London New Year’s Eve Fireworks will Start Charging

1 2 The New Year Is Celebrated In London With A Firework Display

According to today’s announcement of London Mayor Boris Johnson, visitors wanting to see the
London New Year’s Eve fireworks show will have to pay £10 to attend, he said that the charge
is good for public safety, and it will help improve the experience, he wants to make the
display more enjoyable and sustainable.

The London New Year’s Eve fireworks is popular not only in the city, it is also welcomed
world-widely, it is reported that over 500000 people joined last year’s event, many of them
were not able to get a good view and there were huge security hidden danger.
Tickets will be sold from September 26, the price is £10 each, Boris Johnson also said that a
total number of 100000 tickets will be sold, and the fireworks will be shown live on
television as ever.

For tickets and more information, please visit

Chinese fireworks bursting in Ashgabat

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Chinese fireworks bursting in Ashgabat as the bell rang at 0:00 on 2014, over the Turkmen capital Ashgabat Ferris rises “2014” words on the wheel, then colorful fireworks lead festival atmosphere to climax.

Follow the sound of cannons, brocade crown buds, one thousand peony, shine, smile, tricks flute whistle dragons and other kinds of fireworks into the sky, the fireworks made the Ferris Wheel Square decoration exceptionally beautiful, the Turkmen people cheering, jumping, to greet the new year.

This time the total discharge of fireworks are more than 4,000 pieces of shell, candles and bouquets of nearly 2000, up to 15 minutes. Chinese fireworks varieties tricks, discharge rate, safe, reliable, and price advantage, so in competition with French companies and Turkey companies, Chinese fireworks companies always win discharge contracts.