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Thursday, April 30, 2009

July 4th Fireworks Shows Threatened by Budget Cuts Nationwide

July 4th Fireworks Shows Threatened by Budget Cuts Nationwide

Across the nation, Fireworks Shows are either being threatened or canceled due to tight economic times.

Large corporate sponsored shows and smaller community sponsored shows are equally being threatened as festivals are having a difficult time to collect enough money to pay for fireworks displays.

As an example, after 44 years, Ivar's Seafood Restaurants is Seattle, WA will not sponsor a July 4 fireworks show this summer. The Montauk, NY Music festival and Fireworks Display has fallen victim to budget cuts and could be threatened next year. The annual July 4th show in Edgewater FL was funded by local businesses last year, however this year's fundraising efforts have failed to raise nearly enough to pay for the fireworks display.

However, communities and festival organizers are not going to give up easy. Just as budget cuts threatening displays, individuals and corporations in communities are stepping up to help fund the endangered fireworks shows.

Many organizers are using the new power of social networking and the internet to help raise funds.

As an example Penny Sweet of the Kirkland, WI July 4th festival is determined to help her communities Jult 4th display survive this though times.

"I think the 4th of July is such a precious event to this community that people will step forward," says Sweet who has begun using social networking technologies like Twitter and Facebook to ask for donations.

Similar determination has saved many shows across the nation as festival organizers find creative alternative sources of funds. As an example, the Fourth of July fireworks show will go on as planned in Bay Minette, AL now that the City Council has agreed to help the Rotary Club pay for the annual display.

Dominator Fireworks will continue to monitor the state of fireworks displays across the nation and globally and keep the industry updated.


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