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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

U.S. – China Agreement on Transportation of Hazardous Goods

Industry Advisory U.S. China Agreement on Transportation of Hazardous Goods

TO: APA Members

FROM: Julie L. Heckman, Executive Director

SUBJECT: Department of Transportation Secretary Signs Cooperative Agreement with the Chinese on the Safe Transport of Dangerous Goods

On March 30th in Washington, D.C, U.S. Secretary of Transportation Ray LaHood joined his Chinese counterpart Minister Li Shenglin, Ministry of Transportation (MOT), in ratifying a historical agreement to cooperate on the safe transportation of hazardous materials between the two countries. This effort was initiated in part because of the fireworks export problems experienced last spring following the Sanshui port closure and the dangerous goods restrictions implemented last summer due to the Beijing Olympics. The agreement is designed to help ensure safe transport of materials across all modes of transportation from seaports and aviation, to rail and highway with the goal of maintaining and strengthening the economic ties between the two countries.

As part of this initiative, a special DOT Committee has been formed to promote U.S. transportation practices in China. APA Executive Director Julie Heckman has been appointed by the DOT to serve on that committee, making the APA one of only 3 trade associations invited to join because of the unique trade & transport issues it faces.

According to Secretary LaHood, this Dangerous Goods agreement is a step forward in improving transportation’s role in maintaining a healthy environment for commerce and economic growth between the two countries – creating jobs for both U.S. and Chinese citizens. The next Transportation Forum between the two nations will be held in Washington, D.C. at the end of the year.

APA’s Executive Director is currently meeting with Mr. Chen Zhengcai, (MOT), in Long Beach, CA and discussing the details of the cooperative agreement as well as efforts underway in China to open additional ports for fireworks exports.

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