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Feb 6, 2010

Fireworks display in Charleston

Display location:Power Park
State:West Virginia
Date:January 30

Details: CHARLESTON -- The Special Olympics annual Polar Plunge made quite a splash in Appalachian Power Park Saturday night. It was a snowy, wet and cold day all around but these fearless polar aquanauts took it to the extreme by splashing, swimming, sloshing, and wading through an above ground pool filled with thousands of gallons of freezing cold water.
Ninety-Five “plungers” took the plunge and raised $47,750, $30,000 of that came from Massey Energy, its employees and vendors. Massey employee Mark Clemons was shocked when they began totaling the donations, “I was floored I thought we would raise $6,000 or $7,000, enough to break the record but when we began adding it up I was stunned.”

That $30,000 not only set a record for the fundraising event, it also seemed to ward off the cold, “That water was cold but when I think about what we raised it really warms you up and gives you a good feeling. I was never cold the whole time just knowing what we raised for them.” Said Clemons after getting out of the pool and into some warm and dry clothes.

The Kanawha county Sheriff’s department was the top earning team.

Massey donated the fireworks display, also a first for the plunge.


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