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Feb 7, 2010

Fireworks Display on Perth International Arts Festival

Display location:Supreme Court Gardens

Details: Flying above people's heads, being suspended from spinning wheels and spraying a 44-gallon drum of water was all in a night's work for Perth International Arts Festival artists.

PIAF's opening night had audiences on their toes, quite literally, when large metal contraptions parted the huge crowd like the Red Sea.

And if this is just the start, then Perth is in for an unbelievable three-and-a-half weeks.

The team from La Fura Dels Baus performed their stunning show against the backdrop of the city skyline at Supreme Court Gardens on Friday night.

Early in the show, a giant crane dropped a winged man atop a large piece of machinery that worked its way around like two horses and a chariot. A large spinning wheel then hovered over the crowd, with seven performers inside letting loose, running around like mice in a wheel.

At another point a dancing woman was suspended over the stage trapped inside a large bubble, which filled with foam as she danced. Just as it looked like she would drown inside, the foam was released and sprayed over the stage while a tribal-style singing and dancing performance went on underneath.

The highlight was the finale, when figures in white jumpsuits were hoisted up by the crane. They created a checker-board style formation of seven people across and eight people down, each moving in sync. As unexpected fireworks exploded, the hooded acrobats stood still and held hands to make a perfect cross-thatched board, as a light show danced over their bodies.

Stunned gatherers left the gardens spellbound by the show created especially for the festival.

Part of the crowd then moved over to the Esplanade to the Becks Music Box for the official after party and opening night of the venue.

The VIPs entered a space that was filled with a fashionable vibe and ambience. The seemingly modest area expanded as guests walked through to the auditorium to be welcomed by lord mayor Lisa Scaffidi, Festival artistic director Shelagh Magadza and general manager Julian Donaldson.

Mrs Scaffidi looked ravishing in black and she officially opened the festival.

Magadza then welcomed special guest Kamy Thompson, who entertained the crowd for the remainder of the night. Thompson, a solo artist from London, played a relaxed, acoustic set and playfully interacted with the crowd.

Becks Music Box is undoubtedly one of the best venues Perth has to offer. With many shows already sold out, it would be a real shame to miss out on experiencing one of its festival shows.

Spotted at the after party were many of the artists who will be performing in the Festival for the next three-and-a-half weeks, including the team from La Fura Dels Baus who mingled with the delighted crowd after the night's spectacular opening celebration


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