New Year’s Eve Fireworks: New Orleans

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Above the night sky of Mississippi River will be exploding in a panoply of colors and shapes when the New Year begins!

The show will last about 15 minutes and the fireworks will be set off from the twin barges anchored in mid-river, This colorful, sonic-booming, pyrotechnic extravaganza is consistently ranked as one of the best in the nation, and it can be yours to enjoy if you’re lucky enough to be in New Orleans on New Year’s Eve.

It’s a night you will always remember, and the fun doesn’t stop there either.

Live music, exotic drink specialties, great food, happy people celebrating in the streets and much more can be found in New Orleans on New Year’s Eve.

New Year’s Eve Fireworks: Las Vegas


Las Vegas will rock into the 2015 with a dazzling bang, after the countdown,
over 88000 fireworks will be set off and the epic fireworks show will last
for 8 minutes and 12 seconds, this year the fireworks display will be
produced by world-renowned Fireworks by Grucci of New York.

The fireworks will be launched from the famous MGM Grand Hotel & Casino,
ARIA Resort & Casino, Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino, Caesars Palace,
Treasure Island (TI), The Venetian Las Vegas and Stratosphere Casino, Hotel
& Tower.

New Year’s Eve Fireworks:Taipei


Because of the lack of sponsorships, earlier this month, the show was considered to be cancelled this year, but the local government announced that they will try their best to ensure that the event will be as wonderful as last year, since the show was so popular and they don’t want to disappoint the public.

Every year, the spectacular show will be held at the Taipei 101 center, after the exciting countdown, fireworks will light up the sky and the happy atmosphere will reach its peak, the show was first held in 2004 and now became one of the most popular entertainments in Taiwan!

New Year’s Eve Fireworks: Newcastle


This year, the dazzling fireworks of Newcastle will light up the night sky
above the river and kick off a year of rugby!

Both Rugby’s World Cup and Rugby League’s Magic Weekend will be held in
Newcastle in 2015, so an influx of passionate fans will rush into the city

The fireworks display will start at midnight and their will be a winter
carnival parade at 5pm, and of course this year the theme will be rugby,
besides fireworks and parade, their will also be live entertainers,
extravaganza, music and midnight revelries, so make sure that you get a good
spot to view the fireworks and wait for the exciting countdown!

New Year’s Eve Fireworks: Ocean City

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There will be a spectacular NYE Firework show in Ocean City, to celebrate the coming new year and also the 22nd winterfest of lights.

Ocean City was famous for its 10-mile long sandy beatch, it attracts over 8 million visitors every year, the winterfest of lights was listed as one of the top 100 event by American Bus Association, it was also named Maryland’s Finest Holiday Tradition by Maryland Life Magazine, this year, there will be over 1 million holiday lights and create a real festival atmosphere, people can also enjoy the music and food, it will make a wonderful memory!

New Year’s Eve Fireworks: Philadelphia

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There will be 2 spectacular firework shows above the Delaware River on
New Year’s Eve in Philadelphia, the first show will start at 6:00pm,
people can get a good view along the Delaware River and enjoy the show
with their families, the second show will begin at midnight.

The show attracts thousands of visitors to the city every year, so it is
better to be comfortably early and find a good spot, but not too early,
since the weather of Philadelphia will be cold, so be sure to keep warm
and rest if you want to watch the midnight show.

If you want to get more information, please visit the official website:, if you want to find good
viewing spot for you and your friends, here are some strategy

New Year’s Eve Fireworks: London

Inorder to maintain public safety and improve the experience for watching the show, this year’s celebration will be charged, the price of the ticket is £10.

The night sky of London will be lighted at midnight, London’s New Year’s Eve fireworks is one of the world’s biggest fireworks displays, and attracts over 500000 people last year, so many people didn’t get a good view to enjoy the show and the government says that there are potential security risks. This year,a total of 100000 tickets will be sold and the show will also be
broadcasted on TV.

The tickets can be released before December 15, and there are 3 types of tickets available, people can book the tickets by visiting, the tickets are for personal use only, and each person can book up 4 tickets.

There will be a lot of celebrations that day in bars and clubs, and there will also be a parade the next day, since many roads will be closed then, the government suggest that people arrange their celebration plans in advance.

New Year’s Eve Fireworks: Sydney

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The 2015 New Year’s Eve celebration was officially announced lately by the Opera House, and there will be big fireworks show above the harbour, the organizers said that over 1.6 million people will be attracted to the harbour foreshore to enjoy the show.

“All the prepareation was set to ensure this year’s fireworks to be some of the best, the theme of the show will be “inspire”, and over 7 tonnes of fireworks will be launched into the sky, there will also be a lighting up ceremony at 9:00pm with a spectacular show at the Sydney Harbour Bridge.

New Year’s Eve Fireworks: Canberra

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This year, over 1500 fireworks will be launched into the night sky of Canberra, and there two shows: one for the younger children and their parents at 9pm, and the other show was on midnight.

The director of the event says that they begun the preparatory work since this August and now it’s ready to explode, the fireworks will be set off around the Civic Square, and it is also the best place to enjoy the fireworks. The state-of-the-art pyrotechnic displays at 9pm and midnight set to a stellar soundtrack are always a highlight of the night’s entertainment.

New Year’s Eve Fireworks: Melbourne


Since the New Year is coming soon, the fireworks are around the corner
now, and the night sky will be light up again!

This year, people in Melbourne will enjoy a spectacular show, the
organizers announced that they will set off a total of 7.5 tonnes of
fireworks which worth $400,000 for the New Year’s Eve celebration, and
the fireworks will run for about 10 minutes, it will attracts over
500,000 people to the city then.

The fireworks will be lit from 16 buildings and 5 different sites, and
the best places to watch the show are Docklands, Flagstaff Gardens,
Treasury Gardens and Kings Domain near the Sidney Myer Music Bowl, bring
your family and your camera to enjoy the show!