Clifton Suspension Bridge Fireworks Show on December 8th


Fireworks will mark the 150th anniversary of the Clifton Suspension Bridge on December 8th, the Bridge was located over the Avon River Gorge in Bristol and it was first opened to the public on the year of 1964.

The event will last for two days, and the fireworks will be set off at 7:00pm, and will last for about 12 minutes.

The bridge will be closed to the traffic from 10:00 in the morning, and the portway and bridge road will be closed during the display.

Before the celebration, a 1-minute silence will be held for the death of Bristol mother Charlotte Bevan and her baby.

New Year’s Eve Fireworks: Sydney

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The 2015 New Year’s Eve celebration was officially announced lately by the Opera House, and there will be big fireworks show above the harbour, the organizers said that over 1.6 million people will be attracted to the harbour foreshore to enjoy the show.

“All the prepareation was set to ensure this year’s fireworks to be some of the best, the theme of the show will be “inspire”, and over 7 tonnes of fireworks will be launched into the sky, there will also be a lighting up ceremony at 9:00pm with a spectacular show at the Sydney Harbour Bridge.

New Year’s Eve Fireworks: Canberra

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This year, over 1500 fireworks will be launched into the night sky of Canberra, and there two shows: one for the younger children and their parents at 9pm, and the other show was on midnight.

The director of the event says that they begun the preparatory work since this August and now it’s ready to explode, the fireworks will be set off around the Civic Square, and it is also the best place to enjoy the fireworks. The state-of-the-art pyrotechnic displays at 9pm and midnight set to a stellar soundtrack are always a highlight of the night’s entertainment.

New Year’s Eve Fireworks: Melbourne


Since the New Year is coming soon, the fireworks are around the corner
now, and the night sky will be light up again!

This year, people in Melbourne will enjoy a spectacular show, the
organizers announced that they will set off a total of 7.5 tonnes of
fireworks which worth $400,000 for the New Year’s Eve celebration, and
the fireworks will run for about 10 minutes, it will attracts over
500,000 people to the city then.

The fireworks will be lit from 16 buildings and 5 different sites, and
the best places to watch the show are Docklands, Flagstaff Gardens,
Treasury Gardens and Kings Domain near the Sidney Myer Music Bowl, bring
your family and your camera to enjoy the show!

Grand Rapids Lower the Fines For Illegally Use of Fireworks

-c6e6cc84ebcc1b66The commission of Grand Rapids has passed a regulation that approved lowering the fines for illegal fireworks lighting, it also caused huge controversy among the public.

Under the old laws, people who set off fireworks illegally could be fined up to $500,  but the new one makes the fine much more lower, $50 for the first time, $100 for the second time and $200 for the third time. Officials from the government says that this measure will make the fines more in line with other ordinance violations, but people worries that it will encourage more illegal lighting and people will have to suffer more loud noises in the evening.

State Lawmakers legalized louder, more powerful fireworks in Michigan in late 2011. Local governments can regulate some fireworks use.



Dubai held Fireworks Display to Celebrate the UAE’s 43rd National Day

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A spectacular fireworks display kicked off the celebration ceremony of UAE’s 43rd National Day, and visitors from all over the world gathered along the beach and enjoyed the show.

The show began at 6:00 pm oppsite the iconic Burj Al Arab Hotel on Monday, and it lasted about 15 minutes, it was also the 15th anniversary ceremony for the Burj Al Arab.

Like 4th of July and Christmas in the USA,National Day was the most important festival in Dubai, and people participate in the while dressed in traditional Arab garb, there are many special envents, and of course, the popular fireworks show.

The UAE was formed on December 2, 1971, and like other Middle East states, oil was the dominate industry of the UAE,and Dubai is the industrial and financial center of the country, it was also famous for its tourism.

The Guinness Book of Records: Biggest Fireworks Display in Norway


The Norwegian town of Søgne, a small town in south Norway, defeated Dubaiand set a new Guiness World Record for holding the biggest fireworks show ever on November 30, over 15000 people enjoyed its brilliance.

The show starts at 6:06 pm, over 540,000 fireworks (the accurate number is 540,382) was set off during the 20-minute display and exploded in the nightsky of Norwegian, the event was organized by Svea Fyrverkerier, a local business company, and the show was also held to celebrate the annual Christmas Lighting ceremony in Søgne, a giant Norwegian flag was formed by fireworks in the sky, the organizers said that it was even larger than a football field

The old record was set by Dubai last year on its New Year’s Eve celebration night, and they set off 479,651 fireworks in 6 minutes.

Titanic Museum will Hold Big Thanksgiving Fireworks Display


Titanic Museum will Hold Big Thanksgiving Fireworks Display

The Titanic Museum Attraction will hold a spectacular fireworks show in the evening of Thanksgiving Day, the event will kick off at 7:00PM.


The show will be held outside of the museum, this will be the third annual event, enchanting snow will falling from the bow of the huge ship, and over thousands of people was looking forward to watch the once-a-year event, there will be 1500 holiday lights, fantasy princess and fireworks! Bring your family and camera

Small fireworks will become legal in New York!


The New York government will pass a law that will make some fireworks legal in the city and people can set off fireworks such as sparklers, party poppers and trick noisemakers during specific period of the year.

But people will probably not able to celebrate the 2015 New Year holiday with fireworks, since the law will officially go into effect 30 days after the sign, so no body can sell fireworks inside New York city unless the government give permits to the sellers.

The new law redefined differences between dangerous fireworks and the novelty ones, the sellers still need to get a licence to sell fireworks, otherwise it will still be illegal, the new state law also increased penalties for illegally selling or using fireworks compared with the old law.

London New Year’s Eve Fireworks will Start Charging

1 2 The New Year Is Celebrated In London With A Firework Display

According to today’s announcement of London Mayor Boris Johnson, visitors wanting to see the
London New Year’s Eve fireworks show will have to pay £10 to attend, he said that the charge
is good for public safety, and it will help improve the experience, he wants to make the
display more enjoyable and sustainable.

The London New Year’s Eve fireworks is popular not only in the city, it is also welcomed
world-widely, it is reported that over 500000 people joined last year’s event, many of them
were not able to get a good view and there were huge security hidden danger.
Tickets will be sold from September 26, the price is £10 each, Boris Johnson also said that a
total number of 100000 tickets will be sold, and the fireworks will be shown live on
television as ever.

For tickets and more information, please visit