New Year’s Eve Fireworks: London

Inorder to maintain public safety and improve the experience for watching the show, this year’s celebration will be charged, the price of the ticket is £10.

The night sky of London will be lighted at midnight, London’s New Year’s Eve fireworks is one of the world’s biggest fireworks displays, and attracts over 500000 people last year, so many people didn’t get a good view to enjoy the show and the government says that there are potential security risks. This year,a total of 100000 tickets will be sold and the show will also be
broadcasted on TV.

The tickets can be released before December 15, and there are 3 types of tickets available, people can book the tickets by visiting, the tickets are for personal use only, and each person can book up 4 tickets.

There will be a lot of celebrations that day in bars and clubs, and there will also be a parade the next day, since many roads will be closed then, the government suggest that people arrange their celebration plans in advance.

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