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Nit de Foc 2010 - Persbericht Vicente Caballer

LOCATION: Rotterdam

DATE: Mar 16th


Closing by Caballer Fallas Fireworks 2010

Vicente Caballer will be in charge of conducting the "Nit del Foc", the "mascletà San Jose" and the "creme de la Falla del Ayuntamiento.

Pyrotechnics Caballer SA, the oldest and most award-winning pyrotechnics company in the sector, will be responsible for carrying out major acts of the Fallas 2010. And although this company is that which accumulates more experience shooting in the Plaza del Ayuntamiento, Vicente Caballer, his alma mater, lives the occasion with more enthusiasm than ever. "Who made us to go to the square to give the best of us is the Valencian people. Your encouragement and love is our fuse. Come to the square to improve ourselves, "said Vincent Caballer excited. This statement of intent is a challenge for the company Godella, but Vincent is not alone, their children, built many years in management structure of the company, will collaborate to make the best campaign of failure in history.

This year, Pyrotechnics Caballer has developed a special strategy to meet the timetable fallero. All efforts are focused on a specific output devices and the design of the three shows where there will be surprises.

In addition, Pyrotechnics Caballer intends to use the shows to validate new products and evolve their EFISY trigger system, which will evolve during 2010 with significant improvements in electronics.

Clients from Greece, Canada, E.E.U.U. France and other countries leaders in the sector, will come with these shots to see firsthand the quality products "made in Valencia."

"Nit del Foc 2010 - March 18

La Nit del Foc Fireworks Caballer perform that is characterized by a balance between shooting a formula using innovative digital shots, and a script that retrieves artistic classic products. The soft and subtle tempo enter into combination with digital sequences developed during this winter.

The start of the show surprised carcasses effects and changes in color, fired at the highest level to show their permanence and brilliance. Later will come into action specifically manufactured devices such as lightning and in an ascending scale powerful discharges of titanium.

Then comes the most traditional of all devices combined with new recruits in the sequence. Effects of intermittent and willows knights constructed for the occasion. The pace of the show will rise with the addition of eddies and streamers, followed by double farfalla effects. The farfalla vary with the possibility of color centers or neutral sites, the aim is to adapt the system of absolute color.

The sky is colored pastel and the combination of a digital stream crossings and fans developed at three heights. There will be a balance between traditional artifacts and digital footage. A group of shells will be fired with a trunk with 15 different angles on the horizontal line marks the course of the River Turia. The Valencia will be under a sky full brightness with the rays of willow.

Before the final phase will incorporate the most characteristic products Caballer Pyrotechnics; carcasses and chrysanthemums repetition of the highest caliber. And like the protagonist Piocha highest quality in the world. The tempo slowed down subtly show to display the majestic movement of the umbrella and pointed goatee color. The superb double rosette piocha logs to cover the sky sparking public. Those moments of euphoria will be used to regain the sense "in crescendo" and anticipate the blunt end sequence. Up to four bombings with enhanced color welcome the end of thunder. A completely new and surprising sequence gives way to March 19th.


La Nit del Foc is the fireworks more important than shooting for the year in Valencia. It's a unique opportunity to see the best products and designs that will set the trend in the market.

To Pyrotechnics Caballer, which bases its business strategy in production "made in Valencia," Nit del Foc is a very special artistic production where the company is often a trendsetter in the industry. It is clear that the style and tempo to burn the castle are the key to show the quality of the product and Vincent tells us Caballer. "Our products are manufactured in Valencia and have qualities of absolute artistic quality. We like the covers and devices that coagulate, ie, those who remain in the sky without dissolving rapidly. It makes no sense to overlap the shells so they look more consistent. We seek harmony and the presence of color on everything, but to get the tempo control is essential. Our system allows us EFISY shot the relief we seek in each of the sequences of the show. "

For this nit de foc, 24 people will be working from dawn of day 18 to dismantling the 19th. It will be used more than 20,000 pyrotechnic effects, with a total weight of 2,500 kg, 9 computers and 280 modules with more than 4,600 orders last shot about 18 minutes.

