they lacked an efficient fire-alarm and fire-fighting system.

Those found with blocked evacuation passages or exits would also be told to close.

In addition, entertainment venues built with highly flammable material such as plastic would also be stopped from opening to the public.

A nightclub fire in south China's Shenzhen city last Saturday left 43 people dead and many more injured. The fire was caused by fireworks used during a performance that ignited flammable materials in the ceiling.

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NFA and APA Convention Report

NFA and APA Convention Report

Dominator attended both the NFA and APA these past weeks. Both conventions were a great success.

The NFA was in Billings, MT and despite the distant location, the convention was very well attended. The live Demos were excellent and the trade show very well attended.

Dominator's live demo drew many favorable comments and our trade booth was very busy. It is great that we seem to be offering a product line that is well recieved by the industry.

The closing show of the NFA was a pyromusical production done by Aaron Mayfield of AM Pyro. The show was absoutly amazing! Although this will be my 26th year of shooting and producing display fireworks shows, Aaron's show left me stunned. Being a professional, I see fireworks almost every day and sometimes it gets a little routine. Aaron's show recharged my passion for excellent fireworks and you can be sure that Dominator is working hard to raise the bar and provide effects that talent like Aaron can put to good use.

Finally, the NFA leadership and volunteers all do an amazing job to make the NFA the premier buyers convention in the fireworks industry. I would like to personally say thank you to all that work so hard to make this convention the success that it has become. Keep up the great work!!

The APA convention was held at the Disney Yaught Club in Orlando, FL. The venue was made for fireworks as we enjoyed nightly fireworks displays in and around Disney's lakes. Two displays worth noting were done by Panzera of Italy and Pyrotechnico, of PA.

Panzera's display featured many fronts of comets and mines and hard breaking cylinder shells. It is always nice to see European style effects that are rare in the USA.

Pyrotechnico produced a hard hitting, high energy display cheographed to rock. It was a well designed show that had a great variety of product.

The APA convention was very well attended and represented a true who's who amoung the USA fireworks industry. The trade show is a little late in the season and therefore is not that well attended, but still it is always worth the effort. The team at the APA did a great job putting the convention together.
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Dominator Fireworks

Dominator Fireworks Home Page

Monday, September 1, 2008

Beihai Shipping Update

Beihai Shipping Update

At this point it appears that there is reason to be at least somewhat optimistic about the Class B shipping situation to North America.

Events are changing daily, but Maersk has resumed accepting bookings for North America and bookings are being confirmed. It appears that at least one reason they are accepting new bookings is that additional barges have been added between Beihai and HK.

The bad news is that there was an explosion on Tuesday at a plant in Guangxi which produced chemicals used for making paints and adhesives. Because of this explosion(and caution with regard to the Special Olympics which on currently on-going), no transportation permits have been issued in the last several days. With-out a transportation permit, it is impossible to transport fireworks by truck to the port. The situation has been descriped as "a delay" and not as a perment shutdown, however it is unclear when the permitting process will resume again.

Here is a news release on the Chemical Factory Explosion:

CHINA: A series of explosions at a chemical plant in southern China killed at least five people on Tuesday and injured 55. Another 14 people were missing after the blast in the factory in Guangxi which produced chemicals used for making paints and adhesives. Firefighters had struggled to control a raging blaze at the plant in Yizou city but by late afternoon the fire was under control. About 11,500 residents within three kilometres (two miles) of the plant were forced to evacuate the area. Ongoing explosions at the plant had hampered efforts by firefighters to extinguish the blaze, which eventually spread over more than 10,000 square metres (110,000 sq ft).

And another update:

The death toll from explosions that ripped through a chemical plant in southwest China rose to 20 on Wednesday, state media said.

The victims were employees of the plant in Yizhou city in Guangxi province, the official Xinhua news agency said.

Another 60 people were injured in the blasts that started at about 6 a.m. Tuesday and continued until 1 p.m., the report said.

The blaze started in a workshop and spread through the plant as containers with flammable chemicals including formaldehyde and acetylene caught fire, Xinhua said.

Fire spread over an area of nearly 10,000 square metres, Xinhua said, citing an unidentified firefighter in the rescue operation.

The government evacuated 11,500 residents in case of further blasts and chemical leaks.

Poisonous gases were still coming from the site, Xinhua quoted Ge Xianmin, Guangxi┬┤s toxic substances emergency centre director, as saying.

The blast did not seriously pollute air or water in the area, Xinhua said. Rescuers set up four dams at the point where pollutants are discharged from the factory to prevent any from flowing into the nearby Longjiang River, Xinhua said.

Samples taken from the river show it is safe for drinking, it said.

Regional work safety authorities were investigating the cause of the blasts.

Fan Yinfeng, an operator at the fire brigade under the Yizhou Public Security Bureau, said firefighters from nearby towns were mobilized to help.

The plant is in a development zone of Yizhou city and mainly produces chemicals for adhesives and paints, Xinhua said. It is owned by Guangxi Guangwei Chemical Co.

Sadly, there was another fireworks related accident this past week, please see the details as follows:

Explosion at China fireworks factory kills 15

by Staff Writers
Beijing (AFP) Aug 31, 2008
Fifteen people were killed and six injured when a blast rocked a fireworks factory in northern China, state press reported Sunday.

The explosion occurred on Saturday morning in Inner Mongolia's Sijiazi township, destroying 50 workshops at the Xinxin Fireworks Plant, Xinhua news agency said.

The blast occurred as workers at the plant were weighing and mixing ingredients for making the fireworks, the report said.

According to a preliminary investigation, safety regulations at the plant were being violated at the time of the blast, the report said without providing details.

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