This year's event might be called the Snack of Lanterns. A much-abbreviated Pacific Grove Feast of Lanterns Festival will be held July 30 and 31 at Pacific Grove Middle School's Performing Arts Center, rather than at the traditional site of Lovers Point.

There will still be a Queen Topaz and her court, but no fireworks. The pageant will take place in the middle school auditorium, not at the Lovers Point Pier. The festival will run two days, rather than a full week.

"Some events are being dropped," said Feast of Lanterns president Sue Renz, "and others restructured."

The Old Bathhouse Restaurant at Lovers Point is undergoing remodeling and reconstruction, she said, so staging the pageant at Lovers Point would be problematic.

Pacific Grove Museum will hold a family and chalk day, with child-oriented events, including a chance to draw pictures on the sidewalk with chalk depicting the Feast of Lanterns.

The traditional Street Dance has been canceled, but will be replaced by a "sock hop" at Chautauqua Hall. The Pet Parade will take place, but the fireworks have been canceled.

"The Feast is having financial problems," Renz said. "It costs money to put it on. We're not struggling to survive, but this year we need to put money back in our coffers."

She noted that the 105-year-old Feast of Lanterns is not a city-run or financed event. It is a nonprofit organization that provides scholarships to students in Pacific Grove schools.

The court this year will be headed by Queen Topaz, Jenna Hively, daughter of Jean and James Hively.

Princesses are: Allison Naylor, daughter of Lisa and Norman Naylor; Celeste Torres, daughter of Ana and Jose Torres; Courtney Lyon, daughter of Linda and Bob Lyon; Jennifer Winter, daughter of Jennifer Winter; Kathy Ohsiek, daughter of Becky and Bob Ohsiek; Lauren Thuesen, daughter of Jean and Jeff Thuesen; Lindsey Morgan, daughter of Casey and Barney Morgan; and Sarah Gordon, daughter of Karinne and Michael Gordon.

The queen and her court, Renz said, will continue their traditional duties, visiting organizations and attending civic events.

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