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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

New Fireworks Port Open and Cosco begins 1.3G shipments to the USA

New Fireworks Port Opens and Cosco begins 1.3G shipments to the USA

There is very good news regarding shipments of fireworks from China. It is expected that
Zhaoqing port will begin accepting the transshipment of fireworks containers from Liuyang to Hong Kong to the US. At lest one forwarder has already begun quoting shipments. Initial rate quotes are not any lower then current shipments through Shanghai & Beihai, however more ports means more availability and eventually that has to lead to more competitive prices.

With, China Shipping, K-line, Maersk, MOL, and Matson all shipping 1.4G we are beginning to see some general reduction in prices as rates have just been lowered by about $300 by several forwarders. The challange is that in-land transportation cost from Liuyang to China ports still remain high and no new in-land transportation companies have begun accepting fireworks.

In addition, it is also expected that Coso Contianer Lines will begin accepting 1.3G shipments of display fireworks to the USA for door delivery! K-line is already accepting 1.3G but only to LA Port. Importers are expected to arrange thier own rail tranposrt, which is very complicated and makes shipping 1.3G with K-line not so realistic at this point.
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