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Dominator Spring Showdown Contest

$500 PRIZE !!

Finale FireworksThis contest starts February 1st, this is when the next Finale release is expected which will include the Dominator product. 

You must have at least the $15.00 version of Finale to access the Dominator product.

Click on the Finale Banner to purchase the software.

Click here to Enter Fireworks Contest and vote on entries.

Click here to see the Top Rated Fireworks Contest Entries.

Dominator Fireworks is happy to announce that the first batch of product has been simulated in the Finale Fireworks program.

To kick off the release, we want to offer The Dominator Spring Showdown Contest, with a Prize of $500.00 in Dominator product.

Product will be shipped free to legal states, GLASS, the PGI, or available for pick-up at participating dealers nationwide.

The initial batch of products is limited, however we have plans to include most consumer cakes and shells and all of the 1.4g Pro line in Finale as well.

The Spring Showdown contest will end April 15th and will lead into a second contest starting May 1st with more products available. The second contest will be larger and the winner's show will be sponsored to be fired in the Unlimited Class C Competition at the PGI.

Participation in the Spring Showdown contest will be an added bonus to the judging of the second contest, so we encourage you to enter into both.

Spring Showdown Contest Rules:

- 4 minute maximum runtime. 500 ques max.
- Music or not, your choice.
- Must use currently simulated Dominator product only.
- Must be 18 or older, or have a parent we can contact.
- You can enter your show at anytime up until April 15th, at which time it will be closed and we will review all shows. But entering earlier will get you more votes!
- To officially enter the contest:
Click here to Enter Fireworks Contest and vote on entries.
or send an email to with a link to your show, or letting me know it has been saved to the shows tab in Finale, and under what username. If you have video capturing software you may upload it to you tube and post there as well.

- Be sure to include your name, screen name, and an email address and phone number you can be reached at.

- The winner will be announced April 31st to allow plenty of time to get you your prize for the 4th 2010.  A winner will be chosen based on popular vote and a judging panel.

Here is a list of the first batch of simulated product.

Ruby Sky
Emerald Meteor
Backyard Perfection
Mega Mini
Sky Diamonds
200 shot SMB

Strobe and Brocade 3" 9 shot
Giant Willow with Color Tips 3" 9 shot (new for 2010)
Monster Strobe (new for 2010)
Waterfall (new for 2010)
Top Shelf Fan Cake
Gold Storm
Rip Rock and Roll
192 Proof
Ring Thing
Meteor Storm
Braggin Rights
Touch of Gold
Patriotic Dominance
Breaking News

Top Shelf lemon to green strobe
Top Shelf red white and blue
Top Shelf red to strobe
Top Shelf red wave
Top Shelf brocade to green
Top Shelf blue peony
Top Shelf gold wave
Top Shelf brocade to crackle
FX green mine
FX red mine
FX red comet
FX green comet


More about Dominator and Finale:

Dominator Fireworks has teamed-up with Finale Fireworks to create a database of realistic simulations of Dominator's Consumer and Pro1.4G product line.

Dominator's Pro1.4G product line features the highest quality single effect cakes, and single shot mines and comets that are perfect for Choreography.

Although difficult to obtain previously, will stock and ship Dominator's Pro1.4G product line in 2010.  Videos of the Pro1.4G Line can be found here.

Finale Fireworks has the vision of making computer simulation and scripting of fireworks shows easy and low cost. At only $199, the cost is extremely attractive for all users.

Please click on the link banner to learn more about Finale Fireworks. Look for more announcements soon with regard to the Dominator's Effect Library, Dominator simulation contests, and other cooperation with Finale Fireworks!

What's New? 

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