"Mascletà" - 19 March

The Mascletà have an absolutely innovative character. The company's goal is to stage a technological uncover unprecedented. The shape of the shot itself, the type of devices that will be used and the arrangement thereof, will offer a completely new proposal fireworks marked tendency insurance.

The shooting system will post some powerful shots of thunder and other sound effects to pitch for the start line. These effects herald a sudden air phase with the first innovations in the devices. These innovations are not detailed because logically part of the surprise.

The digital part from the moment balance of ground and air streams with a clean MRI and a bold melody. The thunder, colored streamers, whistles and snorers will fill the plaza with a new sound and a higher profile.

The company will steal the attention of the most demanding next phase with a quite traditional. 5 lines of ground fire and a steady growth pace will cause the intensity and growth rate. This progress of the fire land is invaded again by a color combining punctual air phase and thunder. Comes the specialty of this fireworks; the earthquake. Developed in three phases without blows or jolts with a melody that will explode increasingly giving way to the final bombardment.

The bombing presents a completely innovative style renovation. The combination of new devices and trigger a new procedure will provide greater force and a new sound.

The closure will be the strongest in history. Final mix air and ground with the emergence of a new effect of shock. The final will focus on the heart of the plaza as a whip sounds. A digital sequence of vertigo cause an unprecedented uproar. Rotations will be arranged differently, and his shot is to address this variation. Acoustic effect is expected and a completely new sound with more emphasis.

For this mascletá, will be used more than 7,000 pyrotechnic effects, with a weight of 260 kg of mass regulated, 58-kg and 202 kg of explosive pyrotechnic mass, 2,400 meters of electrical wiring, more than 2,700 igniters, 4 computers and 140 modules with more than 2,800 orders to shoot. The system will EFISY electronic upgrades to return to surprise with a unique mascletà.

10 people for 10 hours will help in assembling a mascletà which aims to mark a new departure.

"Cremà Falla del Ayuntamiento" - 19 March

Pyrotechnics Caballer bet a cream elegant and full of feeling for the most special night of failure. A night mascletà color with about 118 kg mass regulated, 37 of explosive and pyrotechnic 81 is specially designed to uncover the thrill of Valencia before the big crema. Then a series of pyrotechnic effects surround Gap fire nourished that will overnight become the true protagonist.

About Pyrotechnics Caballer

Present in over 35 countries through the marketing of professional fireworks, supplier of the largest fireworks shows and avant-garde world, Pyrotechnics Caballer SA Pyrotechnics is the first company in Spain and a constant reference worldwide. The facilities, the largest in Europe, can bring out the best industrial and manufacturing process more than 1,500 references and fireworks remarkable for their quality, safety and respect towards the environment. 5 awards Jupiter, the largest worldwide, recognize the large and experienced career.

Pyrotechnics Caballer SA is a brand is recognized at the institutional level and private level, however the best ally in this journey full of successes is and will remain the client. Thanks to their confidence Pyrotechnics Caballer sticking by a differentiation strategy in which innovation, design and safety are the main value-added business and why customers around the world choose us.


It was in 1880 when Vicente Calatayud founded Pyrotechnics Caballer Caballer SA That small fireworks in Godella tallercito where Vincent spent many nights making the first mascletás, meant the beginning of a long journey today, Pyrotechnics Caballer continues to perform successfully.

The little shop grew and pyrotechnics proved the most prestigious in the industry. From the 90, the facilities are transferred to Liria and become the largest European level. The dream of the new plant became one of the strategic pillars, now is recognized by customers and fireworks around the world which they do business with the company.

Innate talent in this family who continues to lead the third Vicente Caballer of history, we must add a fourth generation that relies on innovation and expertise as a key strategy of the business and thus remain the benchmark in the global market.

Last show: 33 America's Cup edition - February 2010 - Valencia


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