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Feb 9, 2010

The annual fireworks display at Meadowdale Park

Display location:Meadowdale Park
State: Illinois
Date:June 26
Display Company: Mad Bomber Productions, Andy James

Details: CARPENTERSVILLE -- There still will be bang, even for less buck, at the Dundee Township Park District's annual pre-Fourth of July fireworks.

The Carpentersville Village Board recently gave unanimous approval to a request from the park district to have its annual fireworks display on Saturday, June 26, at Meadowdale Park. The village board had voted in December not to give its usual $7,500 donation toward those fireworks -- the first cut from its 2010-11 budget.

Fireworks have been the first to go as many area communities continue to cut their budgets in the struggling economy. Elgin and Chicago both have announced they will not sponsor Fourth of July displays in 2010.

But Deputy Director Jim Miller said Thursday the park district still plans to hold its fireworks display, with or without a financial donation from Carpentersville.

"We'll still do a show, and the fireworks company says it will be a good one," Miller said.

The park district works with Mad Bomber Fireworks Productions of Elgin to put on the display.

The deputy director said he still hopes the fireworks show will last as long as usual, but he said there may be fewer fireworks and longer breaks between the colorful explosions.

Carpentersville co-sponsored the event last year and was the only village in the township that helped fund the annual event. It also contributed support from its police and fire departments.

Village President Ed Ritter said the village still plans to support the event with on-duty police officers and firefighters without "any extra cost to the village."

Miller said, "We couldn't do it without their being there to do that."

Carpentersville's 2010-11 budget has not been set yet. But the village is discussing ways to cut nearly $2 million from that money plan and boost its decreasing revenue.

When some of those proposed cuts include laying off police and fire department employees, plus allowing the village's infrastructure to decay, cutting fireworks was a relatively easy decision, Ritter said.

"We had an idea fireworks would go on even if we couldn't donate," he said. "If we had known we would be the canceling factor, we might have reached a different decision."


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