Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Have a BBQ cooked by a fire breathing stunt man!


BY: TimMarston

DETAILS: Barbecue's are an essential part of the summer season, and everybody hosts one. But not everyone involves the presence of a world class fire breathing stuntman!

I'm Tim, and playing with fire is my profession, and if there's one thing I know (other than breathing fire!) it's how to get a good BBQ going!

This listing offers you the chance to wow your friends and party guests by having your very own private fire show.

The awesomely-named Juggling Inferno offers an amazing Pyromania experience. It's a solo fire-juggling show that combines fire-spinning, which looks just incredible and some of the best adrenalin-packed staff juggling in the world.

Tim Marston has spent more than five years developing and polishing this performance, which shows off his incredible talent and his love for fire manipulation - and allows him to interact with his audience.

Choreographed to the throbbing pulse of African drums, his show is packed full of drama and intensity. You'll be spellbound.

This show usually takes 20 minutes - but duration time is flexible.

If you can't have fire at your event (maybe you live in a fireworks factory!), this show is just as stunning with high-tech, multi-coloured Aerotech Glostaffs.

This experience is available anywhere in the UK and a great idea for a summer BBQ or garden party.

We can accommodate for larger events too and for an additional £350/person you can make the show even larger!

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Additional information

To add the pyrotechnic finale to this experience (the firework-type spinny thing in the last photo) it is an additional £50 per performer.


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